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I didn't mean by that.

When you say, RP, it's ROLEPLAY. What's roleplay? You're posting parodies or fanfictions or whatever about a show or book. Believe me, I've Roleplayed for 2 years in a real roleplay site. And I'm really hooked up with the fact about powerplaying, godmodding and crap like that.

And don't call me "darling", sheesh. I'm not someone who just got a U-grade in my Exams. This is not a RPG, RPGs are more like onlines games and stuff like that.

I mean, if you think properly, you do realize people might not be appreciative if they have an opponent who controls them and make them do this-and-that.

But of course.

Have it your way.

12/20/2008 #91
Butterfly Theory

Ye, ye. I wasn't being mean and all the crap dust.

If you feel like you don't approve, then I just have to create a new one. -_-".

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #92

Is this rp still on? I am making a character anyway.

Name of Character: Sky Aira

Position: Power User

The power: Inhaling any and copying it.

Condition: If you close her mouth, she can't inhale anything.

Level 2: Combine her inhaled abilities

12/20/2008 #93
Moe-Doki 008

Inhale? ..Umm.. Can you please add more details to your power?

12/20/2008 #94

And can you describe your age, personality, and appearance, please? (So we could imagine how your char looks like)

12/20/2008 #95

Ok. I am not very good at this.

Age: 14

Personality: Outgoing and risk taker, not very smart and likes to make people happy.

Appearance: Black hair just past her sholders with two red streaks which colours her bangs, the colour between tan and pale skin tone, a bit short with wide blue eyes and likes to keep changing her clothes and I will describe that later.

Inhale is like sucking up stuff like Kirby but not lke the cpy ability thing but close enough.

12/21/2008 #96

Yeah, I know that inhale is sucking up stuff. I mean, what kind of stuff do you inhale? (For ex: my char, Nagaru, inhale the cigarette's smoke and turn the smoke into fire). And I still don't get what you mean about 'copying it' (Well, bare with me. English is not my first language)

Or can you give me an example of your power, please?

12/21/2008 #97

New character.

Name: Tsubasa Iwai(Or Iwai Tsubasa, I don't mind)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Power: The power to turn knowledge into power. It's something like he knows about something, and with that "knowledge" he can turn it into something to defeat an opponent. For example, he knows this person has a fear of cats. With that knowledge he conjures up some cats or create an aura that makes the person feel as if he's being watched by cats.

Condition: Recite a stanza of a poem. (Like Blue's power.)

Level 2: (Hasn't reached it yet.) Impersonate. He can, if he has the knowledge, impersonate an opponent and use any talents or powers s/he has. But of course, he can't use the power for too long. And nothing happens to the person he impersonate.

Appearance: He wears a "no sleeves" jacket with the hood. He wears glasses and has coolish-boyish black hair. He wears coolish checked trousers/jeans and often wears a white shirt. He doesn't go anywhere without a bag with a diagonal strap. Lets just say he looks really cute/cool.

Personality: He's an extreme genius despite his cool looks, but he ain't a nerd! He's soft-spoken and often isolates himself. He often reads pocket-sized or normal-sized poetry books. He wants to grow up to become a journalist. He also likes to take down notes of happenings around him and things he know so he won't forget them and thinks he might need 'em.

Secret: Has the talent to be liked by girls, talent to study. Has a deep caring side for his cousin Saya Katsuragi, despite constantly arguing with her, he actually cares for her a lot.

He is also a schoolmate of mine in Form 3 in school!!!! He's from Japan and I thought his name sounded cool so I used it =\ And his appearance and personality relates to him! XDDDD And his secret is true, though I don't think it is really a talent lol.

12/21/2008 . Edited 8/16/2009 #98
Moe-Doki 008

You're so jolly XD.

I wan't to create a character too! But I don't know what power to give.. TT.TT

12/21/2008 #99

Ok Like if Sky innhales fire, she can breathe fire. In level two, she can make fireballs and combine them with an inhaled sword or something. And what is happening in the high school forum. I don't know How to add my character.

12/22/2008 #100
Moe-Doki 008

You can bump at us.. Or do something flashy.. Your choice. XD

12/22/2008 #101
Moe-Doki 008

My 3rd and maybe last character.

Name: Lynx Shlifpide

Age: 15 years old

Position: Power User (Human)

Power: The power to make two person fall inlove with each other.

Condition (Level 1): Lynx have to drop some blood at their head.

Level Two: Midnight madness. This power allows her to make everyone hate, loathe, or kill each other.

Condition (Level 2): She will have to touch them at the head and she has to take some of their blood .


Pesonality: She's goofy and likes to be a match maker. Lynz is kinda like.. "Okay.. I'll go with the flow." type of person. The only thing the makes her mad is when someone tells her that "That's stupid. Or.. Weird, freak, etc."

12/22/2008 . Edited 12/24/2008 #102

My 3rd char: (You know, I'm confused in translating this one into English. So please tell me if you don't understand)

Name: Kiyoharu Ishii

Age: 15

Position: Power User (Human)

Power: The power to control the length of yoyo's string

Condition : Has to throw the yoyo (or release the spinning part from his hand).

Level Two: Spider's Trap. He could trap you in with yoyo's string. You won't be able to move in a certain amount of time

Appearance: Blue spiky hair, wears a blue cargo pants, blue sleveeless shirt . His left foot is amputated from the knee and below. He uses wheelchair or crutch (rarely use crutch).

Pesonality: Silent, sometimes friendly. Doesn't want anyone to pity or care about him.(Because of the fact that he can't walk by his feet)

12/22/2008 . Edited 12/22/2008 #103
Freya the Mistress of Discord

whoa,that's....a lot of characters,if I have another one maybe my head will burst,good thing my third character's line is just a bit,that's until you guys have to face her...

1/4/2009 #104

Name: Kenshin Murakami

Age: 15

Position: Power User

Power: Turns pens into any gun

Condition: has to take ink from pen

Level 2:Multiply . Allows him to multiply gun

Appearance: Spiky hair like Sora's hair Purple eyes. Black shirt and Baggy pants.

Personality: Very spirited and kinda goofy. Often he likes to be alone.

1/5/2009 . Edited 1/8/2009 #105
Freya the Mistress of Discord

Whoa,DanDoh-san,I love your char!

1/5/2009 #106
Freya the Mistress of Discord

on second thought...I'm planning to make a seme character,since my characters are more of uke... is that okay?

1/5/2009 #107

Of course

1/8/2009 #108

Kenshin's twin brother

Name: Aoba Murakami

Age: 15

Position: Power User

Power: The power to control sound as in make sonic waves etc

Condition: Has to hold breath for 30 seconds before using

Level 2: Transfer and Fly. He transfers the sound to his feet so he could virtually fly

Appearance: the same except he uses a wheelchair, he's blind, and his left eye is black

Personality: The difference is that Aoba is more serious

1/8/2009 . Edited 1/9/2009 #109
Moe-Doki 008

(I'm back!! Lawl!! XD)

1/9/2009 #110
Moe-Doki 008

Planning to make a fourth character here... But now is not the time... XD.

1/9/2009 #111
Freya the Mistress of Discord

ne,minna,where the hell did everyone go?!! I just wanna say,how about making a topic especially for our zai?

2/16/2009 #112

You know, I think that creating that thread would be great, but I think it's too complicated. -_-a Like if you lose, which zai will be lost or if you win, which zai will you get... How many zai we have at the start....

2/16/2009 #113
Mai Sachiyuki

Konnichiwa, minna! ^_^ I hope I'm not to late to join...

Name of Character: Mayu Umiya

Position of Character (Power user/God Candidate/Hellion):Power User

Power: Power to change moisture into ice

The Condition of the Power: Her hand has to be moist

The Level 2: Icy Mist ( able to paralyze anything surrounding her)

Condition: Anything that she paralyze must have moisture(any kind)

Description: A transfer student from the South East Asia. Although pure Japanese, she has a difficulty speaking the language. Likes to make new friends and getting along with everyone. Sometimes oblivious to surroundings because her ears are constantly plug with earphones. Pretty indecisive and regrets her snap decisions. Hates confrontations and tends to avoid them(running away). She likes to keep her past as a secret. When being asked why, she just shrugged and say, "The past is in the past. Today is what really matters".

Appearance: She is 5 foot 6, has a wavy brown hair that passes her shoulder blade. Her eyes are blueish green and her outfits are mainly jacket shirt, pants and sneakers. She never get used to wear skirts and unconsciously pull them to cover her bare skin. When studying, her hair is pulled up into a messy bun and she wore a pair of glasses to read.

And also, how do I start making my appearance later?? Thank you!

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #114

Umm... Can you use enter in each information? Like between name of char and power. SInce it's confusing to be read.. -_-a

2/17/2009 #115
Mai Sachiyuki

Ah! Gomenasai about before.... I edited it now, is it better to read now?

2/17/2009 #116

Yeah, thank you. And... Wait.. Gonna take the dictionary.... There's some words that I don't understand... TT_TT (Please bear with me. I'm not in a country that using English as the first language)

2/17/2009 #117
Mai Sachiyuki

LOL, that's okay. Same here. English is the second language here :)

Well, what do you think? And how should I make my appearance?

2/17/2009 #118

Dunno. Back then, I got into the story randomly.. -_-a

2/17/2009 #119
Mai Sachiyuki

Oh, I see. Hmm... I guess I should just randomly get into the story then...

Arigatou anyways! ^__^

2/17/2009 #120
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