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Kiseki Lin

Don't you ever feel the need to know a bit about the person you see hanging around the forum, whether it be bypassing or chatting? Well, here's the introduction thread.

10/19/2008 . Edited 11/21/2009 #1
Anarane Faelivrin

I'm Ana, 13, live in London. I'm a forgetful, music loving, have waaay too much time on my hands girl 8D


10/19/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #2
Beautiful Thief

I'm Sao, or Cass, or Wave, whatever you like, and I'm seventeen, too nice for my own good, and completely music obsessed. Particularly at this moment with AFI and Blaqk Audio, but I have an intense love for Skillet that will never die, as well as a current love of Three Days Grace. Oh, and I talk about rowing a lot because I love rowing and it's my life. XD

...Yeah. I'm getting towards the end of my school year, because I'm the Australian Private Schoolgirl. I keep wacky hours and spell things differently. ;) I can sometimes be a little out there, and sometimes I come across like I'm missing half my brain, but I'm smarter than I sound. I love making friends, and it'll be great to see you all, returning FP members and new people, if we ever get any. :)

Welcome to the Fireplace Alliance. :)

10/19/2008 #3
Felinae Silvestris


I'm Felinae Silvestris, known also as Eminems, Emi, Em, Crazyvet and various variations there-in. I'm a Cats fan and vet student, with a love for twisting my favourite characters and no qualms talking about blood, faeces or removing testicles. ;) I'm Scottish, and drink way too much, although I've stopped smoking ^_^. Former FP member of about six to eight months, lurked for a while before then. Any former FP member can contact me by PM, email or homing pigeon.

That's all I've got to say at the moment, but if there's more later, I will add it. *waves* Hi all.

10/19/2008 #4

I'm SkyeGavin.

I live in the middle of nowhere in Australia.

10/19/2008 . Edited 6/8/2009 #5
Obelisk of Light

I'm Mini, a 20-year-old manga buff from India.

Sporking badfics is one of my passions; I indulged in quite a lot of sporking at the FP and I hope to continue it here. :D

10/19/2008 #6
The Shadow Syndicate

Hello I'm The Shadow Syndicate. Former FP poster for about two years now. I'm a nice enough guy that enjoys reading, writing and video games. I have a proud Irish-American ancestry. At least I think it's proud? I pretty much revolve around the computer, electronics and sometimes nature 24/7. My ideas for fanfiction border on the absurd and harmless insanity. I am a Roman Catholic and try to do right.

I freaking love the 60's music. Give me Beetles or Beach Boysad I will crank up that stereo.

Hi everyone.

10/19/2008 #7
Yasona Black

Hi, I'm Yasona Black. I'm a nineteen-year-old New Yorker in my junior year of college. I also have two part-time jobs so my computer time is extremely random. I love The Dresden Dolls (punk cabaret), have a weakness for Hot Topic clothes and angst/hurt/comfort fanfiction. I love writing and hope to get involved in the world of editing. Or somehow receive enough money to do the job called "writing for a living".

Hi y'all!

10/19/2008 #8

HAI EVERYONE! *falls upon forum regulars with shrieks of joy* Well, you all probably know me, I'm Gema and I'm thirteen and I'm from Chicago. I think I was the only one who actaully cried when I learned that the FP was closing up shop, but I could be wrong. I have a ridiculous amount of fannons, all of which I track and follow obsessively. Bye! *waves*

10/19/2008 #9

I'm still avatarjk137, I'm still Floridian, I'm now 18 and a college freshman, I'm majoring in English in hopes of becoming a published fiction author down the road, I'm a guy, and I am bigheaded in the most literal sense of the way.

10/19/2008 #10
Speaker of Words

Speaker here! I am Donuts! Nitwit! Jedi! V!h rather random sometimes...

Kill All Jonas Brother Fanfics!

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #11

My name is PandemoniumAngel, and I was new around the FP before it closed. I tried my hand at sporking a little, but mostly I laugh at other people's sporkings. I hope to be a political cartoonist once I've graduated from college.

10/19/2008 #12

I am Casa. I am pwnsome. XD

Nothing really interesting to report, I am seventeen and obssessed with Twilight, South Park, the Clique and Avatar. I am major history geek so if anyone needs to know anything about European history, especially if it has to do with WWII, I am the person to talk to.

Oh yeah, I'd like to be a mod too. *nods*

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #13

My name is Faith. *waves* Mostly everyone knows me, I think.

Can I be a mod?

10/19/2008 #14
Lavender Cat

Howdy! I'm Lavender Cat, or Lavender or LC. Whatever floats your respective boat. I'm gonna miss the old Fireplace dearly, but at least we have this new forum so I can still chat with all of those super people I came across, along with any newbies that come along! It's going to take work, but I know the Fireplace Alliance will be just as great as the original ^-^.

A little about myself: I'm a seventeen-year-old psychopath, a slash hound, a sucker for baby animals, a lover of the cliched "happy ending", and a random singer of songs and reciter of movie dialouge.

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #15

My name is RumQueen; you may call me that, RQ, Rum, Queenie, Megan ... anything that's obvious. I also have another account, iSparrow, that you might see me on every so often when I'm too lazy to log into this one.

I'm pretty bad with introductions. I don't know what's important and what isn't. I guess I'll just say what matters.

Writing is not my anti-drug; it's just something that I do. I still have yet to figure out why, but I'm getting there. My fanfiction works focus mainly on Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Odd combination. I know.

I'm open to random conversations and ranting. And PMs. If you liked something that I said on a forum, if you think I'm an idiot, if you saw a funny commercial on TV that you want to share with someone, feel free to talk to me.

I am presently grieving tremendously over the loss of my former residence, the Fireplace. I'm still in denial, actually. So if I start talking about that lovely forum in present-tense instead of past-, or something along those lines, just remind me gently about how F/R pretty much unintentionally broke my heart, and I will be fine. Albeit sobbing ridiculously for the next ten minutes until I find some fanfiction smut to distract me.

Ciao. (x

10/19/2008 #16
Dreamera Tear

Hi, this is Terri. Still in shock over the shutting down of the F/P. I come from Singapore, and am thus usually only around when few people are here. Well, during school days, that is. I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I do have high standards when it comes to written works.

I take Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Economics, of which I only like one subject, which is Biology. But if anyone does need help, I'll look into it in the Homework Helpline.

I'm a hardcore Muse fan. No one is allowed to say anything degoratory about them in my presence. They are the best alternative/new progressive band I have ever known. Matthew Bellamy is a genius, and anyone who has not heard of them should go to Youtube and listen to them now!

I'm also quite the Warhammer 40K figurines fan, come to think of it now. My brother got me into it.

Hm. Can't think of anything else to add. Will probably edit in the future.

** currently listening to Easily by Muse**

10/19/2008 . Edited 12/24/2008 #17

(Copied from the sadly dead F/P)

Hello, I'm MJ-Skywalker. Most people here call me MJ. A few have figured out from random Star Wars knowledge that Mara is my name. (Kudos to those folks.) I do prefer Mara. To some, I am Carmen. To a friend of mine, I'm Mary Jane Watson. (Don't ask.) Only if your surname is Palpatine do you call me your servant. I am somewhat a newbie; my first post was to enter the OC challenge.

You can usually find me wandering around a fandom related to a Johnny Depp film (especially Pirates of the Caribbean), Harry Potter (there is a lot of crap to wade through there, though...), a Marvel comic (Iron Man's the best, shortly followed by Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four), or Twilight (...again, much too much crap to wade through there).

I LOVE challenges. I've been known to throw down some challenges, myself. (I've even been known to throw down some challenges /to/ myself, but we won't go there.)

I don't like people who think they're entitled to get something for nothing. I work hard in what I do and I believe that everyone else should, too. That's just how I am. I'm a perfectionist and, to some degree, obsessive compulsive. I am used to doing my best and succeeding. These are traits you must learn to put up with if you'd like to put up with me.

My lovely twin here, whom I affectionately call twin-mah-twin, is Dimitrius. Dimi, to most of us. She's my evil twin, I think. :) Cass is my most amazing beta, who puts up with me for laughs I'm sure. RumQueen is the most loveliest sweetest girl you could ever meet. I throw random quotes of my writing at her and ask her to fix them. xD Well, okay, she's been known to throw some at me, but whatever. And last but certainly not least, my most wonderful consultant on all things Pirates of the Caribbean (especially a certain "yummy Commodore") is the great Piewacket. She is AMAZING. The end.

10/19/2008 #18
Tersa Cat


I'm Tersa. I used to post over on the Fireplace and now I'm here... You guys just can't get rid of me.

I'm 20 and I've been around FFN for a long time and on many different accounts. I'm sure you'll see me around.

10/19/2008 . Edited 9/21/2010 #19

I'm Annette. I live in Scotland, but I'm German by birth. I am a school teacher, so be afraid, teenagers, be very afraid! Mwahahaha!

I am married with two children, aged three and four-and-a-half.

10/19/2008 #20

Number of times edited: 5

Me: Crim.

Yes, Please: HITSUHINA JESUS CHRIST (/foams at the mouth), Lady Gaga, TVTropes, wee morning hours, music, POSTING IN CAPSLOCK, beading, eljay.

FUCK NO: Drama llamas over petty shit, people (EXCEPT YOU GUYS, you're the only cool people in my life), broken headphones, fandom wank over ~*pairings*~, being itchy, all of my weird phobias, popular things.

It's okay. I don't bite too hard. :D

10/19/2008 . Edited 2/25/2010 #21

Most of you should know me by now. I'm EclipseIllusion obviously. I am more famously know as one of the few "Sane Jonas Brothers fans". I think that's about it about me.

10/19/2008 #22

My name's Mex, and I have balls of steel.

10/19/2008 #23
Hell's Ice Heaven's Fire

Hi hi!

I was a fairly new FPerian, so sad that it shut down...

Anywho, I'm Jewles, yes that's my real name, and I'm just getting into College. You guys probably won't see a lot of me around here, but I'll drop in every now and again.

10/19/2008 #24
vanitas hoth

My name is Mo, I'm occasionally a pathological liar, and I've been told I'm amazingly awesome.

That is all.

10/19/2008 . Edited 5/26/2009 #25

I am Viv, Blackie, Rabid, Buttercup, RAB, or FBF. Buttercup, RAB, and FBF are my nicknames from certain people here, and they know who they are, so if you're not one of them, then please call me Viv or Rabid, as Blackie is my old nickname, and only a few FPers from the old Fireplace still call me that, like Master Mex, or Mexicano27. :D

I've been a poster on the original Fireplace since November 4, 2007. I'm not as frequent a poster on here as I was on there, but I do lurk and watch for trouble, and I interfere if I see fit, despite not being a mod. I don't really like fights.

I'm one of the younger members of the FP/FPA. Even though I've been on FF.Net for roughly three years, I've only "just" turned old enough to actually have an account on this website. :P But yeah.

10/19/2008 . Edited 4/11/2010 #26

In the original Fireplace, I was simply referred to as "Debatra".

As a result of one of my first posts, I was named Douche-Interpreter(D-I) by the man himself. Basically, I translate Troll to English.

10/19/2008 #27

A fierce, loyal Fireplacian I am.

10/19/2008 #28
Elizabeth Burke

I am Mel. Most of you know me, those that don't will have the chance to form an opinion when they meet me.

10/19/2008 #29
Silent Memento

I am Memo, a member of The Domain. I highly respect you guys, and I want to see the day where you take your rightful place among the top three forums again (above the LFE at the very least.)

10/19/2008 #30
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