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Because the legacy must live on.

Please do not post links, titles, or author's penname(s). Let's keep this clean as can be!

10/19/2008 . Edited by DevilWearsJeans, 11/13/2008 #1

Indeed, it must. And in honor of the old thread and as a forlorn farewell to The Fireplace, I will repost the first chapter of the Miley rapefic.

Go gently into that good night, sweet Fireplace.

Miley is showering and hears a loud crash. shes all alone, in her house, her brother is gone, her dad is tennesse, and she is wondering if she was now being robbed.

So, she picked up her towel, and wrapped is around her. Then she heard someone going in the bathroom and she scearmed. A masked man, ran to her and started raping her here is what happened.

miley's pov:

omygod, are we under attack(hears the door open) ahhhhh omy god, im half naked and they are trying to rape me!!!! god someone help me!!!!

The masked man stared at ger body and put his hand on her breast. she turned away but, he held her pussy on the other hand and squeezed it."ahhhhh!!! what are you doing to me?" said unconcious miley. "ohhh sexy babe i love your big juicy boobs, i wanna try some of it,"he said "please no, "miley pleaded. "too late', he said. Before he could do that, the leader saw what he was doing. he was staring at mileys breasts. "s"hurry, and bring her too, we'll rape her and strip her in front of everyone", he said. Instead of putting rope on mileys hands, he put his arm uner her legs and lifted it up. Miley screamed.

10/19/2008 #2
Tersa Cat

Not as horrifying as the miley rapefic...but really, what could be?

Kagome and Sessohmaru were walking along on the beach and watching the sunset.

This is a romantic spot isn't it honey?

Yeah, the island is so peaceful and calm?

Why don't we make love?


Sessohmaru sterted taking off kagome's shirt

and bra then he started to caress her breast.

Kagome took off her lover's pants and suckled his manhood.

They both moaned in pleasure as they reached a climax.

Then they both lay next to each other panting and then Sessohmaru got on top of Kagome and started to kiss her and then he took his manhood stuck it in her mouth then bent over and sucked on her cung.

Today was the greatest day of my life.Kagome said to her true love. Then they whispered I love you and fell asleep naked in each others arms.

10/19/2008 #3

This had to be posted again...

Soon after their little make out session they were completely cleaned from the chocolate syrup goo, and they turned of the shower off and both hoped out of the shower totally nude and dripping wet. Britney and Jamie Lynn both took turns taking their towels and wiping the water off each other bodes and drying each other. Then they just stood there looked at each others naked bodies, and admiring each other with lust. Jamie Lynn noticed the patch of blond hair down at Britney's vagina, and Britney noticed that since Jamie Lynn was still a little girl she had a smooth hairless vagina, which only turned her on all the more. They both embraced for another kiss and french kiss as they made out in the bathroom in the nude. Then they broke up their little make out session Britney then reached down and began to lick and suck on Jamie Lynn's underdeveloped preteen breasts. As she was doing that she began to nibble on her tiny nipples as Jamie began to moan from delight. Then Britney began to move her hand down to her sisters preteen pussy and began t run her finger in-between her vulva, which caused more sexual pleasure in Jamie Lynn. Then Britney then began to take her finger and rub it over her tiny clit as she was continuing to suck on her tiny breast and nibble on her nipple. The effect it was having on Jamie Lynn was that she was moaning louder and louder as she screamed "Oh Britney that feels so good! Please do not stop. Oh Britney I am about to cum!" And with that Jamie Lynn exploded into an orgasm and squirted her girl cum all over Britney's hand. Then Britney then began to lick all of Jamie Lynn's girl cum from her hand. Then Britney said "No it is your turn."

Jamie Lynn was more than willing to do the same thing to her sister to please her sexually. Jamie Lynn then reached to Britney's well developed breast and began to lick and suck on her sister's breast. As she was doing that Jamie Lynn began to nibble on her nipples which caused Britney to moan from sexual delight. Then Jamie Lynn followed in the same steps as Britney did to her and began to reach her hand down and began to run her finger through her sisters hairy vulva. Jamie Lynn loved the feel of her sister's pussy, but did not lie the hair, for she was used to hers being smooth and bald. So Jamie Lynn asked Britney "Hey Britney, I cannot get into your hairy pussy, do you think I could shave you down there?" Britney responded "You sure can my sweet sister. I will do anything that turns you on." So Britney got out the shaving cream and razor and gave it to Jamie Lynn. Then Jamie Lynn got Britney's vagina wet with warm water and put a faire amount of shaving cream on it. Then Jamie Lynn followed Britney's instructions, so she would not cut her, and then Jamie Lynn shaved Britney's pussy completely bald. Then when Jamie rinsed the shaving cream away from her pussy she dried off and then they both noticed that Britney's pussy was just as smooth and hairless as Jamie Lynn's was. "Is the what you like Jamie Lynn?" Britney asked. "It sure is my dear sister." Jamie Lynn responded. Then Jamie Lynn knelt down on the floor and began to run her finger through Britney's now hairless vulva, and then she stuck out her tongue and ran her tongue up and down Britney's hairless vulva. Britney started to moan from the sexual delight. But soon Britney interrupted Jamie Lynn and said to her "Lets go into the bedroom where we will be more comfortable doing this, and be able to be more intimate."

Jamie Lynn complied with her sister and followed Britney into her bedroom. Britney said to her sister "I think I should go first to show you how to please another woman." "Ok by me" Jamie Lynn responded. Then Britney had Jamie Lynn lie flat on her back on the bed, and then Britney lifted her legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide. Then Britney got down to her sister's crotch and began to run her fingers through her sisters hairless vulvaand down through her labia. Then Britney buried her face into her sister's hairless preteen pussy and began to eat her pussy. She ran her tongue up and down in-between her labia, and the faster she did this the louder Jamie Lynn moaned from sexual delight. Britney ran her tongue over her tiny clit and began to suck on it which caused Jamie Lynn to scream form sexual delight. Britney found her cunt hole with her tongue but was prevented from penetrating because she was still a virgin and her hymen was in tacked. Britney had a special plan to deflower her baby sister, but in the mean time she was just going to eat her out. Then Britney spread Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks apart only to expose her extremely tight puckered anus. Then Britney began to rim her asshole with her tongue which caused more sexual pleasure from Jamie Lynn. After Britney covered Jamie Lynn's asshole in her salvia she went back to eating out her pussy and sucking on her clit. By now Jamie Lynn was screaming from sexual pleasure, which Britney did not care how loudly she screamed because they were all alone on this ranch/farm and no one would hear their incestuous screams. Jamie Lynn screamed out "Oh Britney that feels so good! Please don't stop, I am going to cum!" Then Jamie Lynn exploded into another powerful orgasm and squirted her girl cum into Britney's mouth, and Britney drank it all down.

Then Jamie Lynn said "It's my turn to give you pleasure." Britney said enthusiastically "Alright!" Then Britney replaced Jamie Lynn on the bed and then Britney lifted her legs into he air and spread them out eagle wide. Then Jamie Lynn got in-between Britney's crotch and ran her fingers through her sister's hairless vulva and down through her labia. Then Jamie Lynn copied her sister and buried her face in Britney's hairless pussy, running her tongue up and down in-between her labia. The faster she was doing this caused Britney more sexual pleaser and she moaned louder and louder. Jamie Lynn then ran her tongue over her now throbbing clit which made Britney jump a little and scream form sexual pleasure. Then Jamie Lynn found Britney's cunt hole with her tongue and found her hymen to be gone, for she knew her sister was not a virgin. So Jamie Lynn got a little excited and penetrated her cunt hole with her tongue and began to tongue fuck her, which caused Britney to almost fall off the bed and scream from sexual pleasure. Then Jamie Lynn spread her sister's ass cheeks apart only to expose her tight puckered anus. Then Jamie Lynn copied her sister and began to rim her asshole with her tongue. This caused Britney to feel more sexual pleasure as she continued to moan louder and louder. When Jamie Lynn completely coved her sister's asshole with her saliva she went back to eating her pussy, which she also began to tongue fuck her in her cunt hole and also sick on her clit. By this time Britney felt like she was about to come over the edge as she felt more intense sexual pleasure and moaned out "Oh Jamie Lynn that feels so good! Please do not stop dear sister! I am about to cum in your mouth!" And with that Britney had her first powerful orgasm for that night as she squirted her girl cum into Jamie Lynn's mouth, and Jamie Lynn began to drink down her sister's girl cum. When she finished Britney got up and they embraced each other for another hot kiss and french kiss, as they could taste each others own girl cum on each others tongues as they swirled their tongues in each others mouth.

Then Britney decided that it was time to deflower her baby sister. Britney said "Jamie Lynn you are still a virgin, and how would you like your big sister to take your cherry?" "I would love that Britney. I cannot think of anyone else in the world that I would want to bust my cherry more than you!" Jamie Lynn responded. Britney warned her "Are you sure baby sister? For it might hurt you what I have planned for you. Are you sure you are up to this?" Jamie Lynn answered her big sister with a kiss on the lips and said "Britney my sister I know that you will not let anything that bad happen to me, or let me get hurt. So please do this for me!" "Ok Jamie Lynn I would b more than glad to be the person to deflower you." Britney responded. So Jamie Lynn looked at her sister anxiously at waiting for what she had in store for her. Britney then went over to her secret dresser drawerand pulled out a foot long flexible elastic double headed dildo, and then Jamie Lynn' eyes lit up wide when she saw that and said "Your planning to shove that into me?" "I sure am dear sister! This is the instrument that is going to take your cherry." Britney responded. Jamie Lynn had a little fear on her face and said "I am worried that big dildo will hurt me." But Britney reassured her by saying " You will be alright for I will not do anything to hurt you. Jamie Lynn then calmed down a little.

Then Britney had Jamie Lynn lay back down flat on her back on the bed again. Then Britney lifted up her legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide. Then Britney placed the end of the foot long double headed dildo at the entrance of Jamie Lynn's cunt hole. Jamie Lynn's heart was racing form the excitement and anticipation, when Britney warned her "Now hold on Jamie Lynn, this will hurt a little, but when the pain goes away you will feel the most incredible sexual pleasure. Are you ready?" "I think I am ready Britney. Go ahead and do it!" Jamie Lynn responded. After that when Britney felt that her baby sister was ready, shoved the head of the double headed dildo into her tight preteen cunt hole, which caused her hymen to break and some blood to squirt out, and Jamie Lynn screamed out in pain. Britney stopped with shoving the double headed dildo into her cunt hole, and kissed her sister's face for comfort, until she knew that Jamie Lynn's pain had gone away and she was used to having this big double headed dildoin her tight preteen cunt hole.Then Britney began to shove the double headed dildo in and out of her tight preteen cunt hole faster and faster. And the faster Britney went caused Jamie Lynn more and more sexual pleasure, which Jamie Lynn started to moan louder and louder.

Britney then decided to get even more kinky to cause her baby sister the ultimate sexual pleasure, and took the other end of the double headed dildo with one hand, and with the other hand spread Jamie Lynn's ass cheeks only to expose again her tight puckered anus. Britney took the other end of the double headed dildo and bent it and positioned it at the entrance of Jamie Lynn's tight puckered asshole. Then while she was shoving the other end of the double headed dildo in and out of her now stretched preteen cunt hole Britney then shoved the other end of the double headed dildo into her tight puckered anus, up past her sphincter, and into her rectum. Jamie Lynn immediately screamed from the pain and more sexual pleasure. Britney then began to double penetrate Jamie Lynn by shoving both ends of the double headed dildo in and out of Jamie Lynn's tight cunt hole and tight asshole faster and faster at the same time. Jamie Lynn felt more sexual pleasure as she was moaning louder and louder and screamed to her sister "Oh Britney please do not stop!. It feels so good! I am going to cum.." Then Jamie Lynn exploded into a powerful orgasm and squirted her girl cum all over the double headed dildo and al over Britney's hands. Britney then pulled the double headed dildo out of Jamie Lynn's tight cunt hole and tight asshole. Then Britney licked all of Jamie Lynn's girl cum from her hands and drank it down, then Britney then began to suck both ends of the double headed dildo that was up Jamie Lynn's cunt hole and rectum. Then Britney had Jamie Lynn sit up and then she kissed her and french kissed her. Jamie Lynn could taste her own girl cum and ass from Britney's tongue as their tongues swirled around in each others mouth.

Britney wanted to get fucked now but she wanted to experience it with her sister. "Jamie Lynn I want to get fucked by this foot long double headed dildo." "No problem Britney. I will shove that into your pussy." Jamie Lynn responded. But Britney said "I had another idea, one were we can fuck each other at the same time. And since this is a double headed dildo we can do just that." Jamie Lynn responded "That sounds great Britney. I cannot thing of a better way for us to get closer as lesbian sisters than to do this. But how will we do it?" "Just let me leas you and I will show you what I have in mind." Britney responded. Britney lead Jamie Lynn to sit on the bed, and then Britney then sat across from her facing her sister. Then Britney lead Jamie Lynn to wrap their legs around each other. Then when they were in position Britney grabbed the foot long double headed dildo and positioned one end at her sister's cunt hole, and the other end she positioned at her own cunt hole. Then Britney shoved the one end into Jamie Lynn's cunt hole and the other end she shoved into her own cunt hole. When Britney saw in Jamie Lynn's face that she was ready Britney began to movie the foot long double headed dildo in and out of her own cunt hole and her sister's cunt hole. As she moved it in and out faster and faster both sisters started to moan louder and louder as it caused them both sexual pleasure. Britney tried to lean in to kiss Jamie Lynn and Jamie Lynn kissed her sister back which lead to a french kiss, as Britney continued to move the foot long double headed dildo faster and faster in and out of their cunt holes. Soon both sisters were screaming to the top of their lungs from sexual pleasure as Jamie Lynn screamed out "Oh sister please do not stop. I am going to cum!" "Do not worry sister I will not. I am going to cum as well!" Britney screamed back. Then both sisters at the same time had a very powerful orgasm as they squirted their girl cum all over each others pussies, thighs, and the foot long double headed dildo. Britney immediately pulled the foot long double headed dildo out of both their cunt holes, and then she switched sides. So that Britney could suck all of Jamie Lynn's girl cum off of the head of the dildo, and Jamie Lynn could suck all of Britney's girl cum of the other head of the dildo. When they were both finished sucking the girl cum of both heads of the dildo they reached din for a kiss and french kiss, which they could taste each others girl cum when they swirled their tongues in each others mouths.

Britney asked Jamie Lynn "Since I already double penetrated you by shoving one end of this foot long double headed dildo into your anus, do you want to do the same fucking together as we just did, but this time in our assholes?" "I sure would sister dear. That will be so nasty but feel so good for you and I. Lets do it" Jamie Lynn responded. Britney said "Ok Jamie Lynn, but follow my instructions so you will not get hurt." So Britney lead Jamie Lynn to kneel on the bed on all fours. Then Britney knelt on the bed on all fours, but in the opposite direction from her sister so her ass was pointing directly at Jamie Lynn's ass. Then Britney held her own as cheeks apart and instructed Jamie Lynn to hold open her own ass cheeks apart. Then Britney grabbed the foot long double headed dildo and positioned one end at the entrance of her own anus, and then positioned the other end at her sister's anus. Then Britney asked Jamie Lynn if she was ready, and when Jamie Lynn said that she was Britney shoved the one end of the foot long double headed dildo into her asshole, up past her sphincter and into her rectum, and then shoved the other end into her sister's asshole, up past her sphincter and into her rectum. Both Britney and Jamie Lynn let out a scream of pleaser as the foot long double headed dildo penetrated both their assholes. Then when Jamie Lynn told Britney that she was ready Britney began to shove the foot long double headed dildo in and out of their assholes faster and faster which was causing them sexual pleasure. While Britney was doing that both Britney and Jamie Lynn reached one of their hands down to their pussies and began to masturbate themselves as they rubbed their clits. Buy this time they were in a sexual frenzy as they began to moan louder and louder, until their moans tuned into screams of pleasure. "Please do not stop Britney. This feels so good that I am going to cum right now!" Jamie Lynn screamed. "Do not worry sister dear. This does feel so good that I am going to cum as well with you!" Britney screamed back. Then the both of them at the same time had a powerful orgasm and squirted their girl cum all over each others thighs and asses. Then Britney pulled the foot long double headed dildo out of her own asshole and out of her sister's asshole. Then the both of them turned around and sat up. Britney then turned the foot long double headed dildo around, so that Britney could suck on the head that was up Jamie Lynn's rectum, and Jamie Lynn could suck the head that was up Britney's rectum. When they were finished licking and sucking on the heads of the foot long double headed dildo Britney reached into Jamie Lynn and they began to kiss and french kiss. They could taste each others ass on their tongues as they swirled their tongues in each others mouths.

Then Jamie Lynn felt her bladder getting full, and she got up of the bed and started to head or the bathroom. "Hey sister where do you think you are going?" Britney asked. Jamie Lynn responded "I am going to the bathroom. I have to take a pee real bad." "Well I have a better idea. Why don't you use my mouth as the toilet and pee in my mouth." Britney asked. "No way sister! Oh Britney that is so gross." Jamie Lynn responded. But Britney responded back "But Jamie Lynn watersports, that is what you call peeing in your lovers mouth, has been a fantasy of mine that I have wanted to try for a long time. And I cannot think of a better person to experiment with than my baby sister. Plus I hear that drinking your lovers pee is one of the greatest erotic acts you can share with your lover. Will you do it for me?" Jamie Lynn responded "Ok Britney I will do it for you. What ever turns you on I want to please my big sister." So Britney lead Jamie Lynn to sit on the bed with her legs spread far apart. Then Britney knelt down on her knees and put her face up to her sister's hairless preteen pussy. Then Britney notices that Jamie Lynn was nervous when she looked into her eyes, and that her nervousness was causing her anxiety which prevented her from peeing. So Britney solution was that she opened her mouth next to her pee hole, and then with one hand she used her finger to rub Jamie Lynn's tiny clit. When Jamie Lynn felt sexual pleasure from her clit being massaged she loosened up and then she felt her bladder ready to explode with the sensations of her clit being massaged. Jamie Lynn warned her sister "I cannot hold it any longer Britney. Here is t comes!" Then a stream of yellow pee came out of Jamie Lynn's pee hole and went into Britney's mouth almost chocking her when it hit the back of her throat. Soon Britney's mouth was full of Jamie Lynn's pee and she had to close her mouth to drink it all down. But Jamie Lynn was not finished peeing yet and the excess yellow pee continued to flower out of her pee hole and went all over Britney's face an hair, completely soaking her face and hair in her sister's yellow pee. Soon Jamie Lynn stopped peeing and Britney drank down all of her sisters yellow piss. When she finished drinking down her sister's piss she reached up and began to kiss Jamie Lynn and french kiss her. As she was french kissing her Jamie Lynn could taste the tang of her own pee when she and Britney swirled their tongues in each others mouths.

Because of drinking Jamie Lynn's pee Britney felt her own bladder getting full and in need to a release. So Britney broke her french kiss with her sister and then start to head for the bathroom. Jamie Lynn asked "So were do you think you are going?" Britney responded "I am heading for the bathroom. For I have to go pee now after drinking your pee." "Oh Britney that was so much fun peeing in your mouth and watching you drink my pee. Do you think that you could piss in my mouth and me drink your pee?" Jamie Lynn asked. Britney responded "Oh Jamie Lynn that was a such a nasty request I asked you. And I am glad you that you did that for me, but I do not think I should go that far with you." "Oh please Britney! I do not want there to be any taboos between you and I this weekend."Jamie Lynn responded. Britney asked "Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you are ready for this?" "I am so sure Britney, please pee in my mouth so I can drink your piss." Jamie Lynn responded. Britney said "Ok Jamie Lynn I will do this with you so you and can become even closer than we have ever been." "Thank you sister dear." Jamie Lynn responded. Then Britney sat down on the bed with her legs spread far apart. Then Britney lead Jamie Lynn by the hand to kneel down on the floor next to her. Jamie Lynn responded by putting her face up to Britney's hairless pussy. Then she opened up her mouth and put it next to her pee hole. Then Jamie Lynn opened looked up to her sister's face when Britney asked "Now are you sure you are ready for this Jamie Lynn. Because I cannot hold it back any longer." Jamie Lynn nodded her head as to show her sister that she was more than ready. So Britney's bladder then exploded and she let out a stream of yellow pee that went right into Jamie Lynn's mouth, almost choking her when it the back of her throat. Soon Jamie Lynn's mouth was completely full of her sister's piss and she had to close her mouth so she could drink it all down. But Britney was not finished peeing yet and the excess yellow piss continued to flow all over Jamie Lynn's face an hair, completely soaking her face and hair in her yellow piss. Soon Britney was finished peeing and then Jamie Lynn began to drink down all of her sister's yellow piss. When Jamie Lynn finished drinking Britney's pee then Britney pulled Jamie Lynn up to her and began to kiss her and french kiss her. And as they were french kissing Britney could taste the tang of her own piss as their tongues swirled around each others mouths.

Then after they broke their french kiss Britney saw that the night was getting quite late, and that both Jamie Lynn and herself were getting quite tired

10/19/2008 #4

Rather long (unfortunately), so I had to combine a few sentences into paragraphs.

[Elizabeth] started playing with is pants, her hands entered and roamed around till they found what they where looking for. Jack froze and closed his eyes and let Elizabeth tease him. Elizabeth found it to be very interesting. Jack built up the power in him to pull her hands away.

“Lizzie, would you like to explain why you are acting this way?” He asked her looking into her eyes and making Elizabeth get lost in them.

She stood there silent without saying one word.

Jack’s eyes where bringing her closer. So close that she could feel his hot breath on her neck. Jack pressed her up against the wheel and kissed her deeply on the lips.

“ Jack I wish to talk with you in your cabin, alone,” She had a look of want in her eyes that where telling Jack that she wanted something nice from him tonight.

“ aye Lizzie, I know where this is going,” Jack smiled and took her hands and guided her to his cabin and led her in with his eyes. He looked away from her and closed the door and locked it. Jack was going to push her down onto the bed but was caught guard by her kissing him and backing him up against the door. Her hands found his belt once more. Elizabeth threw them across the floor and went to Jack’s jacket. She pulled it off his body and threw that across the room.

Jack was working on her outfit thing that she was wearing (it was that blueish green outfit that she wears in World’s End you know) Jack took off the top layer and it landed by their feet. Jack was now shirtless and Elizabeth was getting there. Jack pulled on the blueish shah off of her robe like thing and let that fall to the ground. Jack teasingly pulled open the robe like thing slowly making Elizabeth blush. He walked her to his bed and she laid down and crawled to the top of the bed.

Elizabeth had gotten rid of the belts but not yet the pants. He took off the whole robe and Elizabeth was entirely naked. Elizabeth pulled Jack’s pants down until they where all gone. They both where naked and venerable. Elizabeth kept her eyes on Jack’s large man hood.

Jack mad his way up to her and kissed her neck passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck as Jack kissed lower. Elizabeth could feel the warmth growing between her legs. Jack kissed her inner thighs and Elizabeth was moaning deep in her throat . Jack placed his hands on ether side of her and he was right above her hot center.

Elizabeth nodded telling Jack that it was ok to enter. Jack slowly entered. Elizabeth gasped at his size and the pain.

“Jack, it, hurts,” She said slowly.

“ I know Lizzie, it will hurt for a little while, but it will go away I promise,” Jack said still entering.

Elizabeth trusted Jack and listened to him. He was in the whole way and Elizabeth was getting used to his size. He was right the pain was gone and pleasure was replaced with It. Jack started to move in and out of her and Elizabeth was moaning Jacks name and gripping his hair tightly. Elizabeth could feel this little ball of pleasure start to build up deep inside where Jack’s man hood was. It seemed to keep growing and Elizabeth didn’t realize that she was screaming out Jack’s name and Jack had a wide smile on his face. Jack was enjoying this just as much as she was, he just wasn’t yelling her name out, he was busy pleasuring his Lizzie.

Elizabeth started to move with him, her heart rate was going crazy and her breath was short. She had her eyes closed. Jack was breathing heavily as well. Elizabeth was sure that she would never regret this, it was pure bliss.

Jack and Lizzie where coming to an end and Elizabeth’s little ball of pleasure was large now and it was about to explode (not really explode like a bomb, but you know what I mean) It finally did and Elizabeth’s body went limp under Jack and she screamed his name once more before he pulled out of her for good. Elizabeth rolled under the covers and over by the wall on the bed. Jack got under the covers as well and moved closer to her, after he was done catching his breath. Elizabeth was still a little bit breathless from Jack’s pleasure.

“ So Lizzie, did you enjoy your time wit old Jack,” He said smiling and stroking her hair.

Elizabeth only nodded. She faced Jack and his smile lit Elizabeth up, she thought that she would not pleasure him but it seems she did.

“ I’m tiered now Jack,” Elizabeth said caressing his face with her hand.

“ aye Lizzie, as is I,” she moved closer to him and rested her head on his chest which was still raising up and down, he got to his normal breathing though. Elizabeth sighed and drifted off to sleep. Jack had finally gotten his Lizzie into bed with him, well actually she got him into bed her. Oh well same difference.


10/19/2008 #5
Caballero Supremo

Power Rangers sex, anyone?

Charlie walked through the halls of SPD for the first time in the long time. She and the other members of A-Squad had just been " Rescued by those hack losers, B-Squad. All acording to plan. Charlie leered at lower cadets as she passed them on her way to the training room. Gruums plan would not be enacted for a few days and she intended to use those days getting some training in. To her suprise the room alread had an accupant. Sky Tate, B-Squads blue ranger was busy at work going through a difficult martial arts combination. Charlie smirked, she hated to admit it but he was pretty good. And defenitly easy on the eyes. He had to be over six feet tall, his body was composed of mounts of rock hard muscle. Perfectly in place on his large body. His hair cut short, dirty blonde. She felt the pemperature of her body rise as she started to toy with the thought of what Sky looked liked without any clothes on and the size of his-

" Charlie? " The sound of her name being called summoned her back to reality. Sky had finished his excercises and looked up to see the female red ranger. Charlie quickly threw a smirk onto her face.

" Pretty good moves, ever the daddies boy. Just a different color. Charlie suppressed a laugh at the angry look that had split across Sky's face. He looked even hotter mad. Charlie chocked these lusty thoughts to a year out in space without any attractive men around. The ones on her squad were definetly eyesores, and from the times when they had to shower together, not to well endowed. " Oh sorry. Did I hit a nerve? ".

" No " said Sky reigning in his anger " But I have to question your moves. I mean what with being Gruums prisoner for a year, I can only imagine how sloppy youve gotten ".

Now it was Charlies turn to flush with rage. It took all her self controll not to scream out that she had been training with Gruum and that her skills had ascended past any ranger. But biting those words down she came up with some more appropriate ones.

" How about we see just which one of us has the moves and skill. How does that sound? ".

Sky instantly dropped into a fighting stance " Sounds perfect. Charlie nodded and pushed a few buttons on the door. It closed with a clanking sound. " Locking the door so we wont be interupted ". Sky nodded determination written across his face and oblivious to Charlies other reason for closing and locking the door. She walked onto the mat facing Sky and moving into her own fighting stance. She knew she had this in the bag. But she also knew it was unwise to underestimate an opponent. But still he was on B-Squad, second rate compared to her.

Charlie started it off. Rushing forward, taking advantage of her speed. She aimed a punch towards his chest, but at the last second moved into a faint and dropped down aiming a swift swinging kick. But to her suprise Sky did a back-flip avoiding her leg. He landed and caught the fist she had thrown at him. Grabbing her by the arm he threw her. Turning in mid air, she landed softly and made a rebound by darting at him trying to stay low. She threw a barrage of punches that he easily dodged and threw a few of his own back. Charlie hated to say it but she was impressed. His fighting skills were advanced farther than she orginaly thought. No more playing around. She jumped back.

" Your good " Sky smirked

" Hard training, Bridge was a really big help ".

Charlie nodded, she had seen the boy fight once but once was all it took to show the boy had talent. She admitted she was a little scared of the empath, why she didnt know. But the name Devil King came to mind when she envisioned him. He truly fought like all the demons of hell were at his beck and call.( There not, or are I don't know ).

" I doubt your training compares to mine!! " she excalimed and rocketed at him, Charlie turned jumped arund him intending to kick him in the back. But Sky turned around with speed he didnt seem capable of having and waved his arm in an arc motion. Charlies foot hit his blue force field and sent her flying back. She landed on her back in shock and rage. Sky flopped on top of her pinning her in place before she could think about getting up.

" Admit defeat! " said Sky grinning broadly as Charlie thrashed beneath him. She could not belive it. Her Charlie Orton, defeated and pinned by thios B-Squad nobodie!!, This hot B-Squad nobodie. The more she thrashed, the more she felt his bodie press against her own. The heat radiating from him was making her very wet. She hit something between his legs that made him groan. Charlie stopped struggling immediately. She rubbed against that spot again. It didnt take a rocket scientist to know what was making Sky groan like that. She stared at him. His face was redder ther her A-Squad uniform. She grinned , definetly a big boy.

" Charlie I-I " he stuttered and letting his guard down. Allowing Charlie to flip the blue ranger onto his back and straddling his hips sitting on his erection.

" Whoa. Certainly are a big boy " she purred and ground down on him his deep moan made her shiver. " Heres whats gonna happen. Were going to fuck and your going to do exactly what I say ". Sky started to protest but it was quickly cut off by Charlie covering his mouth with her own. She snaked her tongue into his mouth, teasing his. Sky responded immediaty kissing Charlie back.

The female red rangers head was spinning at the blue rangers skill use of mouth and tongue. His big rough hands rubbing her back and ass. They broke apart for air. Charlie moved her hands under his shirt. Rubbing his six-pack abbs. She quickly pulled it up and off. Fully exposing the rippling muscles of his upper bodie.

Charlie was mesmerized by the sight. Suddenly Sky flipped them over so that he was once again pinning Charlie in place. " Sorry bitch. But but when I fuck I'm always in CHARGE! ". Before Charlie could argue, Sky sneaked a hand into her sweats and panties toward her cunt. She let out a loud scream as he probed that area. Sky was amazed at how tight Charlir was.

He pulled her shirt off, smiling at her large breast. He discarded the sports bra she was wearing and dived onto her. She gasped and moaned as he fondled her tits. Carefuly taking one into his mouth as he rubbed the other, tweaking her nipples. Sky moved down her body. Relinquishing of her lower garments. Sky dived down onto her cunt. Licking nibbling, and sucking her into a frenzy of twitching.

" Oh god yes, yess! ". Sky suddenly stopped his ministrations and climbed back up to plunge his tongue into her mouth. Charlie. The female red rangers bodie was burning for more. Grabbing Sky's shoulders she flipped him over.

" Heh, when I fuck I'm in CHARGE! ". She tugged at his sweats. Sky raised his hips so Charlie could lower them. She smirked at the bulge in his boxers and the big wet spot. Biting her lower lip in anticipation she pulled the boxers down and off. Leaving Sky in all his glory. Charlie had to take a couple of deep breaths, because Sky Tate redifined the term hung like a horse. Hung like a fucking whale more like. His cock was a very hot 15-inches long and very, very thick.

Carlie wordlessly rose up and positioned herself over Sky's dick. Sky gripped his erection, steadying it for Charlie. Charlie took a deep breath and let herself slowly descend down on it. The initial penetration was not easy. Charlie was tighter then a virgin. It came with being in space over a year and having no time for sexual pleasurement. But she wanted this, gritting her teeth she sat on it completely.

A scream of pain and pleasure tore from her mouth. Sky let out a strangled groan as well as his cock was constricted. Charlie gripped his pecs to steady herself. She had never felt anything like this before, his sheer size was alien to her. Once she was somewhat relaxed she lifted herself up a little then fell back down. Pleasure exploded through her body as Sky's big dick made contact with her clit. Charlie moved up and down clawing at Sky's chest as she felt more and more pleasure. Sky gripped her hips and determined to gain the upper hand, thrusted upward.

He continued bucking his hips and groaning loudlt in pleasure. There movements were wild and erratic. Each wanting to obtain dominance. There cries of pleasure rising. Charlie rode Sky like a champion stallion, bouncing on his fat cock. Charlie could feel that Sky was holding back. Possibly some fear of hurting. She was still very much tight, but she didnt care, she needed it hard and rough.

" Come on Tate. Give it to me " she cried out. Sky bucked up a little harder, but it was still not enough for the female red ranger. " Oh is that the best you can do? Just like your father. No wonder he got himself offed if he's as pathetic as his son!! ". Charlie knew without a shadow of a doubt she had just said the magic words.

Sky's movements came to an abrupt stop. The look he was giving her made her blood run cold. His face was twisted in sick rage. Charlie suddenly found herself flipped over onto her back. " Your going to pay for that " Sky snarled viciously. He moved her legs so they were around his waist and slowly pulled out of her. Charlie let out a blood curdling scream as Sky slammed back into her with all his might. Charlie clutched Sky's shoulders as he continued his vicious assault. Her eyes were jammed shut as the pleasure ripped through her, calling out a scream every second.

Sky was groaning and moaning like a wild beast. His brain fueld by lust and rage, he pounded into her, his own pleasure skyrocketing. Charlie ran her nails down his back making him hiss and thrust faster. They layed there on the floor. There bodies writhing and rocking with extreme pleasure. Hot sweat drenched there bodies flying in all directions as there bodies met in a sensual slap. Charlie moved her arms around his neck and made there faces meet. They met simaltaneously in a bruising kiss.

Charlie screamed into the kiss as she climaxed violently. her muscles crushed against Skys cock and roared shooting his big load of cum into the woman. He collapsed heavily on top of her, both of them trying to catch there breath. Charlie was barely coherent for anything. Her lower bodie was tingled with want, she needed more. " Never say that again. Understand?! " Sky demanded breathlessly.

The woman beneath him rolled her eyes " Yeah...sure whatever...your good for another go...right? ". Sky scowled but it quickly turned into a gasp as Charlie clenched her muscled around him. He pulled out of her and rose up onto his knees. " Yeah I am, good for a lot. Think you can handle em all? " his smug smile infuriated and aroused her. " I can handle anyhting you throw at me Tate ".

Sky smirked and flipped her onto her stomache. He raised her ass up and pushed his cock into her hole. Charlie gritted her teeth to keep from making any noise. As Sky bottomed out he grunted and immediately started thrusting. All pain instantly vanished in the face of pleasure within Charlies bodie. She rose onto all fours and started pushing back on the thick cock. Sky slapped the side of her ass as he fucked her harder. His balls slapped against her cheeks " Harder! " she moaned out.

Sky was happy to oblige and plunged in and out of her with staccato. There moans intermingled till Sky's completely eclipsed hers as he was caught up in how much pleasure he was feeling. Charlie was in the same state, She felt Sky bodie go ridged as he came in her ass, felt her bodie crie out orgasm again. Once again they collapsed onto the ground, but there was no time for rest. Sky slipped out of her and stood up, pulling her up he dragged her over to a wall.

Picking her up he braced her against the wall. Charlies arms and legs instantly wrapped around his big body as he slid his cock into her. " Oh fuckk!! " Charlie moaned as she squirmed in Sky's arms his monster cock ramming into her hard and fast. Sky grunted into her shoulder smashing her against the wall. His 15-inch cock super sincitive and every thrust pulsating pleasure through him.

Charlie screamed orgasm making her bodie shiver. Sky gently sat her down onto the floor. Taking her head into his hands he thrust his cock into her mouth. Charlie gagged but made no move to et away. She let him fuck her mouth, enjoying the taste of herself on his member. Sky gave a deep groan as he filled her mouth. Choking a little Charlie swallowed most of the sperm. The rest dribbled down her chin to her breast. Sky extracted himself from her mouth and layed down on his back. His cock still rock hard, Charlie quickly straddled his hips and moved back into there originaly position of riding his cock. This time Sky let her do all the work, merely laying there in pleasre as she bounced wildly.

He came but she hadnt yet. So he moved her onto her side and fucked her from behind. Holding her close as he pounded her butt. Charliescreamed for more and more her visiob blurring with sweat as Sky's hips met hers hard and loud. Sky pulled out and moved her onto her back. He lifted her lower body up so that the upper was still on the ground and slid in. Charlies bodie shook as Sky fucked her with abandon. She looked up into his face. Contorted in unbeleivable pleasure.

He suddely dove forward his body compltely on top of her. " Tate start moving right now! " demanded Charlie feeling as if she would die if he didnt continue fucking her.

" What you want my big, long, thick, fat, juicy cock to fuck you? thrust deep inside you. Hard and rough, so hard I break you in half? " Sky asked innocently

" YESSS!! " screamed Charlie " NOW!! TATE!! ". Sky pulled out of her

" Whose in charge? "

" What! "

" Answer me Charlie whose in charge! "

" are "

" Cn't hear you, whose in charge? ".

" You are "

" Who? "


Sky smirked heatedly. Charlie calling him Daddy had him harder then he could ever remember being.

" You want daddies cock, you gonna get it!! " He slammed back into her making them both scream. Charlie clung to Sky's bodie as he drove into her cunt. His bodie flexing his muscles with each movement, each thrust. Charlie was gone, nothing was registering with her except for Sky's monster daddy cock pounding into her harder and harder and harder. His deep roars of pleasure, the manly sweaty smell filling her nostrils the wet skin in her hands. " OhH FUCK ME DADDY IM GONNA CUM, MAKE ME CUM DADDY!! ".

Sky fucked her harder " YEAH DADDIES COCK IS GONNA CUM TO, GONNA FILL YOU UP!! ". There hard and rough, fast pace lasted for twenty more minutes before Sky roared " OHHH FUCKKKKKKK!! " He exploded gush after gush of cum into Charlies cunt. Her bodie arched aghainst Sky's as she screamed in raw unholy satisfaction.

4 hours later... Charlie was laying on the floor, her cunt and ass leaking massive amounts of cum. Her bodie covered in sweat and cum, breathing hard. Sky had fucked her ten more times before getting dressed and saying he had to go help Kat out in her lab.

10/19/2008 #6
An Ferbasach

The "sexy' story from the WoW: Summaries section.

I was frozen in shock momentarily, and then the alarm bells started going off inside my head.


But I couldn’t bring myself to pull away. This dream version of Bella was even better and more vivid than the ones I had previously encountered. Her full lips were even softer than I had imagined before, and they molded perfectly around my own. The scent coming off of her skin should have been illegal - it was absolutely intoxicating; floral, like lavender and freesia. A surprising amount of heat radiated from her tiny body. I could hear the faintest sound of her pulse, her precious heart beating frantically in her chest…

And then I realized that I never could have dreamed in such detail.

I pulled away from her, an incredulous expression on my face. She stared back at me with wide, anxious eyes. She looked absolutely terrified.

But before either of us could say anything, I became aware of someone’s presence in the next aisle over. Recognizing our need for privacy, I grabbed Bella’s hand and began to run, towing her toward the very back of the stacks.

I performed a swift scan of the surrounding area; there was no one within twenty yards of us. I paused, leaning against a shelf to catch my breath. I tried desperately to slow my alarmingly rapid heart rate, but it was a fruitless attempt. Once my breathing had slowed, I turned to face her. She was still staring at me with that same wide-eyed expression. I tried to speak, but no words would come.

“I’m… sorry… Edward,” she whispered. “I…I…”

But I wasn’t listening.

She was mid-sentence when I grabbed her by the back of the neck and puller her mouth to mine. I kissed her fiercely, filling the kiss with every ounce of pent up longing and frustration that I had accumulated over the past two years. If this was a dream, I was going to enjoy it while I had the chance. She was unresponsive under my touch for the briefest of seconds. I feared this to be a sign for the worst; but then, as per usual, she surprised me.

Her breath came in a wild gasp as she reached up to grip the back of my head with her hands. She wove her fingers through my hair, anchoring my face her hers. She pressed herself closer to me, and for the first time I could feel every delicious curve of her perfect body. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, holding her tightly. Needing to be closer to her still, I pushed our bodies forward until we bumped into the bookshelf, her back pressed up against it.

I could feel her breasts pressed up against my chest, and the feeling sent an electric shock through my system. I ran my tongue over her lower lip, and gasped at the sensation. Her lips were positively sinful; soft like rose petals, sweet like strawberries. A low groan escaped my throat. She parted her lips in response and allowed me to slide my tongue into her mouth, stroking it against hers. She then surprised me again as she took my bottom lip between her teeth and began to suck on it gently. I released an even louder involuntary groan.

I would have been content to stay like that forever, with her lips on mine. I recognized our need to breathe, however, and reluctantly released her. We pressed our foreheads together, both of us panting heavily. I leaned back so I could stare into her beautiful, depthless eyes. I cupped her face in my hand, stroking my thumb gently across her soft, flushed cheek.

“You are real, aren’t you?” I whispered.

She giggled, stretching up on her toes to place a soft kiss on the tip of my nose. “Silly Edward,” she murmured. “Of course I am.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “This just seems too good to be true.”

“I have loved you for a very long time,” she said quietly.

I sighed, closing my eyes. I leaned forward and rested my forehead against hers again. I moved my face to the side slightly, and began tracing my nose softly along the contour of her jaw, from her chin up to her ear. I inhaled and then exhaled deeply.

“You have no idea,” I whispered, and began tracing soft kisses down the side of her neck. She clutched me to her then, snaking one arm around my lower back and the other around my neck. I slid my hands slowly up the soft skin of her arms. My kisses had gained intensity by the time I reached her shoulders. I peeled away the straps of her dress and began to suck on the newly exposed flesh. A soft whimper escaped her lips, and it was the single most arousing thing I had ever heard.

I needed to hear her make that sound again.

I continued kissing her while I traced my fingers up the soft curve of her waist, over her ribs and up to her firm, perfect breasts. I massaged them gently through the thin fabric of her dress, rubbing my thumbs in slow circles over where I knew her nipples would be. I felt them harden under my touch. She threw her head back against the bookshelf, and a loud moan escaped her throat.

I remembered, suddenly, that we were in the Library.

I clamped my hand over her mouth, only partially muffling the sound. Her head snapped up and she looked at me with wide, apologetic eyes. I removed my hand slowly, my eyes cautioning.

“Oops,” she breathed.

“Oops, indeed,” I muttered, but I smirked to show her I wasn’t angry.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged, taking my hands and replacing them on her breasts. “I promise to behave myself. Please?” She pouted out her bottom lip; her eyes were wide and pleading.

“Damn it,” I muttered. “You are far too tempting for your own good.”

She smiled, knowing she had won. She pulled my face to hers for another kiss.

I became aware, suddenly, that her fingers were at work at the bottom of my sweater. She tugged gently and pulled it over my head, discarding it somewhere on the floor. Her fingers then went to the bottom of my shirt, pulling it from my pants. She began work on the buttons then, undoing them one by one with her slender fingers. When she had finished, she placed her palms flat against my chest. She moved them slowly downward, and I heard her hum in pleasure when she reached my abdomen. She allowed her fingers to linger there, tracing them gently over the muscles of my stomach. She traced her fingers lower then, over my naval and down to the thin patch of bronze hair below. I shuddered involuntarily. She was too good; far too good.

And then she started unbuttoning my pants.



“Wh-what are you doing?” She didn’t answer, but merely grinned deviously as she pulled the zipper of my pants down… slowly.

“No, Bella, you don’t have t--”

But I couldn’t finish, because she had reached her tiny hand into my boxers and began to stroke her fingers down the length of my raging, hard erection. A string of profanities and sounds that were barely intelligible flew from my mouth. She giggled, obviously satisfied with herself. I buried my face in her neck, embarrassed.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” I whispered.

“Actually, I think I do,” she replied, still stroking me. “If it’s anything like what you do to me, you must be going crazy right now.”

I nodded, my face still buried in her neck.

“Edward,” she murmured softly, “Look at me, please.”

I lifted my face so I could meet her gaze; her eyes were unbearably soft and gentle. She brought one of her hands up to trace my face gently with her fingertips. “Edward,” she whispered, “Make love to me.”

Of all the times I had fantasized about Bella speaking those exact words, for some reason I could not bring myself to rejoice in them now. This was not how I had imagined our first time together and, quite frankly, not the way I wanted her to remember it. I didn’t want her to wake up tomorrow and realize she had gotten caught up in the moment; I didn’t want her to regret anything. My friendship with Bella meant more to me than anything else in this world. The idea of losing it over something as trivial as sex seemed completely unjustifiable.

On the other hand, I loved her madly… and she wanted me. Or at least she thought she did. I had never felt so conflicted.

“Bella,” I croaked out, “We can’t - not here, not now…” Could she hear the way my voice was shaking?

Please, Edward?” she pleaded. I shook my head vehemently, but knew that my resolve was waning; I could never refuse her when she pleaded with me like this.

“Don’t you… want… me?” She sounded as if she were on the verge of tears.

I exhaled sharply, completely frustrated. “Of course I want you, you silly, beautiful, oversensitive girl! It’s just… well…this is not exactly how I had imagined our first time together. I only want to make you happy – that is all I will ever want. I want to give you everything you deserve, and you deserve so much more than this, Bella.”

She stared at me incredulously, as if I were entirely missing the point. “Edward,” she stated my name with conviction, “This is what I want. There is nothing I have ever wanted more than this, more than you. I love you. I want you. Right now.”

At those words, the one small shred of self control I had left tore itself into a million tiny pieces and spontaneously combusted into flames. I no longer cared that we were in the Library, or that what we were about to do was crazy by most normal societal standards. She was the only thing that I would ever need; nothing mattered more to me than that simple truth. I refused to be without her for one more unnecessary second.

I pulled her face to mine for the second time, unable to get close enough to her fast enough. I slammed her body roughly against the bookshelf again, and she moaned loudly into my mouth. I didn’t try to stop her this time.

I was kissing her so deeply that I was afraid she might be uncomfortable, but she didn’t seem to mind. She only held me closer, twisting her fingers in my hair so tightly it was almost painful. I didn’t complain; she could have torn it out from the root for all I cared. I only wanted to be closer to her - I would have crawled inside of her if it were possible.

My hands groped frantically at every part of her body; they twisted in her hair, caressed her slender neck, squeezed her breasts, and gripped her round, perfect bottom. I slid my hands slowly up the soft skin of her thighs, under the skirt of her dress. I circled slowly around her naval with my thumb, and then traced a soft line down the smooth, flat plane of her stomach with my index finger. I continued lower until I reached the edge of her soft cotton panties. I stopped when I reached her center - I could feel her intense heat through the thin fabric, which was completely soaked. My erection throbbed painfully.

“Time to dispose of these,” I breathed as I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her panties and yanked them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them quickly and kicked them to the side. I wasted no time as I hoisted her up by her rear, pinning her between my body and the bookshelf. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and ground her hips roughly into mine. I hissed loudly as the tip of my erection rubbed against her wet, hot center. I needed to be inside of her. Now.

I balanced Bella on one arm as I reached my hand into my back pocket and fumbled around for my wallet. I flipped it open, and pulled a condom from one of its tiny compartments. I remembered having rolled my eyes when my roommate, Jasper, had suggested that I keep one there. “You never know when you’re going to need one,” he had insisted.

I would have to remember to thank Jasper for that… later.

I tossed my wallet over my shoulder and heard a soft thud as it hit the ground. I ripped the package open with my teeth and very unsuccessfully tried to slip the condom on myself one-handed.

“Let me,” Bella whispered softly. She deftly rolled the thin latex until it almost reached my base. She paused to rub slow, maddening circles around the tip of my erection. I swore loudly. She then guided the tip forward and rubbed it slowly up and down her slick, wet folds. I felt as if I would go mad from desire.

I pulled back to look her at her face. The emotion in her eyes was severe, and I was sure they mirrored my own. I brushed her hair gently out of her face and kissed her passionately.

I placed my hands on either side of her face. “I love you,” I whispered fiercely.

She nodded, and I gently eased into her.

I felt as if I would orgasm on the spot from the incredible sensation of being inside her. For a second it almost seemed plausible that some benevolent being had created this beautiful creature just to be with me. Our bodies fit together so perfectly, as if we were made for each other. I began pumping into her slowly, but soon realized that this was not enough for either of us. Bella was whimpering in frustration. She met her hips with my own at every thrust, trying to desperately to bring me further inside of her. I began to thrust harder into her then, hitting the very deepest part of her. She threw her head back against the bookshelf, her face twisted in pleasure. She was biting her lip so hard that it turned white, desperately trying to keep from screaming. I was having my own troubles in that department. I buried my face in her neck, only partially muffling the loud grunting noises that rumbled through my throat.

I realized suddenly that Bella’s whimpering was getting louder. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her face contorted in frustration. I could feel her walls begin to contract.

“Come for me, Bella,” I commanded.

She whimpered in response.

I braced one of my hands against the bookshelf and began pounding into her wildly, desperately wanting to give her release. The shelf began to creak and sway with my forceful thrusts, several books came unlodged from their shelves, but I hardly noticed or cared. I was far too preoccupied with the sensation of Bella’s walls clenching violently around me. I could feel my orgasm coming.

“Ah-ahhh-ahhhhhh! EDWA-” she began to scream. I almost reached up to cover her mouth, but then she lurched forward and bit hard into my shoulder.

That did it.

We reached our climax at the exact same moment, both of us moaning the other’s name loudly. As soon as I exploded inside of her I began to tremble violently, my entire body turning to the consistency of a jellyfish. It felt as if my legs would give out at any moment. No longer able to support both of our weight, I slid slowly to the floor, pulling Bella into my lap.

We sat in silence for a while, both of us breathing heavily. I rubbed my hands tenderly up and down her back and covered her face, neck, and shoulders with soft, gentle kisses. “I love you… I love you… I love you…” I whispered.

She sighed contently, cuddling into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, cradling her to me.

She was silent for a long time, and I wondered suddenly if she had fallen asleep. As if reading my thoughts, she twisted around in my lap to peek up at me. She smiled slyly. "We should get out of here before somebody finds us."

I sighed, leaning my head back against the bookshelf. If I had my way, we would never move from this very spot. This was the happiest moment of my life, and I never wanted it to end. I knew she was right, however. The last thing I wanted was for someone to stumble upon us by accident and ruin the memory of our first intimate moment. I stood carefully, still cradling Bella in my arms bridal style. Once I was fully upright I placed a soft kiss on her forehead and set her gently back down on her feet.

Bella retrieved her underwear from the floor while I zipped my pants and re-buttoned my shirt. I pulled my sweater vest over my head, further messing my already rampant sex hair. Bella giggled, reaching up to fix it by gently running her fingers through it. "Your hair looks so sexy like that," she commented.

I smiled. "You're looking quite sexed-up, yourself," I teased, brushing her hair back and cupping my hands on both of her flushed pink cheeks. I leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. She hummed quietly, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing herself closer to me. The kiss had begun as an innocent gesture, but it quickly escalated into something completely other. Both of our breathing sped as the kiss gained intensity, our tongues coming together and brushing languidly against each other. Bella moaned softly into my mouth and I tightened my grip on her waist.

My hands were slowly sliding down toward her backside when I heard a noise behind us. I reluctantly broke our kiss and looked up over Bella's head to find Jessica Stanley standing behind us. There was a look of utter disbelief plastered across her face, her eyes wide with shock. I had never seen her look so flustered. She quickly composed herself, however, switching her expression back to its usual unpleasant sneer. She narrowed her eyes at us. "Ew, get a room," she muttered before turning on her heel and practically fleeing toward the front of the Library.

Bella's cheeks turned a bright, endearing red. With a groan she buried her face in my chest, completely mortified. Personally, I was not embarasssed in the slightest. Nothing could bring me down from my current unprecedented high, and the momentary embarassment was certainly worth it to see that look of mortification on Jessica's face. I laughed out loud at the thought of it. "Not funny," Bella mumbled, her face still buried in my chest.

10/20/2008 #7

How did they managed to fuck each other's brains out in a library without anyone except Jessica seeing? Last time I was there, the library has a pretty strict 'If you fuck someone's brain out here, we'll catch you" thing going on....

10/20/2008 #8
Wrathful Phoenix

WTF? I was under the impression that they didn't know Edward could impregnate her until after she became pregnant in the fourth book.

Also, as a vampire, wouldn't Edward just tear through the condom? Facts, facts, facts.

10/21/2008 #9

Ewwww....JoBro sex

Kevin licked his lips, watching his younger brothers playing around in the water. They were splshing each other and Joe was throwing clumps of wet sand at Nick whenever he turned away. It was amusing, yes, but Kevin had much funner things in mind.

Deciding to join them, he stood slowly. Apparently the sun shining off his necklace caught his brothers' attention, because they had stopped playing and were now staring at him, leaning on each other. Kevin laced his fingers and placed his hands on the back of his head, stretching teasingly slow. Then, after seeing them almost falling over each other, he started his walk towards the ocean.

The second he was close, he found himself with an armful of Nick, who wasted no time in trying to kiss him senseless. And it was working, because the only thing he could taste, see, hear, feel and smell was his little brother.

Then, suddenly deciding that he didn't just want to watch, Joe moved up behind Nick and gripped his hips, pulling their bodies together tightly to grind against his Really-Fucking-Nice-Tight-Trunks clad ass. Nick moaned against Kevins lips, shoving his right hand diwn the back of his tight shorts while the other went up to tangle in his sun-heated curls. he parted his lips and grazed his teeth over Kevins tongue as it made its way inside.

Finally obliging their lungs -and the ever impatient Joe- they broke appart, their mouthes hanging open as they panted from much needed air.

Nick pulled his hand free of Kevins hair and groped around for Joes hand, his other still down the back of Kevins shorts. He watched the burning lust in his elder brothers eyes grow as he brought Joes hand up, sucking two of his fingers into his mouth and moaning around them.

Kevin growled lightly, moving his head down to nip at Nicks neck. He bit a trail down to his collarbones. He bit harder there before moving downwards, stopping at his right nipple to suck it into his mouth. Nick was moaning and pushing back against Joe, his back arched so that he could get more of that delicious friction.

Suddenly realising that for their plan they needed something to lean on, Joe and Kevin started backing Nick up to the side of the cliff that had helped them chose the beach they were at.

Joe moaned when his back hit the wall of the cliff and Kevin, not realising that his brother had stopped, pushed himself and nick hard into Joe. Nick gasped loudly at the harsh, pleasured pressure on both sides, leaning his head back against Joes chest. Kevin was back down at his nipple and Joe was pushing his two wet fingers back into his mouth.

Growling lightly, Nick bit down on his brothers fingers impatiently and grinded bacj against him. Joe pressed against him harder, biting the back of his neck. He tapped Kevins shoulder to get his attention and gave a small tug at Nicks shorts. Kevin seemed to get the messege as he pulled down Nicks shorts, tugging them to rest just bellow his kness to be hidden mostly by the clear ocean water.

Joe pulled his fingers out of Nicks mouth and brought his hand down, pushing them both into him at the same time as Keivn stroked his cock teasingly. Nick arched his back,pushing back on his older brothers fingers. He felt Joe laugh against his shoulder as he started a pullpushtwist movement, just barely brushing Nicks prostate before he would pull back. That paired with Kevins teasing strokes had Nick giving pleading whines, his eye closed tight.

"Please Joe! I need you now, please.." he begged, his words trailing off into a small whimper. Joe, deciding to take pity on his younger brother, pulled his fingers out of him. Kevin slipped his hands behind Nick and parted his cheeks, feeling Joes erection slipping past his fingers. Seconds later Nick threw his head back with a moan as Joe buried himself inside him in one smooth push.

Kevin licked a trail up Nicks neck, biting his ear before pressing up closer to kiss Joe over his shoulder. When they seperated, Kevin dropped to his knees, grinning up at his curly haired brother.He slipped his hands back around Nick, drawing a moan from Joe as his fingertips brushed his cock.

With a warning press of Kevins fingers against his hip, Joe stopped his thrusting. Nick whined but froze when he felt Kevins fingers forcing themselves past his already stretched entrance.

Nick bit his lip against the sting of pain, but gasped when Joe shifted and brushed his spot. He pressed back against them, his eyes falling shut. Soon, the burn disappeared and Nick jerked his hips. Kevin grinned up at him before placing a light kiss on his hipbone and pushing himself to his feet.

Joe started thrusting again slowly, watching Kevin. When Kevins hands fell to his own, which were resting on Nicks hips, and pulled up wards, Joe made Nick lift and bed his leg at the knee. Nick moaned as he felt Joe slip deeper into him, and gave what he would call a very manly squeak as Joe lifted him up. They swayed off balance for a moment before Kevin pressed up against them to hold Nick up, his cock lining up with Joes.

Nick braced himself, but couldn't help the rush of tears that spilled down his cheeks as Kevin pushed his forcefully. Both Kevin and Joe worked on calming him down, pressing light kisses all over his cheeks and neck and shoulders and whispering reassuring words into his ears. Moments later, Nick wrapped his legs tight around Kevins ribs and moaned pushing down on them as much as he could manage.

Joes hands found Nicks hips and he started thrusting harshly, Nicks head falling against Kevins shoulder as he too started thrusting, but at a much faster pace. The sensation was mind numbingly sweet, and he found that he couldn't move at all between his brothers. They were keeping him up, their doubled thrusts bouncing him slightly.

When Nick came with a sudden, short cry of pleasure, Kevin and Joe weren't prepared for the feeling of Nick tightening so much around them both, and jus that small thought forced Joe over the edge as well. With the feel of Joes cum leaking out of Nick and all over his own cock as Joe pulled out, Kevin followed.

They fell into the water tiredly, and Kevin and Joe placed loving touches all over Nicks body, wanting affection and, well, to clean all the cum off of him!

10/21/2008 #10
Wrathful Phoenix

Alex gets hot. Max was getting horny, too. All of these in a hot summer afternoon? Alex said, “Hey, Max, I’ve got an idea. You may be just 12 but that doesn’t not mean you can be in love immediately. I’ll teach you.”

Max smiled at the idea until he snapped back, “No sis! You’re my sister! I can’t do it on you; mommy and daddy will kill us!”

Alex just sighed and she said, “Max, I’m getting sweaty and the aircon is at a weak temperature. I’ll go upstairs. I’ll be back.” She then went upstairs and went to her room but she didn’t close the door.

kimi wa itta nagai yume wo mita

totemo kanashii yume datta to

soredemo sono sugata wa sukoshi mo kumoranai

Max was still bored. But if he just obeyed his sister, will he not get bored? He was still feeling horny so he went and followed his sister. And he was happy that the door wasn’t closed. As he entered, he saw his sister asleep. He can’t fight the feeling of doing it.

Oh, my sister, I’ll do it. I’ll obey you. I love you sis. You’re mine. All mine.

boku wa itta naite iinda to

zutto soba ni ite ageru yo

hoshii no wa dakiageru te wo te wo...

As Max thought of it, his hands kneaded her cup C boobs. As he does it, he can hear his sister moaning in muffles because she was asleep. It only means his sister liked it.

As Alex opened her eyes, she saw Max doing it. And she said, “Max…”

Max throws back, “My sister… Alex… you’re beautiful.”

find the way

kotoba nakute mo tobu hane wa nakute mo

midasu kaze ni makenu you ni

ima dare yori hayaku itami ni kizuketa nara...

She gets up brings Max near to her. Alex continues, “Good. Come to me, my little brother.” She then gets Max’s hands and she slips them underneath her shirt, and then underneath her bra. He keeps kneading them, and his little fingers teases her nipples, making them erect. She feels the pain of it, and she goes “uuummm” whenever he grips them or pinches her nipples.

kotae wo dasu koto kitto subete janai

aseranakute iinda yo anata mo...

She then removes one of Max’s hands from her breasts and makes him open her pants. He did, and it revealed a pink panty, soaked from too much kneading of her round mounds. Max’s fingers proceeded to rub her clit, and she keeps moaning in muffles.

Alex said, “Yes, Max, give me what I need.” She finally moaned out loud.

Alex then removes his hands and she opens her blouse to reveal her pink, flowery bra. She lets max keep kneading and feeling her nipples underneath them. Alex moaned of the pleasure that her little brother gives. His other hand finally brings three fingers and fingered his sister’s pink clit, stroking up and down, making Alex hornier than ever.

“Ahhh, don’t stop my little brother, uhhh, you’re doing it right. Yessss, ahhhh!!”

find the way

kagayaku sora ni te wa todokanakutemo

hibiku ai dake tayori ni

susunda michi no saki hikari ga mitsukaru kara

After that, she cummed. But she wasn’t done yet. She licked Max’s soaked fingers clean and she dried it. She was heavily breathing and she decided to give Max her breasts to drink out of. She then removed her bra flaps and she brings Max closer to her breasts, and he suckled on the left first while kneading the other. While it was happening, she opened her brother’s pants and she was surprised that her brother didn’t wear boxers.

Max’s penis was erect from fondling Alex’s boobs so she slipped them in her vagina.

Max was licking her nipples, kissing them, and even bit them which made her moan. “ahhhh! Max! Keep it up! Ahhh!” she kept moaning at her little brother’s actions which involved pumping at her vagina and teasing, kneading and sucking her big breasts.

Then, Max did the same on her opposite mound. And after a few minutes, she was about to cum.

“Max… I’m… about… to… cum!!”

When she was about to release, he bit her nipple, her pink, tender nipple, and his finger pulled the different nipple. She moaned out loud, and her walls tighten. They both came together.

find the way

kotoba nakutemo tobu hane wa nakutemo

midasu kaze ni makenu you ni

susunda michi no saki tashika na hikari wo mita...

Max pulled out but horrified. He said, “Sis, I should have never done this! You’ll get pregnant and mommy and daddy will kill me now!”

Alex said, “No worries. I’m on birth control. It won’t happen.”

Max just sighed happily. Alex then takes Max to her bed. And they slept. With Max still kneading her breasts.

10/21/2008 #11

Max pulled out but horrified. He said, “Sis, I should have never done this! You’ll get pregnant and mommy and daddy will kill me now!”


Don't you know incest is WINcest, Mex?!

Alex said, “No worries. I’m on birth control. It won’t happen.”

That's what you think, sister. Birth control is not entirely effective, don'tcha know-- I know this one chick who was on the pill and wore condoms but lo and behold, she's knocked up.

Preggo or not, I smell a loooong curfew for these kiddies...

10/21/2008 #12

I sighed as I ran my fingers through my red bush hair and flopped onto the bed tiredly. My arms gave in and lied limply next to me as I closed my eyes for some rest. The door jiggled a little and I tensed but did not open eyes.

‘Please let it not be him… anybody but “him” .. please!’ I begged like I didn’t already know who it was. I gulped as the door opened and closed. My eyes were closed shut and I didn’t want him to notice I here, of course failing at it miserably.

“Danna?” he called in a deeper than normal tone making me a little curious of him, but still not opening my eyes in an attempt to get rid of him. “Sasori no Danna?” he asked with slight annoyance in his tone. I turned to my side and grumbled. I hoped he got the message to leave and that I didn’t want to talk him, but the blonde pest didn’t get it.

I heard nothing for a while, until foot steps came closer and closer towards me. I knew it was Deidara but I didn’t get why he was so silent. My eyes suddenly snapped open when two slender arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me slightly off the bed barely touching it anymore.

I struggled to get free of his grasp and glared into his eyes. My body froze. I shook slightly. And my eyes were wide as I stared into Deidara’s. His eyes were colder than usual, the sparkling light blue eyes were hazed over and looked like pale blue mixed with gray. His arms pulled me closer to his body until the gap between us was closed.

He lowered his head till his face was just a mere few inches away from mine and just kept getting closer. His blonde hair fell to my shoulders, my eyes were locked with his until I felt something warm against my lips. My eyes widened as his closed and he deepened the kiss. I didn’t understand, he never so much as touched me before today and he was kissing me… ‘IT MADE NO SENSE!’ I screeched in my head as I felt my cheeks burn red. ‘…Was this a trick, a joke or.. or …’ I trailed off as my eyes lowered.

I closed my eyes not knowing what to do and kissed back. “Ahh…” I moaned as I mentally cursed myself, his lips just felt so good around mine. He pulled back looking into my eyes as he smirked, he rarely does that though. I shuddered as his warm breath grazed against my skin. “Sasori..” he said softly “Lets make love” he finish with a husky tone. My face was as red as my hair right now but I couldn’t fight back. ‘I think I wanted it- wait.., yes I did want it’ I thought as a eased into Deidara signaling a yes in his mind. He crashed his lips against mine passionately, we didn’t break for air and I was left breathless as his hands traveled down my sides, I moaned hoping- no needing more from him.

Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye Put you to bed, bed, bed Put you to bed, bed, bed Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye

His hand traveled further down stopping at my waist. He licked my bottom lip asking for permission to enter, but I denied it. He saw I wasn’t giving in and groped my ass, I let a gasp and shuddered at this giving him full entrance. He locked his lips tightly with mines letting his tongue ravish the inside of my mouth making my moans increase as his hands grip me tighter. I cling to his cloak as I was submitting to his actions, but I really didn’t care anymore.. he felt so.. good.

Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like Alright Ok, tonight your having me your way Perfume, spray it there Put our love in the air

He pushed me softly against the bed and climbed over me. We finally broke the kiss for some air, which we really needed right now. I painted to catch my breath as he removed my cloak and shirt. He ran his cold fingers over my heated skin making me shiver as I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into a rough kiss.

Now put me right next to you Fittin to raise the temp in the room First rub my back like you do Right there, uh-uh, right there uh You touch me like you care

He trailed his hands over my skin slowly as he broke the kiss and lick down my neck. “Dei…” I gasp as he nibbled lightly on the base of my neck. “Hmm.. Danna?” Deidara said sucking and kissing my neck, I move my head to a side to allow him more access. I moaned and gasp with bliss as he did it so skillfully.

Now Stop And let me repay you for the week that you've been thru Working that 9-5 and staying cute, like you do oh, oh, oh

The blush on my face grew a brighter red as Deidara trailed lower down. I looked down at him slightly as he licked my right nipple. I bit my lip to suppress a loud moan, which wasn’t working that well. I gasped and through back my head back with a loud moan as he bit down on the tender nub. He then licked circles around my soft flesh as I shut my eyes in bliss and tangled my fingers through his blonde hair.

I love it (I love it) You love it (You love it) Everytime (Everytime) We touchin (We touchin) I want it (I want it) You want it (You want it) I'll see you (see you) In the morning (In the morning)

He licked down my stomach, slowly and seductively as he reached the hem of my pants. I swore my face grew more flushed at the sight of him but I doubt it was possible at this point. He slid his fingers underneath my pants line and into my boxers bushing against my erection slightly. I moaned softly as a smirk grew on his face. He caressed the heated skin slowly up and down with his cold fingers making me grip the sheets on the bed. I didn’t like waiting and we both wanted this, I couldn’t even control my own body now. I needed more from him.. and fast.“D-Dei.. more.. p-please..” I painted as my eyes filled with more lust.

I wanna put my fingers thru your hair Wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryin to put you to bed, bed, bed I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed

“Hn, Danna un” he said as he swiftly in one swipe removed my paints. I blinked once or twice not realizing what had happened so quickly. Deidara grabbed hold of my boxers and pulled them down painfully slow just to tease me some more. I gasp and raised my back off the bed as the cool air caressed my erection. My boxer’s fell to my ankles as Deidara pushed me back against the bed again. I trembled at how suddenly I felt cold as Deidara looked down upon my naked body. He removed his shirt slowly as his hand mouths proceeded to lick between my thighs, I bit my bottom lip and moaned as it then swilled it’s tongue around the tip of my erection. Gripping the sheets roughly I cried out as it took me in fully and sucked harshly causing me to buck my hips deeper inside the moist area.

Then I'ma rock your body Turn you over Love is war I'm your soldier Touching you like it's our first time I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed

My eyes filled with lust as he placed his lips near mines and breathed huskily onto my soft pink lips. “I’ll make this very enjoyable for you Sasori” he said licking my lips as if he wasn’t already making me hard. He slowly removed his hand mouth from my erection as I whimpered softly, needing more form pleasuring.

I'm staring at you while your sleep You replaced it for beauty Put my face up in your neck and breathe (aww, breathe)

“What’s the matter Danna..?” he ask as he licks down my neck teasingly. My fingers kept griping the sheets as I struggled to come up with an answer over my moans. “I.. I want.. you to fuck me… Deidara” I painted out, quickly running out of breath.

Take you into my senses Wake up, it's time to finish Round two, It's round two Matter of fact it's closer to three She like, "how long I been sleep?" Shorty, kisses turn into the sweetest dreams Like give it to me And I can feel her tell me

He smirked as those words escape my lips lustfully. “What ever you want.., yeah” he said so seductively that my mind was trapped around his last word. He lowered his hand mouth onto my soft delicate skin and slowly glided it down my sides. Sweat dripped from my face as my dark red blush became more noticeable by the seconds. I felt the hot tongue slid between my legs and slowly licked the ring around my ass. A gasp left my moth as it slowly entered and I winced from the slight pain. “D-Dei..” I moaned out as he started to thrust the tongue slowly in and out.

My angel this is wonderful Thanks, for letting me bless ya Come down, fly, right, drift back into heaven Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Pleasure over came my senses, I couldn’t think nor breath right and my needs became over whelming as my body glisten with sweat. “Damn it Deidara! Fuck me into the bed already!” I cried getting tiered of his teasing. I knew I was at ‘his’ mercy but couldn’t hold it back anymore. “I don’t like being told what to do” he said removing his hands making me whimper at the loss “especially for this, Sasori” he said placing hard cock at my entrance and maneuvering my legs around his sides and behind his back. It was a very intimate position and sexy one non the less I thought through my clouded head. “Y-yes D-Deidara..” I answered as lust glazed my eyes. “Good..” he smirked as he slowly slid into me.

I love it (I love it) You love it (You love it) Everytime (Everytime) We touchin (We touchin) I want it (I want it) You want it (You want it) I'll see you (see you) In the morning (In the morning)

My hands flew into his in a tight grip as I shut my eyes, the pain was quickly consuming my body. “AHHHH D-Dei!” I screamed wrapping my legs tightly around his frame. Tears welled up in my eyes not knowing if he broke skin or what. “Shh.., please Sasori.. Don’t cry” he said calmingly as I quietly whimpered. Some tears managed there way down my pale sweat drenched skin only to be licked up slowly by Deidara’s hand mouths. I bit back most of my whimpers and loosened the grip on his hair. “P-Please.. continue Deidara” I painted out closing my eyes as I gripped his shoulder tightly.

I wanna put my fingers thru your hair Wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryin to put you to bed, bed, bed I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed

He took notice that I was ready and slowly trusted in half way and pulled back out as I clawed into his delicate skin. It was still painful yet I little pleasure was mixed between. He repeated his actions slowly over and over again, getting deeper each time. It started to feel good as I moaned his name lightly on his skin. He quickened his pace as he saw I enjoying it. My head suddenly flew to the pillows and my back arched off the bed as I screamed his name. “Found it” he muttered under his breath but still audible. A white flash flew across my vision as I moaned out loudly. “Ohh.. Deidara.. p-please harder” I moaned out wanting more of this friction.

Then I'ma rock your body Turn you over Love is war I'm your soldier Touching you like it's our first time I'mma put you to bed, to bed, to bed I'ma put you to bed, to bed, to bed

He quickly grabbed a hold of my thighs to get a better angle and started thrusting into me roughly. My hands fell to the sheets and gripped them for dear life as he hit that same spot over and over again, fiercely abusing my prostate. My vision was clouded as the bed collided with the wall and my moans filled the air. His pace quickened as my breath hitched. My body was growing limp as he roughly pounded into me. I closed my eyes bliss over took my body.

Watch the sunlight peak over the horizons Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou Sun ain't the only thing that's shining Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou, Ou-Ou Now, I'mma send you out into the world with my love Tell everybody aye, aye, aye

My body shook violently as he grabbed my hips and thrust it down with the same rhythm as his thrusts. My moans began to heighten as he played with my nipples and teased my neck. “A-Ahh.. Dei I-It feels so g-ahh..” I moaned struggling to find my words. He smirked down upon my beat red face as he lowered his. “What was that you wanted to say.. Sasori?” he seductively tease knowing I was at a loss of words.

I wanna put my fingers thru your hair Wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryin to put you to bed, bed, bed I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed

“I.. I- Oh God Dei! this feels s-so good Deidara!” I almost screamed shutting my eyes and almost going fully limp on the sheets as I let him have his full way with my body rocking it against the bed. My knuckles turned white from gripping the sheets roughly as sweat continued to drip down my slender body. I felt a coil tightening in my stomach as pre cum slowly dripped from my erection. Deidara roughly grabbed my erection and pumped it with the motion of his thrust. I gasp and moaned as my body couldn’t take anymore pleasure. He pressed his thumb onto the tip of my erection and rubbed circles around the head causing my moans to escalate further. I couldn’t hold any longer, my body was about to give in any second now. “A-AHHH D-Deidara!” I screamed as my back arched off the bed and my seeds spills over our hot bodies. Deidara winced slightly as my walls closed in on his throbbing member. He groaned as he thrust into me one last time and released his seeds deep inside of me.

Then I'ma rock your body Turn you over Love is war I'm your soldier Touching you like it's our first time I'mma put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed

I went limp in his arms painting in the after glow as we both tried to catch our breath. He laid me down softly against the pillows and brushed some off my red hair away from my brow eyes. “Sasori?” he said with his breath finally regulated as I was painting softly. “Um.. I hope you don’t but..” he trailed off. ‘I hope he’s not leaving me.. and at this point’ I though as my face went slightly grim and scared. “W-what..?” I stuttered worried of the answer to come. “Can we do this sometime again?” he asked hopefully as he looked into my eyes. I nodded slightly shocked but couldn’t help to smile as I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him into a kiss. He smiled lightly as his eyes began to change back to normal.

“Danna.. I think I love you..” he said laying next to me.

“Well.. I-I love you Deidara..” I blushed lowing my head.

He pulled my into his warm embrace as he brought the sheets over our tiered bodies. “Good night Danna..” He said wrapped his arms around my slim waist. “Night.. brat..” I said as I snuggled into his chest.

This was the beginning of a ‘love’ filled relationship I chuckled to myself as I finally dozed off into slumber…

10/21/2008 #13

[The following statement applies to the JoBro, even though I didn't read it thought makes my head hurt, The Wizards of Waverly Place, again same applies, the idea of the song chosen for the Naruto(I didn't read that one either), and the Twilight one.] Ahhhhh, my eyes!!!!!!!!

10/21/2008 #14

“I’d say its game over Bolton”

The words had barely had time to leave her mouth before he crushed his lips to hers with a bruising force, his tongue instantly forcing access to her mouth; capturing her as he slammed his hands onto either side of her head, pressing his desire against her as he probed access to all the deep crevices of her mouth. Her mind was spinning as she let him attack her tongue with his, all thoughts of her dignity, romance, and making that first time special swiftly leaving her head. All she knew was that she needed to feel a pleasure more intense than any she had felt before. She needed Troy Bolton.

His hands leapt from their previous position as she began sucking his bottom lip between her teeth, eliciting a deep guttural moan from his throat as he took her mouth savagely in his, wrapping his arms around her waist as he lifted her, her legs entwining around his waist as they stumbled blindly to the long dressing room table; Troy throwing the items from the table onto the floor, before throwing Gabriella onto the table in a raw animal passion. The heat in the room rising several degrees, as Gabriella desperately tried to force air into her lungs, her moans becoming breathy as he sucked harshly on the flesh of her neck, his hands running over her body in want, stroking the softness of her thighs. Gabriella was stuck in a passionate mist, her nails clawing his back as they ran underneath his shirt, stroking the hardness of his shoulder blades as he grunted in satisfaction. Her hands slipped back to the front of his shirt as she ripped it from his body, the sound of buttons tearing from the fabric as she carelessly flung it to the side. His breathing became deep as he pulled the midriff from her body, eyes becoming irreversibly wide as he gazed at her bra.

“Jesus. Fucking hell Gabriella”

He stopped all his ministrations as he stared in bewildered excitement at her undergarment. Her bra was black, with embroidered flowers, but that wasn’t what surprised him most, it was the fact that Gabriella Montez was wearing a demi-cup.

“Looks like you found East High’s sweethearts naughty side didn’t you Bolton?”

If her dancing had made it hard to breath, the words that left her lips had almost sent him into a coma. There was a second of silence between the two, as they breathed heavily, each forcing oxygen into their lungs as Troy gazed at the top half of her body, the strain between his thighs becoming unbearable. Suddenly Troy smirked, pushing his head into the v of her cleavage, sucking roughly on the skin, desperate to leave his mark on her as her whimpers of pleasure spurred him on. A loud moan emitted from the back of her throat, as Troy lips raced over the largely exposed area of her breasts, his hands reaching down to the waistband of her skirt, grinning as one hand gently slipped under the barrier, grazing along the front of her panties eliciting a stifled moan from her lips. His hand pulled away as he shimmed her skirt down her legs, unsurprised to find a matching black thong covering her body; but certainly surprised to see the material of the undergarment was almost completely see through, and Troy Bolton now knew. East High’s sweetheart was completely clean shaven.


“Driving you crazy Wildcat?”

There was no answer to that question, just the sound of flesh on flesh as Troy moulded his body into hers, once again taking her mouth prisoner in his, plunging his tongue into her, the feeling hot and wet, as he let his hands reach up to unclasp her bra, throwing it to the floor as he took her breast into his mouth. One hand began to frantically caress her nipple, as he sucked the other into a hardened nub, desperately needing some relief between his aching thighs as he felt his sex strain ridiculously onto the seam of his boxers.

“You’re wearing way too many clothes Bolton”

Troy wanted to scream with joy as Gabriella’s small hands finally made their way down to his jeans, her palm gently brushing the bulge which dug firmly into the junction between her thighs. A small giggle left her lips as Troy felt himself harden more, if it was even possible, as her hands flung his belt across the room, crashing into a mirror, shards showering the small rooms floor as her hands slipped under the prison of his plaid boxers.


His voice was low and husky as he looked over Gabriella, her hair fanned out behind her as she curled her lips into a seductive smirk grinning at him as she began to push his jeans and boxers down his legs. Before he knew it his world was tilted, and her small hands were pushing him into the cool of the desk, her nails scraping across his toned abs as she licked and sucked her way down his chest, stopping to run her finger along the trail of hair that led down to his penis. His head hit the cool desk with a thump as the moist, warm feeling of Gabriella’s tongue shook his senses. Her mouth slowly enclosed over his shaft as she loosened her cheeks to accommodate him. Nibbling and sucking bringing Troy into a crazy passionate high.

He couldn’t take it anymore, as soon as Gabriella pulled back for breath, he threw her underneath him; ripping her panties from her body as he cupped her mound, running his fingers along her slick slit with an undeniable need pulsating violently through him. A cry of desire rang from Gabriella’s lips as she felt Troy finger her wet warmth, his fingers curling upwards as he plunged them deeper into her body, kissing her expertly as he growled into her neck nibbling at the already deep purple bruise that seemed to pulsate violently, his lips now ghosting across her jaw. He withdrew from her, smirking as he gently licked her juices from his fingers, leaning into her, his breath tingling across her lips.

“I’m going to make you scream Montez”

Her legs spread wide and suddenly the warm and fuzzy feeling that had surged through her was replaced with a sensation of pain as she felt a ripping; Troy spearing her brutally with his member. She was a virgin. Somewhere between the game, and the rough sensual foreplay in the dressing room, he had forgotten. He had forgotten that she was innocent, she was pure, and he was ruining her, and sinning had never felt so good to him as it did at that moment. He pulled out of her in a hurry, confused by the wave of guilt and sadness that washed over him as he took in the scrunched up look on her face, her nose crinkled in agony as she failed to hide her tears.

“Shit. I’ll go slow Ella, I promise”

He barely noticed the nickname or the sudden softness that appeared on his face and her own as he brushed his lips against hers, rubbing his hardness against her slit, and waiting until he felt she was sufficiently moistened. He slowly began to ease into her, his kisses still hungry as he raced along her body, the feel of her wet clasp surrounding him scorching his naked flesh and pushing him closer to that point of ecstasy within seconds of being inside her.

“Fuck, I’m, not gunna last long.”

He waited until he was almost fully seated in her, her long legs wrapping around his waist, drawing him closer as he slipped even further into her heat. He watched her carefully as he slowly began to move himself in and out of her body, soft cries of pain leaving her lips as he dusted kisses along her shoulder, burying his face in the curve of his neck as a tender sweetness covered them. The urgency that had dominated them ebbing away into a gentle intimacy that neither knew existed between them. Their actions remained soft and slow, each peppering gentle kisses over the other as Gabriella’s pain slowly materialised away into pleasure, the sensations sending her into a desperate craving for the rough, egotistical Bolton she had been playing this game with for 3 months. The Troy Bolton she knew. The Troy Bolton she needed.

“Come on Troy, I can handle you. Problem is Bolton, can you handle me”

Her tongue licked at his ear as she nibbled on his earlobe, the words sending him into a frenzy as he began to mercilessly drive into her. Her cry’s intensifying as the delicious ache between her thighs became unbearably pleasurable. Her hips began to move to a silent rhythm as he rode her, his eyes gleaming harshly with passion. Their moans dematerializing into raspy breaths as they met each others drive of rapture. She clawed at his back in an animalistic fashion, the beads of sweat dripping from her to him as he began to give particularly rough thrusts into her warmth. He could feel his release coming, as she released guttural sounds from the back of her throat, the tension in her body like a coil ready to explode at any moment. His breaths were laboured as the feel of her silky pink flesh milked him to the point of bliss, his load emptying into her as her walls tightened fiercely, the coil of pleasure releasing as her body shuddered dangerously, her loud screams of joy echoing around the room as her head fell back onto the desk in exhaustion, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she panted heavily. He pumped into her slowly desperate to keep the feeling of heaven for a little bit longer. Slowly pulling out from her, he collapsed onto her, his breathing coming to him in short sharp bursts of oxygen. His nose nuzzled into hers as he pressed a kiss to her lips, the tenderness of the moment almost scaring him, as he gazed upon her beauty with admiration. That soft simple smirk gracing his face once more, as her eyes met his, her eyelids heavy as she panted beneath him.

10/24/2008 #15
Teh Imperfectionist

Alice and Dana were on their way to a tennis tournament in Las Vegas when the car broke in the middle of nowhere

Alice and Dana were on their way to a tennis tournament in Las Vegas when the car broke in the middle of nowhere. Alice gets out of the car and opens the hood. She starts throwing some pieces off the car saying: What the fuck is this doing here?

…some time later…

-Dane start the car!

Dana starts the car and it starts to do some strange noises and smoke comes off the hood. She gets out of the car with a scared look on her face.

-What did you do?

-I just fixed it!

-Did you have to throw pieces off the car to fix it?

-They were in the wrong place!


They enter the car. Alice huffs and puts her head on the steering wheel.

-Now what?

-Now what? You fucked up the car, we’re in the middle of nowhere and you ask “Now what”?

-It wasn’t my fault! I always have to fix everything! I was trying to fix it while you were sitting here.

-Fuck you!

-Fuck me?

-Yeah-in a shy voice

Dana puts her hands on Alice’s face.

-Kiss me Al.

Alice leans in and deeply kisses Dana. They pull away.

-I love you Al.

Alice kisses her again.

-I love you too.

Alice runs her fingers through Dana’s hair while Dana caresses Alice’s stomach. Alice takes Dana’s shirt off and kneads her breasts. Dana starts moaning. Alice stops and tells her to go to the backseat. Dana goes and Alice kisses her ass and pulls her pants down while she’s with her back too her. Dana lets out a scream.


-Your ass is irresistible.

Dana pulls Alice on the backseat by the hem of her shirt.

-Come and get it.

Alice lands on top of Dana. She takes Alice’s shirt off and Alice kisses Dana’s neck and squeezes her breasts. She takes Dana’s bra off and lowers her kisses ‘till she gets to Dana’s honeypot.

…after a while…

-Alice stop…

-What? Did I do something wrong?

-No you did nothing wrong. Listen

Voice: Look guys…. A car, lets see if there’s someone there…Wait! The car is shaking.

-My god! Dana c’mon!

Alice gets Dana by the hands, opens the door and pulls her out. Dana trips and falls.



…not far from there…

A man, a woman and two kids are looking at the car.

- Look! What’s that?

-She’s carrying a dead body!

-My god! The dead body stood up!

-And is running after the murderer!

They enter the forest

-Lets hide. They’re coming after us.


Dana screams and starts running with Alice not far from her.

…after a lot of running…

-My god! I think they’re not going to find us.

-Nor anybody. We’re lost Dana.

-At least we’re lost… just the two of us.

-You’re all sweat and naked

-I can’t resist when you talk like this.

-Let me dry you…

Alice presses Dana against a tree and they start making out.

-You’re so hot Dane.

Alice starts kissing Dana’s neck and Dana’s moans get so loud that people could hear it miles away.

…Somewhere not far from there…

-My god! She’s killing her. Lets go!

-Dana, can you hear this noise?

-Yes it’s getting near!

-My god! A lion. Climb up the tree.

Alice helps Dana climb up pushing her by her ass and smacking it. They sit on a branch.

-Where is the lion?

-What lion?

-You said it was a lion!

-I thought it was a lion!

-You stop having sex with me because you think you saw a lion?

-No problem… we can continue…

-But now I’m on top.

-Whatever you want, my captain.

Dana takes Alice’s pants off and trails kisses from her mouth down to her breasts. She takes Alice’s bra off and nibbles one breast while kneading the other.

-No…no nibbles…. .Oh yeah! Nibbles! Nibbles! Nibbles!

Dana takes Alice’s thong off and goes down.

-Oh! Oh! Oooooh! Dana…

Dana puts a finger inside her and she gets wetter.

-Oh! Fuck me!

Dana puts another finger and quickens her pace. The branches start shaking and the leaves start to fall.

…under the tree…

-My God! The tree is shaking!

-Mom! The tree is alive.

The clothes fall from the tree and land on the children heads covering their eyes. Suddenly the branch falls in front of them and they gasp seeing Dana on top of Alice with her fingers buried deep inside her. Alice smiles.

-Uh… Could you help us with the car?


The man says while Dana pulls her fingers out quick, picks up the clothes and covers herself.

-Mom, what are they doing?

The boy says while Alice gets up and heads to the car naked with the man and Dana following behind.

-Thank you very much.

-You’re welcome.

The man says shaking Dana’s hand covered in Alice’s juices.

ALICE/DANA!?! Why, oh, why?? ...

10/24/2008 #16

In that passage the iSparrow posted, does anyone care to count how often the author uses "as he" , "as she" or "as they"? I gave up after twelve, and that was in the first two paragraphs... This person seems to know only one kind of sentence structure.

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #17

Pale shoulders shuddered as fingers flew over the keys of a grand piano. The song was a sad one of much pain and suffering. The one who wrote and played it hurt more then the music could convey. Silent tears flowed down his pale face and dripped onto the keys. In the background a figure stood watching the sad scene.

She had known this was coming after that first time he had denied his nature and not done what she had seen happen. She had known this was going to be an either/or situation. She wished that she could take the pain from him, and yet also knew that she wouldn’t be the one who could do that. But she knew who could, and she knew that without her gentle meddling that it would never come to pass.

Over the years she had learned to hide her surface thoughts from him and she was nervous at what she had to do.

“Edward,” the figure stopped playing and whipped around to look at her. She swallowed and continued, “I think you should go out hunting. It’s been a few months since you last ate.”

Edward gave out a low hiss and was gone before anything else could be said.

“Alice Cullen, you are going to rot in hell for this,” she whispered to herself. Her knees nearly gave out as another vision came to her, and her face blanched at what would happen. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. It couldn’t happen that way. But she had seen it. And now it was going to come true because of her.


Edward ran through the forest in search of prey. Alice had it right; he was starving.

His pitch black eyes searched the forest visually while his nose tested the wind. He could faintly smell human on the air, as well as a much stronger smell of wolf. He stretched his senses out to find his prey. It was moving slowly in the clearing up ahead. He could smell the blood of the deer that had met its fate at the teeth of the beast he now hunted.

He chuckled at the thought of predator becoming prey.

Edward was an ambush predator and it showed in the way he circled around to directly down wind of the large red-brown wolf with black eyes. He slowly crept up on the lone wolf. The tall dry grass concealed him as he made slow movements toward his prey.

The wolf was unaware of the vampire creeping up on him, and it lay down in the grass, where it too was hidden from view.

Edward was just about to pounce onto his victim when a tall man with long black hair stood where the wolf had been. His shock sent him out of balance and he fell. His instincts told him to either fight the werewolf in front of him or run as fast as he could in the other direction.

But all he could so was stare at the perfect smooth lines of the naked creature in front of him. The strong shoulders sloped down to very muscular arms with a tattoo of a cloud-covered moon on it; a smooth back that seamlessly merged into perfectly formed buttocks. The flawless skin that covered it was the shade of coffee with cream.

Edward had never seen such a work of art in his life. The shape, colour and texture of the naked form in front of him could make even the gods weep with envy.

A low moan escaped the lips of the vampire causing the werewolf to spin around. The hair was so smooth and silky it floated in the light breeze that was created by such a movement.

“Who is there?” A silky, deep voice asked. Bright black eyes scanned the clearing.

Edward gasped as he saw the face and heard the voice. He knew if from a few years ago when he had taken Bella to the prom. The perfect creature in front of him was none other then Jacob Black.

“I know there is somebody there. Come out and I may not hurt you.” The threat wasn’t really a worry for Edward because he knew he was faster. What he did worry about was this delectable creature in front of him would be furious at him.

“I mean you no harm,” He said as he slowly stood. As his body cleared the tall grass his skin began to glow with unnatural light.

“Vampire,” Jacob hissed, “You interrupted my meal.”

Edward’s bronze hair fluttered in a sudden breeze and he swished it away with a pale hand.

This time it was Jacob’s turn to gasp.

“Edward Cullen?” The brown haired vampire nodded. With names out of the way both boys stood staring into the other’s black eyes. Neither tempted to move.

Jacob was first to break the silence. “You were to protect her.” He growled.

“I know.”

“You were to love her to the end of time.”

“I know.”

“You made a promise to me and broke it.”

“I know.” Tears once again flowed down the pale face, and the shoulders sagged just a little more.

Jacob could see the wounds open up in the vampire as he spoke. And something broke inside of him. He had been mean to this creature that had known only pain for the last month. A pain from watching the woman he had loved with all his heart, marry another. He didn’t know why but he advanced on the sorrowful vampire and gathered him into a hug.

Strong warm arms enveloped him as his heart broke once again. He leaned to the shoulder that was offered and let his pain go.

The two creatures by nature were enemies, but these two had known each other for four years, although neither had known the other’s secret until this day.

“Edward, you look rotten. Let me hunt for you.” The brunette just nodded his head into the shoulder where is rested. “You’re going to have to let me go, you know.” Edward slowly let the dark skinned youth go.

He wiped his eyes on his sleeve. “Sorry.”

Jacob walked out of the clearing before he changed to his wolf form to hunt. He didn’t want Edward to be more distressed then he already was.

The hunt was a short one, for there was a herd of deer in the next field over. Jacob chased and nipped at a large doe until he had her going in the right direction. He drove the poor beast into the waiting jaws of Edward. The animal shrieked as powerful jaws clamped down on her neck, and he had soon drained her dry.

Jacob stepped back to watch the savagery that unfolded in front of him. It was slightly arousing at how that slight frame contained such strength.

Edward was crying again after he dropped the corpse of the deer. “Why.” He whimpered.

Jacob was soon holding Edward again.

“Don’t do this to yourself. She let you go and that is her loss, not yours.” Jacob placed his hands on both sides of Edward’s face. “Besides she won’t be the last mortal that you love.” Jacob drew Edward into a small kiss.

Fire exploded across Edwards’s body and he involuntarily jumped back. But the strong hands held his head in place. The younger slowly worked his way closer to the other and pressed his body against that slight frame.

Edward was shocked to feel something hard digging into his hip. Involuntarily, his hips bucked and a moan escaped the mouth that had captured his.

Jacob’s tongue soon flicked out and asked for admittance to the mouth he wished to plunder. The cold firm lips soon parted and he deepened the kiss.

His hand flowed down the cold flawless neck, down the arms, over the still clothed hips and around back to grasp a pair of well formed ass cheeks. He gave a small tug and sent his leg to grinding against Edward who promptly let out a groan.

Edward pulled back now that his head was free. “Jacob, I…”

“Shh, don’t speak. I’ll make it all better, I promise.”

Jacob’s hands had ventured up the brunette’s shirt and where now trying to remove it from that slender body. Edward was tense and wasn’t allowing the fabric to be removed.

“Edward, trust me. I would never hurt you.” Jacob whispered into Edward’s ear. The vampire soon allowed his shirt to rise up over his head and fall to the ground. Jacob brushed his lips over the nearest ear sending a shiver down the pale glowing body.

The lips slid down the neck to the base and soon attached themselves. It was a cruel imitation of what Edward could have easily done to any unsuspecting victim. The feeling of his flesh being pulled and bitten in such a fashion drove Edward to the edge. He growled deep in his chest and flung the raven-haired beauty back a few paces. With a thump, the boy came to rest in a mass of leaves at the base of a tree.

He removed the remaining fabric from his body in one quick yank. This freed his swollen, throbbing member from its confines in the tight pair of jeans.

He looked over the skin of his dark haired companion before he advanced and covered it with his own pale gleaming skin. The feel of Jacob’s mortal warmth sent shivers all over his body.

Edward raked his teeth over the tight skin of Jacob throat getting a moan out of the younger boy. Jacob’s hips rose to grind their erections together in some type of feral passion.

Jacob soon rolled the pair over in a bid to try for dominance. His mouth attaching to the stiff nipples of his companion earning the raven-haired boy a slight hiss.

Edward soon gained the upper hand again and flipped the younger boy onto his back.

“Take me,” Jacob moaned.

Edward forcefully thrust himself into Jacob, and the younger called out in distress. The pain was like nothing Jacob had every felt before. The anger and lust behind the action was as plain as day. It was removed and forced back into the abused orifice.

Edward was beyond feeling anything as he took the young werewolf. The warmth enveloped him and he drove himself deeper. The tight opening stiffening him more as it compressed him. The form below him writhed in agony at his violent strokes and only served to drive him harder.

He was soon thrusting deep enough so that he was brushing Jacob’s prostate, sending waves of intense pleasure to mingle with the searing pain. Jacob let out a half moan, half yelp as he spewed his seed over his own belly.

In his pleasure Jacob clenched his cheeks sending Edward over the edge. The older man spewed his seed inside the younger with a blossom of icy cold liquid and a groan.

The release of tension on him brought Edwards senses back to him. He could see tears flowing down the cheeks of his companion. And tears began to flow down his cheeks again. “Did I hurt you?” He asked in a pained voice.

The younger boy’s eyes flew open at those words. He could see tears slowly fill and fall from the now amber coloured eyes. He reached up to hold the pale boy. “I don’t think you could really hurt anybody, Edward.” He whispered into those bronze locks. Jacob placed a tender kiss on his forehead and slowly shifted Edward to lie on the ground.

Smooth warm lips made a journey down pale firm skin, caressing the flesh found under either. A warm tongue flicked out to tease a nipple in the transit.

Edward arched toward the touch, while silently screaming out for more.

Jacob hummed to some unheard song as he worked. Slipping down further and further. Edward was soon becoming delirious with the amount of pleasure Jacob showered on him.

Jacob slipped further and further down not even pausing at the pulsing member of his partner, earning him a hiss of displeasure from Edward.

Jacob’s tongue once again came into play along a pale and muscular thigh. He restrained the thrashing Edward with strong hands on pale hips while he worked his talented tongue up and down the inside of both thighs.

Edward’s hands had dug into the ground at his sides and were now grasping a rather large tree root. He was having a hard time restraining himself. “Jacob,” he gasped in warning. The younger boy just ignored him and continued to plunder what wasn’t his.

The caressing licks slowly worked up the thighs until the younger male had the older in his mouth. Jacob worked his head up and down the shaft. Slowly picking up speed.

“Jacob!” Edward called out trying to get the younger to stop before it was too late. This only served to drive him faster.

With an almost earth shattering scream, Edward blew once again into Jacob.

Jacob gratefully swallowed all that Edward could give him, before he made his move again.

One finger slowly inserted into a pale sphincter stretching it a little. The finger dove deeper until it could go no deeper. Where it gave a small twitch and brushed a round object inside.

Edward called out again as his prostate was rubbed.

Jacob growled deep in his chest at the sounds and sights he was experiencing. He was trying to hold himself back but was having a hard time doing so.

Soon a second finger joined the first expanding the opening further. Edward let out a small hiss at the pain the accompanied the action. But was soon moaning again when the second finger joined the first in its massage.

“Oh lord, more,” Edward moaned, twisting his head back and forth.

Jacob had had enough and slowly withdrew his fingers. He moved up the shimmering, pale body below him until almost parallel with it, then slowly inserted his cock into that sweet opening.

Edward was going to scream again, but a pair of soft lips muffled his call.

Jacob slowly removed it again, only to thrust it deeper inside the pale body. The movement served to grind a limp cock between the two bodies. Both growled together as the pace increased.

Cold ejaculatory soon flowed over a pale stomach and a muffled cry sounded, but that did not stop the raven-haired youngster. He drove himself faster into that tight opening. He could feel that he was so close, yet so far. Faster and deeper he drove himself until he arched his back and released his essence, crying out to the now darkening sky.

Jacob collapsed onto the pale form of Edward, and both were breathing heavily.

“Don’t leave me,” a set of pale lips pleaded.

“I never will.”

How is it... The grammar is fine, but the content... The purple prose!

10/25/2008 #18
Hell's Ice Heaven's Fire

Wha-wha-WHAT?! Whoever wrote this has no idea what characterization means!! If you want GuyXGuy can't you at least write for a couple that actually makes sense, is possible, has SOME kind of hints, or just for another fandom? God...Moving on:

He took her pant off, his fingers inside him.

she Moaned, bucking in.

He moaned, overcome with his lust. He unslethed his dick, proud and strong.

"Take me, shove it in!" Arwen screamed.

"yes, my princess." He shoved it in.

"Ooooooohhhhh yyyyeeeaaaah!! Your cunt is so tight! Yeah baby, yeah!" Thrustign into her hole was all he thought about. Arwen, ovrcome with lust, suddenly turned then over. (i'm not actually sure if you can do that...but, oh well, she did! XD)

"Yes, fondle my boobs!" Her D-cups heaved as she bounced on Aragorn's lap, her pussy aching with pleaure. He did as she asked, pinching them gently.

Suddenly, she felt something touch her ass. She moaned, moving forward and disingading (i think tha's spelt know, disconnecting) herself from Aragorn, baring her pussy to this new sensation. It was another dick. Bigger and wider then Aragorns, and she licked it. She screamed "Oh YES!! Pound me!!1 ride me like a horse!'

Aragorn, jealous and filled with lust, shoved his dick up her pussy too. It easily went it, and she moaned, loving the double sensation. "You whore, you like this don't you?"

"YES!!! fuck me, fuck me!!"(god, I'm getting hot just from rightint this) They did, hands fondeling her boobs and mouths licking her.

A roar sounded and one of them came indide her. "YES!!1 I want mroe!" Her pussy overflowed with the juices of love. She turned to look behind her, who was the other man?

It was Legolas. Aragorn sounded and cummed inside her. He flung her away from him and attacked Legolas, turning him over and plunging into his ass. "Oh, Yes, Aragorn!" Arwen could feel herself getting hot agian, and she started to rub her self. You know...there.

She had an idea, and presented her self liek this: She got onher hands and knees, lowered her back, and spread her legs. "Boys...why don't you two come over here and be good to mama? (kudos to those who get the movie reference!)

"Oh, yeah fuck that pussy" Legoalas cam around to her face, shoving his dick in her mouth. Aragorn, standing, lifted her hips and fucked her standfing up. (like that phone blicky icon!)

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!* Harder!!! YEs!!! HARXEER!!!" she screamed, her boobs hitting her face as she was rocked forceably. (I wonder if that really happens...?)

Legolas pulled out, "Aragorn" He bent over "finger her and fuck me, you big man!" (LOL, Little Nicky!)

Aragorn "Shut up you fag, let me fuck this one." He lifted her up, her legs spread, and pounded into her.

Then, Orcs came. Arwen screamed. They moved in, killed Aragorn. Legolas fleeed.

"If you let me live, I'll let you have sex with me." A huge orc, dick hard and bared, pushed her over, forcibly entering her. She cried out, it hurt!

He thrust into her, over and over, and pretty soon...she started to like it. "You want another?" YES!

He lifted her up, sitting himself down on a stump, baring her round ass for exploring. Another orc came up and thrust inside her. It felt so strange and wonderful!

Soon, she had two dicks in her pussy, two in her ass, on in her mouth, one between her folds of her boobs, and one in each hand. She felt like the luckyiest elf in the land.

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?

*Edited so no page stretching

11/7/2008 . Edited by Kiseki Lin, 11/15/2008 #19

very hot 15-inches long

Okkkayyy, I'm pretty sure that if your dick is longer than 10 inches, you should be seeking medical attention.

11/7/2008 #20

I never did get the whole 15-20 inches thing. I mean, once you get past the first 5're pretty much just taking up space...

11/7/2008 #21

you're pretty much just taking up space...


Not much you can add onto a comment like that...

11/7/2008 #22
Obelisk of Light

Oh, fuck ... the LOTR fandom just got raped! *gags*

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #23
Ezra Diskence

...I think I am gonna be sick...

Just what does the word "Sex" meant to these dirty-minded people nowadays... -_-;

Thanks to that I am not going near any romance fanfics near LOTR section anymore..

11/8/2008 #24

Max’s penis was erect from fondling Alex’s boobs so she slipped them in her vagina.

Advice columnists should use this.

A boy calls in saying that whenever a high school girl with auburn hair walks by him, he pitches a tent. He's a 12 year old Catholic boy and doesn't know how to resolve it without defiling his hand. Once he's done with his call, Ask Amanda replies with, "It's simple. If you don't want to masturbate, go to the root of the problem: the girl. Just ask her to cut her boobs off and slip 'em in her vaginal canal after school. I'm sure she won't mind."

11/8/2008 . Edited 11/8/2008 #25

Raoul ran through the caves under the Opera House. He would kill the man who kidnapped HIS Christine.

He thought of Christine, who's now- 1 day after the disaster- finally was asleep in his mansion. He saw light and his thoughts came back to the present.

He came in the lair, his eyes sought and found the Phantom sitting behind his Organ.

''Phantom'' he called ''Come here and fight to me as a real man. And not kidnap innocent girls.''

''Welcome Mosieur'' the Phantom said '' But Christine was mine, and from no one else''

''She loved me!'' screamed Raoul, and he pulled his sword.

''So monsieur, you want a fight?'' and also he pulled his sword.

The fight started.

They were both very good but after a while they started to be tired and sweaty.

;Oh God, he has a beautiful body; the Phantom thought while he was looking at the chest of Raoul. His shirt was sticked to his skin from the sweat. And Raoul could only think the same.

''Shall we stop this for a while?'' panted he.

''Only for this time'' answerred the Phantom.

''What's your name?'' Asked Raoul ''Or do i have to believe that they called you Phantom?''


''Erik'' whispered Raoul.

Erik started to laugh ''Did you really think that you can defeat me boy? I also kidnapped you girlfriend right in front of your nose''

Raoul started to be angry and pushed Erik against the wall, his both hands on either side of his face.

''Come on kill me'' grinned Erik, but he saw something else than bloodthirstiness in the eyes of Raoul.

Raoul smelled the manly scent of Erik and he looked him deep in the eyes.

They both panted and looked at each other. They both wanted each other. Raoul took the first step.

He came closer and pressed his lips against Erik's, and a shock went through him.

It wasn't a kiss of love but one of pure lust that came from the tension of the fight.

Erik was shocked by the feeling of this kiss. This was wrong, but it felt so good.

He deepened the kiss and he felt the tongue of Raoul against his, and he felt himself stiffen. He wanted this young man.

His hands wanderred to Raoul's chest, he hestitate for a moment and opened his shirt. Raoul did the same. Erik pulled Raoul with him, and they felt on the bed. While they were kissing and stroking they undid themselves from there clothes. They were both naked very quickly.

''You are beautiful'' said Erik breathless, and he pulled Raoul to him for a deep kiss. ''I want to see how pretty you are'' he said and he reached to Erik's mask.

''No!'' he screamed. '' Never do that again! Don't'look at me but kiss me''

And that was what Raoul did, he laid on top of Erik. And slowly his hands went from Erik's chest to his stiffness.

He touched his on spots that Erik didn't even knew himself, the best spots. ''I learned this at the Navy'' he said ''I experimented sometimes there, shall i show you more?''

''Yes'' said Erik and he closed his eyes, what Raoul did to him was heavenly.

Raoul started to kiss Erik's neck, went to his chest and sucked his nipples. He went lower and lower. Until he reached his penis. He started to stroke and kiss it. Erik inhalated sharply when Raoul took him in his mouth.

The licking and sucking fellings made him crazy, the feeling was so good.

''I think i'm going to come'' said Erik and Raoul raised his head.

''I will stop'' he said '' I want to come together. Do you have something we can use for lubricant?''

''In that closet''said Erik. Raoul jumped of the bed to get it, but was back quickly.

''Sit on your knees in front of me'' he said, and he put Erik in the right position.

Raoul felt that Erik was nervous and he stroked him. ''It's ok'' he said ''It's only a little uncomfortable in the beginning''

He put some lube on him and he entered Erik.

''Ahh''Erik moaned ''Do i hurt you?''asked Raoul

''A little but it's over again''

Raoul started to move a little and he stroaked Erik at the same time.

''You feel so good'' he said, and he thrusted harder. The feelings Erik had were heavenly and quickly he was at the top.

''I come'' he said ''Me to'' moaned Raoul. They came together, groaning. Erik laid gasping on the bed and Raoul said that he get something to drink.

It looked like Raoul did something in the wine, but it was very dark. Raoul came back with two glasses and gave one to Erik, and he drank it in one time.

After a while he started to feel himself a little strange, he was dizzy and it was like he passing out every time.

''Raoul?'' he said ''What's happening to me?''

''It's the wine'' he answerred '' I think you drank it to fast''

He waited a while and kissed Erik again, he felt that he was passing away. When he brake the kiss he saw Erik laying there. The poison had worked.

Erik was dead.

Raoul dressed himself and looked one more time to the bed. ''Now you will never take Christine away from me again'' he said, and he left.

And that was Raoul's revenge.

The End.

11/10/2008 #26
Ezra Diskence


That's seriously the gayest piece of thrash I've ever I am afraid of my classic oldie Phantom of The Opera... -_-;;;

11/10/2008 #27
The Writenator

check THIS out

"The elevator came to a stop on the last level, where her private quarters were located. She led him down the hall to her door. She pushed a button and it slid open noiselessly. She turned around and smiled mischievously, slowly unbuttoning her top. It was off before John could react. He just barely understood what was happening. Miranda stood half naked in front of him, her beautiful breasts bounced slightly as she giggled. He snapped to and ripped his shirt off. His pants were mid-knee as Miranda tore off her skirt.

She wore no panties and her pussy was dripping woman juice. He grabbed her and kissed her vigorously. She ran her hands up and down his chest. He laid her down on the bed and kissed her warm neck, slowly trailing kisses down to her chest. He flicked his tongue against one of her nipples and she cried out in pleasure. He suckled her breast, taking the whole thing in his mouth and pinching the other nipple. He moved down to her pussy. He shoved his tongue inside with force. She moaned her approval. He gently bit her clitoris, this earned a true scream of joy from her. John continued to lick and suck her, he enjoyed the sound of her moaning. He stood up and placed his dick at her entrance, slowly rubbing it in circles. He then shoved it into her as hard as he could. She screamed over and over as he moved in and out. She is so tight. He felt her walls squeezing around him, milking him for his cum. He kept going at a steady pace, pounding into her. He groaned as he shot a load into her, filling her up and making her overflow. But he wasn’t finished yet. He turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees. John rubbed his lubed up dick and placed it at the entrance to her ass. She moaned, “Oh, John, I’ve never done that before, please, be gentle.” He had no intention of being gentle. He grabbed her taught butt cheeks, rubbing and spanking them. She cried out her thanks. He lowered his face to her cute, tight butt hole. He kissed it gently and then he shoved into her, hard. She cried out in pain. He ravaged her ass slamming in and ripping back out, over and over until he finally came. He grunted as he shot wads of cum deep into her colon, he shot more and more. He shot cum for a full minute before exiting her. She lay there crying from the intense pain and pleasure. Buckets of cum oozed out of her ass. Miranda tenderly stuck a finger in herself and took it back out to lick it. She savored the flavor of Master Chiefs cum in her ass. He fell into the bed next to her and she rolled into his arms.

Cortana had watched the whole thing. From the moment that Commander Keyes had taken off her top, Cortana became instantly horny. She watched with pleasure as Miranda was violently screwed. She was happy for the Commander, yet sad the she couldn’t be the one to do it. Cortana drifted among the computer terminals hoping that someday, someone will find a way to make her human. Until then, she will watch and wait."

1: spartans are asexulal

2: so are A Is

3: i'm pretty sure Miranda's a guy

11/13/2008 #28

Snape sat up after hearing something break. Quickly, he stood up from his armchair and walked out to the classroom.

“Boys, get back to work. I do not recall…” he stared at his students. Both were naked on the floor feeling each other up, not even noticing somebody was in the room. Feeling aroused by the sight, Snape averted his gaze first and looked to the side. Then he noticed one of his forbidden potions on the floor in a pool with the shattered glass.

Severus had made the potion to make the two teens willing to sleep with him and now, seeing them groping each other on the floor, was starting to feel horny himself. Closing the door behind him, and being sure to lock it he advanced to the figures and pulled the top one off, which appeared to be Harry. Pulling out his wand, he conjured up a bed and pushed him on his back before climbing on top of him.

Looking at the arousing teen, Severus gently presses his lips to him. Soft kisses soon turn into a heated kiss Harry’s hands were trying to get rid of Severus’ clothes for more contact of skin. In the corner, Draco was very jealous and moved to the bed towards Snape and started to help Harry on taking off his pants. Draco pushed Snape roughly to his back and both him and Harry started advancing towards him.

Draco slid his tongue up and down slowly along the shaft. While Harry was on top ravishing Snape’s nipple, busy making love bites everywhere. Snape wouldn’t have it. He pulled the boy up. Harry understood him and climbed on top of him, positioning his cock right at Snape’s mouth.

Without warning, Snape engulfed the already erect organ into his mouth. Harry moaned, fingers running through Snape’s hair, pulling him closer. Snape let out a muffled yell as Draco licked his entire length from his balls to the tip and engulfed him whole again. Both Draco and Snape started sucking hard and it wasn’t long until Snape came into Draco’s mouth with Harry coming into his own.

Changing positions, Harry got off of Snape, crawling over to Draco and leaning down to Draco’s already erect organ. Harry licked his way up Draco’s cock, bringing his hand up to play with his balls. Snape then moved over to Draco and kissed him, his tongue gliding sensually over Draco’s lips and unconsciously he opens his mouth. Snape took advantage by slipping his tongue into the warm cavern and exploring it thoroughly. He pulled away from Draco’s mouth and began trailing kisses down Draco’s throat. Draco moaned and gripped the sheets as Harry began to suck harder, taking in Draco’s full length and rubbing his balls. It was not long until Draco bucked his hips and came hard into Harry’s mouth. Harry removed himself from Draco and lay back beside Draco.

Snape then turned Draco over on all four and moved his hand slowly on Draco’s inner thigh. Upon reaching the top, he rubbed at Draco’s entrance and probed a finger into him. Draco moaned in pain as he felt something pushed inside of him, then a second finger was in. Before long, Snape was slowly stretching him in scissor motion. Preparing himself, Snape pushes into Draco with him moaning out in ecstasy.

Harry looked at them with lust and began touching himself. Draco sees Harry and decided to do him. He pulls Harry over to him and laid him in front of him. Spreading Harry’s legs apart, he slipped a finger into his mouth before pushing a finger into Harry. He started to do what Snape just did to him. Snape started moving in and out of Draco, bucking his hips forward, reaching for Draco’s prostate. Harry gasped, back aching with his hands clutching on the sheets, adjusting himself with Draco’s length.

“Draco, move,” Harry gasped out, eyes closing tight.

“Prof…Snape…harder,” Draco commanded. Both Draco and Snape increased the pace, thrusting wildly against each other. Draco buried his face into the crook of Harry’s neck while he pressed Harry tightly to his own body. Snape was slamming hard into Draco.

Snape growled as he felt himself nearly reaching his peak, bucking his hip one last time as he came into Draco. Draco also felt himself reaching his climax and, with one last hard thrust, he came into Harry. Harry came at the same time as Draco and his cum spurted up onto Draco’s stomach and chest, some landing on himself. Feeling their energy drained, Snape pulled out of Draco and lay on his back with Draco doing the same to Harry.

SnapexDracoxHarry. Couldn't you tell?

11/14/2008 #29

I may have posted this before, but it's obligatory...

-1It was a lonely cold day. And it was raining. D was bored. His horse had long since died of exhaustion, from the long, long, long hard ‘rides’. He had to stop in a cave, dripping wet and still bored out of his mind. Still cold and lonely, wishing for more company than his left hand.


And D could only utter a sigh.

As he looked around the cave, he noticed something on the floor. It was an old magazine. One of the kind where women don’t really wear anything.


Again, D could only sigh. But he picked up the magazine for lack of intelligence conversation with his left hand. D found his right hand much much more comfortable. It didn’t talk, it didn’t nag like an old woman, it was smooth, the nails were short but rounded, all in all it was a pristine vision of a hand. But, maybe it wasn’t as perfect as it seemed.

As D flipped through the magazine, he felt himself becoming aroused. As he flipped through, he could see bosoms of beautiful babes with their kimonos sliding off their bodies. Who could have left such a beautiful magazine behind? The contents of the magazine were certainly enough to arouse any normal man, but more than enough to arouse the dunpeal. He felt himself growing, little by little, but felt that he would soon have to satisfy himself. But as he turned the next page, SLICE...he got a paper cut across his right hand.

“Curses” he mumbled as he clenched his bleeding fist. The blood slowing dripping down his arm to drip onto the cave floor. D looked over at left hand, a plan slowly forming in his sex crazed mind. Quietly, D continued to pretend to view and enjoy the ladies. But curses the pain was growing below, and he needed to release himself soon. But with his right hand injured, could he acquire the pleasure he craved, like the bloodlust of the vampire hunter D?

Chapter Two: THE plan.

With the rain pouring on harder and harder, D knew he was trapped in the cave for the rest of the night. With the busty beautiful babes. And his right hand injured. D looked at left hand and realized...that he was snoring. Breathing in and out of that perfectly shaped mouth in the middle of his hand ...

Finger twitiches and little moans, alerted D to the fact that left hand was dreaming. It was time to put the plan into action, the plan he had spent for hours developing in his sex crazed mind since his right hand was injured. Slowly, D moved his left arm down to the swelling buldge, which had grown to an enormous height. It seems proportions mean nothing. D freed himself of his pantalones, springing forth the snake of life. D waited for the most opportune moment, when the snore was at it’s loudest, and the mouth at it’s largest. And slowly slid his member between the lips of left hand.

Left hand was dreaming an erotic dream involving D and his pantalones. All of a sudden he realized there was something in his mouth...and it wasn’t his tongue. It was a foreign object, though the foreign object was something he had dreamt of for AGES.

Opening his eyes he realized that his dream...was incarnate D’s eyes rolled back in lust and pleasure...

Left hand closed his eyes and fell into the moment.

In short, there was much penis gushing, a satisfied D, a horny left hand, and a stained magazine. Oh and some band-Aids. And lots of “I’MMA GET MY PIMP CANE ”

The end.

Author’s Note: We’re drunk. Really drunk. We were wondering if someone wrote this before us...but apparently not. We know all of you are thinking it. Deal. Write us reviews. If you want a sequel, tell us– because we can AND WILL manage to get drunk again. Feel free to add onto it...IF YOU DARE.

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