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I'm so tired of arguing with my non LOTR fan friends about this. Delusionally, they all say that Frodo and Sam are gay. ARGH! Rant your ventation here!
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Yello, good fellow fans. (:

I've made a comeback to LotR after a few years of focusing more on other fandoms. The last time I read LotR fanfiction was in 2002-2004 and I have lost some of my favorite fanfiction stories from around here...

I can't even remember their titles or authors, but hopefully someone can catch what I'm looking for:

1.) It was related to Gray Havens/Frodo gone over seas, I really don't remember much about it except that it deeply touched me. However, I do remember it ended with something like Sam feeling Frodo's presence/hearing Frodo's whisper in the wind while Frodo was already in the Undying Lands. Can you help me with these clues knowing it muct have been published at the latest in 2004?

2.) There was this great story about Frodo and Sam's reunion in the Undying Lands. Any story about those moments I'd gladly check out even if it turns out not to be the one I'm looking for. (:

Thanks!! 3

12/26/2009 #1
Tallis Keeton

Hello :)

I too have lost some of my favorite stories from around here...

Now I remember only one fanfic. The Author's name was something like: GreyWolf or GoldenWolf, the title was "The Heir". And it was about Bilbo's adoption of Frodo and their early adventures through the Shire. It was long story I guess about 50 chapters. I've tried many times to search it here on and in the Google search. But to no avail.:( I have found only that some of the new stories were applaused in reviews as being very similar to this legendary lost fanfic. I've seen it in 3 reviews of other hobbit-centric fanfics.

If anyone have any information where to look for it, in what archive? Or does anyone knows how to befriended its author? :) Or does anyone knows under what new name this author is covering? :) - please email me:

or sent a note via my profile.

Thank You :)

8/12/2010 #2
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