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Agent HUNK
I have seen many people mention challenges and/or requests for Hellsing fan fics, as well as many other animes. So, I figured it would be good to establish a request/challenge thread. That way, we can keep track of who wants what, and what has been done. Requesting is easy. Just ask for a certain story. Like... "Hey, could somebody write a fic where Alucard gets high?" Hopefully, somebody will be nice enough to grant your request. Challenges... hm... well, just write a challenge. Make them easy, make them hard, whatever. It is just a test of skill, really. List the requirements you want, and wait for people to try. Like... "Requirements: PxS, comedy, Monty Python references, mention a monkey." So then people will try to write a fic that fits those requirements. Ta-da? I'll think of some rewards for people who complete a certain number of requests/challenges... anybody wish to comment? Or perhaps go ahead and make a request or challenge?
11/17/2006 #1
i think it's a good idea. and that said, i want to make a request. a parody/humor one. [q]"Hey, could somebody write a fic where Alucard gets high?"[/q] thank you. x3
11/17/2006 #2
I'll make a request... Anyone feel like writing me some nice, dark, twisted Alucard/Seras? Most of it is quite fluffy, which is fine in small doses, but... I think the nature of their relationship calls for something a little darker. (Preferably with a high rating XD) I could even write something in return, if you care to make a request of me ^^;;
11/24/2006 #3
Agent HUNK
jj otaku, your request shall be fullfilled. I have a great idea for it...
11/24/2006 #4
Agent HUNK
Hah, finished! I just completed your request, jj otaku. Check Chapter 17 of my story "Random Hellsing Tales" And Liar-xx, your request sounds interesting. Hopefully somebody will pick it up for you. I would, but AxS isn't really my style...
11/28/2006 #5
[q]Hopefully somebody will pick it up for you. I would, but AxS isn't really my style...[/q] Heh, fair enough. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea.
11/28/2006 #6
thank you very much! i'll be off to read it!
11/29/2006 #7
All I know is that it has to have a Christmas bake off. Somehow I just love the idea of Walter in an Apron. If you couldn't tell from the idea a parody/comedy. And it has to have Pip!
12/19/2006 #8
s.j. snodgrass
DragonLady626, i accept your challenge. Expect to see it soon. If you'll let me, of course
12/20/2006 #9
Of course go right ahead.
12/24/2006 #10
Agent HUNK
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Oh, right... Um... I'll think of a challenge soon. Something hard, but not too difficult...
12/24/2006 #11
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND JOYFULLY FIREWORKY LOVE NEW YEEEEAAAAR~ may i post a challenge?! (by the way, i read the finished one of mine, but didn't review. sorry~~ but it was nice! teh jj will review someday~~) simple: HELLSING: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! what i have in mind is the usual firecracker-y, loud, boisterous new year... but if the author does not want to somehow find an excuse to work that into the gloom and doom hellsing universe, that's okay. you can write what you want, any genre, from the oud aforementioned new year, to ag fics, to parody fics, to angsty introspection of more war-y doom, whatever. preferrably a one-shot, hopefully done before january 3.
12/29/2006 #12
s.j. snodgrass
I was going to do a forth of July one, bbut that might have been a stretch, seeing as...well....its an American holiday *head desk* But i was gonna have the Wild Geese do it seeing as at least one of them has to be American. Then firework madness would have ensued yay. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/30/2006 #13
Agent HUNK
Sorry, I would have done the New Years fireworks challenge, but I ws out of town a lot and had little time to do it. Anybody care to post a new one? Oh yes, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Who cares if it is late, it is still good to share the holiday cheer!
1/3/2007 #14
XD some peope are still writing christmas fics, thugh, so it's okay. if no one wants to do these...well then. how do you guys feel about those "thirty kisses" or "thirty sentences" things? it's simple enough, if yu dn't knw about them then i'll be happy to elaborate. but i have these challenges out then~~ integra and alucard, at least ten themes. integra and seras, at least ten themes. alucard and walter, at leadt ten themes. major and intagra and alucard, at least ten themes. walter and intagra, at least ten themes. random (common, so it'll be easier) themes to choose from: cooking, pencil, desk, blood (of course), art of war, fangs, flowers, general, sky, sleep, bathe, food, hand, "i hate you", resurrection, virgin, fire, ice, death, happiness, bunny rabbits, guns, bazookas, jelly, fish, sweets, pets, joke, pervert, "i love you", dance, pizza, language, "forever and ever", loony bin, laughter, son, daughter, "not over yet", betrayal, youth, age, good, evil, sound of music, entertainment, AAANNNDDD... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. wanna try it? XD
1/4/2007 #15
Agent HUNK
I accept your challenge! But please explain in more detail what you want me to do. Give an example or two, please. Also, do you want me to do one of the pairings, or all of them?
1/4/2007 #16
you can do as many of as few couples as you like, but they're not necessarily "couples" in the romantic sense. just as long as each theme has something to do with both. so this is what you do: you choose a pairing and write exactly ONE sentence about them in the context of a theme. you can make your sentence as long and convoluted (or as short and simple) as you want to make your idea fit. you have free reign on what kind of sentence you want, whatever tense you use, you may not even mention the characters outright as long as it's obviously them. the "theme word/theme phrase" MUST be present in the sentence (no matter how small or big its importance is) OR may not be mentioned as long as it is the CENTRAL IDEA in the sentence, and therefore must be (somewhat) obvious. some random examples: they're mostly romance, but as i said, no romance necessary here. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2810265/1/ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2761937/35/ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3254726/1/ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3176032/1/ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3126512/1/ and tell me if you ant more prompts/themes. XD
1/5/2007 . Edited 1/5/2007 #17
Agent HUNK
I accept your challenge. I will have the story posted as soon as I can. It shall be broken into 5 chapters, one for each pairing. I will attempt to do them all. However, Alucard x Integra x Major may be a bit hard to pull off. But I shall try my best!
1/5/2007 #18
Agent HUNK
Challenge complete. Check my "More Random Hellsing Tales" story. 10 sentences about Alucard, Integra, and random objects. :)
1/5/2007 #19
Yowsa! Finally got cleared for the forums! Anyway, I sent a suggestion on my review of "More Random Hellsing Fics", but I figure that if I send this suggestion, it might be actually used! As for my suggestion, you might have H do something perverted, which would cause Seras to kick his nuts halfway up his throat. I know vampires are extraordinarily strong... which would make the possiblity of H getting killed great (but don't kill him). As he's trying to recover, Alucard then goes in to get his licks. H will try to flee, but since he just got his nuts kicked, the closest thing he can do is waddle. BTW... what the hell happened to Fenrir Wolfsbane? That guy is hilarious!
2/14/2007 #20
Laup Namron
Has anyone thought of making a Devil May Cry/Hellsing/Organization XIII crossover story?
3/1/2007 #21
Helena Victoria
hmmm well i want to request a humor/horror fanfic. in which Alucard, Seras, Integra and pip all go on a treasure hunt. they are looking for body parts of specially marked ghouls but the catch is they have to do it while high off of some random drug(i can't think of one right now) i really want to see how this one comes out....
3/2/2007 #22
Agent HUNK
Er, BigKwell, that request seems a bit brutal... What did H do to you, man? And Fenrir Wolfsbane is on a haituss. I haven't had much use for him, as H is my new alter-ego. I'm going to bring him back, though... eventually... I've got pnuemonia right now, so I won't be writing anything for the next few days anyway...
3/7/2007 #23
I don't really know. I would imagine it would be accidently ripping-off her uniform, or something like that. Get well soon.
3/7/2007 #24
H didn't do anything bad to me. I just thought it would be funny, that's all (and he'll survive... barely).
3/7/2007 #25
Uh I actually got an idea for a great parody story, doesn't matter if its the TV series or Manga/ULTIMATE OVA. Main Focus would be "what if Alucard got his way and made Walter a Vampire at the age of 14". I think it would be funny to see 14 year old Walter in 1998 with raging hormones for over 60 years AND no respect what-so-ever for Integra making remarks that her father was a "stupid drunk". If someones up to it maybe he/she should PM me :3
3/9/2007 #26
This either a request or a challenge, depends on how you see it actually. I am in serious want of reading good AxI fics. I'm at page 80 of the Hellsing fanfics, and only a number of fics had made me deliriously happy. Oh god, I sound like a brat. Would anyone mind taking this up? A serious fic, set in any place other than her office. A fic that shows the strong woman that Integra really is. I get the tickles when Alucard is feeling great emotional stress (anger, jealousy, etc.) A fic where the crucible is other than the Hellsing blood or the organization itself. Nothing of the wines-roses-moonlit dinner-setting fluff stuff, please be more creative than that. A fic where Alucard gets really angry, irritated, or annoyed with Integra. Too vague? Say so, and I'll try to clear up whatever is blurry. Interested? Just say the word. What the hell is a crucible? Just ask me. ^^ Cheers.
5/4/2007 #27
Spaleween, I will write about that (I have planned to, anyway). In my story WIP "Twilight" where Alucard is dealing with a lot of stress (being turned human, which he wanted, but having to remain crippled and bound to a wheelchair for months - growing frustration, anyone?). I decided, thanks to personal character growing, to make it AxI. Or I can write it as a one shot, if you don't want to wait. I need to pick a theme.
5/4/2007 . Edited 5/4/2007 #28
Hooray, someone took my request/challenge up! I don't mind whether it's a one shot or not, as long as it's good. I'll be waiting. ^^ Cheers.
5/4/2007 #29
I'll write the one shot, either way. I have the idea of an argument eventually inside the plot (and I need to write some more chapters until then), but will have to wait until I finish other challenge fics (next ones are Anderson/Enrico and Zorin/Rip) I promised to a couple of friends. :)
5/5/2007 #30
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