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Hi there! just hope I could get som help in this forum. some months ago, I found an awesome story, but I don't remeber title, author and so on.. So i will just write what I remeber of it, to se if someone out there can help me find back. It's written in english. I don't remeber if it was here, or on adultfanfiction.net but there was no dirty things in it,i think... So, it's about Alucard and hellsing (seras WAS NOT in it), and some werewolf girl, running away from her "werewolf-clan", and her duties in the group. Her father was the "leader". Only thing I remeber about her as a charather was that she had a tail that she was hiding. (lol). One scene I remeber especially well, she was in a cafe, (Alucard was following her) and she ordered Vanilla coffee or something like that, and Alucard was mocking and flirting with her.(Silly, i KNOW!) anyway, would be awesome if i found it again :) Best regards, Anna.(sorry for my bad english!!)

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #1

Hmm~I'm also lookiing for 2 fanfics that I read a long time ago.

One was Integra related, whereby she met someone while she was out and goes by another name (if I remember correctly!) and the guy doesnt know her real identity until the end. one thing I remember at the end was Integra telling him not to mock her uniform! :p I think it was a pretty short story.. o.o anywayz, I know I didnt provide much cos thaz all I can recal... ^.^

The other story was about Rip joining a group of werewolves and falling for one of them. alucard and the rest of hellsing was in the story too...with Alucard being married with kids + I think there was a dragon which they rode as well in the end... o.o" Integra was quite old too...

Anyway, sigh..couldnt remember the titles and just wanted 2 re-read them again for fun. :D hopefully, someone came across them and can help out! :P Thanks!

7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #2

You know there is a possiblity that the author's took them down. I had that happen with my favorite OHSHC story. 'sighs' A pity.

I could look around for those stories but I doubt I'd find any results.

I'm also looking for a story. It had to do with Alucard having two children. The story was mostly fallowing his son about, unfortunately I can not remember the title, nor the author, or the boy's name that the story was fallowing. I do however remember his sister's was Lilith. Any clues would be very helpful.

8/10/2010 #3
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