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Kamakaze Kheri

Alright. So, I'm pretty notorious for not willing to skim through more than a couple pages to catch myself up on a roleplay, so this is the reborn recap thread where people can post the major points of what's going on in the roleplay. Please follow the following template:


Put everything else underneath it. Include major things, like if you're in a fight with a pack of hellhounds, where you are and who's with you. Ex: John and Abbey are fighting a lastrygonian giant in the subways of New York City. Sarah and Max are on their way.

Anyone can post a recap for the RPG whenever they see fit. Please try to keep this up to date for people who have limited time on the computer or just for the sake of not having to ask in the chat thread a lot. Hope this helps others as much as it will probably help me! :)

8/29/2011 #1
Morgan Penciatti

RPG 7.0

Leia is busy trying to convince everyone that she was never hurt, because it would give away her secret (her Achilles Curse works a little differently than Percy's because she was introduced to it at birth and it was involuntary. She can get hurtonly when she is not paying attention, and heals very quickly. If you read the Illiad, you may notice that Achilles gets hurt every once in a while--During his fight with Asteropaeus, a spear grazes his elbow and it bleeds.)

One of the huntresses (Amy) is tending to John's absence of a hand, Leia and Thalia have convinced Elizabeth and Emily to come back from their brief car ride. Leia and Thalia were about to manipulate The Mist so that the police wouldn't notice anything strange, when a blue paintball came zooming out of the trees, and narrowly missed Leia but whacked a Huntress named Jessica in the side of the head. The stray paintball came from the leader of the heard of Colorado Party Ponies, Argy, who is a silver-coloured centaur. He wears ski goggles over his white-blonde dreadlocks. The Colorado Party Ponies had met up with the Utah Party Ponies (the leader of whom is Duke--he has two paint-ball pistols and enjoys old John Wayne movies) and they were all on their way to Santa Cruz for one of their "conferences" when the heard us all talking about getting to California, and stopped to offer us a lift. (Background info: Leia and the Huntresses know these Party Ponies fairly well, Leia met them on a few other quests, and the Huntresses sometimes meet them for massive snow-ball fights.)

The Party Ponies took care of The Mist manipulation so that they could come into the open and not be noticed by the mortals, so we've got that covered.

Now all we have to do is accept the Party Ponies' generous offer, and zoom off to Santa Cruz. From there, we just find a way to Jedediah Smith State Park, Crescent City, which, by car, is 8 hours North of Santa Cruz. So by Huntress travel with this many extra people, it would be about five hours.

9/1/2011 #2

Before that though, we crashed into some giants and the hunters, while traveling in a dinosaur skeleton with a bus inside it. A collision with a giant caused the bus to explode. Fortunately everyone was outside it fighting at the time. Unfortunately Shrapnel made various cuts on John (me), and I lost my hand and fell unconscious. Everyone else finished off the giants, the police showed up, and that's what happened before Morgan's post.

9/6/2011 #3
Morgan Penciatti

Indeed! :)

9/6/2011 #4
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