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Who's Your Fave Villain?
1 Mekt
2 Tyr
3 Empress
4 Other (Please Specify)
5 The Persuader
6 Imperiex
7 Esper
8 Tharok
9 Ron-Karr
10 Hunter
11 Mano
12 Wave
13 Alexis
14 Validus
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The Violet Rose

O.o what do you mean?

3/7/2010 #361

We had him for like a day, and then we had to bring him back because there wasn't enough room.

3/7/2010 #362
The Violet Rose

Aww, that stinks! I'm sorry. ):

3/7/2010 #363

It's alright. My relatives had enough dogs for all of us.

What really sucked was when they took my Sega Genesis out.

3/7/2010 #364

Hey, has anyone here ever been served before?

3/8/2010 #365
The Violet Rose

What do you mean?

3/8/2010 #366

Served with court papers?

(I've never been served with court papers, but I have delivered them from time to time. Helping mr_cleome with his law business.)

3/8/2010 #367


3/8/2010 #368

Input. NOW.

3/8/2010 #369

So, how's everyone been?

3/12/2010 #370
The Violet Rose

Fine. How about you?

3/13/2010 #371

Hm. New cat? Check.

New chapter finally posted even if I'm the only person who reads it? Check.

Lovely spring weather, allergies, still no job prospects? Check check check.

(Ask a silly question, Jude...) :p

3/13/2010 #372
The Violet Rose

I'm so excited, it's not even funny!

3/13/2010 #373

Horrible weather keeping me from work.

Parents are idiots.

What else is new?

3/13/2010 #374

Hi, venting, ppl getting 'served' , polls to vote on and cute kittens? That's quite a few things going on.

Everyone needs someone to vent to and you can also write a 'vent' letter then delete it, that can also be a good outlet.

Sorry Jude, i never saw that poll, I'm still having some issues with lingering fatigue issues even if i am a lot stronger now than i was before which made my presence here even more scarce if possible.

To Cleome: Kittens are so adorable!

3/14/2010 . Edited 3/14/2010 #375

Thought you guys'd get a kick outta this.

3/14/2010 #376

And another for you Garth fans.

3/14/2010 #377

Oh I saw that, lol, my cousin is on deviantart and she pointed it out. Spandex kinda scares me in real life though O_o

3/15/2010 #378
The Violet Rose

I found that hilarious! I don't know why, maybe it's just Lightning Lad's pose in the second pic. Thanks for pointing that out, Jude! It made my day!

3/15/2010 #379

I try.

3/15/2010 #380

And more.

3/16/2010 #381
The Violet Rose

Lol! I'm just wondering why the Lightning Lad is always off on the corner, doing his own thing.

3/17/2010 #382

Maybe he wants to be a rebel XD

3/18/2010 #383

Hey, do you guys remember Speedy from Teen Titans?

3/18/2010 #384
The Violet Rose

Yup, why?

3/18/2010 #385
The Violet Rose

YAY! I'm so excited for today! It's my birthday! :D :D :D

3/19/2010 #386

Happy Birthday! *hug* ^_^

3/19/2010 #387

Oh our little girl is growing up!

3/19/2010 #388
The Violet Rose

Thank you! *hugs* Lol, I think that's what my parents said this morning too...

3/19/2010 #389

Now what would you like?

3/19/2010 #390
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