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When... Instead of normal swearing, you say 'sprock', 'grife' and/or 'frell'.

Your turn!

12/26/2008 #1

When...you start writing about people using and reading data pads instead of notebooks and books. Next!:-)

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #2

When you tell your partner/loved one, "You'd be so much hotter with a pair of antennae."


12/26/2008 #3

When... You check your cookies for Timber Wolf fur.

12/26/2008 #4

When the first thing you grope for on the nightstand upon awakening is your flight ring.

12/26/2008 #5

When you watch horror movies, you think of Bouncing Boy.

12/26/2008 #6

When you trip you think Calamity King is responsible.

12/26/2008 #7

You like Infectious Lass despite blaming her for your bad sinuses.

12/26/2008 #8

When people say you are small you think of Shrinking Violet

12/26/2008 #9

You blame all of your problems on Ultra Boy.

12/26/2008 #10

You say, at least my family isn't as screwed up as the Ranzzes.

12/26/2008 #11

You give up the New Year's Resolution weight-loss routine and just tell everyone, "Hey, Chuck is fat, and he did all right. Get that fake sugar outta' my face !"

12/26/2008 #12

You curse PG for her ablilty to avade any embarrasing situation.

12/26/2008 #13

You don't like playing sports with balls, because they remind you of Bouncy.

12/26/2008 #14

When you're at the psychiatric hospital (because your mother's a psychiatrist, mind you!), you wonder why other people with MPD don't become superheroes like Trip.

12/26/2008 #15

You draw Bouncy's face on all of your tennis balls and start throwing them at your little sister, claiming that Bouncing boy was doing it.

12/26/2008 #16

When you hear dogs and/or wolves howl at night, you hope Timber Wolf has found peace with his bretheren.

12/26/2008 #17

You look at a tri-pod and remember Trip saying, "We were like the legs of a tripod."

12/26/2008 #18

You tell your closest friend, "If you really trusted me, you'd let me turn you into Persuader for three or four days. After that I'd shoot this plastic bullet thing in your head and restore your personality. No, really !"

12/26/2008 #19
Sailor V-babe

When you create versions of the Legionnaires in the Sims2 and then have them marry the correct person (while hating the correct people as well. )

12/26/2008 #20

When you want to do Legion crossovers with other shows you like because you think it would be cool if they met the Legion.

12/26/2008 #21

When you hear people say "A roll in the hay" you think about Garth Ranzz farming...maybe that's just me...

12/26/2008 #22

When you think about Timber Wolf whenever you write a kitchen scene, even if you're going to write about other ppl doing things in there.

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #23

You've scribbled down a "what-age-is-everyone-anyway" chart before writing a fic. Or had a discussion with somebody else watching the show about who's youngest or oldest.

(Sadly, I really have done both these things.)

12/26/2008 #24

When you believe green guys are hotter than tan/skin.

12/26/2008 #25

You remember Star boy speaking of Brainy's tuna salad recipe when you see him burn water.

12/26/2008 #26

When you are so into the show that you even want to look up the original comic book history information on Wiki or Legion sites.

12/27/2008 #27

When you count down the days until LoSH's first live-action appearance.

12/27/2008 #28

(Huh? Live-action appearance?)

When you dream about the Legion.

12/27/2008 #29

((Thursday, Jan. 15th. The CW. 8 PM. LoSH comes to Smallville. My two favorite shows!))

Whenever you trip, you blama Lyle for knocking you over.

12/28/2008 #30
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