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Okay, here's how this works. You give two facts and one false fact about yourself, and other people try to figure out what the lie is.

Allright, I'll start.

1. I'm a big fan of both PG/TW and Spark (Ayla)/Cham.

2. I have a brother.

3. I use an OC in my stories.

Sound fun?

1/4/2009 #1
yes it does sound fun!! ^w^ and oh! oh!! oh!!! i know what the lie is!!! it's #2!!! you DON'T have a brother :D hehe i just read your profile to find out :P lazy me!
1/4/2009 #2

Hahaha, you're right! Now do you want to put out two truths and one lie about yourself?

1/6/2009 #3

Yes.....yes i do


1. I own the shirt picture-me is wearing 2. No one except me actually knows what my OC looks like right now

3. I live in the USA

btw DC7 this may sound REALLY weird but i'm the oldest kid in my family & have 2 younger sisters too, my 14th b-day is in a little over a month, my eyes are blue, my hair is darkish blonde, i like art AND i have a fat cat ......................cept his name is Hammy

1/6/2009 . Edited 1/6/2009 #4
Gone and Gone

Is it number two?

1/7/2009 #5

Wow...the similarities are scarry. You might just as well be an alternate version of me, or vise versa. LOL!

I'll guess, number three?

1/7/2009 . Edited 1/7/2009 #6

#3. Your profile says Canada.

Here're some 'bout me.

1. I almost named myself 1000GreenLimes.

2. I'm a math person.

3. I have posted 474 posts in the forum so far.

1/7/2009 #7

Dang!! you got it.....well what do ya know, the ff.net people actually changed my country to canada......i need to redo my profile description......

um, i'm gonna guess #2????

1/7/2009 #8

number 1?

1/8/2009 #9

'Tis #1. I almost named myself 1000GreenLemons :P

I lurve Math.... :D

1/8/2009 #10

That would be funny, then we'd call you Limey. LOL!

1/8/2009 #11

one about me...

i nearly named my character Destiny Twister

1. Vicky Obbard (my name)

2. Vicky Roth Logan

3. Hope Logan

2/17/2009 #12

Uh... 2! IDK...

1. I'm a nerd

2. I wear glasses

3. I play tennis

2/26/2009 #13

yep mine was number 2 is yours...

Number 2?

2/27/2009 . Edited 2/27/2009 #14

Yup! :D

7/28/2009 #15
Winter's Writer

1. I have one brother and one sister

2. I love heavy metal

3. I love Saturn Girl

4/3/2010 #16

@Legion22 Omg same here! :D

4/3/2010 #17
Winter's Writer

Sweeeeeeeeeeeett! Totally.- From Finding Nemo

4/4/2010 #18


4/4/2010 #19
Winter's Writer

1. I own the Legion of Superhroes 1,2/3

2. I hate Imperiex

3. I like Brainy

4/4/2010 #20
Winter's Writer

Which one is the lie though?

4/4/2010 #21

The first set- no.2


Am I right?

4/4/2010 #22
Winter's Writer

Correct. Ur turn.

4/4/2010 #23
Winter's Writer


7/16/2010 #24
Storm Arashi

Guess I'll give it a whirl.

1. I have a dog named Yugi.

2. I stink at drawing Coluans.

3. I have a guitar.

7/16/2010 #25
Winter's Writer

Numbah Three is a lie? I'm just going on a whim here but I know numbah one is true......

7/17/2010 #26
Storm Arashi

Nope. I do have a guitar.

7/17/2010 #27
Winter's Writer

Ok then it's obviously Numbah two and btw I didn't know you had a guitar.

7/17/2010 #28
Storm Arashi

Yeah I haven't played in awhile though. I guess its your turn now.

7/17/2010 #29
Winter's Writer


1. I LOVE Twilight!

2. I love math

2. Love ya sis

7/18/2010 #30
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