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Vault Dweller of Holy 13

Talk about who your favorite character(s) is (are) and why.

5/4/2010 #1
Fire Night Sky

my fav. characters: MEKT! (cuz' in the comics, he's an outcast and I caved in to his hotness...), B5 (when is he like not in the favs?), Karate Kid (first non-superpower hero in the legion and history in the comics made me cave in as well (he had a seriously messed up dad...)), and Cham (ah, good comic relief.)

8/14/2010 #2
Vault Dweller of Holy 13


8/16/2010 #3
Storm Arashi

Superman - Because in season one he was a cool character and really easy to write about. (Plus he's cute.) Also: quoteing B5: He's SUPERMAN.

Brainy - Seriously who doesn't love him? He's so complex and cute.

Ayla - I know a lot of people forget about her since she was only in one animated episode but she's a really cool character.

Lightning Lad - Twin of Ayla. Lightning powers...And he has a cocky attitude. Really funny.

8/19/2010 #4
Vault Dweller of Holy 13


8/21/2010 #5
Diana Wilder

My favourite characters:
SATURN GIRL- she's something like a role model for me, she's clever, pretty and awesome. Also, she has a nice personality... Seriously, how is it possible not to like her?
LIGHTNING LAD- he's strong, funny and has a weird power full personality. He's so hot!! He's awesome, I have no words to describe him. He's something like my male myself...
As you can see, my two favourite legionnaires are also a SO CUTE couple, which makes me love them more (if you get me).

11/7/2015 #6
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