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He smiled warmly at Dresden and then eyed Koma as he started down the stairs. "You might want to watch the news."

The fawn bowed and exited the stairwell when Nik leaned against the wall. "I don't like that guy."

5/30/2009 #811
Nelle Kozera

Dresden shruged and walked into the main lobby to find it empty. "Might as well." He turned on the large srceen DLTV on the wall to MSNBC.

5/30/2009 #812

{ '...mains unnamed as what the police say is a coma induced from lack of oxygen. But specialist Kowga, a beholder of the supernatural here with us says the boy's condition could be something much worse. Kowga:'

'Yes, and thank you again for having me. My insights tell me what the government would prefer I do not speak of,' the Indian scientist of the divine began, 'but when i saw the picture of that boy from the water park, i knew it was no coma, eyes wide open, that boy has had his soul removed.'

'Kowga, any idea as to who could be responsible?'

'Several attacks in the area have been more prevalent, increasing in the Emerald area, basing around attacks branching out from Emerald High School. We are led to believe that the attacker may be a student, a belief that may be in close relation to the recent acceptance of Anthropomorphic lifeforms back in 2009.'

Off screen: Can we get this cook outta here?


The reporter continued, 'Though it highly unlikely, we have here two photographs of students of Emerald Highschool, one who was quoted to have saved the boy from drowning (SHOWS PIC OF KOMA) and another who was reported to have pushed the boy in from the lip of the pool into the deep end. We are not sure yet if the boy knew how to swim or not, and if the prode was an attack on his life (SHOWS DRESDEN) Both anthros, though it is highly unlikely, can be assumed to be dangerous, tho the first seems to have proven himself- Wait, whats this? We just received word that the attacker/prankster has been summoned for a court case dealing with soul snatching. The public should exercise extreme caution should any antho approach him with shady dealings.'

'And in other news.....' the program continued...

Nik spoke up, "Well that's a load, Dresden there is no way you...and they are speading all that about anthos......." Nik said darkly, cutting off the show and standing next to Koma.

5/30/2009 . Edited 5/30/2009 #813
Sci-fi Crimes

Koma kept a straight face on, "...Now they're considering us dangerous?" He sighed, "Oh, great..."

5/30/2009 #814
Nelle Kozera

Dresden walked over to the nearest wall and banged his head into it repeatedly. "Wonderfunckingful." He said his head up against the wall. "Me dangerous?.....You have to be shitin me here.....I hate beginning a victim of circumstance."

5/30/2009 #815

"Lets just get you proven innocent first then see where we stand," Nik frowned.

(Take it away Dresden) ; )

5/30/2009 #816
Nelle Kozera

After 5 hours of due process in the legal system and evidence that proved him innocent beyond any shadow of doubt Dresden was acquitted of all charged. "Wonderful, a waste of my time." Dresden said walking out of the court. Unfortunately when Dresden looked back on the incident, it was very bad thing that the ruling was never made public. "Alright guys we might as well head back now." Dresden said walking out onto the sidewalk.

~|I really have nothing for the court case, feel free to have people react to his presence.|~

5/30/2009 #817

Akane looked incredibly bored, "Well since this has absolutely nothing to do with me I guess I"ll go home.."

5/31/2009 #818


5/31/2009 #819

(OK. You will be missed Akane. You going on vacation? Do tell)

Season Finale:

Nik walked slowly behind Dresden and Koma as they made their way back to the entrance. I'm glad he was able to prove his innocence, but... "Guys, how many windslicer pinions do you think there are in existence? Becaues, my dad has one... It's probably just a coincidence, right?"


Akane walks into her home, filled with its relics to Christianity and prayer, and before her eyes stood her father, and her eyes confirmed he was 100% human. "Welcome home..." he said, referencing the gun in his hand. "Akane, I think we need to talk."

5/31/2009 #820
Sci-fi Crimes

Koma chuckled, "Heh....Do you really think it's a coincidence?"

5/31/2009 #821
Nelle Kozera

Dresden nodded. "Things happen that look interconnected that really aren't." Dresden said walking down marble steps. "But caution is a good thing to think about though."

5/31/2009 #822

Akane froze, she nodded and calmly sat down in a chair, "What shall we talk about?" she asks, her now gold eyes narrowing in confusion.

{Oh well yeah I'm visiting some family up there. So a sorta vacation, it also gets me away from having to sing at a recital. YAY!}

5/31/2009 #823

"I- I just cant see my dad going after someone like that. A fawn? I mean come on." Nik shakes his head. "Screw that. Dresden, what are we going to do the rest of the day?"


"Akane, you have been very bad..." Her father puts the gun up to her head, "You killed me, after all." And with his finger on the trigger he ordered, "Now...ask for forgiveness."

6/1/2009 #824
Nelle Kozera

"There another water park across town, could go there, and i have money for a taxi." Dresden said.

6/1/2009 #825

"Haha..Look at this." Takes out his dad's card. "He forgot to get this back from me. We can go wherever we want, but that sounds good to me."

6/1/2009 #826
Nelle Kozera

Dresden chuckled. "I wonder if....ah never mind." Dresden said hailing a taxi.

6/1/2009 #827

"What? What do you have in mind?" Nik asked, eager for something interesting.

6/1/2009 #828

The taxi pulled up, and the three friends got in. The clouds that had formed loomed overhead, although the rain had stopped.

6/2/2009 #829
Nelle Kozera

Dresden sighed." i was wondering how many people saw the news broadcast." He said looking at the new people.

6/2/2009 #830

Nik looked up at Dresden, "Probabaly a lot... honestly, there is no way to tell." after a pause he grinned big, "Maybe not?" And then yawned.

6/2/2009 #831

Koma looked down as he crossed his arms and sighed, "I just hope we don't get treated differently after that incident..."

6/2/2009 #832
Nelle Kozera

"We have always been treated differently, now...i really don't know." Dresden said getting the car.

6/2/2009 #833

Nik didn't look at either one of them. What could he say? He was just as guilty as others. The taxi driver turned around in his seat and looked at the two anthors before wathching the road again. He rubbed his mustache and looked in the rearview mirror straight at Dresden.

6/2/2009 #834
Nelle Kozera

Dresden wasn't paying attention to the taxi driver and instead was looking out the window at the passing people from inside the car. Each of his breaths fogged the glass a little. He absentmindly began playing with the small dragon shaped crystal that hung on a neckace around his neck. "You know what change of plans, drop us off at the mall." Dresden said to the man driving.

6/2/2009 #835

"The mall? What's at the mall?" Koma asked as he continued looking down.

6/2/2009 #836

Without answering, the driver asked, "Didn't I see you on the news during my break?"

Nik balled his hands into fists and looked at Koma. He could feel his fur rustling against his knee. His own hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #837
Nelle Kozera

"Going to another water park is going to likey end with one or more of us in jail, mall should be better....i hope..." Dresden said not looking away from the window. Dresden looked at the driver. "I don't know did you?" Dresden asked him.

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #838
Nelle Kozera

~|*Walks over to nik and brands gay into his forhead*|~

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #839

Koma shifted his eyes over noticing Nik and scooted over a bit, keeping his fur away from him, "Sorry...I forgot that other people usually don't like fur against them."

6/2/2009 #840
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