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I finished book 5 yesterday... good

2/2/2009 #31

You can read about them on Wikipedia. It gives their summaries and stuff. Unfortunately I've only read up to book 5. I am so jealous of the Austrailians!!!! It's not fair.

2/14/2009 #32

No Wiki for me too much stuff given away I wanna read how John writes it

2/14/2009 #33
Her Fantasy

Yay, you finally finished book 5! Took you long enough. :D

And I would never read anything on Wikipedia. I'm a patient person, I can wait for the books to come out. Ha ha, you call him "John"? I always feel weird calling him by his first name.

2/17/2009 #34

Okay how Flanagan writes it _ lol

2/21/2009 #35
Her Fantasy

Not that, either. I call him John Flanagan. Or JF.

2/27/2009 #36

From the back of the ninth book:

10. The Emperor of Nihoh-Jin (hope I spelt it right)

From what I gather off the Official Australian Ranger's Apprentice Page on Facebook, Will won't have an apprentice until after the end of the tenth book.

And yes, I am Australian. Don't hate me though, I am really into this series. I got a bit of copper wire and shaped it into the shape of an oak leaf.

11/21/2009 #37

Cool. Emperor of Nihoh-Jin? Looks like Will goes to Flanagan's version of East Asia

11/21/2009 #38
Her Fantasy

Copper wire in an oak leaf shape? That sounds cool! Maybe I'll try that...if I can find a way to get wire.

11/25/2009 #39

lol ^^

11/25/2009 #40

Well, I was using the wire for a science atom model, and I realized I had a whole lot left over. I based it on the chapter heading oak leaf in the Australian editions.

11/28/2009 #41
Her Fantasy
That is so cool!
11/29/2009 #42

idk how to reply narmally, so i just clicked on the button that makes me reply to a person... anyway iv'e read book 6, and i wanna read the rest, i wanna read what happens when Will goes to visit Alyss after he gets her letter!! dont be afraid to spoil that part for me, i wanna know! but make sure that it isnt spoiled 4 any1 else!

2/25/2010 #43
Her Fantasy

I think that's actually the end of this chapter in Will's life. Book 7 goes back in time to between book 4 and book 5. Then book 8, I believe, goes forward again - but I think it's more like the beginning of a new story than a continuation of the old one. I mean, I have no way of knowing this, since book 8 didn't come out yet, but for some reason that's just the feeling I get.

2/26/2010 #44

'Ey, Dude that reply button IS the normal way to reply far as I can tell, I've been doin' this forum thing for years, just really not this one.

2/26/2010 #45

Yup, book eight does go forward in time to after book six. (Again, in Australia, book nine has been released.)

2/27/2010 #46

I think I read somewhere that it is about Will with his first apprentice... That true?

2/28/2010 #47

I read book 7!!!

3/15/2010 #48
Her Fantasy
Isn't it awesome? I love the whole desert atmosphere! It adds a really good, adventurous feel to the book.
3/26/2010 #49

Yeah! It does, i like the part when Will goes after Tug, and when Halt wonders if the 'north seekers' got interfeared with by the iron, I wanted Will to figure it out sooooo bad

6/4/2010 #50

Hi guys! ^?^ I'm Rowana Renee', but you know that lol ^?^

6/5/2010 #51


I'm Lily. I loooooove Will x Alyss!!

I'm from Australia but, sadly, I don't own the 9th book. So don't give anything away! Only a couple more days...

I'm excited about Number 10. Who else is? I read the blurb of the book and kinda went something like this: "OH EM GEEES YAYYYYYYY! EVANLYN AND ALYSS SHOW DOWN!"


6/28/2010 #52
Her Fantasy

Evanlyn and Alyss showdown? Why? What did the blurb say?

6/29/2010 #53

Since I just started the series a few days ago, I'm in the middle of book 7, but Will/Alyss is what's really pushing me forward through it so fast. I love how unexpected the kiss was in book one, and then I was kinda mad that nothing happened there for a few books, and that Will didn't do anything with Cass, but then with book 5, I think it kinda skipped too much of the Will/Alyss relationship development and just dived in after they had been seeing each other for months. The tension and uncertainty that JF created near the end of book 6 was great, and the finish to 6 was absolutely beautiful. And then I (not knowing there were more books) became a little disappointed in not knowing how their relationship panned out, so, for the first time in my life, I turned to fanfiction. So is there more of them together in the later books?

7/8/2010 #54

Oh you can find the blurb in many a places :) But here it is:

Horace has disappeared. He was sent on a military mission months ago to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Jin but has not returned. Evanlyn is concerned, and together with Will and Alyss, she ventures out to try and find out more information about their old friend.

They discover that Horace has become caught up in Nihon-Jin politics. The arrogant Senji Sect has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler. Now he and Will must convert farm and forest workers into a fighting force that can face the highly skilled Senji warriors. Meanwhile, Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their long-standing rivalry to seek assistance from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers.

7/8/2010 #55

:D The book sounds awsome. I can't wait to read it- I've read the whole serie so far. Maybe those Senji Sect are sort of Ninja's- in Flanagan .XD

10/29/2010 #56
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