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Are you upset with what is happening? Is there something about Vampire Knights you don't like? Then you can rant here! Why your upset and others can disagree or agree with you in the own rantings...first forum I made wow...uuhhh...POST?
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A.k.a Soft-chan

i think if yuuki ends up being killed.. murdered (by me~!), kaname&zero also will die.. helloooo, suicide?

and why always YuukixKaname or YuukixZero? why not AidoxLuca, RimaxAkatsuki, ShikixZero, SaraxKaname or such.. heh, why?

10/2/2010 #31

No, of course not. If Yuuki is murdered, Kaname and/or Zero will still have a reason to live since they will try to find out who killed her or before she is murdered/dies, she will them (him) to live on without her. :D

Ew Shiki x Zero. I hate you now. Jk, read my profile why. XP And because people are different. :)

10/2/2010 #32
Kai's kitty

why always Kaname/Yuuki or Zero/Yuuki? at least in my idea I never said THAT

My idea of pairing for Kaname and Zero are always based on being together meaning Zero/Kaname

for other pairing I ship Rido/Kaname (because Rido and Kaname is simply yummiliscious) , Zero/Ichiru, Rido/Haruka and Takuma/Shiki

as you see I am a h*** yaoi fan XD

10/2/2010 #33

What? @_@ Do you mean that I hate Zero/Yuuki?

10/2/2010 #34

As in, I meant, I hate ZeYu? People have different opinions...? @_@ Me no get.

10/2/2010 #35
Kai's kitty

I just put the pairings I liked ^^

and mentioned that I like yaoi ^^

10/2/2010 #36

Ah okay.... :)

10/2/2010 #37
A.k.a Soft-chan

the shikixzero thing.. i just put that in for fun, it's just an example for me always seeing ZeKi or YuMe..

but actually i don't like yaoi.., it's just.. yea, ew....

and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don't hate me! i promise i'll never chose a random pairing again.. (sparkle)

10/3/2010 #38

Yes, please no Shiki x Zero. O_____O

:D~~~ Let's be friends~! XD

10/3/2010 #39
A.k.a Soft-chan


10/3/2010 #40

Hahaha. XD

10/3/2010 #41
Kai's kitty

@Irisa Michiko Kini: nah, of course I don't hate you XD my mind just can not process het couples in vampire knight and most of other manga/anime lolz ...but every one is free to ship characters the way they want ^^

to be honest it is absolute torture for me to see Kaname with Yuuki in manga every month or randomly with Zero.It is like acid. T__T

but since I love vampire knight and the plot line is great and Kaname and Zero are great characters and the hope of them meeting and having some time together makes me go on *sulks*


10/4/2010 #42
A.k.a Soft-chan

true, but i also think the YuukixKaname chapters are really cute.. besides, i don't really think zero and yuuki will be together again.. (not that they actually were.. T.T), so i decided to stick on the 'I'M A YUME-FAN!' , since ZeKi isn't going to work... (sob)

10/4/2010 #43
No Contact Ever

hey i hate yuuki like you hate ruka i am upset that she didn't get with kain but she will (hopefully) and i like ruka but not more than rima she's my fav. it's ashame she doesn't get shown much

and the whole kaname or zero you choose situatuion can go to hell. seriously let them all kill each other they don't deserve screen time or to be epic loser main characters. they should have a death party and kill everyone lame on the show. and while there at it can you bring rido back from the dead i want to see him and shiki's mom together. also kill off yori she can go die as well. i'm tired of her and aidou being together in fanfics she sucks. put him with anyone but her come on she's a damn human he's not to fond of humans anyways he's only in it for the fangirls. i will except aidouxruka akatsukixaidou and aidouxkaname (not all the time) and even a rarley heard of pairing aidouxmaria.just not her

i feel so much better now

11/10/2010 #44
No Contact Ever

woah hold up no shiki anyone but rima or takuma and mabey kaname cause i like cousinscest

11/10/2010 #45
No Contact Ever

i agree with some of those Aidouxluca is good and so is Rimaxakatsuki

11/10/2010 #46


She already has Kanamethud

why does she need Zero?

Like she used to be ok now shes to SPOILED ever since Kaname brought her to the mansion Yuuki has been like this KANAME ONII SAMA~~~KYAAAAA♥♥♥♥

like the stupid freakin DAY CLASS GIRLS I was sooo happy that she went to the HA(Hunters association however the heck you spell it)

cause ZERO WAS THERE i love bloody rose you know why?


Kaname is WAYYY to old and secretive! Technically he's ancestor kaname in Juri and Haruka;s Kaname's body (EWW)

and Ancestor Kaname is 10,000 years old and Normal Kaname is 18..or 19

so SOMEWHERE AROUN 10,019 years old! ITS OLDER THAN SHIZUKA! He has waayyy to many secrets and he KILLED Aidous dad you should have seen how much Aidou ACTUALLY cried for REAL!

Plus i dun like the fact that Kaname and Yuki(LOL i should add a c there so its Yucki) are siblings=EWWWWWW YUCKY!!!

Zero is wayyy to good for Yuuki but he needs someone to bring him out of pain and his emoness!

Kaito is annoying him(good job Kaito) which sorta makes Zero ok and less emo

and Working at HA made him happier but still D:

its like Yori should join the HA so then she could be with Zero(i dunno its like nobody is there for Zero!)

3/13/2011 #47
No Contact Ever

yes an understanding person poor aidou i feel sorry for him he just got out of being freaking held captive and the first thing he's sees on the outside is his father being killed. the i*** thing doesn't bother me. however only on certain people does it go well. since kaname is so old now it's not like brother and sister anymore it's like great grand daughter and grandfather. now that's just plain nasty i don't like that.

and even thought i don't care much about the main characters at all your right where is zero's lover it's agitating that him and kaname have to share her i mean come on stupid pick one she's so spoiled she thinks she can have it both ways that's not going to happen i would rather see both kurans die in the final chapter. (when ever that's going to be no time soon hopefully) and about chapter 67 kaname left and i can't remember what he said right before the exit but it was something concerning yuuki that sounded like a parting are they breaking up or what?

and in chapter 68 we still got no reason as to why he killed aidou's father!!!!!! (p.s why are ruka and akatsuki helping him escape)

somehow i think this is all yuuki's fault i hate her

3/13/2011 #48

haha i haven't replied to this in a while O_o well anyways now i am all for zeroxmaria

i just hate the way yuuki bit zero without his permission. all of the times zero bit yuuki were because

1. she let him

2. he was slowly turning to level E

Now she gets mad that maria likes Zero and she still loves Kaname! W** Kaname is in a place where lava is O_o

i don't know in some chapter aidou or kain said "Kaname-sama the lava will burn the manor" or something like that. That part i didn't understand at all O_o I also don't get how Takuma comes back...did i miss a chapter because last time i checked takuma was still being held by sara but i am happy my taku is back :D

7/18/2011 #49
No Contact Ever

i said the same thing about the lava yeah you totally missed a chapter or two right now kaname and kaien cross are about to fight and sara has become class president i have no idea what ruka and akatsuki are doing but it appears as though they are trying to ward off people form in front of a purebloods house because kaname asked them to and what the hell is kaname's promblem he keeps saying i'm sorry to ruka yet you turn aroung and ask her to do more things for you i'm getting fed up with him and he's trying to kill all purebloods i don't like where this is going at all

8/3/2011 #50

Kaname dies OMFG i am conflicted I spent so much time hating him. and now he goes and dies on me. I have no one left to hate.

6/9/2013 #51

Yeah can't believe the manga's finally over. I really was hopping Yuuki died too, but hey, I hate Yuuki, and hated Kaname. I still have people to hate XD

I'm so mad, the fact that Yuuki apparently had kids with Zero but now she has some kid with Kaname?

I find that kind of disgusting. "Hey can I have your babies Zero?" the reply "Sure" . Then they have kids "Oh Zero, you see I live forever and your dying I loves yous" (sob sob sob) Zero dies. Apparently then somehow Yuuki is all "Oh my love is gone, Imma make Kaname come back to me and have his kids too!"

The hell?

6/9/2013 #52
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