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Are you upset with what is happening? Is there something about Vampire Knights you don't like? Then you can rant here! Why your upset and others can disagree or agree with you in the own rantings...first forum I made wow...uuhhh...POST?
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C'mon, guys! I'm tired of the fail of Yuuki being the main character! I know you do too! C'mon, rant! The epic fail main character!

Please don't "kill" anyone though meaning don't be too harsh to them. :) They might leave the fandom, we wouldn't want that now, do we? Support the series!

5/31/2010 #1

I liked Yuki before she turned into a vamp. Now, I just hate her.

7/8/2010 #2
Kai's kitty

who hates Yuuki?

I hate her =____=

I mean what is the use of her? tell me please? she just smiles pathetically, in a fake innocent way and brainwashes Kaname and Zero. and God..what kinda pureblood vampire is she? I see no trace of a pureblood in her ....no diginity of a pureblood,no real super power (she can weild Artemis...oh WOW...thanks to Kaname,what if he wasn't there?) and she can not ultimately choose even though she went with Kaname thus she is hurting both Kaname and Zero.

Epic fail main protagonist any one? XD

10/2/2010 #3

OMG, yes, OMG!!!! 8D I hate her!

Ikr! Have you noticed that every character seem to like her? O_o My goodness!

Yuuki, why can't you just choose one person? ;____;

10/2/2010 #4
Kai's kitty

well,isn't it like every Shoujo manga functions? every bishie (which usually are hot,elite and cool) like and most of the time fall in love with the dumbest, Oh-So-Epic-Fail female character ever in the whole manga.

and for some reason I dunno why mangaka create their main female protagonist dumb and useless =____=

10/2/2010 #5

I mostly read Shonen and Yaoi! 8D!!!!!

Urgh, Ikr.... ;___; makes me wanna cry..... and that's why I mostly read yaoi and shonen....

10/2/2010 #6
Kai's kitty


VK is ike the only shoujo manga I read constantly and every time it gets updated. the other manga I read are yaoi and shounen and the only forum I am active in is a yaoi forum .

I like some females in other manga (which are rare) but let's face it. as a girl myself I find it insulting how most girls are potrayed either dumb or ultimately sugary innocent and suddenly with the help of their innocence and blah blah they can be super-epic-wowS !

it is rediculos =_=

10/3/2010 #7

I only read VK not because of the love triangle and such, but the art and the bishies. :3 I'm more active in shonen forums. :D

Urgh, makes me wanna cry sometimes. ;____;

10/3/2010 #8
Kai's kitty

I am totally for love traingles ...but in this one I prefer to have a red mark on Yuuki XD

hmmm....are you a member of aarinfantasy?

10/4/2010 #9
No Contact Ever

oh my god your so right she's a fail i hate her i hope she dies why coulden't thay make the story change after the academy ok she has her happy ending. now let's make the rest of the show about the vampires that are actually cool you know who i mean^^ espically Rima. and what's the deal with that she has no powers with out her weapon knock it out of her hand durning battle and it's game over. and to top it off why is her friend still in the manga she can get the hell out too!!! i'm tired of people pairing her with aidou she sucks like yuuki and is human come on wake up people ok getting a hold of myself went fangirl crazy

11/10/2010 #10

I think she is ridiculous,but don't forget that this is a shoujo for little teeny girls.

She is naive, cheerful, rather simple minded, so I would say that a lot of little girls can relate to that, because we all were going through such a time in our lives.

Every good looking man falls for this unlikely heroine and let's the girls dream about their prince in shining armor.

Let them dream, because this bubble will burst soon enough.

BUT STILL, I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit that I ranted about her in the Vampire Knight Yaoi Forum. Sometimes I just get into B***-mode.

I still don't understand why Kuran chose her? Their only similarity is their hair.

2/22/2011 #11


Its like she's like KANAME ONII-SAMA I LOVE YOU

while i am like this EEWWW hes not even your brother(you know ancestor Kaname)

She doesn't even bother to ask if Kaname is really her great great great great great grandfather

and about....really anything!

She thinks Kaname will always SAVE and Protect her from the most retardest things!

She is hurting Zero so much and is soooo stupid and doesn't realize anything!!!! It's like Kaname knows how retarded she is thats why he hired the Night Class as her babysitters and BAM SHE 'S SO STUPID SHE HAD TO GO TO THE HUNTERS ASSOCIATION!

tada that my friends is how retarded Yuuki can be!

3/13/2011 #12
No Contact Ever

ha ha ha ha your so funny this is completley right i wish she would just die and get it over with. she's stupid and a fail of a main character. and your right she never asked him anything of the sort or anything at all it's irritating and we all know that if she does ask he'll find a way to dodge the question. even kaname knows she's slow as do the rest of us and that's why we are all posting here.^^

3/13/2011 #13

Also when she turned into a vamp...

she became slightly more smart...

She actually could use words like collaboration with no problem at all.

Now in chapter 73 its like "I DONT WANT MARIA TAKING AWAY MY ZERO I WILL BITE ZERO FOR ALL THE TIMES HE BIT ME" (you dummy! he bit you cause you let him this time he didn't let you but you did it anyway!) *bites zero*

viola thats how she goes all stupid and then I LOVE YOU KANAME right before she does it -_-

7/18/2011 #14
No Contact Ever

yuuki is highly upsetting isn't that like cheating on her future husband by biting someone else and aidou saw i wonder what he's going to do yuuki is become more of a pain each day i don't care who kills her zero kaname sara somebody just do it please!!!!

8/3/2011 #15
Red Hooded Angel

I do! Well, hate is a strong word so I guess I'll use another word. Dislike. Yes, dislike is more like it.

She's too perfect it hurts. I mean she's that typical 'weak innocent but try so hard to be the heroine' character. She wants to protect everything but she fails. One second she falls in love with Kaname but then the next second she's head over heels about Zero. It annoys me. I think it's better for the plot if she only loves one of them, can be either Kaname or Zero I don't really mind. but I'm already Zero-biased so yeaaah.....

It's just my opinion though, don't bash :D

10/17/2011 #16

I dont hate Yuki. She's okay but not the best character . I would perfer to see more Rima and Shiki! YEAHH!

10/23/2011 #17
No Contact Ever

I would totally like to see more Shiki and Rima they would make everyone's day ^_^

But Yuuki does beat most female anime characters in some series. But i still hate her guts. I'm with you and against you lol

10/24/2011 #18
I hate her I hate her! My only wish is for Kaname to leave her for good or kill her! How dare she says she love him then the next moment she tells him that half of her belonged to Zero! Gross gross gross she is such a traitor! She doesn't deserve a perfect person like Kaname damn it! Thank u I so much need to unleash my hatred emotions :(
8/17/2012 #19

Hate is a strong word. I just strongly dislike her. to what every one has said I mostly agree. she is SSSSOOOOO stupid in all scenes of the word.

6/9/2013 #20
I don't hate her and actually like Zeki( mostly because of Zero) but I MUST agree that she fails as a main character :/ too wishywashy, doesn't make up her mind, and is useless in many ways, often dumb as well... I try not to focus on that. I usually do read shonen and yaoi too, but I love to find worthwhile shoujo that doesn't make me ashamed to be a girl. XD I love funny ones that have personalities you really get into.
8/17/2013 #21


8/1/2017 #22

I sort of dislike Yuki. Don't get me wrong, she's a very kind person. But c'moooon, she gets both Kaname and Zero. Not fair, if you ask me. I just wish Kaname and Zero get along a bit more :(

8/1/2017 #23
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