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Are you upset with what is happening? Is there something about Vampire Knights you don't like? Then you can rant here! Why your upset and others can disagree or agree with you in the own rantings...first forum I made wow...uuhhh...POST?
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..... Yuuki's deviant behavior at all?!

I mean she calls the man, she supposedly loves Onii-sama. So in translation, that means big brother.


This relationship is in itself already sick enough. Instead of ignoring this delicate matter, it seems that Yuuki indulges in the feeling to have an intimate relationship with her brother. She grew up as human, with human moral but as she came to know about her being the sister of Kuran, she is surprisingly relaxed about that matter.

I don't know if I misunderstood something in that manga, but Kuran took over the body of her brother, so physically they are extremely close related to each other.

Even if they aren't it is still f***ed up!

Anyways, she doesn't appear to me that innocent anymore, but as the sickest character.

What do you think about that?

excuse my insufficient English.

9/13/2011 #1

I agree.Orginally i didnt pay any attention to her at all, but then you cant help but when the entire story almost revolves around her which gets sooo annoying. I'm not a fan at all for their relationship let alone her being with anyone in general. She tires me to no end with her annoying self and i much prefer to see her get killed, but that wont happen since shes a made up character and the main at that. *sigh*

10/2/2011 #2
well we never know, maybe ZERO KILLS YUUKI XD that would be awesome! Then Kaname gets mad but then -Takuma- (Yes that adds suspense O_o) kills Kaname! (well this is an idea for my fanfiction lol) but yeah Yuuki should just make up her mind @_@ she's making me confused with everything now
11/1/2011 #3
Well i would'nt say i want Kaname dead, i actually love him like a love Zero. Maybe if were lucky Sara kills Yuuki and Kaname kills Sara and thats it,the two main boys don't die. I don't think Kaname should die because he gets angered that Zero killed Yuuki when the girl couldnt even choose. If she dies i'll be so happy. :)
11/2/2011 #4
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