The First Worst Witch forum
Seeing as there wasn't a worst witch fanfic forum I thought I'd create one. Anyone and any topic welcome. Come on in and put your feet up, share wierd crossover ideas and generally say how awesome HB's pyjamas are. No, I'm sane honestly!
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The Blue Moon Fairy

*looks innocent*

noooo.... *fumbles for plug*

it told me it wanted cleaning... how was i to know it didn't like water?? o.O




1/10/2011 #91
The Blue Moon Fairy

you mean it has another meaning??? o_O well........ that's news...... :P




1/10/2011 #92
Princess Sammi

*Sammi jumps out from nowhere*

*waves to RufusratlovesAM*

Welcome to the world of WW - granted we are nuts but a friendly bunch :) So like the others said any advice/questions just holler and we will come running.

I admit the riddle I have never and will never even attempt to solve it as I will get nowhere, its a well known fact maths is my worst subject.

*ponders what would have happened if I had turned up to HB's exam armed with a calculator ...*

*Guesses she would not be amused*

ahem .... moving on well thats about all I have to say.

Ah the mic - also played waterloo at somepoint as well, me thinks its broken - has nothing to do with me or BMF ... this time ;)

*Waves and blows a kiss to NCD and BMF - btw ten mins I've been trying to type this for ( whilst watching Glee :D) and I keep losing my train of thought as the emails are coming in like *clicks fingers* :P love to you both.

@ NCD - your quote - I know it could almost pass as a philosophical conversation between the two lol :)

Princess S


1/10/2011 #93

Just discovered a new one in Alarms and Diversions...

'Come on... I know the old Semolina bowl trick when I see it!'

I can't believe I've never seen this episode before.

1/11/2011 #94
HB's Favourite

Welcome RufusratlovesAM... hope to see some WW stories from you soon!

Sorry if anyone's mentioned this one already, but I've only just glanced through these and I just love the way this particular one flows. From, of course, "The Great Outdoors":

"I beg your pardon Miss Drill. Young man: I have been patient. There's plenty of fraternisation going on out there but precious little sign of any de-camping. WE hired the site first, it's getting late, and your group will just have to move on."

I was in a shop the other day when the assistant was being a little... shall we say... relaxed of pace. It occurred to me then how embarrassing it would be to have Constance accompanying you and probably losing her temper when things weren't happening as quickly as she would like.

1/24/2011 #95

I love that that was the thought in your head (I also love that I'm not the only one that thinks things like that...)!

1/25/2011 #96
HB's Favourite

LOL - I ALWAYS think of things like that! And when in a dilemma - "what would HB do?"

Oooh and another one, from "Better Dead Than Co-Ed", to Mildred after the cake-throwing incident:

"You may count yourself very, very fortunate indeed."

I think it's the way she growls it through gritted teeth that just gets me every time... *fantasises*

1/28/2011 #97
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

First time posting (does little dance)

I have always liked these from The Millennium Bug

HB:I have one thing to say to you, Miss Cackle *turns* I resign *Cackle looks horrified*


Millie:Why are you leaving, Miss Hardbroom

HB: Because I only know one tune, Mildred Hubble. And I can't dance to any other


Ethel:You think my father's got it all wrong, don't you?


Ethel:And now your going to come up with some mad scheme to stop him from selling the castle and expect us all to go along with it - Drusilla and me as well. And after all the trouble you've given us over the last two years.

Drusilla:*stands* You must be crazy!

Ethel:Sit down, Drusilla *she does so - Ethel looks at Mildred* What's the plan?


HB:... but standards must be maintained. I wish you ALL... a very pleasent holiday *does some twirling with fingers and decorations appear all over* TAKE IT AWAY! * Spell Power song starts with HB seemingly knowing the lyrics*

4/27/2011 . Edited 4/27/2011 #98
Princess Sammi

*waves at Pixel and Stephanie Forever*

*offers cookies*

yay for first time posting!:)

I agree The Millenium Bug does have a lot of good quotes.

Millie:Why are you leaving, Miss Hardbroom

HB: Because I only know one tune, Mildred Hubble. And I can't dance to any other

*sobs* first time I heard that, when I was about 8 or 9, it broke my heart, and nearly 11 years on, it still has the same effect on me!

And yep, it's totally weird how she knows all the lyrics ( kind of like how she knows exactly how to use the radio equipment in the Witchy Hour ) , me thinks she's a secret fan ;)

Princess S


4/27/2011 #99
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

Thanks for the cookies, Princess - and the welcome of course.

I just thought - I know its not a quote as such, but when Mr Hallow is displaying the new school on his laptop, the music is the theme tune to like what you get in shopping centres! Always thought that cute.


Agatha: You can't be the same little girl

Millie: *played very straight faced* Oh, but I am!


Miss Drill: Oh, Miss Hardbroom... so you're not a frog then?

HB: No.....


Drusilla: Can I have a costume?

HB: You can have a helmet


The whole Rock N Roll Magic Chant was pretty awesome too - Cackle and HB's faces are just priceless

4/27/2011 #100

The wave did not go unnoticed. My problem is that I am typing almost completely left-handed. My right hand is doing i, m, o and commas and that's about it...

4/27/2011 #101

Tis not so hot over here any more. Ahem. Quotes.

*Kimmeth racks brains.*

Aha! HB's fatal last words:

"What's the point of making an anti-gunge potion in the first place?"

Hi folks. Long time no see but I'm still alive. Ish. Might not be for much longer if I insist on throwing myself on the floor instead of dancing the cha-cha. Warm welcome to all newbies, thanks for keeping the forum alive!

4/27/2011 #102
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

Thanks - I know of NCd and Kimmeth as I really like your fics, and HB's Favourite's too. I'm in the process of making a HB/Harry Potter crossover where Harry and Hermione go to cackles (with a few things altered) Now to Quotes:

Miss Bat: *comes rushing in to the staff room, looks at Agatha and cronies, at the staff and then repeats twice* Have I missed anything?

4/27/2011 #103
Princess Sammi

Pixel and Stephanie Forever: *waves again* no probs, and I'll just echo NCD's quote about advice etc :)

*Applauds quote*

Drusilla:Can I have a costume?

HB:You can have a helmet

LOL love the way she says it! Kind of like, you can have a helmet and you can be grateful for it.

*waves to NCD*

"on the forward page you will see nothing unless you've already gone back one"

*sniggers* Oh how you crack me up …

@ the quote LOLOLOLOL , I know its mean, but 'technically' she did ask for it ;)

*waves at Kimmeth too*

Now for a quote *racks brains* hmmm its defo getting harder (partly because I think we've used most of them, and partly because currentlyall I have stuck in my head is the remix of the song S&M, which earlier lead to not paying attention, tripping up the stairs and falling into the bookcase. … walking disaster much :P)

Anyhooo …. I've always quite liked this one:

Midred: I'm afraid I can't bring them back. We don't learn repuffication until next term

Something about it that amuses me



4/27/2011 #104
*waves to all* I don't have the brain power to come up with a quote just now but I love the one with the helmet!
4/27/2011 #105
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

HB:*Mildred has just found the black broom on the paper and shows it to HB* This is what I get for trying to be fair....


Off topic I know, but I'm plugging my Worst Witch Harry Potter crossover

4/30/2011 . Edited 4/30/2011 #106
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

(Had to double post because the edit refused to work)

Cackle: Mr Hallow has become, by way of supporting the school the major shareholder of Cackle's Academy

HB: You mean he owns it!

7/13/2011 #107

I absolutely love this one

Enid: You're not a unicorn

7/13/2011 #108
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

*HB enters Cosie's*

Cackle: *gasps in panic* Oh...

7/13/2011 #109
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

(sorry - this thing just will not edit this morning)

HB: Oh well, FIRE AWAY, Mildred... we'll save you

AC: Just do your best dear. Anything's possible, Miss Hardbroom

HB: Except the impossible, Miss Cackle

MH: (Takes the potion and turns into water)

HB: See? (raises hands to cast spell)

Miss Gribble: No, wait

MH: (turns into sparkly ice and then back to normal) Is that alright, Miss Gribble? I couldn't tell if I had managed to sparkle or not

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #110
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

@NCD - I dont think we have had those yet.

AC: We all have a special part to play in the running of the school

ID: Well mine seems to be gooseberry!


Mr Hallow: What do you call a cauldron with a removeable lid? A dustbin


HB: Mildred, if anyone can get that into your muddled mind, they will be the best potions teacher on the planet! (moments later Mildred does the magic correctly)

AC: What was that, Miss Hardbroom? 'Best potions teacher on the planet'?

7/23/2011 . Edited 7/23/2011 #111
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

HB: MILDRED HUBBLE! (technically not a quote, but what the heck?)

7/27/2011 #112
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

The Inspector Calls

HB: What have you done?


Mistress Broomhead: You double crossing cheat! How dare you! Turn me back immidiatly! You can't do this to me - I'm Hecketty Broomhead! Do you realise how important I am? *Miss Cackle raises an eyebrow at her in full 'Am I bothered? mode* Turn me back now, or I swear you'll regret it. You'll see!

MH: Does this mean she was always like this?

AC: *tuts* Yes... she was, actually... *Mildred looks at her and HB's neck snaps so loud you can just about hear the snapping!*

7/27/2011 #113
Aleksandra Hardbroom

you forgot the LOOK on H.B.'s Face. The shock and oh my goodness is GREAT.

8/8/2011 #114

Von Ratenburg What'shisface from the Lost Cord: "and then the suprise will go poof."

10/1/2011 #115
"Leaving me, hot stuff haired hardbroom" "I think we need to have a chat in your office, auntie amellia" "I didn't slam the door, I merely closed it with authority"
10/1/2011 #116
Marie Knight

reply to: NextChristineDaae post on Apr 23rd 2010, 7:29am

"Oh, what about the riddle HB gave Charlie - did anyone ever work it out?

If it takes four witches four hours to train six cats to ride a broomstick, and it takes half as long to train a cat to ride a broom than it does for a snail to crawl right around a pond, how long will it take for a snail to crawl right around the pond three times assuming its speed remains constant?

Now, I concluded *points out maths is not her strongest point*

It takes four hours to train the cats: half of four is two, which is the time it takes for the snail to do a lap around the pond.

Two hours per lap for three laps is six hours. Anyone else get that or am I completely off the mark? Lol."


that'd be correct if it was 4 hrs for 1 cat, but it say's 4 hrs for 4 witches to train6cat's...emphasis on 6

so u need to figure out how long it'd take for 1 cat to be trained, not all 6

10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #117
Marie Knight quote.....

hmmm.... Ok I have two

Ep: Better Dead Than Co-Ed

Baz and Gaz, Looking through telescope at HB: "Uh-oh, all is not well Mon Capitan"

"what's up"

"They've brought their secret weapon"


Setting: entrance hall of Camelot....the young witches & wizards talking

Heliborring(hate him...gag): "Attention please!...Iffff I could just...Everyone listen to me please...If I could just..."

HB: "Quiiiieeeet!!!"

hall falls silent

loved that one : )

10/17/2011 #118

Fave quotes hmm.... Oh, Oh I have one. Maud: Wow look at HB ! Jadu : She's got hair I'll need to think of a few more but this'll do in the mean time :)

10/25/2011 #119

HB: So when did you last see those other girls, the ones who pulled you from the ditch, who where on their way here and must presumably be proceeding in this direction?

Sam Hope(?): Er- Could repeat that?

HB: *sigh and eye roll* no wonder we're still waiting for awncers to letters we sent your office twenty years ago.

10/25/2011 #120
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