The First Worst Witch forum
Seeing as there wasn't a worst witch fanfic forum I thought I'd create one. Anyone and any topic welcome. Come on in and put your feet up, share wierd crossover ideas and generally say how awesome HB's pyjamas are. No, I'm sane honestly!
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Nic Neptune

Okay, I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but it's the only place I think I can ask on a wide scale.

I am a nut for roleplaying! Just love it and I'd love to do some rp's of the Worst Witch but I've no one to do it with. And we're all avid fans here so I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested? We could either do it here, on Bebo (which I think is the best site for roleplaying, personally), Facebook, MySpace or anything like that. We could even do it here. But I was just wondering if any of you would care to join can be any character you want btw (I've picked Griselda for myself =P) so please reply if you're interested.

Thanks in advance for any takers!...if there are none then forget this and I feel like an idiot lol!

6/14/2010 #1
Princess Sammi


Aww woop woop, sounds like a fab idea hun :D I've seen it done before on some of the other fandoms and always thought worst witch should have one.

Can I be HB?


6/14/2010 #2
Nic Neptune

Yes, of course! Where would you like to post these rp's? =)

6/14/2010 #3
Princess Sammi

Aww thanks :)

Eh not too bothered hun , but here may be best as bebo is no more after summer if is scrubbed *sobs- haven't actually used it in years but still ... its nostalgic :) and I am currently having a meltdown trying to log into facebook:

If it tells me just ONE more time: ' my account is currrently unavailable due to being under site maintenance' I think I will actually cry lol


6/14/2010 #4
The Half Cast Mourne Posh Girl


p.s can i be HB?

and site dosnt really matter dear :D though i dont have a myspace account :)

6/14/2010 #5
The Half Cast Mourne Posh Girl

ohh just realised that PS wanted to be HB... have we concidered HB having a twin? ;P

6/14/2010 #6
The Half Cast Mourne Posh Girl


forgot to say, if the above id a probelm then i will gladly be Miss Cackle :)

6/14/2010 #7
Nic Neptune

Just to say, I don't see myself as the "boss" of this, just the "suggestor". So you can be who you want, no need to ask... =) Here would be cool if you've trouble signing in elsewhere. Bebo I think is good as you can have other halves, give love and stuff like that - it makes the characters easier to make more real. But, of course, if people have trouble logging on then of course here is fine. =)

I think if we're doing it here start a fresh thread which I can do later if y'all are keen. People can suggest who they wanna be here and rp in the other, it just keeps things more organised. =D

Maybe HCMP could be Cackle normally and if PS isn't on she could rp as Miss Hardbroom in her absense - pending everyone's approval of course???

6/14/2010 #8
Nic Neptune

I just had an idea actually. What if, if we don't get enough people, we take control of a few characters? So for example, one could take Hardbroom, Jadu and Millie, another could take Grizz, Drill and Enid and so forth...

6/14/2010 #9
Aleksandra Hardbroom

Well Constance can have a cousin or another younger sibling. As this does not need to be by the books or show right?

6/19/2010 #10
Nic Neptune

Exactly! Great idea, you can make up any characters you want, it's done in roleplays all the time. =) keep in mind younger versions of characters also. =D We really should try and get started soon actually! Shall I make a new thread so peeps can join in on rp's? (Adds that she cannot wait to start). =D

6/20/2010 #11
Princess Sammi

*waves to all*

Meant to reply to this but ah don't ask got totally distracted with fence painting

Anyhoo Yep, Whichever way we do it is fine with me :) and its totally okay if THCMPG 'stands in' for me as HB when I am not around as I think she will make a fine substitute lol


6/21/2010 #12
Nic Neptune

That's grand so! I'll make a new thread. And we can control multiple characters if the story requires it. =)

6/25/2010 #13
The Blue Moon Fairy

oops... the Fairy has been posting theese on the wrong part of this thread *pulls at collar awkwardly*

heeelllooos *waves whilst grinning*


6/25/2010 #14

Have you thought of taking the worst witch roleplay onto 'second life' brilliant platform for roleplaying

8/9/2010 #15
The Blue Moon Fairy

*BMF opens one eye upon being prodded by NCD*I'm awake, I'm awake! *falls out of chandelier taking blanket with her and curls up on the floor using NCD's foot as a pillow*

which forum, my dear???? ^_^



8/9/2010 #16
The Blue Moon Fairy

OH! THAT FORUM!!! considering I've been replying when the chance arises, I really should know :P *facepalms*



8/9/2010 #17
The Blue Moon Fairy

*switches red for blue* teeeheeheeeee *shifty eyes*

*turns slightly red from embarressment herself* what? it was an easy mistake to make! o.O

*sprinkles some glitter on the blue*



8/9/2010 #18
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