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Seeing as there wasn't a worst witch fanfic forum I thought I'd create one. Anyone and any topic welcome. Come on in and put your feet up, share wierd crossover ideas and generally say how awesome HB's pyjamas are. No, I'm sane honestly!
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Pixel and Stephanie Forever

You buy spellbooks from the local witchcraft shop and attempt to use them

You refer to cooking as potions

When writing out your lesson plan for the new year, you put Chanting Class as the lesson and Miss Bat as the teacher

You use Google Maps/Google Earth to track down Cackle's Academy

You jump whenever somebody shouts the name 'Mildred'

You pay serious amounts of money to have your bedroom redesigned to look just like the rooms at the school

You can recite everyline word for word even though the TV is switched off

When somebody shouts at you, you run and hide in the cupboard

When the Inspectors for your place of work come round and give thier name, you reply "Your name's Willimena Wormwood"

You try to solve problems by pointing your hands at it and attempt to cast spells.

You dress as characters from the show

Upon discovering your PE teacher is REALLY called Miss Drill, you jump up and down and ask to see Miss Cackle.

You create a Mildred Hubble shrine

You resign from work by hiding in the basement and writing your letter of resignation

When you see dying plants, you suggest to the garden centre staff that they contact Mr Blossom

You eat really terrible tasting food Sunday to Friday but eat pizza on Saturdays

You talk in hushed tones in case Miss Hardbroom pops out of the either

Any children you may have are forced to watch the show as part of thier education

You are a teacher and give pupils detentions and tell them to copy the Witches Code

You demand a Witches Oath before undertaking any deal from a female college

8/17/2011 . Edited 8/17/2011 #1
HB's Favourite
During pregnancy, you consider the names Constance, Imogen and Amelia for a girl. On hearing that a friend's newborn is called Constance, you think how pleased Miss Hardbroom would be that her name is finally getting some credence. When you see a short-haired blonde woman out jogging, you double check to see if it's Miss Drill. You find yourself adopting traditional values because you know you would curry favour with HB. You ask people if they believe in magic. When they say they do, you mutually come up with evidence to support your belief. When they say they don't, you pity them. You wish you had a teacher / boss like HB. You are jealous of anyone you know who has a teacher / boss like HB, even though their life is a living hell because of it. You pretend any building with arched windows is Cackle's Academy.
8/18/2011 #2
HB's Favourite
iPad doesn't seem to allow separate lines, for some reason!
8/18/2011 #3
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

You kidnap the cast so they can perform your favourite scenes

8/18/2011 #4

So true although I think that's the only one I haven't done yet Pixel ;)

On long journeys, you complain you could have gotten there faster on your broom stick (which you do have, it just isn't operating at the moment).

On short journeys your fold your arms and try to appear there before resign to walking.

You use Helli-boring as an insult

You drink tea with not only your pinky out but also your first finger (not recommend for when using mugs though.)

If you see some one dressed in black and/or with a pointy hat your first though is Worst Witch rather then harry potter or Halloween

8/19/2011 #5
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

When somebody has annoyed you, you say "WHAT IN THE NAME OF HALLOWEEN DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?"

You track down the email address to certain cast members (I'm working on that)

You refer to your Hubba Bubble pipe as Mildred

You see a shadow on a moonlight sky, and think that someone is going to face HB in the morning

You have a distrust of Wizards

You attempt to apply for Wierdsisters

8/19/2011 #6
HB rules

I read this forum post and thought it was hilarious (and quite close to my own sad yet hilarious heart!) so I thought I most post a few ideas of my own if no-one objects:

Whenever someone says 'Why not' you say 'Make your dreams come true' and then start singing Spell Power to the point where it is what your friends know you for!)

When you photoshop HB into your group of friends and pretend she was there at your birthday

You consider going on a pilgrimage to find the castle

You pretend to cast the transfrogrification spell on people using the exact words

You start thinking Miss Hardbroom is watching whatever you do and could materialise at any minute

You wish you could find a halloween costume to dress like HB :)

8/20/2011 #7

Awesome. Wish I could remember the word to that, I always get them mixed up :D

Most of the doodles you doodle are based on a either book, tv show or films. And most of those are Worst Witch.

You giggle every time you see a HB pencil

8/22/2011 #8
HB rules

Lol I do that with the pencils! All the time, even during exams when I was supposed to be concentrating I would always use my HB pencil and giggle.

When you try to make HB on the sims just because you can

You go on an iPad in HMV, draw HB on the sketch tool and set it as wallpaper

If someone annoys you, behind there back you do the HB fingers and pretend to cast a nasty spell on them

Your message tone is 'I did not slam the door I merely closed it...with authority!'

(This was my father, I cannot be blamed for this sadness) You get some tippex and change HP sauce to HB sauce and stick a picture on XD (OK, I helped with the picture :)

The only thing you can draw is HB looking mean

You find the episodes on youtube and watch them one too many times...

Just a few of my random ramblings :) Love that I am not the only person who knows way too much about WW XD

8/23/2011 #9

Ha! Love the sauce one :D You have it on in the background while doing the housework/homework etc. (And you convinced your self and others you won't be distracted because you practically know it off by heart.)

Helliboring is not your only insult or way of defining an idiot. For example: 'Hallow' can be described as annoyingly, shallow or yuppie. Pretends/Actually believes they are popular. Suits are mandatory to their species and easyily Distracted by anything shiny (or made by apple). new gadget mad. Dreams of appearing on the apprentice and then later on in life as a dragons den. Often heard talking loudly in on trains or in cafes into their mobiles laptop and takwaye coffee but rarely seen doing what anyone else would consider work. Avoid at all costs if wearing a blue tooth device. "The reception is full Mr Hallows this time of the morning." :D

8/26/2011 #10
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

You refuse to let your daughter/s do PE on the grounds it does not benefit a young witch

8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #11

You found the TV show on YouTube over 10 years after it aired and realised that you still knew the words to the school song. However, you can't remember the words to your own school song, even though you graduated a few years after that and actually sang it on a regular basis.

8/29/2011 #12
Princess Sammi

I did this years ago when I was in Primary 5.

You actually write Miss Hardbroom's name as your teacher on your jotter. And then when you realise feel quite sad that she isn't actually your teacher and you're stuck with Mrs Farley ( No, I have no idea how I confused the two either ...)

9/3/2011 #13
HB rules

Lol I did that with the youtube clips! More than 10 years in fact, still love it!

When you and your friend start a group of some sort and insist that Miss Hardbroom is a member.

If you are not sure what to do, you ask: What would HB do?

You perfect the ability to doodle HB, anywhere and everywhere

You give yourself and your friends nicknames based on ww...then when you are watching it laugh at what your associated character is doing (never done that...much! )

9/3/2011 #14

I agree with the doodling!

During games like "snog marry avoid", your suggestions include HB KD Mildred and many other characters and actors from the show.

9/3/2011 #15
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

You refer to Coffee as Wide Awake Potion

You prove you are telling the truth by reciting a list of things in a woman's handbag - subverted by the fact said woman belts you for going through her handbag in the first place

9/6/2011 #16

First day at art college you find yourself wondering if your teacher will be anything like Lamplighter.

You then panic she might be more like Broomhead when she refers to herself as your personal tutor.

Also the vicar looks like a trainee wizard in a casset. Only she doesn't have a beard.

9/9/2011 #17

I guess i must be obsessed with the show then. I have a sleek black cat that I've had since i was 11 and i called her Morgana :)

9/14/2011 #18
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

When you react to the name Hardbroom. (I'm typing this from work, and there is a woman in reception called Miss C hardbroom - I nearly exploded from excitment)

9/15/2011 #19
HB rules

Oh my God I think that I would die if I saw someone called Miss C Hardbroom!

When you have an awful day and start to dream of a potions lesson in Cackles' with Miss Hardbroom.

You get frustrated because potions like Wide Awake potion don't exist because they could be really useful xD

9/15/2011 #20

You take the screen off the TV in an attempt to step through in to Cackles.

You dye your white silk pyjamas purple in an attempt to look like HB ( I dyed my PJ's purple )

9/16/2011 #21
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

You do a double take because you thought the advert said Snap, CACKLE and Pop

9/27/2011 #22

Using your fan-logic you can relate or link any song to Worst Witch. Including the Wombles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themes.

10/1/2011 #23
Pixel and Stephanie Forever
This is no joke! I recently attended a reunion of my old school (remaining nameless to rpotect the stupid) and at the end we sang the school song. I automaticaaly belted out the Cackle's Academy one in place of my old school one
10/27/2011 #24

Ah wow! Wish my school had had a song, if only so I do that at a reunion too!

Started working in a hotel, which did stock Duchene champane. Need I say more? :D

11/26/2011 #25
Pixel and Stephanie Forever

Did one today at home...

My dad is an old fuss pot, and I walked into the study to get a book. He said that i should have knocked and there was no excuse. As i had just watched worst witch on VHS (retro I know) I replied "THE DOOR WAS OPEN"

11/28/2011 #26

I have two:

you make HB and other chracters on the sims

you have the theme song and spell power on your Ipod

12/1/2011 #27
Aleksandra Hardbroom

and were can you get the songs for I- Pod? LOL

12/2/2011 #28

I second that question. :3

Not quite a worst witch so much as a Potter scenario but one of the Brownies (girls guide sort not the eatible type) nearly ate- drank, well consumed sparkly watered down paint because it apparently it looked like a potion. I shouldn't laugh it properly would have made the wee pet seriously ill, but it made me have faith in human imagination.

12/3/2011 #29
HB's Favourite

As a hardened femslasher, you have a "Constance & Imogen" playlist on your iPod.

12/8/2011 #30
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