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Ever noticed some characters that look awfully similar to one in another FE game? Or even in a movie/anime/tv show? Or maybe it's just their personality that is reminiscent of another character. So, if you have ever noticed this, discuss away! :)
4/28/2009 #1
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

Well the way Oscar and Kieran act about their rivalry reminds me of how Kakashi and Gai from Naruto act about theirs. It's hillarious, one is modivated while the other could care less. XD

4/29/2009 #2

Kakashi is awesome... Too bad he's *spoilers*...

Anyvay, I look like a word that WOULD be four asterisks, but FFN makes it two.

...Oh, FE character.

Maybe it's just me, but Kyle and Oscar are kinda similar. Definately not personality-wise, Kyle's more like Kieran. But he and Oscar are green. :D

4/29/2009 #3

Forde reminds me of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and they both wear red as well.

Thinking on that line, Franz is like Alphonse Elric who is Edward's younger brother.

4/29/2009 #4
Elchikaah Haly

Well there's those Red/Green knights that appears in every games, but their personality differs.

Oscar reminds me a lot of Itsuki in Suzumiya Hahuri, minus the Esper power Itsuki has (calm attitude, always smiling, eyes usually shut) :p We could also say he's similar to Brock (oldest sibling, taking care of siblings, squinty, cook, the bright guy of the group), except Oscar doesn't run after girl (fortunetely :3 ). Actually, he reminds me a lot of many Anime characters, lol. And I love those characters, lulz.

4/29/2009 #5

I've only played the Magvel and Tellius series. For some reason, I don't find Kyle and Forde's rivalry to be as funny as Oscar and Kieran's. It must be Kieran himself.

4/29/2009 #6
Trueblade Hinata

I agree with you,Oscar is alot like Brock!

Skrimir reminds me of Knuckles from the Sonic games.They're both red,stuborn,hotheaded and like to fight.The only difference is that one is ana half human,half lion and the other is an anthromorphic echidna.

And still on the subject of Sonic characters,Aimee acts alot like Amy Rose. She's obsessed with the hero(Ike for Aimee and Sonic for Amy)and wants him to be her boyfriend.

And I guess everyone noticed that Nino looks alot like Saria from "The legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time"

4/29/2009 . Edited 4/29/2009 #7

Hey. Nino does look like Saria... Huh!

4/29/2009 #8
Elchikaah Haly

I agree, Nino does look like Saria... They are... like twins, minus the pointy ears. o_O

4/29/2009 #9

And the green outfits. :p

4/29/2009 #10

Saria Saria Saria... All of the Kokiri but Mido are of the greatness

Um, anyways, I've always thought that Joshua looked vaguely like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean with his hat, and even kind of his manner of speech. I'd love it if Joshua started saying 'bugger' thouuugh.

Let's seee, who else? Haar kind of looks like Snake from MGS3 with his eye patch, Oliver could be an ugly Error from Adventure of Link, and Zihark looks rather like Raiden from MGS2, sword and all. Though, Raiden is just a bit more feminine looking, and his hair and eyes are lighter.

4/29/2009 #11
Trueblade Hinata

In terms of personality,Mia is alot like Yuffie from "Final Fantasy 7" Both are happy-go lucky girls.

4/29/2009 #12
I noticed the Saria-Nino resemblance the second I saw Nino. :D Hmm, others... Rutger looks a bit like Nabarl. And there's the Miledy-Minerva resemblance. Serra, Clarine and L'Arachel always reminded me of each other.
4/29/2009 #13
Trueblade Hinata

I think there's a resemblance between Sophia and Micaiah. And I think there's one too between Klein and Leonardo.

4/29/2009 #14
Those are close. Especially Klein-Leonardo. :] OOH OOH I just thougt of another one! Hakkai from Saiyuki resembles Oscar IMO. Hang on and I'll find a pic...
4/29/2009 #15

Ah, I can't believe I didn't recognize Klein when I looked at Leonardo. :O

So, um, anyway... Uh... Lugh looks like Nino? *shot*

Seriously, Heath quite resembles Stefan, and... Gah. For some reason, I get this nagging about Pent, but I can't think of anyone who resembles him... @_@

4/29/2009 #16

Oscar looks like a less scary version of Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. Well, different hair stlyes and colours, but whatever.

4/30/2009 #17
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

Yes, it's sad that Kakashi's...can't say...too sad. T-T

OMG, I never thought Oscar as Itsuki. I love that. ^_^

I guess Soren and Yuki from Suzumiya Hahuri, are a little alike. They're both quite and always reading. ^_^

4/30/2009 #18

Who's Itsuki? :l

Does Rolf remind you of someone? I can't remember who he reminds me of...

4/30/2009 #19
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

Itsuki is the Esper guy from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

IDK who Rolf reminds me of. I need to think about that.

4/30/2009 #20

Ah, I think Rolf looks like Gordin, the archer in SD.

5/3/2009 #21
Trueblade Hinata

I thought the same thing!

5/3/2009 #22
Raijuu Girl

Ha Ha Shadow, that is so true how Oscar and Kieran are just like Kakashi and Gai. :)

Oh yeah, Rolf does look a lot like Gordin.

5/3/2009 . Edited 5/3/2009 #23
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

I never noticed that before.

5/3/2009 #24

Oscar looks kinda like what's-his-name, uh... Frey. No, Abel.

5/4/2009 #25

Yeah, Oscar, Abel, Sain... Kinda like Miredy, Jill, and Minerva. :p

Oscar has lots of similar anime characters, but... I find Fujitake from Cardcaptor Sakura to be a shocking resemblance. He alone cares for his family of three, with a job that he loves rather than one that pays well, extremely polite and friendly, a fantastic cook, and of course, the person who views him as a rival that he simply feels friendly with. Oh, yeah, and his eyes are always closed. ... He just needs green hair. :P

5/4/2009 #26
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

The thing is Oscar doesn't act like Sain. Imagine if he did. XD

5/4/2009 #27

Sain is the dude who flirts with girls a lot, right? Which game is he?

5/4/2009 #28
Shadow Dragon13's the Devil

Yeah, that's him. He's in FE7.

I guess I can also say that Oscar kinda looks like Lance from FE6.

5/4/2009 . Edited 5/4/2009 #29

Why does Oscar look/act like a lot of people?

He's like Fuji from Prince of Tennis too, but only partially...

5/4/2009 #30
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