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Writer Awakened

Sain/Serra, for their, er, complex relationship.

Saul/Dorothy or Sain/Rebecca?

2/3/2011 #511
Sain/Rebecca, but I will concede that Saul and Dorothy's C support is made of equal parts Epic and Win.

Dorothy/Clarine or Florina/Serra (not necessarily romantic in either case)?

2/7/2011 #512

Florina/Serra for sure!

Rajaion x Ena or Naesala x Leanne?

5/28/2011 #513

Rajaion/Ena because I'm a sucker for Angstmance. :P

Micaiah/Tibarn or Elincia/Skrimir? 5/30/2011 #514

Elincia/Skrimir... I can't say Micaiah/Tibarn seems like it'd have much chemistry.

Marth/Maria or Caeda/Roger?

6/1/2011 #515

Marth/MARIA? She's so much younger than him!

Have to go with Sheeda/Roger. Even though I don't like it, it's nowhere near as strange as Marth/Maria....

Anyways, Lehran/Altina or Greil/Elena?

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #516


Lute/Artur or Lute/Knoll? 7/8/2011 #517


Eirika/Saleh or Eirika/Innes?

7/9/2011 #518


Haar/Syrene or Heath/Sigrun? (three game crossover!)

7/9/2011 #519

Heath/Sigrun seem like they'd have better chemistry. Haar and Syrene would certainly get along, but I just don't see them as a pairing.

Marth/Ephraim or Caeda/Tana?

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #520

Nngh. Marth/Ephraim, I guess. Though I can't see either of them swinging that way. But Tana's too obsessed with Ephraim to notice anyone else. XP

Lyn/Ike or Elincia/Hector? 7/10/2011 #521

Elincia with anybody but Ike doesn't work out in my eyes. Very clearly just my bias towards Ike/Elincia, but yeah, I choose Lyn/Ike.

And just because I feel like being evil, I'm going to make our next poster choose between incest.

Marth/Elice or Ike/Mist?

7/10/2011 #522

Marth/Elice. Smaller age difference, fewer daddy issues. ...Slightly fewer daddy issues.

Lyn/Guy or Joshua/Marisa?

7/10/2011 #523

Heh, I agree with you there. Elincia's only pairing can be with Ike!

Hmm... I choose Marth/Elice, because Ike/Mist creeps me out a bit.Let's get crazy... Nergal/Fa or Riev/Myrhh? 7/10/2011 #524

Well, you both answered, but you both chose Marth/Elice, so it doesn't really matter. I think I'm going to answer Wyrmseeker's question, because it came first. Also, it's less disturbing. That's a pretty big factor. ANYWAYS, Joshua/Marisa

SOOOOO... Haar/Syrene or Shinon/Tana?

7/10/2011 . Edited 7/10/2011 #525

Nergal/Fa, because Riev is... well, Riev. Also, Haar/Syrene, because like I said, I think they'd get along, and Shinon is... well, Shinon.

Lucius/Priscilla or Hector/Priscilla? (More a question of "which is less messed up" than "which is better," but still.)

7/10/2011 #526

Lucius/Priscilla. Although I say that very reluctantly (Erk/Priscilla FTW).

SOOO, Boyd/Titania or Rolf/Mia?

7/10/2011 #527


Nina/Hardin or Nina/Camus? 7/11/2011 #528

Meh... Nina/Camus, I suppose...

Let's do some more interesting pairings. Random idea- RD lords and Grado generals. Ike/Selena or Glen/Micaiah?

7/12/2011 #529

Glen/Micaiah, just because Ike doesn't show interest in anyone in his own game, and Selena's too devoted to her emperor. At least Glen and Micaiah are in a similar boat, loyalty to a monarch putting them on the wrong side of the war.

Let's see ... what about ... Rath/Marcia or Tormod/Lute?

7/12/2011 #530

Rath/Marcia, because I'm a Lute fan, and not so much a Tormod fan. I don't really like any of Lute's pairings. Lute/Artur is OKAY, but still... meh. Anyways, yeah, Rath/Marcia.

So... four game crazy lord crossover! Roy/Eirika or Marth/Micaiah?

7/12/2011 #531

This is ... a hard one. Both Roy and Marth have women in their games who are devoted to them, and Eirika and Micaiah both have guys who are devoted to them. But ... I have to say ... Roy/Eirika. Because Eirika has other options beside Seth, who has Natasha anyway. Roy has five other female options other than Lilina. Whereas Micaiah can only have Sothe, and Marth's marriage to Caeda is canon because FE1/11 has no supports. So ... Roy/Eirika.

Ike/Micaiah or Eliwood/Eirika?

7/12/2011 #532

Micaiah can only have Sothe? Screw their 'canon' ending. Sothe is basically her BROTHER. That pairing is really creepy. Micaiah has Pelleas (was really disappointed they didn't have an ending in RD), Soren (they are actually VERY similar, and it would work), and Ike. Ike/Micaiah, by the way, is what I choose over Eliwood/Eirika.

That's enough lords for now. How about some four game crack pairings?

Pelleas/Nino or Rutger/Natasha?

7/12/2011 #533

Rutger/Natasha definitely has potential.

Vanessa/Forde or Kyle/Syrene?

7/12/2011 #534

Kyle/Syrene, so as to not break up the epicness that is Innes/Vanessa.

How about swapping traditional lord pairings? Eliwood/Florina or Hector/Ninian?

7/12/2011 #535
Eliwood/Florina in a heartbeat. I think they'd have some good interaction. Plus, while it seems petty of me to judge a pairing based on my feelings for other pairings, I never cared much for Florina/Hector. Don't get me wrong, Hector's awesome, but I honestly can't see him with Florina (or Ninian for similar reasons). So I like to give her more options.

By that same token, Eliwood/Farina or Hector/Fiora?

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #536

Definitely Eliwood/Farina. The thing is, I certainly don't think they have some incredible relation or that they were meant for each other, but rather that I don't think Hector/Fiora could ever work. Hector and Fiora's personalities really just don't work together. At all. Really though, it could just be that I'm a HUGE Eliwood/Fiora fan :D

So, sticking to swapping lord pairings... although it pains me to separate Ike and Elincia, the two pairings results are quite interesting. So, Ike/Sheeda or Marth/Elincia?

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #537

Marth/Elincia. I was going to say because he would actually notice her feelings, but now I remember Marth being completley oblivious to Caeda. Heh. Still, these two have more of a chance because Ike doesn't like royalty.

I quite like the crossovers, so... Karla/Navarre or Athena/Karel? 7/13/2011 #538

Karla/Navarre, because I don't like Karel. Technically I'm supposed to judge the pairings for reasons other than my personal preferences for other pairings and characters, but I REALLY don't like Karel.

Moving on from crossovers to a few different themes... Herons! ... well, also incest, but that's not the theme. It's a heron theme, okay? Anyways, Leanne/Reyson or Rafiel/Lilia?

7/13/2011 #539

Oh, man, is that a difficult choice. But... I think I have to go with Athena/Karel. It'd be fun to see how her... uh... quirks mesh with his own. Karla/Navarre has potential, too, but their personalities are a bit more subtle, so it wouldn't be as interesting to watch develop.

Innes/Vanessa or Eliwood/Fiora?

EDIT: Ninja'd. Uh... Leanne/Reyson, because I hold irrational hatred for Radiant Dawn.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #540
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