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I myself wouldn't mind certain pairings if they were done right instead of being done wrong all the time.Too many times I've seen people go off and try to shove two characters together only to end up butchering and ruining them for the sake of their fanfic fantasy.To see characters destroyed is such a sad sad thing.Would it be so wrong to respect the characters by trying to keep them in character?

11/13/2008 . Edited 11/15/2008 #1

I know, right? I've tried countless times to look for a good fic for a certain paring, only to find that they were poorly written and the characters were totally OOC. There've been many fics I've read that the only reason the author seemed to pair two people together was for a large sex scene. It is depressing.

12/28/2009 #2

(If this forum is still going...) I agree. There are good stories for odd pairings but they are rare. Most of the time, as you said Illusionist-Tears, they're completely OOC.

4/8/2012 #3

I hate stuff like that. I find it all the time. I love lots of weird pairings, I like seeing how people can make a relationship work between two characters that wouldn't usually be considered for a couple, but most of the time all I find are cookie cutter fics. Same theme, same cheesiness, same lack of characterization. Just change the names of the characters and it could be for anyone in any fandom.

I like to think that most pairings can be written well and believably. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times when people don't bother keeping characters IC for the story. It seems like some authors just want to rush to the climax, with the kiss or sex or whatever. They don't bother to delve into the emotion, the character's thoughts, or think about how the characters would work together. It makes some of the most interesting pairings completely unworthwhile :/ So, yeah, I know your pain...

4/22/2012 #4
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