Final Fantasy XIII, XIII Versus, and Agito XIII
What are the games like? Who kicks more ass? Who are the top pairings? What's going to happen? RPGing welcome! The saying goes, you can only trust no one but yourself. O.C.s, Rantings of fav. characters, and haters welcome! Please enjoy your stay!
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Yuki Minamoto

What annoys you about certian characters.

12/6/2008 . Edited 1/9/2011 #1
....O_o.... Off with her head?
12/6/2008 #2
Yuki Minamoto

I just don't like her. She's like one of those annoying characters like Aerith, (I hate her! She is so annoying, haunting Cloud and making him crazy....Jezzz, why can't you die?)

Noctis might have his hands tied when it comes to this Stella girl. Lighting's better with him anyways. I mean, look at my fanfic! (LOL! you don't have to, but just go to YT. It'll show you TONS of stuff about Lightning and Noctis, than that Stella girl. Funny, how that goes huh?)

12/8/2008 #3

I like aerith. But way. *grabs the voodoo doll from Animegirl Yuki Minamoto* *box of sharp needles+Stella's doll=happiness* Please StellaxNoctis fans, I'm sorry. She just freaks me out.

1/22/2009 . Edited 1/24/2009 #4
Yuki Minamoto

*nods at Anime* Yeah, stab her! I so want her to die already!!!!! *laughs evily* BWAHAHAHA!!!! *looks at you and laughs* God, I'm the one becoming evil! XD

1/24/2009 #5

You are becoming evil. But all evil people have minions right? LOL (Fav thing to type!)

1/24/2009 #6
Yuki Minamoto

Hahaha! I might have one, so LOL!

1/24/2009 #7

Here's an idea. Let's send Vergil from DMC ((Devil May Cry)) 3 after her. Die,Stella,die!

1/25/2009 #8
Yuki Minamoto

*smiles at Lonewolf* My, My, I like how your thinking. Heh heh heh......

1/25/2009 #9

* chuckles* Well, thank ya Yuki. I just figure that Vergil'd be the one to eviscerate her. Or torture, then kill. You can never tell with the elder Sparda twin.

1/25/2009 #10
Unbecoming Me

I hate Stella, she should just die! What was the creator thinking?! No disrespectful to Tetsuya-sama, but seriously I was so excite when they announced there will be a female heroine in Versus, I was so excited I thought it was going to be Lightning even though they all ready stated that the two world will not be connected, but hey one can hope, and then she appear! The evil she-witch! Gosh I just hate her at first site, I can't stand her what with her freaking outfit man, you going to fight not to a prom or a party why the hell would you wear such clothing?! To me Lightning fit Noctis best, now and forever I will support those two as a couple even if it not official. Don't you hate that now every where you see is her and Noctis together? It irritate me! Sorry I just got to vent that, sorry about that, but seriously I hate Stella!

2/8/2009 #11

You think NoctisxStella is bad? O.O i'm grateful, you probably weren't on during the DantexTrish days of DMC. DantexTrish... bleh... - shudders.- but yeah, Stella's terrible. But, way way back, before ffxiii not versus but regular xiii, went multi-plat, i heard the worlds were gonna connect. but 'cause of Microasswipes, pardon my language, and the crapbox, LightningxNoctis, is no longer possible, Fabula Nova Crystallis-wise.

2/8/2009 #12

yeah Microasswipes (hmm... i like..) did kinda mess up the whole thing. i don't know about the two worlds being joined but its definitely microsoft's fault that the game has been set back to april 2010 for america and europe!! anyone for a witch hunt?

2/9/2009 #13

Yeah, another Stella hater!

2/9/2009 #14
Yuki Minamoto

Wow, I guess you guys were doing a lot of HATING when I was*laughs* It's alright.

BTW, Kisara you are right. I mean if you are fighting in something that revealing it calls for so trouble if you guys know what I mean.....*nods head*

Stella+blue plaited skirt+ white collared shirt= LOTS OF PERVY FF GUYS WANTING TO LOOK UP HER DAMN SKIRT AND MAYBE GET HER "WET"

*shivers* I mean god......what the heck is wrong with you guys?! I mean I know you boys are hormonal and all but really....I just hope Noctis doesn't have the urge to *looks at you fearfully* You-know-what.......

Gross...and that is my final word on that subject!

2/9/2009 #15

Ok, people here's the million dollar question! Who's worse, Rinoa, or Stella?

2/9/2009 #16
Yuki Minamoto


2/9/2009 #17

i know what you mean... *shudder*

there is nothing wrong with this guy lol!! trust me i have no desire to look up her skirt or get her "wet"

it would be kinda funny if there was a "You-Know-What" scene tho.

bet you a tenner that's not your final word on the subject lol!

2/10/2009 #18

I don't think our Noct is the pervert type. He's a prince for crying out loud! I don't think I've see a Final Fantasy girl wear pants yet.

2/10/2009 #19
Yuki Minamoto

You forgot Lightning, she is wearing shorts.

Sorry Noctis, I shouldn't have said that....though I know that Fanfictioners would put Noctis as a perv anyways.

*glares at you with an evil face* You bastards.....

2/10/2009 . Edited 2/10/2009 #20

Too true, on that second statement, Yuki, too true. - shakes his head.- What's wrong, with the world today?

2/10/2009 #21

I hate Stella too, hate from the moment I set my eyes on her. Man. And she even look like Aerith, one of the characters I hate most. Urg. She's way too old for Noctis!

LightningxNoctis all the wayyyy!!!!!!!

2/11/2009 #22
Yuki Minamoto

OMG! Awesome! Yay another Stella hater!! Whoo-hooo!

2/11/2009 #23

For some reason, i'm seeing Noct, the way i see Dante: A badass, that doesn't need anybody except for the few, he calls friends. and yes, Stella's terrible. But, nor am i a LightningxNoctis fan. I think the guy would be solo. Just this guy's $0.2 .

2/11/2009 #24
Yuki Minamoto

LOL, Yeah I can see it your way Lonewolf.

Stella's just one of those people in FF that you just WISH TO KILL OFF!

I mean she's that annoying to me.....and to others......

2/11/2009 #25

I'm one of the those others! Bwahahahaha!

Her outfit....where can I begin.....

Skirt-what the hell? This isn't a prom or some dance. This is called a W-A-R and it's meant for killing people! Plus what's worse, is that its short! Does she want people to be pervert?! NOT ME!

She's annoying.

2/11/2009 #26

Off-topic, but Yuki, in DMC5, would ya rather have Dante, or Vergil as the main chara?

2/11/2009 #27

I choose Dante. And back again Stella, even my sister hate her too. Noctis being solo is good too, as long as he isn't with her.

But hey, Yuki-chan (can i call you that?), you don't hate Rinoa, didn't you? I mean, even when Rinoa and Stella have the same style first meeting with the guys, I still like Rinoa more than her. There is something about Stella that bothered me so much...

by the way I like your NoctisxLightning fics^^

2/11/2009 #28

i must admit i quite liked Rinoa.... sorry guys! yeah Noctis going solo would be ok i guess but it probably won't happen in the game due to it being dubbed as a "tragedy" aka love interest gets fucked up

2/12/2009 #29
Yuki Minamoto

Hmmmm....I would day Dante. He's wayy too cool and besides isn't he already a main character? xD

Vergil's okay to me....

And Meichiri you can call me that if you want, I don't mind. Anyways, Rinoa is good. Better than Stella. LOL.

Thanks for liking my fanfics, though I'm wondering when I have time to write them.....

2/12/2009 . Edited 2/12/2009 #30
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