Final Fantasy XIII, XIII Versus, and Agito XIII
What are the games like? Who kicks more ass? Who are the top pairings? What's going to happen? RPGing welcome! The saying goes, you can only trust no one but yourself. O.C.s, Rantings of fav. characters, and haters welcome! Please enjoy your stay!
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Henrietta Skylink

@ Z: Yeah, Purple-Haired Dude has flames on his sword, but Noct has blue crystal-like wisps emanating from his SWORDS! What's one puny flaming sword against an entire arsenal with sparkles? 8DDDDD

1/22/2011 #31

@ Anime: XD LOL

I think I might get off too.....or FINSIH MY DAMN CHAPTER!

1/22/2011 #32

@ Hen: XD I laughed so hard when I read that. You made my day, I loves you *bearhugs*

And true to that, true to that.

1/22/2011 #33
Henrietta Skylink

@ Z: You know what? I must be getting whacky after drinking that coffee I made for breakfast. After viewing my forum reply, I totally LOLed myself.

Hey, if I made your day, you made mine! *huggles*

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #34

@ Hen: Wow, it's mornig over there? It's night time over here! O_O Time difference confuse me to NO end! XD

You just made my lulz again, Hen.

Well, I needz my sleep, for I am waking up early tomorrow BYE HEN, AND JOEY, AND ANIME, AND EVERYBODY!!!!!*Hugs everybody*

1/22/2011 #35
Henrietta Skylink

@ Z: I'm in the Philippines. It's just half past noon here. G'night buddy!*hugs back*

1/22/2011 #36
The One and Only- Joey A.M

@Hen- An arsenal of sparkles will always triumph! Seriously that just made whatever is of this day so much more epic

1/22/2011 #37
Henrietta Skylink

@ Joey: You're welcome Joey! I honestly surprised myself.

1/22/2011 #38
flower on thewind

erm... howdy all! I think this is... the right place to.... er... spaz...

but OMG i needz to know nowz!!!! Lightning! Etro! WHAT'S THE CONNECTION? HOW? GAAAH! NEED THIS GAME NOW!! QUESTIONS! TOO MANY QUESTIONS IN MAH BRAIN! I need answers! AND WHO'S THE GUY LIGHTNING IS FIGHTING IN THE TRAILER??? Why is Lightning in Odin's armor???? What's going on!?

..... ahem... i apologize for Caps... er... my only excuse is that I found out about all this FF news just now... and i'm late on the excitement... erm... yeah... sorry.



I'll leave now...

~Queen of Awkwardness

1/23/2011 #39
Oblivion Star Seeker

I'm kinda thinking that this purple-haired dude is the male version of Fang. Cuz remember how Fang was supposed to be scripted as a male character in XIII?

That's just my opinion though. :)

1/24/2011 #40

@ Oblivion (sorry, too lazy to spell out the whole thing XP) : I agree with you. It could have been the old character desing SE threw out because they wanted Fang to be more femaleish. Hmmmmm. I think I'm gonna go and check out Purple-haired dude's picture again. I wanna compare him with Fang. =D

@ Flower: XD lol. It's okay with CAPS key, I do that a lot too. And don't worry, A LOT of people are excited about the game (mostly because of how Lightning looks). Me *shrugs* I'm not excited. Really, all I want is Versus ALREADY!!!

1/24/2011 #41
flower on thewind

hmmm have you guys heard that theory going around... er... maybe that purple-haired guy is the personification of Bahamut? I... think that it has potential to be true :)

@zomg: I agree versus needs to come out faster!

1/24/2011 #42
Henrietta Skylink

Yo guys! I come bearing news from Dengeki!

There are some Versus and Type-0 snippets in there too. ;)

1/25/2011 #43

@ Hen: 8D HI!!!! *hugs* Thanks for the info, buddy. But =( I'm sad (note that there is indeed a sad face, therefore, I' SAD!!!) XIII-2 and Type-0 is coming out this year. DX PISSES ME OFF.

And they EXPECT us to paitent and NOT get angry at them. STUPID SE WE CAN'T HELP BUT BE PISSED AT YA'LL FOR MAKING US WAIT FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* I think I hate SE now.

@ Flower: Sadly, Versus is coming out in 2012.......-_-

1/25/2011 #44

I can't even study for my finals because of XIII-2 T_____________T

1/25/2011 #45
Actually Anzie

Hey, you're back!

1/25/2011 #46

^___^ mmhm, just searching through forums and quietly reading fics =]

1/25/2011 #47
Henrietta Skylink

@ Z: *CRUSHES* Curse you Square Enix! What have you been doing for the past six years?!!!!

@ LeClas: Welcome back!

1/26/2011 . Edited 1/26/2011 #48
Yuki Minamoto

@Le: Welcome back! Come to the random page sometime and talk! XD We missed you!

1/26/2011 #49

@ Hen: O_O SIX YEARS?????? Damn, time flies...-_- Now I understand what that quote means. *sighs* I learned something new today YAY!!

1/26/2011 #50
Oblivion Star Seeker

Guys...purple-haired dude isn't purple-haired. I don't think he is at least. :P He just wears purple...accessories?

1/26/2011 #51

@ Oblivion: XD I know he isn't purple-haired, but the name sticks, ya know??? 8D

1/26/2011 #52
Oblivion Star Seeker

Zohmahgawd (Hah!): Lol if only he had a proper name then we wouldn't have to refer to him as a specific hair colour he doesn't even have! D:

1/26/2011 #53

@ Oblivion (dammit, I couldn't come up with a catchy--and FUNNEH XD--nick-name for you! =P: Maybe we should call him......FLAMIN MAN!!!!! 'Cause his sword has flames on it...._ I know, not very creative is it???? XD

1/26/2011 #54
Henrietta Skylink


You know what, let's just stick with Purple-haired Dude. After all, Prompto was Shotgun Guy before his name was released. Yet somehow, the name Thanatos has been popping in and out of my head whenever I see him...

@ Oblivion: Mind if I call you Vivi? Blivi doesn't really sit that well.

I wish Nomura would just do something to speed up the process. I mean, it's been SIX YEARS! They're obviously stalling. Blasted liars...

1/27/2011 #55
Oblivion Star Seeker

Hen: Vivi? 8D Sure why not!! ^^

Y'know when I think of Shotgun guy's name Prompio I always think it's some French word meaning 'bloated' or 'big'. :/ That's not weird though, is it? o.o

And yeah I hafta agree with you, Hen, like everyone else who's been anticipating for Versus to come out already! Six years should be enough time to put together a game, right?

1/27/2011 #56
Henrietta Skylink

Hey guys! I found Light's nbewest CG render! She is looking so HAWT~! Rawr.

1/28/2011 #57

@ Hen: I wanna draw that so BADLY. She's so damn pretty. AND HER BIG EYES ARE ADORABLE!!!! 8D

By the way, HIIII HEN!!!! *hugs*

@ Oblivion: Do you mind if I call you Vivi as well??? =P It's pretty catchy.

1/28/2011 #58
Sage of the White Sands

I can imagine one place where those lips belong...

1/28/2011 #59

@ DarkPanther (is it okay if I call you "Darky" XD): ................Where???? O_O

1/28/2011 #60
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