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Hey guys; lastly I haven't updated none of my stories. It's because two reasons: I've been busy to college and I'm getting sick of continuing my stories if I'm twisting Seth MacFarlane's characters. That's why I'm planning a reboot combining my two stories and make 'FAMILY GUY: OC UNIVERSE'. I'm gonna use my OCs as main characters, using OCs from 'Meg's Boyfriend/Family', 'Spellbook' and 'Whispering Illusions' as supporting characters so everybody can interact together. Here's some points of this reboot.

1) I'll keep Seth's characters canon personalities, but using more their positive personality and less their negative, so they can be likeable.

2) Eddie Osborn is now gonna be called Eddie Walker.

3) Eddie and Amy are gonna be siblings. Eddie will be 3 years older than Amy.

4) Eddie and Amy's parents will Helena and Frank.

5) Frank will be Eddie's abusive parent during his childhood. Making his backstory darker than the original.

6) Eddie's dream will be becoming a film director, leaving Amy as producer.

7) Meg's dream will be becoming an actress and Chris as writer.

8) Meg doesn't remember Eddie as his childhood tormentor when she meets him.

9) There will be a tense relationship between Eddie and Frank; making a typical conflict between father and son.

10) Eric Williams will appear; BUT as Helena's father. Let's face it, he's too old to be her husband. And his backstory will be completely different.

Okay, that's all for now.

2/10/2012 #1

Your were doing such a fantastic job with both stories. It would have been great to continue the sequel to Meg and Eddie and Chris's Girlfriend. There were so many opportunities for them both and you weren't twisting the characters. I can't wait for the reboot.

2/12/2012 #2
Here's some more points: 11) Connie will try to steal Eddie from Meg; but just like 'Meg and Eddie', she'll have a change of heart, but her personality will remain the same. 12) Cecilia will appear as Neil's girlfriend; exploring more her character. 13) Neil will be a depressed character due his mother's death; leaving our heroes trying to cheer him up. 14) Kevin Swanson will appear as the hero who killed Osama Bin Laden; but he'll commit several mistakes like falling in love with Neil's girlfriend: Cecilia. 15) Zack Murdock will appear, but as a zookepper; he and Meg will hate each other at the beginning due their backstory in High School; but he'll soon be friends. 16) I'll change Sam Greenwood's name to Katie Rose and her backstory will be again different. 17) Matt Kennedy and Katie will be a couple. 18) Tracy and Dylan Flannigan will appear to become a family with Brian. Tracy of course she'll hate Quagmire for his hatred to Brian, making him his life miserable. 19) Peter's biological father: Mickey McFinnigan will appear and he and Thelma will be back together. 20) Adam West will retired as mayor of Quahog to go to live in Hawaii with Carol; making a mayor election between Brian Griffin and James Woods. Okay, that's all. Any suggestion I'll accept.
2/17/2012 #3

21. Brian reuniting with his long lost siblings. And they can walk and talk just like him.

2/29/2012 #4

22. Meg accidently saves someone's life and they follow her around, going all; 'I can never thank you enough'.

3/10/2012 #5

What happened to the reboot?

7/10/2012 #6

Hey guys! I'm almost finished with the first season of Family Guy: OC Universe! Here's a list of possible ideas for the second season:

1) Helena is a super secret agent (a female James Bond) and Peter accidentally came with her in one of her missions, exploring deeper their friendship.

2) Emma (Eddie's female disguise) will return in several appearances.

3) Frank Walker will appear, so the whole season will mainly focus on him and how he reconcilies with his family, especially with his son Eddie.

4) Tracy and Dylan will appear to be with Brian and become a family together. Tracy will hate Quagmire for despising Brian. Dylan has a secret that involves the fact of being half-dog, just figure it out.

5) Kevin Swanson will appear as the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden, he's welcomed as a hero, but he feels anger and acts like an assh*le for some reason...oh, and he's gonna call Meg 'skank' for now on (the actual show wants a jerkface Kevin, I'll give him a jerkface Kevin even bigger)

6) Chris and Amy will become a couple in this season.

7) A two-parter chapter that parodies Sci-Fi movies: Men in Black, the War of the Worlds (2005 Remake), Cloverfield and Alien film series.

8) At season finale there will be a chapter that involves Cecilia (Neil's girlfriend); her story will be like Mulan and Captain America: the First Avenger.

Okay, that's it, you're free of giving me ideas. I'll be grateful for that.

7/25/2012 #7
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