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Or, a roleplay that took place in the past, when our characters were younger, used to explore the character's history/past and why they are the way they are in the Enchanted Forest/Tales of Asyre.

7/19/2009 #1
Box of Magic

(Sweet! Although, are they going to interact with each other or are we going to provide like a history?)

7/19/2009 #2

{:D I vote for interacting... create the history as we go.... they'll know eachother now, but as it's a seperate RP from EF, we won't have to worry about them knowing eachother in the future, if that makes sense?}

7/19/2009 #3
Box of Magic

(Lol yeah.)

Axum, for that was the name he was recently given, threw his arms out in front of him. Slowly water from the river before him raised in an alternate stream. It was hard for him to keep his concentration. The water fell, along with himself. How is he supposed to be a great mage like his master if he can't move stupid water?

7/19/2009 #4

Mornequeta, or 'Quorm' as his uncle had always called him in jest, sat by the riverbank, quietly thinking to himself as he waited for a fish to take his bait and bite. He had recently found that he did in fact enjoy fishing, as well as hunting, because it didn't require nearly as much concentration- thus leaving the time open for thought. And he had plenty of thinking to do. Now that he was on his own in life, and of age, he had to decide what to do with it. For now, he was content to explore the lands. Some might call him a wanderer, but he didn't really care.

7/19/2009 #5
Box of Magic

Axum got up once more and jumped to a rock in the middle of the river. He placed his hand out in front of him and concentrated on it. He was able to lift it slightly higher than before. Why was fire easier to him? It wasn't that way for the other students...

7/19/2009 #6

From his concealed grove in the river's bend, Quorm was surprised to find the river sink down a few inches, and slow for no apparent reason. However, the fish didn't seem to care too much, and began biting. WIth a grin, Quorm jerked his line, tugged it in and unsnared the fish. Now, if he could only get one more that size, he'd have both dinner and a fair amount left over for breakfast the next day...

7/19/2009 #7
Box of Magic

The water splashed back into the river. Axum looked around to see if anyone was near for his master told him not to play with fire unsupervised. He looked at his right hand and it burst into flames, he looked at his left and it did the same. He felt empowered. He brought his hands together and when they touched, a fireball shot at a nearby tree, engulfing it in flames. Axum was startled, he didn't mean for that to happen. He ran closer to the river, lifted the water with his new spell, and splashed it on the tree. Hopefully no one saw that.

7/19/2009 #8

Quorm jumped to his feet when the tree a few yards away burst into flames, and then was put out a few seconds later. Heart pounding, he crept along the bank, letting the bushes hide him from view as he tried to catch sight of the other person who must have caused it.

7/19/2009 #9
Box of Magic

The tree was still smoking when Axum approached it. "Wow." He said under his breath.

7/19/2009 #10

"Not quite the word I would have used." Quorm muttered as he stepped into view after making sure that his hood was drawn. "Did you do that?"

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #11
Box of Magic

Axum spun around quickly. "You aren't going to tell, are you?"

7/19/2009 #12

"Me?" Quorm asked, his hand automatically going to his weapons, only to find that he had left them back at the bank. "YOu weren't supposed to be doing that, were you?" He smiled beneath his hood. "DOn't worry, I don't even know who to not tell."

7/19/2009 #13
Box of Magic

"Ok, good. Who are you anyway?" Axum asked very curious.

(Hey, I got to go =( see ya later!)

7/19/2009 #14

{see ya tomorrow then}

"Ah.. I'm Quorm." Mornequeta replied evasivly. "What's it to you?" he asked suspiciously.

7/19/2009 #15

[Hi! On for a bit!]

Briya flew a bit away from her forest, curious. She saw non faries.

7/19/2009 #16

[How about they know each otehr now & forget or the spirit makes them forget?]

7/19/2009 #17

[Oh I got it! I'm adding this extra post b/c I re logged in so it clears old posts when I edit. IDEA!~We make this sort of like Blackadder So it can excuse why they meet again in teh future... I know everyone meant it to be serious but how about a little like Blackadder? If anyone wants it like that of course...]

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #18

(I got it, Irin! Well, I think I understand... We could even do this for the future. I mean, we take the Asyre characters, and make them into more modern-day people. Still, I love this idea. It's awesome... One thing I need to know before I start RP-ing here, Around what age would the characters be here?)

7/20/2009 #19

[Yay! We need Nuclear, Ibvader, & Snakeayer to return! Great idea! I like it. We needed parody RPs...]I think it depends on how long ago, doesn't look like too ok g ago so maybe 2-5 years younger... But IDK, you'll gave to ask Seif, it was his idea.]

7/20/2009 #20

{Butterfly, I get the feeling that it's more like between 5-10 years ago~}

7/20/2009 #21

(That means my charrie could be 8 years old. As long as it wasn't below the age of 5, I'd be okay. Ah... I'll ask Seifer.)

7/20/2009 #22

{m'kay. It would certainly make the RP fun :D }

7/20/2009 #23
Box of Magic

(Yeah, Axum is like 12 here.)

"Well... what would a non-wizard be doing in the school's forest?" Axum asked, his hands raising slightly.

7/20/2009 #24

{so Quorm's like 17 then, I guess}

Mornequeta eyed Axum's movemetn as he shifted his weight, ready to dodge or run at any given moment. "Most would call it wandering." he replied. "But to me, it is not."

7/20/2009 #25

[Right by that I'll say Xuande is 22, roughtly, if we take the upper age and subtract 5... Wow that sounded more complicated that it need to be. So, do we give a bit of background then move into the main interaction or what?]

7/21/2009 #26

{Just move in! :D}

7/21/2009 #27

"Hello, are you students here?" Xuande asked, he was covered in dust and dirt, as if fresh from a trek across a desert.

7/21/2009 #28
Box of Magic

"I am," Axum moved one hand over the direction in which this new person was standing. "Who are you?"

7/21/2009 #29

"I'm not." Quorm answered, waiting for the newcomer to answer Axum's question.

7/21/2009 #30
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