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Welcome to The DG Forum!

*gestures grandly*

Our purpose:

-To preserve and perfect the craft of D/G fanfiction writing.

-To serve as a source of high quality or just plain fun Harry Potter and Non Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations- with emphasis on D/G centric fics.

-To provide D/G related writing challenges and serve as an archive for challenge fics.

-To serve as a place where D/G and HP fans can interact. (And by "interact" we mean: get sorted into one of the four Houses and wreak havoc on the other three. u_u)


1- If you wish to become a member, please visit the Who's Who thread. Your introduction is the first mandatory post. Failure to post a proper intro at the Who's Who will result in deletion of your subsequent posts.

2- Before creating a thread, please post your idea for discussion in the Suggestions thread.

3- Be nice! No bashing, and please be respectful of other people's views! Bigotry will not be tolerated in any shape of form.

Bullying in ANY form is not to be tolerated; that said, we can be an unruly lot, and many things are said in jest. However, if you ever feel that you are being hazed or bullied in any way, please do not hesitate to PM a mod or three.Depending on the situation, we can and will unleash hell upon any bullies. We have a zero-tolerance policy, and mean-spirited posting may be deleted and the user banned from the forum. You have been warned.

4- We're all perverted and kinky here *rattles chains* but we've made an effort to keep it PG-13!

PG-13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. May contain moderate language, minimal strong language, some explicit nudity, intense violence and/or gore, or mild drug content.

Breach of our PG-13 policy will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted without warning.

Failure to comply will result in banning.

Still, some things get by the censors-- like, oh, the cabana boys and all the contents of the wet bar. *sighs*-- we're all very spontaneous, and you'll see a lot of double entendre here. Nothing worse than what you'd find on tv: vague and occasional references to sex, drugs, and alcohol. You have been warned.

5- Respect general rules of grammar and mind your spelling or suffer the derision and mockery of our Ravenclaws.

We're an international forum and we understand that some members speak English as a second language, but please make an effort.

Keep your netspeak in check! LOL and OMG are allowed. TTFN is allowed in jest. THAT'S IT. Nosome1, nogr8, ppl, or any other inane abbreviations you think you can come up with.

6- Spamming is not permitted. Under no circumstances are members to create threads in order to promote stories, events, people, etc. If you wish to advertise, please refer to the appropriate threads: Shameless Fic Plug, HP Fic Recs.

7- Never, under ANY circumstances is there to be the slandering of Lucius Malfoy. NO LUCIUS BASHING --EVER! Everyone else is fair game. Yeah, that includes ME. *sigh*

8- In light of the recent "The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Song Debacle" at the Who's Who II thread, there is to be no "robot talk" around Rowan.


FORUM AFFAIRS: Manifesto, Lexicon, Who's Who, FAQ, Forum Reform, Lair of the Sorting Queen, Suggestions, Cabana Boy Claim, Wall of Shame.

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Birthday Calendar, Owl Exchange, Therapy Room, Our Portraits, Sick Note Thread, While You Were Gone, Random Announcements, Specific Reply.

WRITING: One Sentence Story, OSS Drabble Challenge, Round Robin, Challenge Tag, current Fic Exchange.

WRITER RESOURCES: Writing Help and Tips, Beta Thread, The Canon Cannon, Wave Your Wands!, Plot Bunnies.

FIC RECOMMENDATIONS: HP Fic Recs, Must-Read D/G One-shots, HP Fic Recs - Our Fics, Fic Ads: Shameless Plug, Review Society, FE list of fics, Non-HP Fic Recs.

COMPLETED FIC EXCHANGES/CHALLENGES:DG Forum Fic Exchange Spring 2010, DG Fic Exchange Summer 2009, DG Christmas Fic, Random Prompt One-Shot Challenge, etc.

HP DISCUSSION:Characters and Pairings, DG Fic Dissection, DG Fanart, Deathly Hallows, Looking For A Fic, Got Flames.

NON-HP DISCUSSION:Ramblings, Book Recs, Music Rec, The How To Thread, The Movie Thread, Ars Poetica, etc.


GAMES:Answer the Question Above You, Dear Draco or Ginny, Who Said It - Harry Potter Style, I've Never, Free Words, Cliff, Shag, Marry!


GENERAL:Omegle Conversations, Personality Quizzes, DG Community, Letters to Rowan, DG Family Tree, Advice Thread.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

So yeah, there it is. Knock yourselves out! :D

NEWBIES, head over to the Who's Who and introduce yourselves!

Any comments?

12/7/2008 . Edited 8/26/2013 #1

Oooh, I agree. This is a smaller community (well, for now) and that means that fic recommendations will be more tailored and fun. Great idea!

Can we also pull an FIA and pledge to keep our SPaG errors and netspeak to a minimum?

12/7/2008 #2

Well, I fully agree on the SPaG, BUT...while I CAN do without 'brb', 'idk' and 'ttyl', I can't live without my LOL. I cannot. I've tried! :(

SOOO, we'll go for the keeping the netspeak to a minimum- but you can LOL all you want, agreed? :D

And by the way, Aerileigh, congratulations on your 'best one-shot' award!Yay! ^_^

I have to talk to you about something else, so meet me over there. *points*

12/7/2008 #3

Agreed! With this group you can't help but LOL every so often. :)

What something? Where is over there? Gah! I hope it is a good something.

*looks both ways, puzzled, and then decides to go review Il Dragone*

12/9/2008 . Edited 12/9/2008 #4

Okay, it's official! New topics are now up!

Fic Recs (HP and Non HP) and Fic Ads (the shameless plug section! ;D)

Get to recommending!

12/10/2008 #5

Can we change the name of this thread to something more catchy? FORUM REVAMP just isn't doing it for me...and you know I'm all about impressing the firsties.

12/18/2008 #6

Pipe down, I'm working on a forum lexicon that's all about impressing. It will be up in a few minutes

12/18/2008 #7

Oooh, the RAVENclaw in me is getting quite excited about this...I wondered what you were doing.

Hurry up...I've got to go to bed soon and it's almost 3:00 your time.

12/18/2008 #8

Oh...what's that I hear? It's not so fun to be kept WAITING, is it now, Leigh?

12/18/2008 #9

*yawn* No, not really. I've never been known for my patience.

12/18/2008 #10

There. Perhaps "Manifesto!" will be more to your liking.

If it's not...too bad. I'm tired and I'm hungry. AND it's 3 AM.

*crawls to minibar*

12/19/2008 #11

That'll do, Rowan. That'll do. *winks*

There's plenty of couches and comfy boys in the Common Room, love. Why don't you get some rest? I'm off to slumberland myself...with the help of #24, of course.

12/19/2008 #12

Thanks. I've come to see your condescension as a sign of love.

12/19/2008 #13

*looks at post above*

*shakes head in self-repulsion*

I must have been SERIOUSLY exhausted last night, if I wrote that.

Well I take it back! Five hours of sleep later I am able to say:

If you're going to mock someone else's efforts get your OWN movie line!


12/19/2008 #14

Aw, behind the prickles I can see that creamy nougat center you call a heart.

You can't deny that you love me deep down.

Ok, you can...but you'll be lying.

12/19/2008 #15

Yeah, yeah.

*rolls eyes*

12/19/2008 #16
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