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Well, I'm bored. You know what THAT means...another completely random, completely useless thread.



*gestures grandly*


*insert thunderclaps and bloodcurdling howling*

This is the place to give a wag of your finger to any forum member who has stooped to staggering new lows.

Anyone can post in The Wall of Shame; just be sure to state the name of the offender in BOLD lettering, and a detailed description of their heinous crimes.

On second thought....sometimes it's better to be somewhat vague-- feel free to skip the more sordid details of the offense. And feel free to wrap yourself in the furry cloak of Holier-than-thou-ness!

Let the slandering begin!

*clap, clap*

12/18/2008 . Edited 5/2/2010 #1

I think your new purpose in life is to watch scuba and I slowly kill each other.

12/18/2008 #2

She thinks I will forget about her if the focus is on you Leigh. She goes on the wall of shame for that blunder.

12/18/2008 #3



I will begin!


scubarang, MilasDrac, and Nimph!

*spits on the ground*

for incurring in sickening and disgusting Hufflepuff conversation in the Sorting Lair earlier today.



For witholding her update of Red Ember in a pathetic attempt at garnering publicity.



12/18/2008 #4

Oh brother.

12/18/2008 #5

You really don't want me to bring up the finger puppets in the SNARK room do you?

12/18/2008 #6

I don't know WHAT you're talking about...

12/18/2008 #7

Well, that would be post #'s 48-58 and more in the Snarky and Catty thread.

12/18/2008 #8

*humming pleasantly*

12/18/2008 #9

Time to welcome our newest Wall of SHAME inductee:



*narrows eyes*

Kinboshi Hiko!


*slams hand down on desk*

Shame, for forum desertion! For "having the gall to come here and set up the Plot Bunny room, only to leave, never to be seen or heard from again"!

Hunting parties HAVE set out; papa Malfoy has been kind enough to let us borrow the Manor's hell-hounds.

I'm afraid Kinboshi got in too deep-- *whispers ominously* she knows too much.

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #10
Kinboshi Hiko

THE HOUNDS ARE NOT NECCESARY!! Although, I accept my placement on the wall, FOR NOW, I shall hope it does not last. Cause, I'm back. So XP

12/23/2008 #11

Kinboshi Hiko beat the bloodhounds back to the forum, therefore her indiscretions will be graciously overlooked. However she will remain on the Wall of SHAME to serve as a cautionary tale for anyone considering going on inter-state trips during blizzards, with their boyfriend and without their computer.



*claps you on the back*

Boys, call off the hounds. And the hit men.

And the ninjas.

12/23/2008 #12

*cues drumroll*

Rowan, you are hereby sentenced to the Wall of Shame because you put me on it for not updating Red Ember, yet you still have not reviewed it.

*fastens chains*

12/23/2008 #13

*fastens chains*

But Leigh, I thought the point of this was to embarrass me and make me feel bad...

12/23/2008 #14

And I didn't put you on the wall for not updating-- I put you on it for "witholding the update in a shameless attempt at garnering publicity."

12/23/2008 #15

That's why I'm taking all of the boys...and all of their toys...with me. Even Lucius. Enjoy your stint!

12/23/2008 #16

Pssh. You can take the toys and the boys. You can take the wet bar. But you'll never get Lucius.


He's bound to me in more ways than one.

12/23/2008 #17

Yes, he is special. That's for certain.

Now, get back to being ashamed!

12/23/2008 #18
Kinboshi Hiko

There were Ninjas?!?!?! Crimany. Note to self: always have internet access. ALWAYS.

12/23/2008 #19

Yeah, there were ninjas. Obviously not very good ones.

*glares pointedly at #1*

12/23/2008 #20

you should have sent the pirates. they would have found the loot and kidnapped her back so much faster than the ninjas.

i believe #23 specializes in piratcy. heheh. ;)

12/23/2008 #21

You're right! I didn't even think of them! It's this blasted cold weather.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't think of the pirates, because then we wouldn't have Kinboshi back.

*looks down and to the left*

12/23/2008 #22
starlit skyes

;P True.

But maybe you should sack #1... *thinks*

12/24/2008 #23

But maybe you should sack #1... *thinks*

I am placing starlit on the wall of shame for her previous entry.

I have told ALL of you repeatedly that #1 is MINE. No one can possibly touch him or even think about 'sacking' him.

If there's any sacking to be done it will be at my pleasure only (auto-erotic asphyxiation has a small amount of appeal to it, but perhaps just the rubber sheets will come into play at this time).

Do as you wish with all the others. My Christmas gift.

12/24/2008 #24

Shame on...

*narrows eyes*

The anonymous reviewer known as 'Bit', for making vague threats against me and "my minions" on my Black story review board, and not pausing to leave feedback on the actual fic.



And I still have no idea what the heck she/he/they/it were talking about...what have I and my so-called minions done to incur in their ambiguous wrath?

If you're lurking around here, PM or e-mail me, and maybe this can be resolved. Seriously, I DON'T know.

Show yourself!

12/27/2008 . Edited 12/27/2008 #25
Amorina Deanna

shame on....


i have deserted you guys and i am sorry!

then i came back and shamelessly begged for people to write fics for my challenge.

so i am scolding myself before rowan follows through on her threats and does it for me :)

12/27/2008 #26
SquirrelGal long as we're being strange and nearly psychotic-- I say SHAME ON:

that nasty, idiotic, incompetent: SquirrelGal

She needs to update her stories. sersly.


12/27/2008 #27

Shame on SquirrelGal for *coughing* at one dyslexic entry when she has posted such rubbish as this example. Capitals and complete English spelling are civilised. Not like *some1* chooses to 'speak'.

you never said that we HAD to use the interesting choices. the sentence was from MY head...not someone else's. i don't think the same way that others do. (ask ANYONE.)

and i know that other ppl ignore prompts sometimes also. a few ppl ignored mine that one time. so. yeah.

and 'dramatically' and 'dramatic' are practically the same!!! who the HECK yells at some1 just because they decided to use an adverb instead of an adjective!??!?!?

gah. it just seems as if i can't do anything right on here....

12/27/2008 #28

Scubarang, Leigh would be so proud of you right now.

And shame on ME for not clearing up that whole netspeak thing before.

12/27/2008 #29

Shame on ROWAN!

For reviving the S&C and pulling my protege from the wonderful world of sarcasm back into the darker side of Puffle-dom...and I'm not talking about scubarang's fantasy, I'm talking about puppetry!

Oh, and Scubarang, I am so proud of you right now. (But I still have the superior intellect, my Slytherin friend.)

1/2/2009 #30
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