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Shame on scubarang!

For her campain against the Shiny since the beggining!

1/25/2009 . Edited 1/25/2009 #31

And shame on rowan!

For endorsing and taking part on scuba's party!

1/25/2009 #32



Nacilme! Shame on YOU! Shame, for coming here to vandalize our home!

*stomps foot*

And shame on you for implying that I'm attempting against the life of The Shiny!

1/25/2009 . Edited 1/25/2009 #33

Shame accepted. Now I'm not mad any more.

1/26/2009 #34
starlit skyes

Gah! Shame on...

FF!! For accusing me of "Forum throttle"!!

Really, I am ANNOYED. I created the "What are you listening to" thread, and was about to create the "Twilight Ba-er, Discussion" thread, when it interfered with my plans. "forum throttle" indeed. Humph.


1/27/2009 #35

Shame on Rowan for re-opening the S & B Room. I refuse to go near it but shudder to think it may become active again.

1/28/2009 #36

I refuse to be shamed; you drove me to it, scubarang.

1/28/2009 . Edited 1/28/2009 #37


Everyone who failed to use the tracking charm properly yesterday (except scubarang, who is exempt). I condemn you all to the misery and ignominy of the WALL. May you suffer from the obloquy until you learn better.

2/11/2009 #38

Shame on scubarang and Liz for posting extemporaneously in the Cabana Boy Claim thread. They will be given an opportunity to edit their original posts and then the extra posts will be swiftly DELETED.

That is all.


2/14/2009 #39

Shame on Leigh for going to bed and leaving the CSM thread with no prompt.

2/15/2009 #40

shame on ME for 'creating' The Hypocritical Monkey in the first place.



*gets slapped*


2/20/2009 #41
Ella Not Lotte


Scubarang, Cullen, and Matt! (And somewhat Kandi.)

For spoiling the Common Room and poorly concealed 'pipe' innuendo!

And Scuba being a moderator and everything!

I would have thought at least you would have more class. *sniffs*

2/21/2009 . Edited 2/21/2009 #42

Oh, snap!

Ella channeled her inner Lotte! Way to go, little lion!

*wipes tear*

2/21/2009 #43
Ella Not Lotte



For misreading a post, shaming someone who wasn't to blame, and, consequently, being a stupid.


2/21/2009 . Edited 2/21/2009 #44

Rowan-for this answer in the This or That thread:

Large and in charge or... uh...something else? (couldn't think of a second option. u_u)

2/28/2009 #45

Bite me, scubarang.

2/28/2009 #46
Lunar Fire

I nominate Rowan and Leigh for not updating Il Dragone and Red Ember respectively.

Yes, Leigh, I know you're working on it. 65% drafted; but none posted.

3/7/2009 #47
Maddie Claire

I second that

3/8/2009 #48


Boogum, aka Kim and Funstuff05 aka Cassie!


for incurring in the disgusting, shameful exchange of "good" DraMione fanfiction in the Who's Who thread of this shrine for DG goodness, in the plain light of day for all to see and be sickened by!

SHAME on you, SHAME!!!

*stomps foot*

You make me SICK!

3/8/2009 #49
starlit skyes

*wrinkles nose*

I think the 'plain light of day' bit was the worst.

3/8/2009 #50

I think the 'plain light of day' bit was the worst.

I'm no vampire. ^_~

3/8/2009 . Edited 3/8/2009 #51
starlit skyes

LOL, Kim. *laughs* Then why do you glitter in the sun??

But you know what I meant. And I don't detect remorse... *narrows eyes*

3/9/2009 #52

I think the 'plain light of day' bit was the worst.

I know exactly what you mean, starlit. These sickening, disgusting things should be done in the dark of night, under a bridge or in some seedy corner, with the smell of old urine wafting from the wall, and looking over one's shoulder to make sure no one sees.


3/9/2009 #53
Maddie Claire

*goes off to look*

3/9/2009 #54

Psh, maybe I'm a secret Dramione...who's trying to corrupt everybody by innocently letting everyone think I'm open to being converted!

So in that case it was completely appropriate to say that in the middle of order to get attention. Would that justify my actions and have my shame overlooked?

3/9/2009 #55

You do realize that having a secret agenda that involves the spreading of Dramione like a fungal infection in this forum is WORSE than requesting Dramione fic recs, don't you?

If this is a genuine attempt at getting un-SHAMED, I can only assume that you've found your way into the Hufflepuffer's room. u_u

3/9/2009 #56

And I don't detect remorse... *narrows eyes*

Remorse? I'm sorry that word is not part of my vocabulary. :P

...the spreading of Dramione like a fungal infection.

What a lovely way to put it.

3/9/2009 #57

I think she's secretly gunning for a placement in Slytherin house.

Luckily, I've been around the block a few times when it comes to Slyth wanna-bes.

3/9/2009 #58

I've never understood this fascination with wanting to be in Slytherin. I used to be an admin for an HP site a couple of years back and you would not believe the amount of people who tried to word their answers just to get Slytherin. (actually you probably would). The four or five times I was sorted into that house I just found it annoying. Too many 'evil' wannabes and not enough people who actually held the traits of that house.

Very few people can be 'true' Slytherins. I think this sites sorting records are testament of that.

3/9/2009 #59
starlit skyes

Gah... No remorse in your book indeed, Kim. *rolls eyes*

But you're right about the Slyths – it is rather stupid when people pretend to be all evil...

3/9/2009 #60
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