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*rolls eyes*

I never debased myself in such a way. I refuse to be on the wall; and I'm tempted to put you on it for skiving your studying. u_u

Yes, I'm being insolent. That's what happens when Emma abandons me. And scubarang.

4/21/2009 #91

I proclaim that it can be incredibly difficult to determine what is an announcement

Shame on Aerileigh for debasing herself in such a way, and for her artless, uncreative lies.

4/26/2009 #92

Yeah, yeah, yeah. *lifts eyebrow insolently* Shame away, love.

4/26/2009 #93

You're not worth my time.

4/26/2009 #94

As I thought. *skips merrily away*

4/26/2009 #95

*rolls eyes*

The Ravenclaw HoH is out of control. Where is Emma when you need her?

4/26/2009 #96

It's because he's got shark's eyes! He's a predator! A hunter!

A warrior...


*fans self*

Shame on Rowan for working herself up over the description of a common Neanderthal.

4/26/2009 #97


4/26/2009 #98

Yeah, that's right. See how it feels when someone puts you on the wall for a silly reason.

4/26/2009 #99

I hereby shame Rowan!

First, she shamed Leigh and I for a relatively minor offense. (See post #90).

Then, she lied about how much she shamed me. Then, she participated in the very act for which she shamed us!

*strips Rowan of holier-than-thou cloak and puts it on herself*

*in thundering tones* Hypocrite!

(And pssh. I don't believe any of that "thought I was in the CR" dingleberry. Pah! Trying to squirm away from your punishment!) *spits*

5/25/2009 . Edited 5/25/2009 #100

I refuse to be shamed. I was drunk when it all happened.


5/25/2009 #101

When what? When you shamed us before? Or now. You don't sound drunk. I don't believe you. Shirker!

5/25/2009 #102

*ignores foolish accusations*

5/25/2009 #103

Do I have to summon #5 to flog you? He's very willing, trust me. Get shameful!

5/25/2009 #104

Do I have to summon #5 to flog you?

It seems you are unable to grasp the concept of The Wall of SHAME, dear.

The purpose is to punish those who err, not reward them. That said, if this offer is an inept attempt at getting back on my good graces, I shall consider it.


Now run along; this room is not meant for chit-chat.

5/25/2009 #105


SHAME on EVERYONE who has posted in the ROUND ROBIN thread after Aerileigh's "bet" post, including Aerileigh!

Shame on all of you:

- Aerileigh

- Alexis

- Vicky

- Noli

- scubarang

- Kim

*spits on the ground*

You all sicken me!

Someone make up a stupid bet already!

*smashes glass*

5/25/2009 . Edited 5/25/2009 #106
starlit skyes

You know, I always find it hilarious when Rowan shames someone. She's so very...vehement. Smashing things, and spitting. *grins* I'm sure all those people will have no choice but to be utterly ashamed of themselves.

5/26/2009 #107

She's so very...vehement.

And yet...I feel no shame. u_u *skips out, crunching glass under her feet*

5/26/2009 #108

I quite liked my Draco-voice there. So I, for one, am far from ashamed. Especially as I was preparing to suck it up and post myself, before it was taken care of. *grins unrepetantly*

5/26/2009 #109

I was hoping my name would be linked to my post that did not include details on the bet so that I could easily relive the moment where I intentionally chose not to include the bet. Guess she wasn't that upset.

5/29/2009 #110

SHAME on everyone who still has not even UPDATED, much less completed, their fics for the last fic exchange!

I'm reticent to discuss beginning another until some of you show signs of life. Your lack of dedication and commitment disgusts me. u_u

6/17/2009 #111
Lunar Fire

*coughs* Update RE *coughs*

6/17/2009 #112

Shame on Lunar for bringing up my faults and making my shaming less shameful.


6/17/2009 #113

Shame on Aerileigh, who has the gall to chastise other for not completing their Fic Exchange fics when she's yet to complete her submission to the CHRISTMAS D/G challenge, which took place in DECEMBER.

The nerve of her. u_u

6/17/2009 #114

I'm one person.

I can still shame the group. u_u

And I have a plan. Do any of YOU have a plan? *sneers*

(Gosh, I feel like Eddie Izzard mocking the flags...)

6/17/2009 #115

Is rationalisation/justification a Claw trait?

6/17/2009 #116

*curls lip*


It's a Leigh trait.

6/17/2009 #117

Shame on ME for being bored enough to try fill up the page and probably failing. I'm running out of steam.

6/22/2009 #118
Lunar Fire

Shame on Newbies for being too flaky.

6/30/2009 . Edited 6/30/2009 #119
Maddie Claire

Shame on the wall of shame for not properly shaming those in need of shame.

6/30/2009 #120
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