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Since this forum has been eating up the writing time of certain individuals, I think we have a need for instant gratification.

In other words, really really really short fan fiction.

Here's how this works: I'll start us off with three random words, which are the prompt. Whoever posts after me creates a one-sentence fan fiction story (we'll limit this to HP, with preference to D/G for starters), and then they will provide three random words of their own.

For example, let's say my prompt is: snow, glow, warm.

My story could then be: Even Draco's frosty heart enjoyed the warm glow of Ginny's cheeks after an afternoon in the snow.

Don't comment on someone else's story without continuing the challenge or it won't work!

I'll make the first one easy:

Chocolate, music, Christmas.

12/20/2008 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 5/2/2010 #1
starlit skyes

I like this idea!

Okay... How 'bout "Draco noticed how Ginny's eyes, the color of warm, melting chocolate, shone in joy as they danced to the slow music of the annual Christmas ball."

12/20/2008 #2

Starlit--don't forget that you need to make your own three word challenge now so that someone else can go!

12/21/2008 #3
starlit skyes

Gosh, sorry! Okay, my three words are... um...

Singing, pumpkin, beautiful.


12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #4

"I, uh-" Ginny babbled nervously, meeting his steel gray eyes, "I think the Christmas decorations look beautiful- but the singing pumpkin is a bit too much..."

Ha! Didn't see THAT one coming did you? *sticks out tongue*

Okay, my prompt: wet, bound and unforgiven.

*smiles sweetly*

12/21/2008 #5

From you, Rowan, I'm not surprised. At your story OR your prompt...


"You're bound to your promise, Ginevra," he whispered icily, ignoring the wet streaks on her cheeks, "and your indiscretions will remain unforgiven until I see fit."


MUSE: clock, rage, crystal

12/21/2008 . Edited 3/8/2010 #6

Leigh, not quite what I was thinking about when I issued the prompt, but I guess it works, too. *grumbles*

In response to your prompt:

"Aveda Kedavra!" Lucius roared, his face a mask of rage, but Draco had already lunged himself at Ginny; the green jet of light smashed the face of the old grandfather clock, shattering it into a rain of crystals.

Meh, that's shabbily put together, at best, but I was anxious to issue this prompt; it gave me a most delicious mental image. :D

-leather pants (edit in 2013 for the newbies: this is wrong, the prompt must be only three words, no exceptions.)



Okay, leather pants isn't ONE word. If Leigh doesn't feel like making an exception, stick to just the word 'leather'.(edit in 2013 for the newbies: the prompt must be only three words, no exceptions.) And I'm tired of it being just the Sorting Queen and I. Where is everybody? Too lazy to try to think up ONE SENTENCE?

12/21/2008 . Edited 4/17/2013 #7

Ginny gaped out the window as Draco and Ron rode up to the Burrow on a motorcycle - further, Draco was dressed in leather pants, and Ron had aquired a mohawk and they were on the motercycle together - their driving skills were in dire need of work as they cavorted and caroled up the slight walk, stumbling the entire way and singing notes she wasn't sure actually existed, and then there was the fact of where had they been all night and where had they even aquired the muggle items?

A little long, i know, but one sentence... but Ginny occassionally babbles. :)





12/21/2008 #8

She had heard of the legends before, but it wasn't until she had been sitting in front of the fire, eating chocolates that they were really put into perspective for her.

garlands, caroling and dancing

12/21/2008 #9

Shel, AWESOME-- Draco in leather and riding a motorcycle, and Ron wearing a mohawk-- you totally made my day with that mental image! :D

Draco took one look at the heavily adorned garlands -and the dancing Weasleys- and froze; when he heard the distant caroling he grabbed Ginny by the arm and said, "I don't care what I promised, we're not spending Christmas Eve like this; we're Apparting home this instant!"

Prompt: myriad, silky and drops

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #10

The myriad of emotions that raged through her were almost too much to bear; wet, his hair looked more silky than usual, like a dusting of color on molten silver, and she tried to crush her sobs as the rain came down around them, and the drops chilled her to the bone.

Prompt: ties, duty, and family

12/21/2008 #11

The myriad rainbow of silky coloured scarves wound themselves around Ginny's wrists as her heart dropped to her stomach in anticipation of Draco's mouth upon hers.

distant, scape, droll

12/21/2008 #12

Draco sighed as the obnoxious witch on the French train passed by with the duty-free cart; the ties on his son's shoes had come undone again, and as he attempted to stop their whining he wondered for the umpteenth time why Ginny insisted that family vacations were healthy.

I couldn't help it.

laundry, wine, test

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/22/2008 #13


Umm, we have a tie.

Whoever goes next has to do two!

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #14

Malfoy Manor itself was an architectural wonder- the scape of the columns near the front door were adorned with winding vines, and the tree-lined hills, though distant and a bit out of reach, added a touch of color to the otherwise droll palette; yet Ginny felt nothing for it but a sad sort of disattachment.

I wasn't sure which one to answer!

New prompt: open, sickle, icicles

12/21/2008 #15

Crap, I was supposed to do two.

It was easy to do one's laundry while sipping on a glass of Chardonnay- the wine made the insufferable smell of detergent far easier to bear- and he could grade students' tests with one arm around his red-haired companion without having to leave the couch.

12/21/2008 #16

Draco observed the icicles that had formed on the window ledge, his thoughts on the envelope that lay in his pocket, the one he had yet to open; he would bet his last sickle she'd said 'no'.


Katy, wonderful work with my prompt! I was like this O_O, and I felt sad that there was no more to read!

New prompt: sultry, suckle, honey

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #17
starlit skyes

Hee, that one gives me naughty thoughts, which was obviously your intent. All of them defy PG-13, so I'll wait for someone else to do this one. ;P

12/21/2008 #18

"Honey, when you're done giving that whelp a suckle, come give me some of those sultry moves that come only with the Waesley motherhood genes ...and we can practice making another Malfoy."

Oops. Bricks, rain, dragons.

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #19
starlit skyes

Thanks scuba! You saved me... I was stumped by that one...

Where are your words?

12/21/2008 #20
starlit skyes

Oh-kay, you put it up...

And forgive me for my earlier comment, demi-goddess!

Hmm..lemme see...

She stood in the hard rain waiting for him, the water pelting down on her with nearly the force of bricks, and as she finally saw him her eyes widened and her face broke into a lovely, rapturous smile that couldn't rival for happiness even Hagrid at the sight of his very own dragons.


My words are: dusk, gnome, virescent.

Do your best!

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #21

As the sun fell to dusk in the Weasley garden, the sight of the gnome half eaten by Crookshanks cause a virescent reaction to her pale skin.

I admit, I had to look up virescent. Very Puffle word. I loved your response to my prompt.

New words: obscure, glass, treacle.

12/22/2008 #22

It took approximately three hours and fifteen minutes to find the blastedly obscure family recipe for the Weasley treacle fudge, and then another four hours to properly make the god-forsaken concoction, and if it hadn't been for the glass of Firewhisky and the impromptu back massage from Draco, Ginny never would have gotten through the day, let alone the dusty old recipes boxes.

Words: convoluted, ink, owls

12/22/2008 #23
Lunar Fire

Ginny watched as the ink dried on her letter to Draco, the words a convoluted mass of mixed meanings in an of themselves while simultaneously dodging the irate owls overhead.

Words: feline, pounding, petrified

12/22/2008 #24

Amber eyes stared up at him, obviously petrified, and he noted with a lazy smirk the way all color seemed to have drained from her face; walking up to her with what he knew was feline grace, Draco was certain that if he strained his ear he would be able to hear the wild pounding of the girl's heart.

New Prompt: veins, sweltering, nails

Hmm....*wrinkles nose*

Let see what comes of that.

12/22/2008 #25
Lunar Fire

Somehow, I knew I'd end up being the one to answer this...Rowan, I hope this is to your satisfaction.

The teasing of her fingertips running along his veins and the feel of her nails which clawed hungrily at his back, left a unique trail of goosebumps behind, but in the sweltering heat, it's presence was nothing in comparison to the exposed flesh of the two bodies.

New Prompt: Starlight, candles, inexplicable.

12/22/2008 #26

The glow of the candles, and the starlight streaming in from the window, gave his fair hair a halo like appearance, making the redhead feel an inexplicable attraction towards him.

12/22/2008 #27

Oops. Forgot my prompt.





12/22/2008 #28

Snowballs flew from every direction, and Ginny found herself diving behind an old tree trunk in a comical and decidedly un-Gryffindor-ish attempt to remain unpelted; her efforts came to naught when she felt the chilling sensation of ice sliding down her back, and just hearing the low, sexy chuckle she knew who the perpetrator was without even having to turn around.


New prompt: hubris, elixir, bare

12/22/2008 #29

Few knew it, but Ginny was in possession of hubris, yet she kept it well hidden; she stood by Draco miserably as he mixed up the elixir because she would invetiably blow something up, and their flat was sparsely furnished enough as it was, and because of this hubris, she ran her hands under his shirt to reach the bare skin in an attempt to mess him up, although messing him up was not in her better interests - after all, the potion was for her.





12/22/2008 #30
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