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Okay, so...power to the people, yes we can, and all that.

*waves hand dismissively*

I want to hear your opinions! Any suggestions on how to make Dull a better place??

Do you want new threads? Mirrors installed in strategic parts of the RoR?

What say you?


How the Thread Works:

- Topics in this thread will be discussed freely for a determinate amount of time.

- If a decision is required, at (5) days maximum a moderator will draft a summary post that includes all of the opinions that have been expressed. The topic will then be retired from the thread so that moderators can meet and make a decision based on what has been said.

-In the course of the following days, a decision will be announced and implemented.

-Once a change or addition has been implemented, forum members are welcome to give their opinions or suggestions on how to continue to improve.

1/25/2009 . Edited 4/22/2011 #1

One way mirrors.

More drabble challenges, maybe a weekly hosted by volunteers?

Any takers?

1/25/2009 #2

Scubarang, I second that motion- let's have a weekly challenge, drabbles or other.

I already issued one over at Shiny, so I'll bow out of starting things off here. Any volunteers??

1/25/2009 #3

ooh, ive had a good idea for a drabble bouncing around in my head for quite a while now. ill be first if wanted :)

1/25/2009 #4

But before new threads are created, and since this dull place is re-opening, a redress would be nice.

Old topics should be deleted or locked so that the new ones don't go down.

1/25/2009 #5

Okay Nacilme, I agree.

Which topics should be closed down?

Random Announcements I, the old Common Rooms and the old members intro threads, for example?

What about new threads?

Any ideas?

1/25/2009 #6

yeah, def lock Random Ann. I, cuz i accidently posted there before i saw II. it will still be there, just sort of archived, which i think is neat, that its still there :)

i guess drabble challenges would be a new thread - we talked about one a week? i think thats a pretty good idea, or maybe stretch it out a little longer, maybe one every two weeks. thoughts?

1/25/2009 #7

Shel, I say go for it!

Start your challenge thread!

And the time period is up to you, though I think two weeks is probably a better idea.

1/25/2009 #8
starlit skyes

How bout opening a new Snarky and Catty HP Fan banter thread? *looks eager*

Kidding, kidding.

I like the Drabble challenge idea.

1/25/2009 #9
starlit skyes

Hey! I want RANKS! I loved that in the Shiny. I was "Chillin' in the Hot tub" there. Is it possible here?

1/25/2009 #10


I want moderators. Any takers?

1/26/2009 #11

I'd like to try. I want to see how my Raven streak works there. What say, Rowan?

1/26/2009 #12

I think a new Lexicon, too. So many of us still aren't here.

1/26/2009 #13

I will mod.

And I second the weekly drabble challenge. It definitely helps with the writer's block.

1/26/2009 . Edited 1/26/2009 #14

Well, then get to writing, friend.

Shel already started the drabble challenge ball rolling.

I'm looking for your badge by the way. Gimme a sec.

1/26/2009 #15

I think there are too many sticky posts. We're an active enough community that things like the Who's Who and the Drabble challenges will stay at the top, I believe. What do you think?

1/26/2009 #16

I want to keep Who's Who at the top so that new members know where to go. My best friend is thinking of joining, and she told me yesterday that she had no idea what to do, even though it's sticky. The whole thing is kind of daunting for newbies.

And I want to promote Shel's drabble until someone answers it, but after things get rolling in that thread, it will un-stick.

What do you think?

1/26/2009 #17

Let's make a new who's who and keep that as a sticky, and the manifesto as well. The old Who's Who is VERY long, and full of dried blood. Not a pretty place for our new friends.

I like your thoughts about the drabble thread and I think the re-re-opening and the drabble challenge threads should be moved to regular posts in a few days, once everyone has had a chance to know of their existence. I'll also make a more visible announcement at the Shiny.

I haven't gotten my badge yet...

1/26/2009 #18

Alrighty then, get to it my dear Ravenclaw.

1/26/2009 #19

Wait, you haven't gotten your badge?


Tell you what, log in, then go to FORUM, then FORUM PARTICIPATION.

It should have the invitation code I sent you.

1/26/2009 #20

It wants me to enter the code, which I still have not received.

1/26/2009 #21



1/26/2009 #22

First you owled it, and that didn't work. Worse than the Weasley's ratty old owl, yours is. Clearly you need to spend some time begging Daddy Malfoy for a sweet little owl to borrow. I'm sure he won't mind--if you pay him properly for the favor, that is. We all know that's how you handle the floo...

Which worked that time.

1/26/2009 #23

*rolls eyes around*

It wasn't my owl's fault. And he's a very fine owl. u_u

It was, screwing up as per usual.

1/26/2009 #24

*widens eyes*

No! Not ffnet too!

*narrows eyes*

I'm still blaming it on your owl...have you checked it for mange lately?

1/26/2009 #25

It's a fine owl! *glares*

It was a gift from the Malfoy owlery. u_u does this kind of thing all the time. Haven't you ever lost a review you put hard work into? I HATE it when that happens! And their stupid repairs! *rolls eyes around*

1/26/2009 #26

Right. A "gift."

I'm sure you worked hard for your pretty little "gift," Rowan.

And no, I've never lost a review. In fact, I haven't had any serious trouble with, other than my constant fighting with the document manager, but I'm inclined to believe that's a result of my own impatience.

1/26/2009 #27

Well, I LOVE "working with" Lucius, and you know what they say...

When you love what you do...bla bla bla. u_u

1/26/2009 #28

I didn't say "working with."

I used italics. On purpose.

1/26/2009 #29

Okay, I enjoy WORKING-- HARD with Lucius.

And on a more mature note, Shel, if you're still sorry you missed the Twilight bashing-erm, discussion, feel free to open a thread for it.

1/26/2009 #30
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