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Hello New Ones! As the resident Sorting Queen, my job is to sort you into your house, which means you need to stop by my Lair. This is because I am at times "awesomer" and at times a "wanna-be" who needs mental help. *coughs in Rowan's general direction* Oh, and because the Common Room and Who's Who forums are often SO long that I can't keep track of who I still need to sort.

So, if you have NOT been sorted and would like to make a plea, you may. Just reply to this thread. If you have been sorted and would like to recommend a firstie (anyone who hasn't yet been sorted). However, this is my lair, not a democracy, so even the most subservient groveling will get you nowhere (not even when the demigoddess tries to "overrule" of my powers).

And ignore the dark-haired man in the corner. He's mine.


How to Apply

Newbies, your answers to the following question will make the sorting process less painful; don't forget the more you post, the sooner we'll get to know you and the sooner you can be sorted.

See the lexicon ( more information on the sorting process--it is a lengthy one, and can take over a month. If you don't intend to stick around, I don't intend to waste time sorting you. Capiche?

Copy, click reply, and paste, darlings:

- Your name (When I list you in the roster below, what should go in the parentheses?)

- At what age did you start to read? (we've heard "from the womb". *raises eyebrows*)

- Your favorite published writer?

- Your favorite fanfic writer?

- Your favorite HP book?

- Most embarrassing moment?

- First crush on a famous person?

- Favorite libation?

- Favorite Unforgivable?

- If you discovered that you were the intended target of an assassination plot, what would be your course of action?

1/26/2009 . Edited 5/10/2010 #1

The DG Forum's Member Roster

last updated October 11, 2012

Italicized names indicate that the member is possibly MIA. Asterisks indicate that sorting is imminent. The Lair will be updated approximately once a month. If it's been more than that, you may remind the Queen ... once.


Head of House: rowan-greenleaf

amethyst-rose (Kira): Gryff-Puffle

bathtubblogger (Kiles) - Gryffindor

blue-wasabi24 (Kimmy): Gryff-Slyth

Dorrmouse (Harriet): Gryffindor

dyk3adellic (Kristi): Gryffindor

E arth. K id. T ree. H ugger (Lottie):Gryff-Raven

Ha'niqua (Haz): Gryffindor

ImprintMeJacob (Rosalie): Gryff-Puffle

IronSpockMaster (Hester): Gryff-Puffle

Lovers.Love.Liars.Lie (Porsha): Gryff-Raven

Maddie Claire (Maddie): Gryffindor

MemoriesFade (Ann, Antoinette): Gryff-Raven

Mi High Lover (Tenzy) - Gryff-Puffle

AlexisJayde (Jayde): Gryff-Raven

starlit skyes (Starlit): Gryff-Puffle

merriza (Merry): Gryff-Slyth

nombre de plumas (Snow): Gryff-Puffle

Pesky Ixy Pesternomi (Ixy) - Gryff-Raven

Samurai-Kagome (Zanie): Gryff-Puffle


Head of House: scubarang

Dominatrice (Emma): Slytherin

imadoodlenoodle (Sarah): Slytherin

Nival Vixen (Jez): Slyth-Claw

TASHAx. (Tasha): Slyth-Gryff


Head of House: Aerileigh

ABitOfBlack (Farrha): Raven-Slyth

Anna Scathach: Ravenclaw

The-Darkness-Befalls (Ky, Kyla): Raven-Puffle

Cadaverous Apples (Roma): Raven-Gryff

Crazy-Lemon-Lady (Katie): Raven-Puffle

hannah askance (Hannah): Raven-Puffle

chromeknickers (Lia): Ravenclaw

Ipok87 (Ingrid) - Ravenclaw

Lunar Fire (Lunar or Bree): Raven-Slyth

Mila-kun (Mila): Raven-Puffle

PaintedDragon (PD) - Ravenclaw

Poinkychan (Larry) - Raven-Puffle

TuesdayNovember (Lizz): Raven-Gryff

VickyVicarious (Vicky): Raven-Gryff


Head of House: Boogum

0Eithne (Eithne) - Hufflepuff

BillaRayne (Billa) - Hufflepuff

Callidora-Malfoy (Maria/Callidora): Puffle/Claw

DoubleCaramel (Karla): Hufflepuff

Hybrid-Kothari (Gin) : Hufflepuff

idreamofdraco (Jessica): Puffle-Gryff

lunaly-lovely (El) - Hufflepuff

Mandirrr (Mandie): Puffle-Gryff

MidnightxRed (Red): Puffle-Raven

Miss-Talkative (Shai): Puffle-Gryff

silverfox98 (Brittany) - Puffle-Gryff

superstarsvtn (Shel): Puffle-Raven

Rigonoko (John): Hufflepuff

VivoRisataAmore (Megan): Hufflepuff


Cbz (Claire) [11.8.09]

Mrs. Dimoski (Dimo) [6.3.11]

Victoria Kathleen Wright (Vicky) [6.5.11]

The Great And Mighty Wizard (Mori) [6.23.11]

silverxxprincess (Kiely) [7.8.11]

KatnissGinnyMaxTally1 (Max) [7.17.11]

quibblemommy23 (Courtney) [8.10.11]

ElisebethVE (Elise) [9.1.11]

threeredcardinals (Cardy) [9.4.11]

Lucky Th13rteen (Sam) [9.6.11]

Ami L. Mendal (Ami) [9.24.11]

Golden Disasters (Beka) [10.04.11]

craklyn (Henna) [11.5.11]*

cherryredxx (Pam) [2.22.12]*

FireOfAngels (Zoe) [2.25.12]

SunnyStorms (Sunny) [3.21.12]*

FranKoNMalfoys (Sophia) [3.28.12]

Nara1991 (Amz) [4.15.12]

noonie-malfoy (Noonie) [5/28/12]

Tabitha Slate (Tabby) [6.29.12]

the love i think i deserve (Erin) [7.17.12]

I'mJustMe-PlainOl'V (V) [8.16.12]*

Coydog22 (Courtney) [8.16.12]

sangkar (Tate) [9.2.12]

ThePenguinofDeath (Penguin) [9.27.12]

Fern Paquette (Fern) [10.3.12]

brazensers (Brazzy) [10.5.12]


xxcrazycallyxx (Cally): Gryffindor, Ella Not Lotte (Ella): Ravenclaw, Kinboshi: Ravenclaw, Blaising:Raven-Puffle, Miss Lotte: Ravenclaw, Mae Hale: Ravenclaw, Pamelanne: Puffle-Raven, pwcapone (PW): Ravenclaw, Liz's Boy (Matt): Gryff-Puffle, SquirrelGal (SG): Gryffindor, oxymoron (Robin): Ravenclaw, Katmillia (Katy): Slyth-Gryff, nicestspawnofsatanyouevermet (Cuchilla): Gryffindor, shewhodanceswithsquirrels (Kandi): Gryffindor, Bandearg Rois (Rois): Puffle-Gryff, PrincessDoubleT (T): Gryffindor, Balletomane (Mikhail): Raven-Slyth, WanderingChild96 (Kat): Hufflepuff, It Reeks of Fangirls (Kuran): Hufflepuff, dreaming of my dark angel (Dreamer): Gryffindor, Nimph (Lin): Ravenclaw, Mrs.EdwardAMCullen (Liz): Puffle-Gryff, L'AuteurHabile (Farielle): Ravenclaw, scribbl (Alexis): Gryff-Claw, IamLeahsConscience: Gryffindor, blurry-blurb (Nik): Puffle-Raven, Golden Fawkes (Goldie): Gryff-Puffle, Nacilme (Nac): Gryff-Slyth, Narcissa Raie (Cissa): Gryff-Raven, Lilia-Rose(Lil, Lili): Gryff-Raven, amazing-pages (Amanda or Amy): Ravenclaw, noliolio (noli): Raven-Puffle, tinyriot (Artha): Raven-Slyth; Violet Strawberri (Vi, V.S., ginge): Puffle-Gryff, hecatemus (Chris): Ravenclaw, sanctuary-in-dreams (Sid): Puffle-Gryff, Perfect Mischief (Ellie): Hufflepuff, delete-the-girl (Marisa): Hufflepuff, raspberry-rave (Robyn): Raven-Gryff, enchantedstarlight (Gidge): Raven-Puffle, Alcidae (Emme): Raven-Puffle


xalwaysxwinterx (Janice), dancelikeyoujustdontcare (Rosalie), xoOhhMyyEdward (Brittany), Kandi's Boy (Tolbert), Jessicats (Jess or Jessi) OpaqueGirl (Pooja), Ayriannah (Rian), Alsy333 (Alsy), Selenehekate (Selene), tardislove (Charlotte or Charlie) perfectly.pureblooded (Sydney or Syd), Crzysxycool (Mulan), FunStuff05 (Cassie), BelieverOfTheFairies (Mimi), , Babiee-Z (Angie), ZabellaCookie (Zabella), cleo.k (Cleo), -Eleha- (Eleha) [6.15.09], Livvy J. (Livvy, Liv, Rosemarie), XXGD2gether4evaXX (Alex), Sonnet Boy (Tibbs), Remus-Chocolade [6.17.09], wes-emerald (Wes) [6.18.09], Sable-eyed-lily (Lils) [6.28.09], BigFishCairo (Mona) [6.29.09], -somecrazykid- (Monica) [7.5.09], Delita-Rose (Lita), Angel.Mindfreak [7.12.09], ReignofSlytherin (Reign or RoS) [7.10.09], AliNico5683 [7.12.09], Ms. Rosemary Mees (Rose, Rosemary, Scarlett), Sirenadae (Nikki) [7.10.09], quirkyvixen (Ananya) [6.28.09], Written Sparks [8.7.09], Isabel Antonette (Isabel) [8.7.09], xxpinkwritesx (Pink) [8.7.09], Tiasanaa [8.31.09], Tisha Yoon, Lady Arianne Of Ambers Valley [9.3.09], Literary Midget [9.4.09], Draco-Ginny-Love [9.4.09], CinderellaAtTheBall [9.9.09], idobelieveinfaeries [9.10.09], Shazan [9.14.09], alcyonegrey.x3 [8.2.09], MushroomCap [8.2.09], Xxwolfy-chanxX [7.30.09], judy0902 [7.30.09], A. Nutter (Titan) [10.8.09], magickal13 [10.8.09], Leighza (Lee) [10.13.09], PanicAttack757 [10.16.09], Eternally Seventeen [9.12.09], The Magic Bringer [9.24.09], AshlinSage [10.27.09], goldeneyedgirl247 (Margot) [10.18.09], Cbz (Claire) [11.8.09], Ginevra Molly Malfoy [11.10.09], Misery's Child. [11.10.09], Cracked-Vase [11.18.09], Rebenapadaptca [11.22.09], KINGDOMcome (K) [11.22.09], ginnygirl2 (Katie) [11.23.09], pumpkindarling (Jo) [11.23.09], EvylinDevilin [12.6.09], Fragile-Strength (Cayenne) [12.7.09], Idiotic Superhero [added 9.9], wee lil marshmallow (Boru) [11.5.09], Ms.Jules (Jules) [12.3.09]LivsLives4Love (Livvy) [1.04.10], Talking-Rock [1.04.10], EmiliieCatX3 [1.12.10], ChthonianQueen [12.31.09], Nicoleisacool1 [12.31.09], creativelyspacey [1.03.10], Dark Mistress 69 [1.03.10], rileyridiculous [12.22.09]Anna Lahm Malfoy (Anna) [12.13.09], qwerzxc [12.14.09], UilaEngel [12.16.09], Izoobil (Izzy) [12.17.09] Riauna [01.29.10], Heroine of the Valley [01.30.10], Lost child of Gallifrey (Lost) [01.30.10], ewaisaRAINBOW (ewa) [12.23.09], Jack Tamara (JT) [02.13.10], complicatedness (Athena)[02.19.10], MinionsOfTheNachoArmyUnite (Maggie) [02.21.10], juniperwing (JW) [02.27.10], DarkWingDeDe (DeDe) [03.05.10], Kelsiee (Kelsiee J) [03.18.10], Mystique84 (Raven) [04.14.10], belle dans bleu (Belle) [05.11.10], shonalucy (Shona) [05.12.10], Skitzo-phrenick (Skitz) [02.09.10], Sympathetic Me (Francesca/Fran/SM/Sympathetic Me) [02.20.10], Nutmeg44 (Nicqui) [02.22.10], Bewitched29 (Amanda) [02.23.10], hogwartsismydrug (Alex) [03.04.10], slythheadgirl (Ams) [03.06.10], Soundless Lullaby (Lulla/Lulu)[03.07.10], haters make-me famous (Stevie) [03.14.10], annie-elise (Annie) [03.19.10], Ketchupdtoytle [03.22.10], jessica k malfoy (Jessica) [03.29.10], Ria Lee (Glad/Gladwyn) [04.06.10], Kyma (Cherv Cherv, Chervie, or Kyma) [04.12.10], asherley (Ash or Asher) [04.17.10], Helena Aeris (Nifa) [04.27.10], LongbottomGirl (Martina, Appel) [05.19.10], cinnamon badge (cb) [05.24.10], Dranius (Dran) [06.02.10], Air Angel32 (Air, Arianna) [06.05.10], asloversgo (Nik) [06.06.10], Terra (Terra) [06.17.10], Dasha Alexander (Dasha) [06.29.10], The Puppeteer (Vabby) [06.29.10], My Lady Jes (Jes) [06.30.10], Cute Apples (Roma) [11.30.09], Looney Lovegoods Lair (Loony, Luna) [06.21.10], loupylou.powell (Lizzie, Loupy) [06.22.10] , IHeartDracoM [01.27.10], vswimming12 (Rachel) [07.06.10], Kitty-Iheartu (Kitty) [07.13.10], cittcatt (cittcatt) [07.14.10], adara-greenleaf (Jesse, Adara) [07.15.10], Creative Touch (Bianca, B) [07.15.10], goi (Jess) [07.18.10], Amy is rockin (Amy) [07.22.10], Persephone's flower (Persephone) [07.23.10], mi cielo (Ale) [07.30.10], witchwithwings24 (Jade) [07.30.10], Unlaced Rose (Eva) [06.12.10], Willful Destruction (Des) [06.20.10], Fleur Hazel (Fleur, Cara) [06.20.10], Acacia Thorn (Thorn, AC) [06.22.10], Dny Schr-Mlln Shtlnd (Moose) [07.05.10], wujy (Jade) [07.08.10], WitheredLilly's (Mandy) [08.03.10], b0unce (Bounce) [08.10.10], cjnicole (Nicole) [08.12.10], Kwan Li (John) [08.13.10], x.Wait For The Sunrise.x (Flame) [08.26.10], Sarah3Noelle (Sarah) [09.24.10], Khitomer (Khit) [10.09.10], Krystal Liu (Krysalis, Krys) [10.09.10], RaeRaeMae-xoxo (RaeRae) [09.01.10], jewelthief500 (Bandit) [06.01.10], NellGwynne (Nell, Amy) [06.24.10], Ariadne's Twine (Rachel) [07.09.10], , Phoebe Caulfield 16 (Sienna) [08.01.10], The Sarcastic Waffle (Ange) [10.22.10], Error in G (Erin) [06.26.10], Mystical Starlight (Mysti) [10.17.10], LionessAmaya (Amaya) [06.24.10], Noona1 (Noona) [07.03.10], Charlie'sDragon (Charlie) [08.01.10], DorestadGirl (Hannah) [08.19.10], babybekahbooh (Bekah) [09.17.10], lieben (Rebecca) [09.18.10], My Best Friend Is You (Marianne) [09.21.10], Loving Your Smile (Alison, Ali) [09.29.10] attackofthemuffins (Moni) [05.05.10], writeyourlove (Ella) [11.5.10] X.Live.Laugh.Love.Zanna.X (Zanna) [4.8.11] Cuddle-boo Muffin-Lovey Cakes (Beth) [4.17.11] Nevra Leona (Nevra) [4.19.11], Paris's Rose (Leslie) [1.1.11] WingCommanderM (M) [3.1.12], FrenchGinger (Wrenna) [3.10.12], AnagramRCA (Sarah) [3.14.12], Akuma Rin-chan (Fay) [3.16.12], BitchySlytherinWithBreadAkaK T (KT) [4.14.12], I Want To Be Your Canary (Birdie) [4.15.12], TulipofMay (Lale) [6/24/12], Pepa333 (Pepa) [7.14.12], Mrs. Trickster Queen (Q) [2.14.12], WeasleySeeker [2.15.12], xoxoxox LOVE xoxoxox (Allie) [2.14.12], mommaXbear (Sadie) [1.14.12], Cattyline (Caty) [1.03.12], SierraXCM (Sierra) [12.31.11], Asking Me Where My Love Grows (Kelsey) [12.4.11], Vanilla Twist (Gracie) [12.12.11], malitude [MAL] [12/12/11], kittenbooks (Kitten) [12/17/12], Magical-Memories101 (Cat) [1/2/12], Fourmille d'idees (Aly) [11.25.12], Zarsi (Zars) [11.14.12], Celestial Calamity (Celeste) [11.23.12], haynes-poseys (Madeline) [10.23.11], Traumhaendler (Hatter) [10.17.11], Vivacious Redhead (Sierra) [10.09.11], Rachel The Wonderful Llama (Rachel) [10.07.11], ZER0H0UR (Chloe) [10.06.11], Blood of Scarlet (Gin) [9.8.11], the-boscaresque (Bevyn) [9.3.11], VPrincess116 (Vicki) [8.20.11], IckleMollykins (Molly) [8.19.11], Kathryn.Bell (Kathryn) [8.10.11], Y.D.K.W (Casey) [8.06.11], KuroAnubis (Ava) [8.6.11], BeautifulPhoenix (Jo) [8.2.11], Ominous Owl (Naomi) [7.31.11], PurpleGem589 (PG) [7.31.11], SZF (Lea) [7.26.11], dark-rule14 (Rule) [7.26.11], PlasmaReloaded (Sean) [7.24.11], Kuroichigo-chan (Caiomhe) [7.24.11], Ayleigh (Ay) [7.22.11], soxluvabl3 (KP) [7.20.11], Autumn-Lynn921 (Autumn) [7.20.11], britttt-knee (Britnee) [7.18.11], Gurgigurl (Samantha) [7.18.11], idoitforlove (Mari) [7.10.11], Harrypotter202abc (Rhea) [7.09.11], living in d a y d r e a m s (GiGi) [7.6.11], Odette Texen (Deliya) [7.2.11], libraryamy (Amy) [6.24.11], Diane Langley (Di) [6.22.11], W. Larson (Billy) 6.14.11], sefk (Sede) [6.13.11], QueenMinnie (Minnie) [6.12.11], blueIedangel (Care) [5/18/11], Griffinesque (Griffinesque) [5.17.11], MonroeT (Thorn) [5.13.11], Something worth living for (Taita/Dark) [5.7.11], idoitforlove (Mari) [5.5.11], MsHolmes (Caty) [5/5/2011], SnugAsABugInARug (Bug) [5.4.11], Captain Happiness (Elsie) [5.4.11], The Illuminated Illusionist (Blaire) [4.28.11], Somewhere Sky (Melissa) [4.28.11]

1/26/2009 . Edited 10/11/2012 #2

Very nice, Leigh.

*looks around*

By the way, Nimph ran off because she thought things were getting to hectic here- back at the 300 posts per day times. I think we should send for her. Let her know that we're still under 100 posts per day. :D

1/26/2009 #3

That's why she's head of Puffle.

1/26/2009 #4

Dear Madam Sorting Queen, please look at the little hissy fit that Nacilme threw and tell me she should not be resorted to Gryff/Slyth. I've stated before and state it again, she is too emotionally impulsive to be Slyth/Gryff. Her Ron-like accusations clearly make her a stronger Gryff hybrid.

1/26/2009 #5

When and where did this occur?

1/26/2009 #6

Nacilme's slandering was here at both the W of S and Common Room III. My arguments were at the Shiny (I think). They may have been here at the 'end' of our last session.

1/26/2009 #7

In the matter of Nacilme's house placement, as challenged by scubarang:


The evidence:

From the Common Room III:

"In this right moment I just hate you guys very much. And I can't believe I was the only one to vote pro-Shiny.

Shame on scubarang for this abusive campain in favor of the Dull.

But now the damage is done, enjoy your victory. ¬¬'"

From the Wall of Shame:

"Shame on scubarang!

For her campain against the Shiny since the beggining!"


"And shame on rowan!

For endorsing and taking part on scuba's party!"


Shame accepted. Now I'm not mad any more.


The verdict:

While the submitted evidence does highlight Nacilme's Gryff tendencies, I'm reticent to use a mere four brief posts to change her house entirely. Sorting is a weighty matter, and not to be taken lightly.

Therefore I resolve that Nacilme's house placement is on probation for the time being, and that I shall observe her posts carefully and confer with her Heads of House accordingly.

1/26/2009 . Edited 1/26/2009 #8

My opinion is not based on only these 4 posts, I have been voicing this opinion for about a month. It is at your will. I state only my view and will go by your decision.

1/26/2009 #9

Once again I feel the need to point out that Gryffindor is not the House that picks up the misfits that don't seem to sort well anywhere else. Just because your Housemate had a mental meltdown, a nervous breakdown, an episode of paranoid hysteria, scubarang, doesn't mean that she belongs in Gryffindor.

1/26/2009 #10

I considered the evidence as it was submitted.

I'm in no mood to dirty my tiara by sifting through the muck of months old posts. Nacilme is in your house, Scuba. Perhaps you need to bring her in line before you try to cast her off on Rowan.

1/26/2009 #11

I refuse to accept her on the grounds of mental imballance.

Scubarang, deal with it.

1/26/2009 #12

Er, Hello, Miss Queen of the Lair(no rudeness intended)

My name is T and I am here to request placement in the house that you believe is best for me.

1/27/2009 #13

According to the Shiny lexicon, Nac WAS Gryff/Slyth.

1/27/2009 #14

Well, I like Nacilme very much. If the two of you haven't scared her off for good, I might just let her choose which house comes first.

1/28/2009 #15

Well, I like Nacilme very much. If the two of you haven't scared her off for good, I might just let her choose which house comes first.

It is not about any personal feeling. I admit I was offended at her accusations; but they really showed the impulsiveness that is Gryff/Ron. Had this been an isolated incident I might not be so adamant in my claim.

To have her in the house of snakes is like a polyjuiced Ron in Slytherin robes. If you remember, I also voiced my opinion loudly over Katy's mis-sorting. I abide by your decision but I stand my ground on my observations.

And Rowan, everyone knows that Puffle is the 'nowhere else to go' house. Sorry, Nimph.

1/28/2009 #16

I find it ironic that the two of you mostly quarrel over the Gryff/Slyth or Slyth/Gryff combinations. You never argue about my Claws. *preens*

1/28/2009 #17

That's because Claws cause a frenzy of conflict like a riled up...Padma Patil. Yeah, that's heart pounding excitement there. Right up there with Susan Bones or Hannah Abbot.

1/28/2009 #18

Ugh. I just realized that Luna was a Ravenclaw.

I hate you.

1/28/2009 #19

I'm thinking back to the 'early' days of the Who's Who and thinking we put up a sort of opening questionnaire. Aside form the 3 random facts, favorite pairings, etc. we should ask a few this or that questions to help in our sorting process. Like-

crops or whips (perhaps a better quantifier is chains or silk ropes)

kittens or snakes

emotional outburst or slow burn

Snape or Lucius

Then perhaps what age did you start to read? (I was waiting to see if someone said they were reading in the womb. lol)

Your favourite writer?

What do you think Leigh?

1/28/2009 #20

I think it's an excellent idea, Scuba, and that you should go and edit my post accordingly.

1/28/2009 #21

Well, nobody asked for MY opinion, but that's never stopped me from voicing it:

Brilliant, scubarang. Reminds of the "Cracklin' Good Times; because fire and ice crackle together, get it?" days.

1/28/2009 #22

Oh, you misunderstood. I don't want to do the work, I was thinking some Claw would take the work up.

1/28/2009 #23

T's application for House Placement

crops or whips: Whips

kittens or snakes: I'm allergic to cats and basilisks scare me, is a lion okay?

emotional outburst or slow burn: Slow burn

Snape or Lucius: Lucius

Then perhaps what age did you start to read? (I was waiting to see if someone said they were reading in the womb. lol) At the Age of 9 is when I actualy enjoyed reading

Your favourite writer? Can't choose one!

1/28/2009 #24

Very good, T.

Just stay away from Lucius, and my claws will stay away from your eyes. M'kay?

1/28/2009 #25

Oh, you misunderstood. I don't want to do the work, I was thinking some Claw would take the work up.

Riiight. As though I'm a hard-working, lame--

*glances at Rowan; smirks*


Rowan, love, since you think that scubarang's idea is so brilliant, why don't you nip over to the Who's Who thread and add her darling little questionnaire?


T, thank you. Most helpful, that. Keep posting and I'll have you sorted in a few days.

1/28/2009 #26
starlit skyes

LOL. Great idea.

Wish I could have answered some of those. I'm always too eager for my own good to voice my opinions... *grins*

I'm missing a lot of people here...

1/29/2009 #27

So? Answer them. Just do it in the common room since you're already sorted. I'd hate to get this room all dirty again.

1/29/2009 #28

I resent the "kittens" or snakes option. u_u

I propose CAT or snake.

1/29/2009 #29

And Leigh, if you think I'm hard-working then you don't know me at all.

That saddens me.

1/29/2009 #30
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