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Lunar Fire

Description: This thread is to talk about weird dreams we've had either recently or in the past. Share them if you want; I won't force you.


Last night I had a dream I was kidnapped by an evil black blob, most likely female, and then attacked by a flock of pigeons while locked in a steel cage with a calf.

3/7/2009 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 5/2/2010 #1

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was running away from something (I'm always running away from something in my dreams) and then I got to a desert beach. So I decided to stay there and then I had sex with my boyfriend. When we finished I noticed two things: I was still wearing my swiming clothes and that the beach was crowded but no one was really paying attention to us.

Then I woke up.


3/7/2009 #2


Lat night I had a dream that the guy I am probably in love with and I had a big fight because he wouldn't explain to me how he felt. But the weird part is, when I left his house,the dream turned into some kind of assassin plot. One of my guy friends is like "It's not safe to try and talk to him, someone is trying to use him to get to you" and blah blah blah. Then this humongous yellow python was trying to eat a wolf, and then it made it's way towards me. . .and then I woke up.

It was weird to the extreme, although what I wrote probably doesn't make sense.

3/7/2009 #3

Last night I dreamed that I was at my g-ma's house, my cousin was talking to this evil dude on the back porch. That's not the weird part, I could totally see that happening. The next part is where it gets odd. I was standing in the kitchen at the back door fixing the blinds and curtains with some dude that had dreadlocks. Never saw the man in my life, then I went to the front yard and planted some iris's, we spin to the back porch and my brother tells me that the evil guy made him pay $5000 to leave and take his vehicle. In the dream his truck blew up and he now had a Jeep. Then the evil dude tries to kidnap me and I knee him in the groin. After that I call the police, hog-tie him, and place him under citizens arrest. I tell the police officer who arrived that I introduce my knee to his(evil guy) "family heirlooms." Before I woke up I was being put under witness protection because that guy was major evil. I need to stop watching weird TV before I go to bed.

3/7/2009 #4

I dreamed that due to a global environmental crisis, everyone needed to escape to the Magical Land. I had two small children with me, and I had to trek across the midwest with them and avoid all the other people migrating who would prey on vulnerable little us. The journey involved walking through barren fields, jumping trains (no easy feat with kids, let me tell you), and gothically devasted urban areas.

When we arrived at the Magical Land through the hole we constructed in the sky, we came to a settlement town that looked like it was made entirely of lumber and fixtures from a fleet of abandoned pirate ships. The people were quite friendly, but we soon realized that this was misleading--they were the descendants of pirates and wanted to sell us all into slavery in the Black Land. They were basically squatters. They managed to kidnap the two children (very emotional), but I was rescued by a young man who looked strangely like Hugh Dancy.

He had a magical hang glider, and the two of us spent hours flying around over the gorgeous land, just as the sunset was fading. It was glorious.

3/7/2009 #5

About a week ago I had an extremely vivid dream that I couldn't stop thinking about. Everything felt very REAL, the emotions, the physical sensations, the sights and sounds. I actually thought of writing an original fic for it, which is why reading Leigh's RA post was amusing to me, and also the reason why I suggested this thread.

In my dream I had been taken in by a powerful martial arts school in Japan, and they were training me in several martial arts disciplines, as well as gun fighting, math, calculus and telekinesis. It was crazy, crazy shit.

I understood that I had a great potential, and they were sort of harnessing my power for their own use. I felt used, but honored, in a weird way.

I was not Japanese. I was a sixteen year old blonde girl, and I was short. (Total opposite of me, except for the girl part). I had been assiged a trainer, and we spent almost all of our time together. He was a gorgeous Japanese guy a few years older than me. He was tall and lean with long hard muscles, and his face and hair were gorgeous. He was very powerful, and a tactical genius. He was always dressed in black. He hardly ever spoke to me at all. In fact, he treated me almost with contempt, but I had a feeling it was mostly for show.

I, of course, was totally in love with him, and was extremely jealous when he would go out on dates with his Japanese girlfriend. She was gorgeous, and very girly, and dressed in cute clothes and wore make up, and I was always wore my sweaty track clothes and running shoes, and I was always sweaty from sparring with my hot Japanese trainer.

Anyway, they would go out to tea houses to have bubble tea, and he was so sweet with her it was like he was a completely different person. Watching them together HURT.

So then one day, after we've been training for hours, so that all my muscles hurt, we go into this room that's full of light, with wood floors and silver painting on the wall. The master of the school, an old who was very fond of me and had assigned me to my trainer, was sitting at a green table. I wanted bubble tea but he gave me soup instead. The soup was very hot and had a green leaf floating in it. I didn't taste it, but I knew it was for me and I'd have to drink it, even though it was so hot and I didn't even feel like having it.

I could feel the sweat drying on my skin.

While I was standing there, my trainer stood behind me like he always did. While the old guy went out to take a call, my trainer came and hugged me from behind. He pressed me to his body so hard that it hurt, really.

I've never been so turned on in REAL life.


He did this while nobody was watching, and as soon as someone came in the room he would take a step back.

3/7/2009 #6

You should totally make a story of that, that'd be bad a$$.

3/7/2009 #7
Lunar Fire

Last night I had a dream I spent too much money and I was broke. I was also lost in the Negev. Then I woke up.

My dreams suck.

3/7/2009 #8

I had this crazy dream where i was falling from a building and i got closer and closer to the ground and the tiny matress that was waiting there. I was so scared that i was going to miss the matress and hit the ground but i ended up falling through it and i just kept falling untill everything faded away. The light disappeared and i was just falling through blackness. I was so scared of the darkness because it wasn't supposed to be there and i was supposed to have hit the ground and i felt strangley cheated because it had ruined it. I don't know what 'it' was, but whatever it was it got ruined.

Kinda weird...

3/8/2009 #9

I had a dream over 20 years ago that was so real and frightening that I can still remember it and how scary it felt.

I went to a house and was sitting in a living room and people kept coming in and out of the house. I was waiting for someone and was getting bored. I decided to go through a door and see what was going on in the back half of the house. I entered a long, dark hall. I went through a door and in the room there were bodies in vertical tubes and at the bottom of each tube there was a bowl with red licorice in it. I was hungry so I took a few pieces and ate them. I started to get nervous and went back out into the living room.

All of a sudden people started to come after me because I had eaten the red licorice. I ran out of the house and started banging on the doors of near by houses. I was really scared and the people were now in vehicles and chasing me through the streets.

I was running down alleys and trying to get away from them by going through yards of the houses and stuff. Then I came upon a back door of a house that was unlocked and I ran inside. There were 3 or 4 people sitting around even though it was really late at night. I told them I was being chased but they all seemed very calm and careless about it all. I was running to the windows and trying to look outside without being seen but my chasers.

I saw a jeep pull up outside the house and I got really afraid that they would find me. My heart was absolutely pounding in my chest, I was terrified. The people inside kept assuring me that everything would be okay.

The dream pretty much ended there. Probably the most terrifying thing about the dream was not only that it felt so real but that I woke up from it 3 times and each time my heart was pounding and I was just as terrified as I was in the dream. But each time I went right back into the dream exactly where I had been when I woke up.

I still talk about my red licorice dream.

3/8/2009 #10
Lunar Fire

I feel like you would be the type of person to dream about red licorice, Scuba. Besides, it's yummy.

3/9/2009 #11
starlit skyes

My fic, Our Son Is Adorable, was completely a dream... Most of my fics/stories are inspired by dreams. :)

I remember I used to have this recurring dream when I was a kid – that I was kidnapped, and someone was carrying through this forest, swinging off vines and ropes from trees with that "aaah" whatever sound that Tarzan makes. *grins* And then, I'd either fall off – or they'd carry me to this secret lair thingie, which is that typical building from Dexter's Laboratory – hidden underground, fully made of aluminium and glass, and I;d be tied to a bed and I'd be tortured.

Don't ask me how I was tortured – cuz I wasn't. It was just that terrifying idea, that word – 'torture' that would come to my mind, and then I'd wake up frightened. I'd wake up before they actually did something to me.

And then, one day, the dream changed – this wonderfully dark, muscular guy barges into the lair, and fights all the bad guys with glowing swords, and then carries me home... *sigh*

3/9/2009 . Edited 3/9/2009 #12

I dreamed my fanfic account got phished and someone pretended to be me on the forum boards for a day before I realized it.

3/9/2009 #13

I had a very strange dream last night that had some bad parts, but the good parts left me with a nice warm feeling when I woke up, though I got bitten by a dog in it, and it hurt. (never happened to me in real life).

I'm too lazy to try to explain, it though. It was so weird.

3/9/2009 #14

I keep dreaming about the Challenge and how I end up without time and hating it ^^

Also, someday I'll post those dreams I've had some time ago and I can still remember, but I don't want to now.

Actually, I think that I haven't been having any good dreams lately...

3/10/2009 #15
starlit skyes

Oooh, last night I had this most AWFUL dream!

It was like my dad was giving me this extremely hard math problem to do(which isn't new, since he's always doing that), and then, I spend days and MONTHS doing it, and doing it, and doing it, ignoring meals and sleeping, until I solve the problem and wither and DIE.

It was extremely stupid, but pretty scary at the time.

3/12/2009 #16

I had a really weird dream that wasn't a dream just before waking up this morning.

Actually I was already awake, and that's the scary part. I knew I was lying in bed, and my dog was sleeping on the pillow next to me. I tried to get up, but I couldn't move, and I felt like there was someone else there, but I knew my mom and stepdad had already gone to work about fifteen minutes earlier, cause I woke up when they closed the door.

So you know the tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep? That's how my entire body felt. And I still couldn't move! I was struggling to open my eyes, and I managed to crack them open, but I couldn't move them, and I could only see the ceiling. And I could hear the voice of a girl saying "she's scared because she knows that there's a man that watches us while we sleep", and I knew she was talking about me, and I knew that she was a dream (I was dreaming) but I was already awake! And then I could hear this wind, these horrible hurricane winds blowing in my ears, and that tingly feeling became a burning sensation all over my body.

FINALLY, I was able to open my eyes and really see and move and get up, and I did, but the atmosphere felt so weird. I was actually scared. So I turned on the computer and the t.v.

That was like two hours ago and now it feels as if nothing had happened, but those minutes of being awake and feeling almost trapped in a dream, inside my own body, even, were scary as hell.

3/13/2009 #17

When I was little I had a very vivid dream about first being left by my family as they drove away, leaving me standing in the middle of the road, and then being knocked over by a car. The man that got out of the car was my grandfather (who I never met - he died just before I was born) who then took me back to my grandmothers house. We talked and talked and talked about everything and anything. When my family then came back home I ran to the living room door to tell them that "Grandad is here!" and when I turned around, he was gone.

I had that dream when I was five or six, and have remembered it in perfect detail always.

Two nights ago I had the dream again, exactly the same as far as I can remember.

3/17/2009 #18

Rowan, what you experienced sounds almost like what I have. They say everyone experiences it at least once in their lifetime. I was diagnosed with isolated sleep paralysis a few years ago. I had suffered from it for years, ever since I was little, but my mom never knew what to make of it, and thought I was just dreaming. It's probably one of the scariest things I've ever experienced, and it still happens every couple weeks or so.

Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger. Sleep paralysis is particularly frightening to the individual due to the vividness of such hallucinations. The hallucinatory element to sleep paralysis makes it even more likely that someone will interpret the experience as a dream, since completely fanciful, or dream-like, objects may appear in the room alongside one's normal vision. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes "after which the individual may experience panic symptoms or the realization that the distorted perceptions were false".

Paralysis occurs when dreaming. The brain paralyzes the muscles to prevent possible injury during dreams, as some body parts may move during dreaming. If the person wakes up suddenly, the brain may still think that it is dreaming, and sustains the paralysis. The hallucinations occur as images or speaking that appear during the paralysis. The person may think that someone is standing beside them or they may hear strange sounds. These may be dreamlike, possibly causing the person to think that they are still dreaming. There may be some body movement, but it is very unlikely and hard for a person to accomplish.

3/17/2009 #19

Emma, that sounds like a very nice connection. ^_^


Amanda, that's exactly it.

It's only happened to me once before, about two years ago, but it was accompanied by something very weird in that instance: basically while I was in that state I overheard a conversation before it even happened, and that freaked me out.

I had fallen asleep in my grandmother's room, with the door open. It was six pm, and I woke up, but couldn't move, and I felt like something was bearing down on my body, and like there was a sheet of paper covering my face. I could feel my breath under it, and I tried to turn my face to the side, or even to blow the sheet of paper away, but I couldn't move. I could hear everything that was going on. In the hallway, my aunt was on the phone. One of her friends won the lottery and she was calling to tell my aunt the news. I heard her saying it while I was "paralyzed", and I didn't' feel any emotion, as I didn't even know the woman.

I struggled to move for what felt like hours, but it was really minutes, I guess.

When I got up and went out to the living room, my aunt was getting the news from her friend, and I already knew it.

Maybe you don't believe in it, but you do know that some people believe there's a paranormal component to the whole sleep paralysis thing. Everyone in my house with the exception of my mom and my grandmother is very into esoteric things, and when I told them what I'd experienced, my aunts agreed that I was "desdoblandome", which translates as "splitting". i.e., my soul had briefly left my body while I was sleeping, and I had encountered some difficulty getting back in.

So they thought it was only natural that while I was "outside" I found out about that lottery business before it was actually said out loud.

It's pretty cool growing up with open minded people.


But anyway, here's my theory: I guess what happened was that the friend was so happy and excited at having won the lottery, that she emitted this very powerful energy that in my state I was able to pick up on, like an antenna.

Whatever it was, the fact remains that it was WEIRD.

3/17/2009 #20
Lunar Fire

Four of my program sisters are leaving tomorrow, not because they did anything bad, but because they only signed up to stay for two months. Well, one of the girls is named Cara, and we're pretty close, so she was in my dream last night. I dreamed that my roommate Claire and I kidnapped her, disguised her in a Care-Bear outfit (the blue one with the stars), and shoved her in our magically larger closet. We fed her occasionally, but the only specific thing I really remember is her "baby" laugh. She dressed up as a baby for costume day; including an adult size onesie and a pacifier. She just ran around talking like a baby and I couldn't get the sound out of my mind. Oh, and I fed her a sour gummy worm, but she didn't like it and spat it back out at us. Weird, huh?

3/18/2009 #21

Last night I was reading Dracula for my gothic paper. Somehow that got into my dream and I ended up having some very twisted vampire dream. I can't really remember much of it now, only that it was really weird, and some people from my Gothic class were in it.

I hate dumb dreams.

3/19/2009 #22

Last night I dreamed that I was watching two small children, and we were on vacation at a tropical resort. While there, a very frightening looking man began to stalk us. He was sort of handsome, but too far wretched to be considered in such a light. His face was haggard and his hair unkempt, but his eyes shone with a ferocity that set me on edge.

The children were blonde, a girl and a boy, and quite young--three or four, perhaps. It was morning and we had just finished breakfast and the children were playing in the pool, which was a "natural" pool, with sand at the bottom instead of tile, and different water features. I looked up to see the little boy being pulled under the water fall, screaming bloody murder. I dove into the water and swam to get him, but he was pulled through. I swam through the waterfall and he was gone, vanished completely.

In a panic, I went around asking hotel staff if they'd seen him. I was so confused; it didn't make sense. I was talking to the towel boy when I heard another scream--the little girl was being pulled in as well. Shocked, I turned to the towel boy, but he acted as though nothing was wrong. I pointed at her and yelled for him to do something, but he looked at me like I was crazy.

I swam through again, and this time I found a hidden tunnel. I went through and swam along a corridor until I came to an underwater chamber, where the creepy man had both children tied to a table, and he was walking around it, murmuring. As he turned, he looked right at me.

Then I woke up. It was by far the CREEPIEST dream I've had all week.

3/21/2009 #23

Ooooh, Leigh, this your second action/adventure dream involving two children under your care. Is your subconscious trying to tell you something??

Probably you're afraid of not being able to handle the things you feel are your priorities. Or maybe you want to be a mommy, but you're terrified of it.

Do you have any thoughts?

3/21/2009 #24

Gosh, good point. I didn't even notice the similarities.

The sick part is that both sets of children were captured from me and met terrible ends--the first two were sold into slavery, and the second set were used in some sort of cultish ritual. Let's hope that's not my subconscious desire to be a mommy! *shudders* I really don't want to be one, consciously...

Maybe it's two innocent or simple parts of my life being torn away and I need to fight to have them back, but fear that they are gone forever. I have been rather jaded, lately. *sighs*

3/21/2009 #25

Water represents our emotions in dreams.

Maybe you are subconsciously dealing with some children related issues where they are in a threatening environment since it didn't sound like they were your children in the dream.

3/21/2009 #26

No, I knew without a doubt that they were not my children in both dreams. I was merely caring for them. In the first it was like they were orphans thrown into my path, and in the second it was like I'd been hired to look after them.

The only two children in my life consistently right now are my little brother and sister-in-law. My heart is always breaking for them because I definitely see their environment as threatening; my in-laws are insane. But the dream children were preschoolers, and BIL and SIL are 10/11.

Maybe my joy/peace/love is drowning in a sea of threatening, angry emotions that look innocent at first? But what about the creepy man? He was probably the scariest part of all.

3/22/2009 #27

Maybe it's two innocent or simple parts of my life being torn away and I need to fight to have them back, but fear that they are gone forever. I have been rather jaded, lately. *sighs*

Maybe my joy/peace/love is drowning in a sea of threatening, angry emotions that look innocent at first? But what about the creepy man?

He simply represents that dark force which may be sucking the young innocence away from you.


You are dealing with past life issues that involve the loss of two souls that were close to you. And your recent brush with possible pregnancy has brought these issues closer to the surface.

3/22/2009 #28

Maybe two miscarriages in a previous life? I'm not sold on the idea of reincarnation, though.

I think perhaps I'm overthinking it. Maybe the creepy man is because I'm scared of creepy men and want to protect myself and small children from them.

3/22/2009 #29

No, miscarriages don't fit. It can really be two people that were under your care. You could have been mother/father/doctor, the possibilities are endless.

I rather like your theory of loosing some innocence, only you can say what those aspects are. But your terrible in-laws being around you so much are assuredly part of the nastiness of the dream.

3/22/2009 #30
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