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Prompt submissions for The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2017 are officially open, and will close on April 22nd, 2017.

Sign up for our exchange by posting your fic prompts using the template below.

By submitting prompts, you are agreeing to participate fully through the entire exchange.


General Prompt Criteria:

Pairings: Your prompt must be D/G centric, but may feature any side-pairings. It's recommended that you suggest side pairings rather than demand them; if your prompt is great but you insist on a Dumbledore/Giant Squid side pairing, we're going to have trouble matching you with a writer.

Ratings: Please include your desired range in the prompt, particularly if you want a squeaky clean fic ... or a not-so-squeaky clean fic. And if you're really too young to be reading/writing fics of the adult variety, please don't request them. We corrupt minds enough here as it is.


Prompt Template

Copy and paste the template below to preserve the formatting, then fill it in with your own info.

Post your prompts in this thread as a reply to this post.

You should submit three prompts, out of which one will be written. You don't have to submit all of your prompts at once – just make sure when you come back, you edit your existing post instead of making another.

(insert your name)'s Prompt (#)

Basic premise: (What you want the fic to be about. Give the basic idea for the fic, NOT a synopsis. Believe it or not, most writers don't choose the prompts where everything is completely spelled out. We suggest keeping it under 50 words.)

Must haves: (A specific dialogue line, a genre (drama, humor, romance), an era, a situation, a character trait you want included in the fic.)

No-no's: (What you don't want to see in there because it would ruin the fic for you. Can include anything from a Ginny/Harry pairing to curtailing Draco's potty mouth)

Rating range: (K, K, T, M, M [NC 17] - note that FFN has got increasingly stroppy about fics featuring smut, so request/write that at your own risk)

Bonus points: (things that are not required but that would make you the happiest of DG shippers who ever shipped!)


If you need to see some examples, you can go here.

If you need inspiration, try here and here, and if you're feeling particularly bold, here.

If you require more information on the fic exchange, see the main fic exchange thread.

Please don't comment or ask questions in this thread, as all non-prompt related replies to this post will be deleted. PM Boogum and she will do her best to answer your inquiry with charm and promptness.

4/10/2017 . Edited 9/3/2017 #1

Sorry, it doesn't allow me to C&P. I just get a blank line.

Charlie's Prompt #1

Basic Premise: He desperately needs [object] to perk up his love life. Too bad that evil bint from work is the person keeping him from getting his hands on it.

Must Haves: UST (Until the end, hopefully!)

No-Nos: Dark/Sad, Scat, Blood, HG/SS Side Pairing, HG/LM Side Pairing

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: If the power of the [object] is all in Draco's mind, and his failure to find a relationship has something to do with the various women never measuring up to a certain subconscious ideal...*cough*; Smut

Charlie's Prompt #2

Basic Premise: Somehow, against all odds, they've become friends. He knows nothing about children, and when he ends up with Teddy for the summer, he turns to her for help.

Must Haves: Secretly (or not-so-secretly) pining Ginny, Oblivious Draco

No-Nos: Dark/Sad, Scat, Blood, HG/SS Side Pairing, HG/LM Side Pairing

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: A kitchen-related "disaster"; Smut

Charlie's Prompt #3

Basic Premise: When Pansy and [Weasley Brother or Harry]* thumb their noses at tradition, Draco (as Pansy's "bridesman") and Ginny (as X's "best woman") are thrown together for the first time since an awkward/fantastic ONS.

Must Haves: HP or Weasley Brother/PP Side Pairing*

No-Nos: Dark/Sad, Scat, Blood, HG/SS Side Pairing, HG/LM Side Pairing

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: A scene of Draco & Ginny planning a joint shower together; Smutty ONS flashbacks from both throughout, triggered by current events/objects

* I am, as always, open to a slash/femmeslash pairing on this one. Pansy/Luna? Pansy/Hermione? Neville/Slytherin Male? Weasley Brother/Slytherin Male? I just thought it would be more fun if BOTH Draco & Ginny had non-traditional roles.

4/10/2017 . Edited by Boogum, 4/13/2017 #2

Jessica's Prompt 1

Basic premise: "I know that I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man." -Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Must haves: Broody!Draco, Stubborn!Ginny.

No-no's: Non-con. NO NICKNAMES: no Ferret, Weaselette, or Mione.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: A vampire reference. NO BtVS crossover or Remix/Alternate Universe.

Jessica's Prompt 2

Basic premise: Ginny is tired of having her heart broken by jealous boys who want her to behave a certain way, so she decides to become the heartbreaker. Draco is intrigued by the new Ginny.

Must haves: Humor.

No-no's: Non-con. Draco and Ginny in serious relationships with other people, though of course mention of their previous relationships is allowed and encouraged. :) NO NICKNAMES: no Ferret, Weaselette, or Mione. Not a ton of Draco vs. Harry/Ron/Hermione drama, please.

Rating range: Any!

Bonus points: If the story takes place during Hogwarts. If Ginny does something to make Draco's jaw drop. If there's a slow motion walk down a corridor (or outside) while Ginny wears sunglasses. If the story incorporates the rules for how to be a heartbreaker, as described in the aptly titled song How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds, in some way (even if it's subtle/obscure).

Jessica's Prompt 3

Basic premise: Draco or Ginny comes in possession of of a Time-Turner somehow.

Must haves: Humor. Can be angsty, but a sprinkle of humor would be appreciated!

No-no's: Non-con. NO NICKNAMES: no Ferret, Weaselette, or Mione.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: Post-Hogwarts. D or G abuses the Time-Turner to the point where there are 3 or more versions of themselves in one place/timeline. Extra bonus points if the time travel/timelines are as confusing and nonsensical as possible!

4/10/2017 . Edited 4/12/2017 #3

Noelle's Prompt 1:

Basic premise:Ginny has to disguise herself as a man to play on a professional Quidditch team. The captain of the team, Draco Malfoy, knows something is up and is going to find out what.

Must haves:Ron and Harry are on the Quidditch team and keep Ginny's secret but no one else on the team believes Draco; Sassy!Ginny; Investigative!Draco

No-no's:Trio bashing; HP/HG.

Rating range:Any

Bonus points: When Draco finds out Ginny is really a girl, he flirts with her in front of the team to fluster her; HP/PP or RW/PP; an uneasy friendship between Ron/Harry/Draco

Noelle's Prompt 2:

Basic premise:Draco is an apprentice at Hogwarts (whatever subject you'd like) and Ginny runs George's new Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes store in Hogsmeade. They find themselves running into each other more than they'd like at Hog's Head Inn.

Must haves:Draco is petty and snarky, Ginny is amused by him, UST (that is resolved at some point ;) )

No-no's:Trio bashing; HP/HG

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: George makes an appearance and realizes something is up between Draco and Ginny before they do; smut; Neville is a professor/apprentice at Hogwarts and him and Draco are sort of friends; Ginny drunkenly sleeps in Draco's chambers at Hogwarts once or twice (or all the time) ;)

Noelle's Prompt 3:

Basic premise:Instead of Luna Lovegood being kidnapped and taken to Malfoy Manor, the Death Eaters take Ginny. Draco finds himself keeping her constant company in the dungeons whenever he can.

Must haves:vulnerable!Draco, resilient!Ginny, enemies to friends to lovers (though they definitely DON'T have to become lovers while she's held captive. I also use the term 'lovers' loosely).

No-no's:non-con; Trio bashing; HP/HG

Rating range:Any.

Bonus points: They bond over how much Tom Riddle/Voldemort screwed up their lives; RW/HG mention; Ollivander makes an appearance and notices Draco and Ginny's budding relationship

4/10/2017 . Edited 4/11/2017 #4

Kyla's Prompt #1

Basic premise:

The war is over; Harry Potter has won. The successful turn of battle doesn't mean that their fight is over, more that the rest of their lives are just beginning. Emboldened by their successes, the people Harry loves begin to pull the frayed edges of themselves together. Alone, vilified, and afraid, Draco Malfoy doesn't think he can move on and there's a part of him that doesn't believe he deserves to. Young Ginny Weasley, who wears her scars like a proud flag, doesn't intend on having anything to do with Malloy at all, but a chance encounter changes things. For better or worse, she's finding her path--and the place were they can both belong.

Must haves:

Impulsive!Ginny. The kind of "grown up too fast" feel to be expected from teenagers who were involved in combat situations. The color green, the color red. References to another Slytherin/Gryffindor pairing, and a smattering of Luna Lovegood. Happy or hopeful ending.


Partner betrayal, infant/child death, non-con.

Rating range:


Bonus points:

Make me laugh and cry within the same story. If you take a good prompt and make it better.


Kyla's Prompt #2

Basic premise:

It's 1997 and the height of the war, and Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy are stuck in a situation that could lead to more death than just their own; they're stuck in each other's bodies.

Must haves:

An inability to research the situation due to the war, some humor in the midst, and a happy or hopeful ending.


Partner betrayal, infant/child death, non-con.

Rating range:


Bonus points:

If they switch bodies more than once. If they use it to their advantage in the war. If you take a good prompt and make it better.


Kyla's Prompt #3

Basic premise:

Jeannie Wellesley wakes up one morning to the overwhelming feeling that the world and her seemingly perfect life is utterly wrong. The only person that believes her is the drunk at the bar, a stranger she feels oddly drawn too despite his unkempt appearance and haunting grey eyes. [Loosely inspired by Supernatural episodes 02x20 and 04x17.]

Must haves:

Inquisitive!Ginny. Draco knowing they don't belong there for a longer time. The smell of sickly sweet flowers. Happy or hopeful ending.


Partner betrayal, infant/child death, non-con.

Rating range:


Bonus points:

If either of them reference said Supernatural episode(s). If you take a good prompt and make it better. 4/11/2017 . Edited 4/20/2017 #5

Anise's Prompt #1:

Basic premise:

Draco and Ginny in a totally different setting, a true AU. They eventually KNOW something is off and they're not where they're supposed to be. Something happens to make them figure it out. This can be anywhere and anywhen you want. London in the present day, 16th century Tudor England, the prehistoric caves at Lascaux, right before that asteroid hits the earth and wipes out all the dinosaurs 50 million years ago, whatever.

Must haves: They both figure out what's going on at about the same time.

No-no's: Current H/G, cheating spouses, offspring.

Rating range: (K, K, T, M, M [NC 17] – Any. If it's higher rated, well, maybe you could post a higher rated version somewhere else…;)

Bonus points: Include the line "Did Sultan Suleiman of the Ottoman Empire really have over 500 red-headed harem girls?" (The answer is yes, btw.) Failing that, a kitten.

Anise's Prompt #2:

Basic premise: Either Draco or Ginny are in a downward spiral. One rescues the other.

Must haves: Whoever does the rescuing isn't very eager to do it at first, and whoever is the rescued isn't very eager to accept help.

No-no's: Current H/G, cheating spouses, going overboard with Hermione being present.

Rating range: (K, K, T, M, M [NC 17] – Any.

Bonus points: Kittens are involved.

Anise's Prompt #3:

Basic premise:

The light side won the war, but things didn't quite turn out as planned. Somehow, the lines between good and evil got blurred. As the leader of the winning side, Ginny can have anything she wants... and she wants Draco Malfoy delivered to her as a prisoner. Will she be cruel or kind? It can go either way, or maybe a little of both.

Must haves: A dark tone, but it doesn't need to be overly so if you don't want.

No-no's: No non-con, and really nothing besides that...

Rating range: (K, K, T, M, M [NC 17] – Any.

Bonus points: Line of dialogue: "But there really are no innocents. In the end, we all swing, don't we?"

4/12/2017 . Edited 4/12/2017 #6

Haz's Prompt #1

Basic premise: For the first time in several generations, Draco Malfoy has to work for a living - it was just too bad that Draco Malfoy never realised tarnishing the family's reputation involved wearing a tie.

Must haves: Draco struggling to hold a job and a valid reason for him needing to work. Ginny can fit into the story however you like by being a recruiter, a coworker or a boss but she has to help him succeed and be appropriately motivated to do so.

No-no's: Ginny simply rolling over in order to help Draco out. Weak or unmotivated main characters.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: Hilarious and unsavoury jobs, Ginny trying her best to get Draco sacked but accidentally getting him a promotion, Draco telling Ginny "Hard work never pays off."


Haz's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny are struggling to cope as independent adults in a post-Voldemort world, but catharsis can be found in the most unexpected places.

Must haves: Draco and Ginny should be dealing with actual mental traumas, although you don't need to diagnose them or implicitly state what they have (e.g.anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc). I would like the psychological consequence of at least one cannon event well developed and explored for each character.

No-no's: Weak characters, overly simple resolutions to their mental states, a la "I decided to take up a sport and now I am perfectly happy and never experience any negative feelings ever!" etc.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: If the story takes place at Hogwarts in some capacity, clever use of the Room of Requirement, if the characters unintentionally run into each other at various group therapy meetings, unexpected repercussions of ignoring their mental state (think obscurials), plenty of black humour


Haz's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny make an unbreakable vow.

Must haves: At least one character assuming that the vow is going to be simple to keep, but keeping it grows increasingly complicated throughout the fic as other people become involved.

No-no's: Cliches, weak characters, Draco or Ginny being overly blasé about the consequences of not fulfilling the vow

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: The vow is broken, there is more than one vow, the vow is not between Draco and Ginny. Draco maneuvering people like a game of chess and subsequently asking Ron for strategic advice.

4/12/2017 #7

Boogum's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise: Ginny discovers that Draco Malfoy has a surprising "motherly" side.

Must haves: Have at it. I don't mind which era or how you interpret this one, but I always welcome a healthy dose of humour.

No-no's: Character bashing. A previous DG relationship. Smut. A sappy Draco (just because he has a motherly side doesn't mean I want a gooey marshmallow Draco).

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: If Crabbe and/or Goyle feature somehow. If Draco brushes Ginny's hair for her when it looks a mess (without asking and not because he's embarrassed by her appearance; he just does it without thinking). If Ginny and Draco become friends first.

Boogum's Prompt (#2)

Basic premise: Someone tries to play matchmaker. Things don't go to plan.

Must haves: Humour.

No-no's: Character bashing. A previous DG relationship. Smut.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: If Ginny and/or Draco have quirks that end up putting off every potential boyfriend/girlfriend (as in, they discover only they can tolerate/humour/handle each other).

Boogum's Prompt (#3)

Basic premise: Ginny or Draco finds a magical lamp. They now have three wishes and a genie companion, but every wish gets warped in some way to become "bad".

Must haves: Humour.

No-no's: Character bashing. A previous DG relationship. Smut.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: If the genie calls the person by a stupid nickname, which really pisses off said person.

4/13/2017 #8

Ori's Prompt (# 1)

Basic premise: Things always get worse before it gets better.

Must haves: Well meaning family that makes things worse. Draco make things better somehow unknowingly in the beginning. Every scene in a different restaurant

No-no's: Harry or Ron bashing. Kids and babies. Draco and Ginny friends from the start. Ginny being jobless or in financial ruin. Smut.

Rating range: K-M

Bonus points: Ginny and Draco start dating at the end. Both of them read a lot.

Ori's Prompt (# 2)

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny are curse breakers that travels the world one upping each other.

Must haves: Fun work rivalry. They are secretly great partners.

No-no's: Harry or Ron bashing. Kids and babies. Draco and Ginny are friends from the start. Smut.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: as many of the following as possible - snow, desert, jungle, beach, mountain

Ori's Prompt (# 3)

Basic premise: Draco is working to bring down a corrupted corporation through questionable means. Too bad the company hired Ginny as an expert to stop him.

Must haves: Mysteries! Smart Ginny and Draco. Misunderstandings that get cleared up at the end

No-no's: Harry or Ron bashing. Kids and babies. Draco and Ginny friends from the start. Smut. Previous romantic relationship.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: AU, hacking.

4/13/2017 . Edited 4/22/2017 #9
Jaden Malfoy87

Elizabeth's Prompt #1

Basic premise: A murder mystery. Draco and Ginny are involved in some way, either as suspects, victims, witnesses, Aurors trying to figure it out, etc.

Must haves: Any genre/tone is fine, whether you want to go all-out humorous with it or whether you got for a darker, creepier mystery. Any era is fine too, post-Hogwarts or during Hogwarts. I would like some other characters to be involved in the mystery in some way as well.

No-no's: If it's post-Hogwarts, no Ron or Hermione with anyone else but each other. No non-con or violent sexual situations. No Harry-bashing.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: If Blaise Zabini is involved in some way

Elizabeth's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Ginny has been put under a curse of some kind. Draco is the only one who can break it.

Must haves: Feel free to go a little off-canon with the magic here, because the curse should be enduring in some kind of way. In other words, something bigger and harder to break than a Leg-Locker Curse, for example. More on the lighthearted side rather than something dark, but there can be serious moments as well.

No-no's: No Harry-bashing. Draco and Ginny should not currently be in a relationship when the fic starts. No HG/HP.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: Would love some snarky Draco in this one

Elizabeth's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny met somewhere, sometime when they were kids, before starting Hogwarts. Something important happened between them. Now, all these years later, it's coming back to haunt them.

Must haves: You can have plenty of leeway on what happened, whether it was something they witnessed or something they did, just remember, they were kids. I'm also giving some leeway on how many years later it is now, but if its Hogwarts-era, they should be at least 5th/6th year.

No-no's: No Harry bashing. No non-con/rape, no violent sexual situations.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: If Hermione becomes involved in some way

4/15/2017 . Edited 4/22/2017 #10

OK, enough whining! I'm in!!!

PB's Prompt (1#)

Basic premise: Like in the muggle world, magical photos can be manipulated and an extremely compromising one turns Draco's (and or) Ginny's world into hell.

Must haves: Awkward romance. A bit of drama, a bit of humour, and a mistery to be solved!

No-no's: OOC in extremis, H/G, children (except maybe for Ginny's nephews).

Rating range: T to M [NC 17]

Bonus points: love/hate relationship!! THE fangirly first kiss.

PB's Prompt (2#)

Basic premise: Magic is somehow revealed to the muggle world! Purebloods are being captured for "scientific" purposes. Survival begins! It can be either canon-friendly or completely AU.

Must haves: Mischiveous!Draco; Cunning!Ginny. A turbulent, intense romance. Blood, action and passion!

No-no's: Any of them dying, Draco calling her "Ginny" (ugh), any of them married/ with children.

Rating range: T - M [NC 17]

Bonus points: sexy times! If you don't feel like writing raw smut, it can be "suggested" as well, just as you feel comfortable.

PB's Prompt (3#)

Basic premise: "Boggarts can see right through your soul; dementors can take it from you", she had been told since childhood. But then she learned certain boys with haunting eyes could do both.

Must haves: Young love angst! Sensual, dark-ish themes but with a "happy" ending. Quote: "And I am considered to be a gentleman of my kind. Now imagine, if you will, some of my relatives, the ones who aren't so nice as I. They can - and do - commit acts that even I don't wish to consider".

No-no's: OOC in extremis, non-con, cheating. Ginny and Hermione as bff's.

Rating range: T - M [NC 17]

Bonus points: Draco keeping his best friends from Slytherin. Ginny being specially fond of one of her brothers.

4/17/2017 #11

Desertilse's Prompt #1

Basic premise: After reconnecting at Healer's Conference, Draco and Ginny bask in the sun during their honeymoon at an exotic location reminiscing about how they got to this point in their lives.

Must haves: Understanding, forgiving, lesson learning from past and mature/grown up Draco and Ginny. Exotic location e.g Morocco, Thailand, etc.

No-no's: Dark and snarky, words such as Mudbloods, Blood Traitors

Rating range: K-M

Bonus points: Keeping to the theme of a mature, globe trotting pair, healing their own wounds as well.

Desertilse's Prompt #2

Basic premise: The Malfoy's are gearing up for the Summer Solstice party at the Manor . Ginny and kids talk about topics to avoid such as Draco's 40th Birthday that happened two weeks prior.

Must haves: Lots of Humor; Side Parings your choice but such as Ron/Hermione; Harry/Luna or Harry/Astoria; Charlie/Pansy; Neville/Pansy; Charlie/Oliver, etc and their children if any

No-no's: Modern names for DG kids, words as Mudbloods, Blood Traitors

Rating range: K-M

Bonus points: At the party Lucius had slipped a singing canary cream into Draco's cake piece, he turns into a canary singing "Single Ladies'" when he opens his mouth. Ginny saying something to her kids regarding Lucius's behavior like "if almost losing everything doesn't change one's personality and heart, I don't know what will."

Desertilse's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Molly is seating for her 60th birthday portrait surrounded by her grandkids thinking about how DG reconnected after Fred's 5th year Death Anniversary memorial service. Must haves: Understanding, forgiving Malfoys and Weasleys, grown up Draco and Ginny. Include all Molly's grandkids including Harry's with Luna or Astoria or Pansy or your choice.

No-no's: Modern names for DG kids, words as Mudbloods, Blood Traitors

Rating range: K-M

Bonus points: "All is well."

4/17/2017 #12

Lia's Prompt #1

Basic premise: Threnody.

Must haves: I'm giving you a lot of leeway to interpret Threnody however you see fit. I just require one thing: emotion.

No-no's: Melodrama.

Ratings: Any.

Bonus: Include the following line in some format: 'I thought this was going to be hard...'

Lia's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Draco has a secret. Ginny is obsessed. Ron is the voice of reason.

Must haves: Humour, misunderstandings, an unhinged but still fun Ginny.

No-no's: No prior romantic relationship between the two. Friendship, mild tolerance or out-right hostility is acceptable.

Ratings: Any.

Bonus: If you could convincingly use the following line: 'What I need is for you to climb down out of my arse. Can you do that for me?'

Lia's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Draco Malfoy is on a mission: Ginny Weasley must fall in love with him... in 7 days.

Must haves: Humour, Draco going to extreme lengths and possibly losing his shit (but in a Malfoy way), Ginny making Draco's task difficult to the extreme, Theodore Nott.

No-no's: No previous romantic relationship, no friendship. They don't have to hate each other, though.

Ratings: Any.

Bonus: Theo deriving amusement from all of this. I guess he could be helping Draco, too... while laughing.

4/18/2017 #13

Well, I am thinking "why not?" :)

LiJuno's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise:Draco and Ginny surprisingly meet in France, where they discover unexpected aspects of the other; or basically find out just how little they actually know about each other (or themselves?)

Must haves:while romance may spark, I'm looking more for a believable finding of mutual respect/care; they should be in their early twenties.

No-no's:Draco/Pansy; Ginny/Harry may have happened, but is not current

Rating range:Any

Bonus points:a coastal scene, some French skills .

LiJuno's Prompt (#2)

Basic premise:Slytherin is actually the 'coolest' house in Hogwarts – they have dark and sarcastic humor, bend every rule to their advantage, they tend to be wealthy, they party the hardest. And Ginny is looking for a kick.

Must haves:style, a party, some roughness, a Luna appearance

No-no's:actually no no-no's here

Rating range:M, M [NC 17]

Bonus points:an interesting Pansy, a muggle device

LiJuno's Prompt (#3)

Basic premise:Draco, though not a murderer, involuntarily killed Ron in one of the bigger battles. He now finds himself with a feeling of responsibility towards Ginny, who has lost most of her family. Though attention from Draco is the least she wants.

Must haves:Era-wise it should be rather close to the 7th year; either Voldemort won or the war is still going on.

No-no's:fluffy characters

Rating range:Any

Bonus points:Draco is shown to be a good flyer

4/22/2017 #14

Well. I'm writing this on my phone so apologies if the formatting is just AWFUL. I'll look in on it tomorrow afternoon when I'm back on my laptop to spruce it up. This is a spur of the moment jump back into DG.

Tasha's Prompt #1

Basic premise: Ginny moves in with Blaise Zabini (housemates not lovers). Draco pops in for coffee/wine/tea/dinner far more often than is entirely necessary.

Must haves: a shared cigarette and an early morning stroll.

No-no's: No outraged/ridiculous Weasley family reactions.

Rating range: whatever works.

Bonus points; Draco's excuses getting more and more far fetched.


Tasha's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Ginny has taken all of Molly Weasley's talent in the kitchen and elevated it to Michelin star level. Now she's looking for an investor or 3 for a restaurant of her own.

Must haves: Humour. Lots of foodie chat.

No nos; overly angry Weasleys/Ron. Golden trio bashing.

Rating range: whatever works.

Bonus points: a few recipes included in the fic. Draco with some sort of allergy.


Tasha's Prompt #3

Basic premise: the first few months after the war. Everything is up in the air, everyone feeling lost and raw. Celebrations are over and now everyone is working out how to move on. Ginny and Draco find they have a similar coping method.

Must haves: a friendship first.

No-no's: immediate resolution. A needy/desperate Harry.

Rating range: whatever works.

Bonus points: a boozy/self destructive night out.

4/22/2017 . Edited by The DG Forum, 4/23/2017 #15

You know what? I'm in. Let's do this.

Rae's Prompt #1

Basic Premise: Draco's childhood was bland, colorless. Until he meets Ginny.

Must haves: Progression in their relationship from hatred/intense dislike to love. Red features prominently in the story, comes up a lot. I see this as a Hogwarts fic, but if you can work it Post-Hogwarts, go for it.

No-no's: OOC behavior, dark tones (This is more of a light fic)

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: Draco's favorite place to play/hide from his responsibilities as a child was his mother's rose garden, the antithesis to the typical English garden. Ginny reminds him of this garden.

Prompt #2

Basic Premise: Ginny or Draco, or both, lose their memory of the/each other, but they know that something isn't right, that something is missing. They meet in passing and feel a spark of recognition.

Must haves: This prompt based on the song by Audien - Something Better ft. Lady Antebellum. It certainly doesn't have to be a song fic, but I would like for it to project the feeling of the song, if you can.

No-no's: They don't end up together. OOC behavior.

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: If one of the Weasley brothers (or two, in the case of the twins), knows about what happened and doesn't feel it's right to keep it from Ginny. 2 points if that brother is Ron.

Prompt #3

Basic Premise: Draco and Ginny are in a secret relationship. He's ready for more, to make it public. She isn't.

Must haves: I want to see a close relationship between Draco and his mother, with her supportive of his relationship. Drama and tension.

No-no's: OOC behavior. Other than that, take it where you will.

Rating Range: Any

Bonus Points: Luna, as Ginny's best friend, has a heart-to-heart with Ginny where she tries to talk sense into her.

4/22/2017 #16

Ginny's Prompt #1

Basic premise: Everyone has their own walk of shame tradition/routine. Some avoid this by making it a habit to not stay the night.

Must haves: that weird mix of angsty and humorous attitudes

No-no's: Infidelity

Rating range: any

Bonus points:

Ginny's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Dual detention really cuts into Quidditch practice time, and with the game upcoming, begins to become a big distraction.

Must haves: Sexual tension you can cut with a knife; Hogwarts-era.

No-no's: OOC, H/G

Rating range: T

Bonus points: Enclosed spaces.

Ginny's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Being fortunate enough to keep their wealth post war, the Malfoys try desperately to become major patrons of the new world order. And this involves throwing an excessive amounts of balls.

Must haves: Post-war, fancy robes, and a desperate undertone in Malloy family dynamics.

No-no's: Overly snobby Malfoys. They're disgraced, after all.

Rating range: any

Bonus points: masquerade

Sorry for any typos! I'm on mobile. :)

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