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I guess that public aspect of AO3 never really bothered me because it's not like I would say anything different in a private reply than in a public one. Even on my LJ, I rarely private locked anything. I think I had only two private posts, and that was mostly because of really intensely personal wedding drama that I needed to vent about and otherwise didn't want any replies. *shrugs* I like having all my random fandoms in one place and I like the aesthetics on AO3. Plus, with my RL so hectic, I have a hard time really going through forums. Replying to comments is about my speed right now. ;

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It's not about privacy for me (I wouldn't be posting on this forum with all these lurkers if that was the case, lol). It's just that I like to reply to every review, but sometimes my review replies do say the same thing with only minor tweaks and everyone would see that and probably wonder if I'm copy/pasting or something (I don't). I also don't like how you have to respond and add to your own comment count, because it's kind of misleading. Like, you can think 'oh, this story has actually a decent amount of reviews', and then realise half are just author replies.

*shrug* I dunno. I've tried many different archives to upload/read fanfiction and I have found that FFN is the easiest when all is said and done. I haven't bothered to make an account with AO3, but know plenty of people who do use it (and I do read stories there sometimes), but I'm just not sold. So I guess it's a matter of preference.

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1) What do you answer to? Risa

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

- One of my nicknames is three-apples-tall

- I like learning new skill, gaining knowledge and perspectives so much so that I have been told to stop asking so many questions!

- I would almost always choose to read non-fiction over fiction

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

Favorite: Draco and Ginny (but of course!)

Least: Harry and Ginny (they are not meant to be!)

4) Chains or silk ropes? What??? Silk rope, I guess??

5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn

7) Snape or Lucius? Snape

8) Canon or fanon? Fanon

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? Oh...Ambivalent. I used to love it but now, I find liking it rather contradictory to my belief that Ginny and Draco are made to be and meant to be with each other.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) I am a member on!


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Hi Risa! I'm Jessica. :) I see you've applied for Sorting as well. How thorough! Welcome to the forum and make yourself at home!

5/22 #3,784

Hello! Jessica! Thanks for the welcome (: Hope I don't didn't miss out anything. I was going to enter the summer for exchange but missed the deadline! I love your pen name, by the way!

5/23 #3,785

Welcome, Risa! You can call me Kim.

Nice to have you here. :)

5/23 #3,786

Hello Kim! Hope you had a great day. (: It is so nice to have people replying to my posts haha! Not that many D/G forums are active nowadays.

5/23 #3,787

I had a busy day of marking tests, actually. Woes of being a teacher.

(I'll be around for a bit before I head to bed if you wanna chat in the common room.)

5/23 #3,788

Oh! I am a teacher too! Well, sort of. Special needs teacher so I have less marking and more preparation of materials and resources along with the inevitable paperwork.

See you there then! If you are still up!

5/23 #3,789

Welcome, welcome, Risa! I'm Noelle :) Excited to have you on board!

5/23 #3,790

Hello Noelle! What a pretty name! :D Thank you for the warm welcome (:

5/23 #3,791

Hi Risa! (It's Anise, btw. Signin issues.)

5/23 #3,792
Hi Anise! I love reading your fanfictions (:
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1) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u)

My name is Farnaz but please call me Feri; it's my nickname.

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

1-I love rainy/cloudy/stormy weather.

2-My first crush was Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

3-I zone out a lot.Especially during lessons and road trips.

4-I LOVE rare pairings.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

Favorite: Fremione, Drinny, Hinny, Hansy, Paneville and George and Daphne(I haven't seen a ship rarer than this one but I like it so much!)

Least favorite: Snily and Hermione with Tom/Snape/Bellatrix.

4) Chains or silk ropes?

Silk ropes.

5) Mammals or reptiles?

Mammals :)

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn?

Slow burn. I'd die for slow burns.

7) Snape or Lucius?

Lucius for sure.

8) Canon or fanon?

This's really difficult. I say both because without Canon we wouldn't have Fanon and most of the time Fanon is more interesting than Canon.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it?

I don't love this pairing but I don't use the verb 'hate' to describe it because it's a strong word. You could say I dislike it.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?)

A few days ago, I was looking for Drinny content and somehow came across this forum and after bothering idreamofdraco with really silly questions, I found out how I can join!Thanks again :)

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Welcome, Feri. I'm Kim. Hope to see you around the forum. :)

5/26 #3,795
Hello, Kim. Thank you for the welcome :)
5/26 #3,796
Yay! Welcome, Feri! Glad to see you here. You can call me Jessica. :) If you haven't already, feel free to look around and check out the other threads!
5/26 #3,797

Hi Feri! :) Good to see you here.

5/26 #3,798

Thank you :)

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1) On here I go by Tasneem. If you want you can call me Taz or Tassie.

2) one - according to pottermore, I am Hufflepuff and Slytherin two - I have a cat who is almost as evil as Lord Voldemort (but I love her anyway) three - harry potter is my main fandom, but I also like percy jackson

3) well, I have many ships.... wolfstar, scorbus, dramione, drarry, draco/ginny obviously, fremione..... I am okay with most pairings, but i really hate harmony (sorry if that offends anyone)

4) uhhhh... what?

5) mammals are cuddlier, so mammals

6) emotional outburst

7) if I had to decide (because i dislike both) probably snape

8) both.

9) love dramione, see above question 3

10) just scrolling through the harry potter forums, and came across this

6/13 #3,800

Hey there Tassie! I like your username. :) I have a cat named Draco that has very Draco-esque qualities, but I, too, can't help but love him. I'm Jessica. Welcome to the forum!

6/13 #3,801
Ohhh! Newbies! More new and fresh than me. Hehehe hello Feri and Tassie! I am Risa, also very new. :D
6/13 #3,802

Hi Jessica! i was going to name my cat after someone in harry potter, but unfortunately no-one in my family thought that was a good idea :(

6/14 #3,803

Oh and hi Risa! we can be new together :)

6/14 #3,804

Hi all! I’m a pseudo-newbie? Returning to fanfiction after many years away (nearly 15 years, which is a little wild!) and can’t believe I ever left. I wrote a few fics under another name but that email address no longer exists (ah, AOL!), so I’m starting afresh. Glad to have found the forum! It’s been amazing to reread fics I loved in the past and discover new favorites. Maybe I’ll start writing again soon!

7/1 . Edited 7/2 #3,805

Dunno if it saved my edits so rewriting here!

1) What do you answer to? Jude (or my username is fine!)

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. I don’t know how to drive.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Love: Draco/Ginny, Ron/Hermione. (And I don’t always mind Harry/Ginny!). Nope: Harry/Hermione

4) Chains or silk ropes? Silk!

5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals, specifically cats.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn. Love some simmering angst!

7) Snape or Lucius? Canon Snape, fanon Lucius

8) Canon or fanon? Totally depends on the day. Today: fanon all the way.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? NO THANK YOU PLEASE.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) I used to be an active fanfiction reader and now I’ve returned! Only discovered the forum in writers’ authors notes—so thank you! I’m glad to have found it.

7/1 #3,806

Welcome to the forum, Jude! I'm Jessica and cats are the best. :)

7/2 #3,807

Hey Jude! :) Great to have you back. To the general world of fanfic, and also D/G in particular.

7/2 #3,808

Thank you! Very glad to be back! It's amazing how many incredible stories are still being written.

7/8 #3,809


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