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Hey! I'm Northern.Nancy.

I'm from England, 25 and a teacher.

Favourite pairing is obviously Draco/Ginny. Least favourite is Ginny with anyone else. Especially Harry.

Silk ropes, mammals, slow burn, Snape?, well written fanon, HATE Dramione - poor Ginny.

I used to be a regular on FF but stopped for about 10 years. Back catching up on all the Drinny I missed out on and found the forums on the app :)

7/25 #3,811

Welcome to the forum, Northern.Nancy, and welcome back to fan fiction! I'm Jessica. Feel free to make yourself at home and whatnot.

7/25 #3,812

Hello! Let's get this party started, shall we?

1) What do you answer to? Anaya. Ana. Miss. Weirdo. It all works!

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. I'm a female. I live in London. I just ate 3 chocolate-stuffed donuts and I have no regrets!

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Favourite is Draco/Ginny, of course! Least favourite: Ron/Pansy (doesn't make any sense imho)

4) Chains or silk ropes? Err... chains.

5) Mammals or reptiles? Birds!

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? A cold shoulder combined with a strategic plan to extract revenge. (I can feel you lot judging me lol)

7) Snape or Lucius? Snape's character and Lucius' style.

8) Canon or fanon? Canon. Most of it.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? I don't hate it. I've read plenty of dramoine stories, some of which are really good, but I find the dynamic to be a bit too dysfunctional and also cliche. I wouldn't bash the ship or shippers but I personally don't love it.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here? I was looking for good D/G fics and found this!

7/30 #3,813

Hello Anaya! I'm Jessica. Welcome to the forum!

7/30 #3,814
you and me forevermore

Hi Ana!

7/30 #3,815

Welcome, Ana :)

8/4 #3,816

Hi Ana! :) I saw that you have a new fic... I WILL get to all the new fics and R and R. REALLY. :)

8/4 #3,817

Hi, Jessica. Thank you! :)

8/5 #3,818

And hello to all the others too. I'm loving the forum so far. Found so many awesome fics to read!

Oh, and thank you Anise. I do hope you like my story when you read it.

Cheers x

8/5 #3,819
Porpentina Goldstein

1) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u)

Tina or Princess T! (when I was 5)

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

I was born in New Zealand. (Don't live there anymore!)

I used to do a lot of ballet dancing.

I have red hair.

I am a Slytherin.

I am also a Thunderbird. (Illvermorny House)

I love to bake!

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

Draco/Ginny - OTP

Ron/Hermione - HATE this pairing.... as well as Draco/Hermione.

4) Chains or silk ropes?

Chains ;)

5) Mammals or reptiles?

Reptiles because I am a Slytherin at heart.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn?

Slow burn.

7) Snape or Lucius?

Not even a question really, definitely Lucius Malfoy *yum*.

8) Canon or fanon?

I like canon if we ignore the Cursed Child and 19 Years Later. Definitely fanon for me DG heart.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it?

Hate it with a passion.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?)

I read a wonder fic called Red Ember by Aerileigh where I came across the DG Forum.

8/16 . Edited 8/16 #3,820

Hi Tina! :) Great to see you here.

8/16 #3,821
you and me forevermore

hey tina! i'm tassie!

8/16 #3,822
Woo, another New Zealander. I'm actually visiting New Zealand right now (it's the usual rainy winter). I'll be heading back home on Monday, though.

In any case, welcome to the forum. You can call me Kim. I check in now and then, but I'll always see the alerts, so feel free to look around and post in other threads. One of us are usually about.

8/17 #3,823
Porpentina Goldstein

Hi Anise, Tassie and Kim! Nice to meet you all!

Yes! *dances* Another kiwi! :D I've not been back in over 2 years! I'm in Paris at the moment (mostly teaching but also a part-time waitress) and have been between there and London for many years now.

*sighs* I need to head back to NZ its been too long.

Kim: Where are you heading back from? Are you in the States now?

8/17 . Edited 8/17 #3,824
Ah, Paris. I haven't been there yet, but one of my sisters lives there for years.

I live in Japan. Looking to move on in another year, though.

8/17 #3,825
Welcome, Tina! I'm Jessica.
8/18 #3,826
  1. Michael
  2. I am very nervous about going to forums for the first time, collect trading cards, and have fun.
  3. I love all pairings and I don't hate any pairings.
  4. Chains
  5. Mammals
  6. Emotional Outburst
  7. Snaps
  8. Fanon
  9. Hate it
  10. List of forums.
9/20 #3,827

Hey Michael! :)

9/20 #3,828

Hi there. *nervous*

9/21 #3,829
Hey there, Michael! I'm Jessica. Welcome to the forum and make yourself at home, etc.
9/22 #3,830

Thank you. I hope I can chat somewhere.

9/22 #3,831

uh... hi? '

1) What do you answer to?

Friends just call me Cah.

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

I sing in a rock n roll band.

Portuguese is my first language.

I'm a pisces.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

My faves are Hinny and Drinny (it depends on my mood, actually), but i can't with Dramione or Drarry.

4) Chains or silk ropes?

Silk ropes? Both? lol

5) Mammals or reptiles?


6) Emotional outburst or slow burn?

Gotta catch 'em all! But i looove a good slow burn!

7) Snape or Lucius?

Alan Rickman. (no really, none. But I like Snape as a character more.)

8) Canon or fanon?

Canon for Hinny, fanon for drinny? lol

9) Dramione - love it or hate it?

Hate it.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?)

@idreamofdraco (tumblr)

10/3 #3,832

Hi Cah! :) Goiod to see you. I love the sound of Portuguese... my sister in law grew up in Brazil and speaks the language very well. I'm spending too much time on Spanish right now to take on any other languages though. ;)

10/3 #3,833
Lilly Angel88

Hi Cah, Portuguese is also my first language !!! I also hate Dramione, unfortunately Hermione is not my favorite female character although she is fantastic, I have not been so empathic with her character since the first book, now I only read fics with Ginny (which has to be with Draco) and Luna (which can be with almost everyone, kkkkk) as protagonists or supporting character that stands out. Taking advantage of the space, because I noticed that this is the most commented post of the forum and I know that here is not the place exactly, but as I did not receive any answer I will ask right here, so that you can answer me. I made a request for indication of fics in Looking for a Fic and still no one answered me, I asked because I have been very far from fandom and wanted indications of fics with more specific themes. Sorry about my terrible English

10/3 #3,834
Hi Lilly, you'll probably find no one commented because maybe they don't know of any fics like the ones you are looking for. I've never read any DG time travelling stories that weren't short and just humour/romance.
10/3 #3,835

Hey Lilly, that actually sounds really familiar... the idea of a D/G time travel fic that isn't just short/humorous... but I can't think of a specific title. I'll think about that though, and if you don't mind, I can post your request on the FIA FB group.

10/3 #3,836
Hi Lilly, here a few fics I like that have the element of time travel, they can be found on FIA. There is a time turner story, called The Revisionist by Mourning Broken Angel. It's one of my favorite. This is a time traveling fic called The Forest for the Trees by Scubarang. This is a seven chapter fic, Relativity by Eustacia Vye. Hope you enjoy these recommendations!
10/3 #3,837
Lilly Angel88

Hi, girls, thank you so much, you guys are the best! Boogum I was surprised, because no one spoke to me, even to say that I did not know a story like that. I thought it was not a very popular topic. For sure you can Anis !!! I would appreciate it !!!! Desertisle thank you very much for the nominations, I'll read them all !!!! I wanted to know the last crossover indication is that? After such a helpful response from you I will ask for other indications in the topic Looking for a Fic, I hope you do not mind.

10/5 . Edited 10/5 #3,838
Hi Lilly! You can always pm (personal message) me. I don't remember you ever posting anything here. Maybe it just got lost in a communication on a topic. I love Drinny, enjoy reading!
10/5 #3,839
Lilly Angel88

Hi Desertisle! I think I was not very clear, my English is very bad and can be confusing, but I'll send you a PM yes.

10/5 #3,840
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