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Welcome to the forum, Cah!! If my Tumblr brought you here, then my extremely subtle recruitment tactics are working! You can call me Jessica. u_u

Hi Lilly, you'll probably find no one commented because maybe they don't know of any fics like the ones you are looking for.

Personally, if I was asking someone for recommendations, I'd find it more annoying if a bunch of people replied just to say they couldn't help. So I tend not to respond if I can't think of anything to add. But it sounds like some people hopped in with some recs for you!

10/7/2018 #3,841

Thank you, Anise, Lilly and Jessica!

I'm glad to be here. I can be too shy but I'll try my best here.

10/8/2018 #3,842
May F. Oliver

idreamofdraco, I understand what you mean. Yes the people are very sweet !!!!! I made a new request for fics in this topic and some people answered me it was pretty cool !!!!! No problem kitcat, I hope to see you more here !!!! Now I wanted to hear from you here on the forum. Is there somewhere here or out here where you discuss the characterization of Draco and Ginny? I love this type of discussion (I already participated in a forum that discussed HP, but it ended years ago and I miss it a lot) and when I made my request for indication of fics I remembered how the characterization character of these characters changed with time (along with their evolution within the canon, actually) and how I found it interesting being shown in the fics.

10/12/2018 #3,843

1) My name is Aadya but since nobody can pronounce it, you may call me 'A' ; 'Addy' ; 'Hey, you' *that was a joke, sorry!*

2)a- I have a REALLY cute dog

b- I am a lazy person

c- I just realised I shouldn't have told you that

d- I spend a lot of my time reading books or fanfics when I should be studying.

e- I haven't written anything yet but I SWEAR I'm about to.

3) Draco and Ginny, DUH. Snape and Hermione (EWW)

4) Chains.

5) Mammals!

6) Emotional Outbrust.

7) Snape, obviously.

8) Fanon!

9) HATE IT!!

10) idreamofdraco 's page!


P.S. I am SO sorry for what I just did. You can go ahead and hate me now!

11/13/2018 #3,844
The Dark Enchantress Ruhi

Hello, Aadya. Welcome to this prestigious forum dedicated to Draco and Ginny.

And do not fret about that silly little mess up. The forum is pretty intimidating to newcomers, it happens to the best of us.

11/13/2018 #3,845
wolf girl123098
1) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u) You guys can call me Michelle, my real name. 2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. A) I have 3 dogs. B) I am an adeventurous cook and love trying to make new things. C) My favorite color is blue. 3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Favorite pairing: Ginny/Draco or Ginny/Draco/Blaise Least favorite: Harry/Ginny 4) Chains or silk ropes? Silk ropes please. 5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals 6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn 7) Snape or Lucius? Snape 8) Canon or fanon? I really love reading fanon. Not going to lie, there are some okay canon pairings like GeorgexAngelina, BillxFleur but pairings like HarryxGinny rub me wrong. 9) Dramione - love it or hate it? Neither, I can do some fics with this pairing but for the most part, I don't read it. So I guess I have a mutual respect for it. 10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) Referral by rowan-greenleaf
12/26/2018 #3,846

Michelle, glad to see you made it! It seems you and I are on the same page about our HP pairings and love of dogs.

My Lord Byron is a 7 pound Yorkie who acts like he's really a lord. What breeds do you have?

Welcome to the Dull, make yourself at home. n_n

12/26/2018 #3,847
wolf girl123098
I have 2 male dogs and a female dog. The female is Cristal, a shih tzu mix with a bit of maltese. There is Snowball, a pekingnese, and Frostie, a pekingnese-shih tzu mix. Thanks for the welcome!
12/27/2018 #3,848

You're welcome! Feel free to drop by the common room if you want to chat some more.

Your dogs sound adorable, by the way. I love how all their names have winter themes. Our dogs have been princes or lords, and all under seven pounds which is hilarious. XD

12/27/2018 #3,849
Hi, Michelle! I'm Jessica. Welcome to the forum!
12/28/2018 #3,850

Welcome Michelle! :)

12/28/2018 #3,851
12/28/2018 #3,852

Sorry! Found this after following a link to another thread so this is techincally my second post. I tried to go back and delete it but I didn't have the authority to.

1. Just call me Jess :)

2. I work at a leather shop, I want to see as much of the world as I can before I die, and I LOVE diet coke.

3. Fav will always be D/G; least fav is Draco/Hermione *insert vomit emojii*

4. This one is hard. Maybe chains?

5. Mammals

6. HA I wish slow burn but I definitely have emotional outbursts

7. Luscious Lucius

8. Fanon

9. Refer back to number 3

10. I saw a reference to a challenge for the story Red Herring and followed it to the thread and thus this forum.

12/29/2018 . Edited 12/29/2018 #3,853
Hey Jess. I'm Jessica! Welcome to the forum! Red Herring is great and you should read all of Haz's work. Especially her WIPs. Then she might be inspired to update them. ;) Make yourself at home, etc., etc. :)
12/30/2018 #3,854

Thanks! I'm always torn with reading WIPs because it always ends up staying that way and I die a little inside having no closure haha. But yes I've definitely enjoyed some of her other fics!

12/30/2018 #3,855
Hi Jess, welcome to the Forum! I'm glad you've enjoyed some of my stories. Jessica, I appreciate the plug, but I like to keep all your expectations low so that I can WOW you when I bother to update a story 2-5 years after posting the last chapter. u_u
12/30/2018 #3,856

Welcome, Jess!


Oooh, Haz. Hello. n_n

1/5 #3,857

) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u) Michael, but you can call me Mike,

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. A) Potato. Need I say more? B) I LOVE art and drawing. C) Nerd. Geek. Proud of it.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Ginny x Draco is my favourite, or I wouldn't be here, and my least favourite is probably Dramione.

4) Chains or silk ropes? Uhhh... silk?

5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals, especially leopards.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn, trust me.

7) Snape or Lucius? Lucius, duh. What kind of a question is that? XD

8) Canon or fanon? Fanon. I hate canon, especially after that monstrosity 'The Cursed Child' came out.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? Hate. It,

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) Looking at Harry Potter fandoms, and I found a Ginny x Draco one!

Edited for formatting.

2/11 . Edited by idreamofdraco, 2/12 #3,858

Hey Mike! Great to see you here. :)

2/11 #3,859

Hello Mike! I'm Jessica. Welcome and whatnot.

2/12 #3,860
Hi Jessica!
2/14 #3,861
1) Here Im Jeff.Is.Me. But IRL Im Alexis. (Feel free to call me Alex/Lexi to) 2) First fact- Im very young anf smart. (Probally younger then everybody.) Second fact- I love drawing and sports. Third Fact- I also love fanfic, and video games. 3) Favorites- Draco And Hermione. Also Draco and Ginny.And Harry and Hermione. Least Fav- Lavender and Ron. Also Draco and Pansy. 4) Chains. Colder and metal. 5) Both. Cause i love panthers, and i love snakes. 6) Depends. 7) Snape! 8) Erm.. I cant decide. 9) Dramione is a love! 10) i was bored and intrested when i scrolled through forums. I was lucky!
3/12 #3,862

Umm... Hey everyone? I'm Cassie (Cass, Pixie, Pix anything like that really.. ) 31, with 2 preteens an in the States. Pretty new to fanfiction and navigating the forums but I grew up with Potter and crew, so life-long fan. Recently got into ff (hope that's okay...), because I started writing again. Ive posted on A03 but never on here before.

Answering your questions:

2) I'm only a 3rd generation American, I have 6 tattoos (no HP ones yet), and I grew up on an island.

3) Fav pairs- Ginny/Draco Ginny/Harry, George/Hermione, Neville/Luna Least Fav- Harry/Voldy, Harry/Snape


5)I actually like both.. Fav animals Cats and Frogs

6) Again, both have their time and places, I really enjoy when the 2 are mixed well.

7)Ehh... Honestly just not a fan of both, but I can appreciate their characters, flaws and all.. (Don't shoot!)

8) While I love Canon, I'm growing closer with Fanon.

9) I can get behind anything that pulls me in and feels authentic... Except Voldy/Harry... That's a big ole noppety nope nope for me...

10) Signed in, went to HP, y'all were the 5th or 6th forum down and the story I'm working on has a Ginny/Draco pairing... It was meant to be! So, yea that's me in a 10 question nut shell... *waves* Im off to get sorted now! See ya!

Edited for formatting.

6/20 . Edited by idreamofdraco, 6/24 #3,863

Hey there, Cassie! I'm Jessica. Welcome to the forum!

Feel free to make yourself at home. It's a bit quiet here these days, but we'll be gearing up for a writing event very soon, and that usually brings a few people back around. :)

6/24 #3,864

1) I answer to macneiceisms, which is my pen name, but you can also call me Mar.

2) Three random facts about myself: I love poetry, I'm a scientist, and my favorite place to visit is Ireland.

3) I've been a Draco/Ginny shipper for a good ten years now, but after that I'm quite fond of Ginny/Luna. My least favorite ship is Dramione (honorable mention to any ship involving Snape).

4) Silk ropes...?

5) Mammals for sure. Have you seen cats? They have little itty bitty soft paws. Absolute insanity.

6) Mmm...slow burn with the main pair, but emotional outbursts to their friends about it, especially if they do not realize their feelings before the outburst.

7) Oof, Lucius for sure.

8) A bit of canon, a bit of fanon. For Harry Potter fic, adherence to wizarding fashion and way of life is really important. Any deviations I feel need real backstory. But, wild fan speculation on magic and and life and relationships is highly encouraged.

9) Dramione isn't my cup of tea, see number 3.

10) I've been reading and writing (though not publishing) Draco/Ginny fic for a long time, but I recently decided to have another look at the forum and actually start talking to people (and, maybe, join a fic exchange).

Edited for formatting.

7/13 . Edited by idreamofdraco, 7/14 #3,865

Hey Mar! I'm Jessica. "Have you seen cats?" is my personal philosophy. Work sucks. Have you seen cats? Sad for no reason. Have you seen cats? World is ending as we speak. Okay... but have you seen cats?

Welcome to the forum! If you decide to sign up for the fic exchange, we'd be glad to have you!

7/14 #3,866

Hey Mar! I'm Noelle. Always happy to see a new face around here :)

You should definitely look into the fic exchange. It's always a lot of fun and I love reading works from new authors!

7/16 #3,867

Hey Mar! :) I totally agree about the fic exchange... good to see you here.

7/16 #3,868

Good to see you all on here, especially Jessica since your tumblr post finally convinced me to step my toe in the water!

7/22 . Edited 7/22 #3,869
Yeah yeah yeah! I recognize your username/s from Tumblr. Glad my propaganda worked. n_n
7/23 #3,870
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