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Well, not a newbie, but it's sure been awhile. This is Amanda, although some called me Amy on here. :) I was cleaning out my email account (don't even ask how many things have been collecting dust in there) and found some old messages on here that are literally a decade *gasp* old.

Digging around on here was a serious blast from the past. I noticed I've made it to the graveyard. Never thought I'd see that, haha! I have such fond memories of everyone on this forum and being able to come back and look through the posts and see old friends' usernames is great. Sometimes having things live forever on the internet can be really nice.

Updates if anyone is interested: I moved across the country to Oklahoma. I no longer play soccer regularly, although I can be seen jumping into games with my students on the playground. I moved on from preschool and have been teaching 4th and 5th grade English/Reading/Writing for six years now. I do a lot of volunteer work in my local area and I'm also our regional Spelling Bee coordinator (to the surprise of nobody, I'm sure). I've got a sweet black labrador. There are other things that have changed as well, but those are the big ones.

I hope everyone is doing well, whether you've moved on from this forum or not. I love you all!

8/24/2019 #3,871

Hey Amy/Amanda! :) I've been around for awhile, but I feel like I've really gotten back into effectively writing... well, any kind of fanfic (including D/G) very recently. So I know the feeling. :)

8/24/2019 #3,872
Amy!! Wow, it's been so long! Glad to hear you're doing well!
8/24/2019 #3,873

Hey Amy! It's always nice to see familiar usernames come back around. :)

9/15/2019 #3,874
Amelia L. Mendal

*peeks head in* anyone here?

My original introduction is on page uhhh 99? 96? I already forgot. But I'm not a newbie, I just like to completely forget about this forum for years at a time. Please tell me it didn't die

2/11/2020 #3,875

Hello again, Ami! (I DID go and look for your original intro (page 96), and I was very proud of myself for remembering you went by Ami. u_u However, please tell me if you prefer to go by something else now.)

3/17/2020 #3,876

Hey Ami! :) No, we're alive (I think. Okay, let's NOT get into the zombie theories. ;)

3/18/2020 #3,877

Hi guys not sure if you're still recruiting but I would love to join if you are.

1) My name is Beth.

2) I use both my left hand and my right hand, I'm a fitness buff but I love rainy days with mac and cheese.

3) Favorite: Draco/Ginny, Ginny/Luna, Dean/Seamus, Tom R jr/(older)Ginny.

Least favorite: parent/child, teacher/student (i.e Snape/Harry), Voldemort/Ginny.

4) Depends who's topping/bottoming.

5) Reptiles. I love funky little lizard dudes.

6) Emotional outburst. Especially when it's connected to their magic.

7) Snape.

8) Fanon

9) Hate it.

10) I read a couple D/G fics from the forum account and my interest was piqued. I came looking for the forum in the hopes I could join.

3/29/2020 #3,878

Hey Beth! :) Yep, we're about to do a new quarantine-themed fic challenge. Very happy to have you here.

3/29/2020 #3,879
Hi Beth! Welcome to the forum! We go through periods of inactivity sometimes, but a lot of us lurk so if you ever want to chit chat or something, do it in the appropriate topics and someone will probably reply. Especially now, since bunches of us are stuck at home. Look forward to seeing you around!
3/29/2020 #3,880

Hey Beth! I'm Jessica. As Rae said, activity here comes and goes, but you're welcome to make yourself at home. I think isolation is bringing some of us out of hibernation for now.

3/29/2020 #3,881
hannah askance
Hi Beth! I'm Hannah 'round these parts. Welcome!
3/29/2020 #3,882
The Dark Enchantress Ruhi

Hello Everyone! I live!!!! Yay!! I saw the new challenge and it pulled me here :D :D :D

3/30/2020 #3,883

Hey all! I don't know why it took me literal years to eventually locate this forum, but I'm finally here. I'm super excited to talk to more Draco/Ginny fans. It's been ages since I've been active in the fandom. But anyway, onto the questions!

1) What do you answer to?

My name is Amy! Though I have gone by Genie or Crimson in the past, namely because of my Tumblr username.

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

Uhh, I'm obsessed with the colour red, I absolutely adore cats (will be that crazy cat lady in the future), and I am also an avid anime watcher.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

For Harry Potter, it's definitely Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Ron/Luna and James/Lily. I also do like a bit of Blaise/Pansy.

4) Chains or silk ropes?

Silk? Because they hurt less.

5) Mammals or reptiles?

Definitely mammals. They are cuter in my opinion.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn?

How about a slow burn that leads to an emotional outburst because the slow burn is burning too slow? That's what I'm choosing.

7) Snape or Lucius?

I don't really like either of them... but I suppose if I /have/ to, then Snape. By a margin.

8) Canon or fanon?

I do like a bit of both, but fanon seems to be better written nowadays. I like the way characters are done in fanon a bit more.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it?

I really don't like it, unfortunately.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?)

Well, I was doing another Draco/Ginny fic binge, and I stumbled on this link on a profile. I figured this was long overdue, and voila, now I'm here.

9/14/2020 #3,884

Hi Amy! :) Great to see you here. I'm kind of in and out of the fandom too as far as actually participating a lot... but I recently decided to start working on some old unfinished fics, so I guess I'm back in. ;) Great to see you are too.

9/14/2020 . Edited 9/14/2020 #3,885
Welcome, Amy! I'm Jessica, and I, too, am an aspiring crazy cat lady. Make yourself at home, etc.
9/15/2020 #3,886
Naomi F
Hi! I'm Denise! Hope there are people around here yet. I'm 31 and I've been in love with DG since Draco and Ginny were just DG and not 'Drinny' lol (drinny! What the hell!) I've been around the fandom since I was 13y and mostly shipping these two. Then when I was around 18y, life started to take all the spare time I had to be around Over a decade later, covid's social distancing makes me read all the books and watch all the movies in a row again. I swear to God I love this world so much. Then I found my old account and it helped me to go through a lot of my lonely and spare time. Though I swear I almost fell hard on the floor when I've noticed how much love Dramione has gotten over the years (and I blame the cursed child for that) and how unpopular DG has become (reason why I'm writing again). Around '05 DG used to top the fandom, almost as popular as Draco/Harry (a couple I can handle better than Dramione lol) Anyway, I've always been a die hard DG shipper and I hope there are people around here to tell me I'm not alone haha It's just that I used to have online friends to share this guilt pleasure back in the day and I feel like I'm so old school I should be finding another fans here again. I'm an adult now and husband and work take most of my time, but I'm also looking for people to share this love with. I hope this is the place. I apologize for any misspelling, English is not my first language. Cheers!
3/3/2021 #3,887
Naomi F

And to complete my introduction, my questions answered:

1) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u) D.

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. I live in Brazil; my grandparents from both sides are Japanese; and I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, but not Japanese.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Favorite: DRACO/GINNY Least: Draco/Hermione

4) Chains or silk ropes? Silk

5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn

7) Snape or Lucius? Snape

8) Canon or fanon? Cânon

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? HATE IT.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) Looking around the site.

Note: Edited for formatting.

3/3/2021 . Edited by idreamofdraco, 3/3/2021 #3,888

Hi Denise! I feel like I recognize your username. Welcome back! I'm Jessica.

The forum has slowed down a lot so there might not be much activity. But you can chat in the Common Room and see if anyone else pops in. :)

3/3/2021 #3,889

Hey Denise! :) Glad to have you here. I really think that what happens with a fandom starts with the PEOPLE in it... reading and writing... continuing to do what they love... The fact that Dramione had such a resurgence proves that, as much as I truly don't like that ship and never thought it actually made much sense, resurgence is possible. it absolutely can happen with DG if we work it.

3/4/2021 #3,890

Hello, I'm quite excited to be here. Now onto the questions

1) What do you answer to? (i.e., RL name, nickname, initials. The shorter the better, as we are lazy. u_u)

-Author (That's what i've been called in the other forums.)

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself.

- I love dark chocolate. I love reading and I read too much. I am a bit disorganized with everything :)

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings?

- Favorite- Draco/Ginny (All I think of at the moment)

4) Chains or silk ropes?

-Silk Ropes

5) Mammals or reptiles?


6) Emotional outburst or slow burn?

-Emotional outburst (I just love angst)

7) Snape or Lucius?

-I like both Fanon but in canon, I think Snape (if I have to choose)

8) Canon or fanon?

- Fanon

9) Dramione - love it or hate it?

-Based on the author, I dislike the pairing in all but I love the way certain authors write and will read it. (For example- cleotheo writes amazing dramione stories which I'm obsessed with it)

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?)

-I don't remember but I found the forum awhile ago from someone's profile, forgot about it and went looking for it.

6/18/2021 #3,891

Hey Author! :) Glad to see you here. Definitely check out the Discord server if you haven't already.

6/18/2021 #3,892

I don't have discord. Hopefully that's okay. I also don't know where the server is. I could join the server.

6/18/2021 . Edited 6/18/2021 #3,893

Welcome, Author! I'm Jessica. n_n If you wanted to check out the discord you can find it here (just delete all the spaces when you copy and paste the link):

https: //discord. gg/ We6npmFVG4

6/18/2021 #3,894

Thank you, I've joined it

6/18/2021 #3,895

Yay for new members! :)

6/18/2021 #3,896
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