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Lunar Fire

I'm new to using this site and just clicked on random things

As long as you click back, I shall have no quarrel with you.

7/11/2009 #31

Hey Nikki, I'm Sarah. I dislike feet also...and I had two pet rats. Cheese and Pickle. Until we went on holiday and when we came back my grandfather said Pickle had 'passed on.' Unfortunately, he wasn't sure at first so had put him in the empty bath- just in case he came back to life. Then we got home and I went to the toilet. He was lying on his back, paws in the air.

Common Room 12 is your next stop.

7/11/2009 #32

Oh poor rat!

7/11/2009 #33
Ella Not Lotte

Hey Nikki!

Umm... we have more than one Nikki now. Two Nikkis and one Nik.

7/11/2009 #34

lol oh wow

7/11/2009 #35

Umm... we have more than one Nikki now. Two Nikkis and one Nik.

No. One shall be Nikki and the first one (Nikki) will be Idae. Well, to me anyway.

7/11/2009 #36

Little confused

7/11/2009 #37

Hi my name is Aliana Nicole

1.a) I have many nicknames including Ali, Nico, Boo, Chiquita, Chica, Darling, Belle[as in Southern], Miss Molly, and Mommy Weasly.

b)I loved ballroom dancing; the Latin dances are my favorites.

c)I am a fine arts geek. Theater is my favorite with singing and dancing in a close tie for second.

2. My favorite pairings are Draco/Ginny. Ron/Hermoine or Lavender, Luna/Blaise or Neville, and Snape/Lily, Luna/Blaise. I don't like combinations of Snape, Harry, Sirius, James, Lupin. or Draco (just to creepy).

3. Silk ropes. They don't leave marks.

4. Both

5. Slow burn

6. I'd pick Lucius, of course, with that beautiful blond hair.

7. It depends. I can be a canon-nazi at times, but if it has a good plot I usually don't descriminate.

8. It all depends on what angle th writer chooses. I personally believe that Draco was always interested in Hermoine, but was too scared to act on it because of his family, Voldemort, and the Death Eaters.

9. I heard about the forum from many DG stories I have read.

7/11/2009 #38

Welcome you all new people. Nikki, RoS, ESP, Nikki[2] and Boo.

I'm Nacilme, you can call me Nac like everybody.

Be comfortable and enjoy. ^^

7/12/2009 #39

And this question just deserve to be answered again...

8) Dramione-love it or hate it?

Hate it. That's absolutely disgusting.

7/12/2009 #40
Lunar Fire

and Mommy Weasly.

Did you mean: Mommy Weasley?

7/12/2009 #41

Darn it! I guess no matter how much of a grammar/spelling freak you are, everyone makes mistakes; but for the record, yes, I did mean Mommy Weasley.

7/12/2009 #42
Lunar Fire


Another self-proclaimed SPaG Queen.

7/12/2009 #43

I said I was a SPaG freak not a queen. That means that while I have always done well in English Comp. and Lit., it took work. I am not trying to say I am perfect; I just try very hard to make sure my spelling and grammar usage is correct.

7/12/2009 #44
Lunar Fire

It's alright, Newbie. I'm just teasing you in reference to the last girl who said that...


7/12/2009 #45

Sorry, I'm a little bit of a debater, and I like to make sure my opinions are known (especially when I feel that someone seems to be challeging them).

7/12/2009 #46

*looks on with interest*

7/12/2009 #47
BeTheRonToMyHermione I'm doing this right!

1) Hola I'm Heather!

2) a) I'm a complete FanFiction freak. I love it! I could live off of FanFiction alone! 8) b) I read for fun! Call me a freak....a loser....whatever...I LOVE TO READ! c) I wish I could meet Tom Felton and seduce him with my amazingly good looks! LOL.

3) Fav pairings: Draco/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, Luna/Blaise, Luna/Neville, Hermione/Charlie Hate: Draco/anyone but Ginny, Ginny/anyone but Draco, Hermione/Harry

4) Silk ropes

5) Mammals

6) Emotional outburst

7) Snaperdoodle!

8) A bit of both excluding Draco and Ginny.


10) scubarang's fanfiction Midnight Rendezvous.

So uh...Thanks for reading. I guess I should leave a final comment so.....GO DRACO/GINNY!

[There we go. I have edited and fixed my post. It now follows all rules. I think. -Heather]

7/12/2009 . Edited 7/12/2009 #48


7/12/2009 #49
Lunar Fire

Captialize your sentences, use proper grammar, and if you can spell things correctly. There is a spell check function!

7/12/2009 #50

Captialize your sentences, use proper grammar, and if you can spell things correctly. There is a spell check function!

Thank you!

7/12/2009 #51

I know her post was worse but- pot.

7/12/2009 #52


That's the bubbliest post I've read in a while, and it actually made me smile in between winces! Also, I agree with most of what you've said.

BUT: my eyes are still bleeding! GAH! Remember this:

You should know this from reading the MANIFESTO! (since that is step one and this is step two), but to remind you:


- NO NETSPEAK, with the exceptions of LOL, LMAO, and the occasional TTFN.

Please use proper punctuation (apostrophes, commas, periods, the works!) and please capitalize accordingly. That includes the beginning of your sentences, proper names, 'I', etc.

7/12/2009 #53

I'm sorry. I'm just so used to not using the shift key on my emails. I'll try to remember!


7/12/2009 #54

Very good, Heather. There's hope for you, yet.

7/12/2009 #55

Thank you! *grins brightly*

7/12/2009 #56

Thank you! *grins brightly*


7/12/2009 #57

I edited both this introduction and my sorting-plea post so, I guess I'm alright now! At least I hope I am.

7/12/2009 #58

The future does look brighter, go to common room twelve if you're going to stick around.

7/12/2009 #59

Sarah bring your derriere to the CR too!

7/12/2009 #60
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