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Thank you!

Very nice to meet you.

7/22/2009 #91
Cadaverous Apples

I kind of pop in here from time to time, just to see what's crackin', but I don't think I've ever actually done a formal introduction, or gotten sorted, or all that good stuff. And I figure that since apparently I decided I'm doing the fic exchange and I wasn't exactly doing everything in order (i.e., introducing myself, applying for a sorting visa, and then submitting the prompts) I might as well get around to doing it now.

1) What do you answer to? Roma, but basically anything from "Hey, you!" to my username.

2) At LEAST three random facts about yourself. I have a Moleskine addiction. Sometimes I find myself lying when I have no reason to. On really nice days I drive around neighborhoods, looking for lemonade stands. I buy a .25 cent cup and then tip $5.

3) Favorite and least favorite pairings? Draco/Ginny, of course. Least favorite? Harry/Ron/Hermione. It makes me shudder just to think about it.

4) Chains or silk ropes? Zipties.

5) Mammals or reptiles? Reptiles.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? Slow burn fo sho.

7) Snape or Lucius? Lucius all the way.

8) Canon or fanon? I'm in a DG Forum. Do you really have to ask?

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? Hate it. Weirdly, though, it was the first ship I read.

10) How did you find us? (as in: how did you find your way here?) Back in the days of its creation, I kind of bumped around because of rowan-greenleaf's Draco Draws Ginny contest. I kind of won, but I'm not really consistent with online boards or anything, so I just faded back away. I'm back again because of the fic exchange, and because I kind of have those unspeakable two words and I'm trying to get rid of it by writing for other people's prompts.

7/25/2009 . Edited 7/25/2009 #92
Lunar Fire

Welcome, Roma. Glad you've decided to join us for real.

7/25/2009 #93

Hi I'm Sarah! Pleased to meet you! I can't wait to talk to you in the common room- and to see your application post in the Lair. I'll see you around!

7/25/2009 #94

*checks watch*

Well it was about time!

Welcome, Roma :p

7/25/2009 #95
Cadaverous Apples

Thanks, Lunar Fire! And nice to meet you too, Sarah. I haven't been to the common room yet, but I have been to the Lair, which you already know. ^^

Yeah, I know, rowan, it's been a long time coming. :P I think I just kind of panicked when everything really started picking up here--too much for me to keep track of! Now, though, it seems back at a more...manageable pace, so I think I might be back for good.

7/25/2009 #96

Hm, Am I the only one who doesn't know you? Welcome anyway, Roma.

7/25/2009 #97
starlit skyes

Welcome, Roma! I know you by your excellent fics. ^_^

It's wonderful you joined here. I'm starlit. Can't wait to talk to you!

7/25/2009 #98
Cadaverous Apples

Vicky, no, don't think I'm particularly well-known or anything! It just seems that the few people that I actually do know are the only ones that are greeting me. ^^ It's nice to meet you!

Starlit, nice to meet you too! And thanks. *blushes* They're okay, yeah. I can't wait to talk to you, either! Except I'm afraid I'm the only one online right now, so the conversation may have to wait until it's not just between me, myself, and I. ;)

7/25/2009 #99

Welcome Roma. Sorry it took so long to greet you.

I'm afraid I'm still trying to recover from the Mesmerize stoppage.

Yeah, I'm that lame that months later I'm still mourning the loss of it.

7/26/2009 #100
Cadaverous Apples

Okay, explanation: I really hate it right now, right? Well, I was recently working on a rewrite outline. But after talking extensively with a friend, I figured that the elements I was including would work far better as a Ginny/Tom fic. So now, I still need to work on an outline rewrite. But I really really really want to rewrite it. Or even continue writing on it. Either way, the story isn't finished, whether or not I finish its present form or rewrite it.

Don't worry, I feel loads horrible for stopping like that, because that's one of the things I absolutely hate.

Actually, thinking about it so much lately is making me want to go write on it now. Who knows? I might turn out a chapter in a few days!

7/26/2009 #101

Who knows? I might turn out a chapter in a few days!

*sigh* One can only hope.

*looks over shoulder* What? Lunar, I was just making a pleasant reply.

Okay, I promise not to converse in the newbie thread.

7/26/2009 #102
Cadaverous Apples that a rule? Whoops.

Transfer to CR13!

7/26/2009 #103
Lunar Fire

*looks over shoulder* What? Lunar, I was just making a pleasant reply.

Uh-huh. I'm watching you.

7/26/2009 #104


I've missed your messages. And your reviews. Hint... :P

I, too, have a Moleskine addiction. My trusty unlined pal is actually sitting next to me right now. It's my catch all for everything, from notes on a meeting, to random doodles, to poetry, to vicious plot bunnies. There's nothing like 'em.

Dramione was the first ship I read, too. This give me hope that we shall acheive success in our unlikely endeavor to convert the world to the following of the most holy ship. The Dramione lovers flock to well-written D/G, I've noticed. I'm proud to be one.

I'm doing the 'write for other people's prompts' too. I haven't updated in awhile (it's three months today, actually. *sobs*), but I find that deadlines and prompts work well. I hope you're able to overcome it...though I must admit to bias, for I have a vested interest.

See you around!

7/26/2009 #105
Cadaverous Apples


I swear you're like my fourth or fifth line down on my mental to-do list that goes something like, "Get your ass back into gear and review all those stories you suddenly stopped reviewing (AKA Aerileigh's!)

I just can't seem to stop buying them! It's so bizarre. I have a little pile of four that I'm not even using--two normal, one sketchbook (I bought it not because I'm an artist (THAT'S an epic fail right there) but because I figured the storybooking one was too small), and one of the woodstock ones--and I'm using the eighteen-month planner, one for fanfiction, and one for original stuff. I carry them around all the time and they're so amazing...I've converted about half my friends. It's so great.

Strangely, I think Harry/Ginny shippers might also be interested in the most holy ship. I got a review once that basically said, "I've been a 100% H/G shipper, but this oneshot may have opened up a new ship for me!" So slowly but surely, we are converting the masses!

Speaking of not updating, I just got a load of crap from scuba (*glares sullenly*) about not updating Mesmerize for 3/4ths of a year. So, I think I may get back to writing that, too. (And scuba, if you're reading this...well, it's probably going to be written. I woke up at four last night and scribbled down two paragraphs. Thanks a lot. I'm back to losing sleep over that monstrosity.)

7/26/2009 #106

Hello, everyone!

1) I go by Antoinette. If you would like to use something shorter, Ann is fine. You can also call me Memories, MemoriesFade, Mem, MF. I'm open to anything.

2) Three Random Facts: Hmm...I tend to ramble on and on about things. It gets really bad sometimes. Anything doing with swimming and water will have me completely captivated, especially Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Aaron Peirsol. I'm addicted to Sims and celebrity gossip. I don't know why I'm addicted to celebrity gossip. *sigh*

3) Favorite Pairing: Draco/Ginny

Least Favorite: Any pairing that seperates Draco and Ginny.

4) Chains or silk ropes? Silk ropes.

5) Mammals or reptiles? Mammals.

6) Emotional outburst or slow burn? A little bit of both.

7) Snape or Lucius? That's tough. I love them both...If I have to choose, Lucius.

8) Canon or fanon? Fanon.

9) Dramione - love it or hate it? Hate it with a passion.

10) How did you find us? From reading Aerileigh's profile to find out anything related to an update for Red Ember.

7/26/2009 #107
Lunar Fire

Ann, I'd love to say be welcome, but we can't go about doing that until you have an avatar. It's weird to say hello to a blank face.

7/26/2009 #108

Welcome, Ann.

I am Rowan. *waves*

Your avatar's not showing yet, but I can see it in the main page. Also, I can see you've got your pairings straight. Very good.

Make yourself at home and don't forget to apply for sorting in Leigh's lair.

7/26/2009 #109

I recently changed it, which I believe is the reason why it won't show up.

Thank you, Rowan. And there is no other major pairing out there for me. I'll read the minor ones in DG stories. But that's about it.

I'm heading over to Leigh's Lair right now.

7/26/2009 #110
Cadaverous Apples

Hi Ann! I'm Roma. A relative newbie like you. ;)

7/26/2009 #111

How did you find us? From reading Aerileigh's profile to find out anything related to an update for Red Ember.


I'm writing it, I SWEAR! I just updated the profile, actually, like five minutes ago! Promise!

Oh, um, hi!

7/26/2009 #112

Welcome Ann, I have been enjoying your Buttercup at FIA. Glad to see you here.

7/26/2009 #113
Cadaverous Apples

I'm writing it, I SWEAR!

What is with us writers getting guilt-tripped/verbally assaulted in the welcoming thread for not updating? Sheesh!

7/26/2009 #114

Hi, Roma. Glad I'm not all alone. It kind of feels like the first day of school.

Hey, Leigh. Don't worry. I'm a relativelly understanding viewer, especially since I prolong by updates sometimes too. I hate writer's block and pesky family obligations that get in the way.

Hi, Scubarang. Thanks for reading my story!

7/26/2009 #115

Hello, Ann. Welcome to the forum!

7/27/2009 #116
starlit skyes

Welcome, Ann! I love your name. ^_^

Hope I talk to you soon. I'm starlit, and it'd be a pleasure to meet you.

7/27/2009 #117

Hello, VickyVicarious and Starlit!

7/27/2009 #118

Ooh, you're in? Come on over to the common room, several of us are there right now!

7/27/2009 #119

Welcome Roma and Ann.

I'm Nac.


7/28/2009 #120
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