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Come one! Come many! Come all! It's time for The DG Forum Fic Exchange – Summer 2018!

Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, a veteran fan or new to all the Draco/Ginny goodness, join us in our annual tradition of fic writing and gift giving! This year is extra special because 2018 marks The DG Forum's TENTH birthday! That's right! You heard it here, folks! The DG Forum is a decade old! And what better way to celebrate than to participate in releasing brand new DG fics into the world? *tosses confetti*

This will be your go-to thread for announcements and links relating to our summer exchange, so stay tuned.


So what is a fic exchange?

In a nutshell: participating writers submit a prompt for a fic they would like to have written for them, and in return they will write a fic following someone else's prompt. In a nutshell within a nutshell: everyone anonymously writes a fic for someone else, and in turn everyone has a fic anonymously written for them. It's like a gifting extravaganza where every forum-goer's DG dreams can come true!


Basic outline

Submit your prompts: You will be asked to submit 3 prompts.

Request your prompts: You will be asked to submit a list of 3 prompt requests numbered in the order you would most want to write for them. You get to choose 2 prompts that you would absolutely not like to write for.

Prompts assigned, start writing: Your prompt arrives by owl (email). You will have almost three months of writing time, so don't waste our benevolence and leave it to the last minute. ;)

Submit your story by owl: You will receive an email from The DG Forum listing all writing guidelines for fic submissions. Attach your guideline-compliant story document to an email, and send it to our account.

Stories are published: All stories will be posted from the forum's FFN account to maintain anonymity.

Voting begins: Voting occurs by poll.

Winners announced: Awards include honor, glory, bragging rights, and a shiny banner created by yours truly (idreamofdraco). Winners in the Overall category are added to our C2.

Drop outs are banished from our sacred lands: If you don't complete your fic, you're chained to the Wall of Shame and left as a peace offering for the local zombies. I hope you like brains...


General criteria for the DG Forum Fic Exchange

Pairings: Must be D/G centric; may feature any side-pairings.

Ratings: G to NC-17; please state in your prompt if you have a preference.

Length: Minimum: 1,000 words; maximum: no limit.



Here is a general timeline for our fic exchange (please note that dates are subject to change). You will have roughly 2 months and 3 weeks of total writing time – just enough for you to crack out your next DG masterpiece! Remember: deadlines for the exchange are final, so plan accordingly! If you drop out, you're leaving a fellow writer hanging without a fic of their own. That makes us all sad badgers. Please consider your decision carefully before joining, as dropping out may result in banning from the next writing exchange.

May 1: Prompt submissions open.

May 13: Prompt submissions close. Prompt requests open.

May 27: Prompts assigned - start writing!

August 12 19: Final writing deadline for all fics.

August 29: All stories posted.

September 3 - September 9: Accepting nominations.

September 10 - September 14: Voting period.

TBC: Winners are announced/writer identities revealed.


Where do I sign up?

Signing up is simple: just head over to the prompt submission thread, where you will be asked to submit 3 complete prompts. By submitting your prompts, you're agreeing to participate in the exchange.

Note that the first stop for non-members is the Who's Who thread, where you will sign over your life to us by becoming a member of our forum. All members may participate in the exchange, regardless of age, time of having joined, financial status, or social standing within the Wizarding community—ah, the advantages of an anonymous voting system!

Any questions?

Please refer to the previous exchange threads or send a PM to The DG Forum or idreamofdraco, one of your friendly neighborhood spider-mods.

5/1/2018 . Edited 7/11/2019 #1
The DG Forum

Prompt submissions for The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2018 are officially closed.

We will be accepting prompt requests from May 13, 2018 through to May 27, 2018.

5/13/2018 #2
The DG Forum

Prompt Requests for The DG Forum Fic Exchange – Summer 2018

Prompt requests are now open through May 27, 2018!

To request your prompt, please follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Prompts Submissions thread and read through all the prompts carefully - consider the required elements and the undesired ones before making your decision.

2. Choose at least three (3) prompts that you would absolutely love to write in order of preference. Remember, you are not guaranteed to receive one of your top three prompts, but the moderators will try their best to ensure that you do. If there are a lot of fics you'd be okay writing, feel free to request more than three prompts.

3. Choose no more than two (2) prompts that you would be absolutely mortified to receive. You are guaranteed NOT to get your bottom two prompts assigned!

4. Email your choices to The DG Forum account [the (dot) dg (dot) forum (at) gmail (dot) com] (but remove all spaces) by May 27, 2018. The subject of your email must contain: "your name's Prompt Requests".

Note that if there's a tie for a favorite prompt, it is usually assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Submit your prompt requests as soon as possible to optimize your chances of getting your top choice.

5. Do not PM. The moderators will be using email to communicate with you from this point on, so be sure to add the forum account to your contacts list to avoid our emails going to your spam folder.

6. You will receive an email from the moderators with your assigned prompt and further instructions. You should have your prompt by May 28, end of day at the latest.

Part of an exchange is challenging yourself as a writer, and another part is making sure that everyone who writes also receives a fic. Remember: while you're not guaranteed to get one of your top three prompts, you are guaranteed NOT to get your bottom two. Good luck!

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The DG Forum

Calling all beta readers!

We are a month and a week out from the submission deadline, so I think it's a good time to gather a list of volunteers to beta exchange fics.

To offer your beta services, you must:

1) be willing to communicate and commit.

2) NOT be an exchange participant (unless you're a mod).

Please email/PM us or make a post in the Beta Search thread stating that you are willing to be a beta reader AND how much time you need (for example, a week in advance of the deadline minimum, etc.). If between now and August 12th you are no longer able to commit to being a beta and you have not agreed to beta for anyone yet, please email/PM idreamofdraco or The DG Forum so we can remove you from our list. And, I hope this doesn't need to be said, but if you have agreed to beta for someone and you can no longer beta for them, please communicate that with them so they can find someone else as soon as possible.

If you are an exchange participant who would like to request a beta reader, PM someone from the following list with your request.

FE Beta Readers

Ha'niqua (stories under 10,000 words in length)


Boogum (must have the whole story completed and sent to me before July 25th)

7/5/2018 . Edited by Boogum, 7/5/2018 #4
The DG Forum

Dear fic exchange participants,

The writing gods have smiled upon you and granted you a one-week extension. The new deadline for fic exchange submissions is Sunday, August 19th at 11:59pm. *tosses confetti*

8/6/2018 #5
The DG Forum

2018 Fic Exchange Review Policy:

A person is considered to have read an exchange story if they have reviewed 50% or more of the submission, including the final chapter. Please refer to the scale below:

  • For a story with an even number of chapters the required minimum is 1 review per every 2 chapters.

Example: 8 chapter story = 4 reviews; 6 chapter story = 3 reviews, 4 chapter story = 2 reviews; 2 chapter story = 1 review, and so on.

  • For a story with an odd number of chapters, you may review with a 3:1 chapter:review ratio.

Example: 7 chapter story = 3 reviews; 5 chapter story = 2 reviews; 3 chapter story = 1 review; one-shot = 1 review, and so on.

Please note that you need to have read all the stories, according to these policy guidelines, in order to be eligible to make nominations.

8/26/2018 . Edited 8/26/2018 #6
The DG Forum

Updated Timeline

Wednesday August 29: All stories posted, time to read and review.

Monday September 3 to Sunday September 9 at 7PM CST: accepting nominations.

Monday September 10 to Friday September 14: voting period (tentative).

Friday September 14: winners announced (tentative).

8/26/2018 . Edited 8/30/2018 #7
The DG Forum

The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2018

A Tale of Two Dracos (But Only One Ginny) for Ori

Clean Slate for Anise

Drinking Games for Elizabeth (Jaden Malfoy87)

Dungeon Five for Steph (dwellingindreams)

Heafen for Kim (Boogum)

Learning to Fall for Noelle (Keeperofthemoon0)

Music of My Soul for Tasha (TASHAx)

Nothing Better for Rae (KieraRaelyn)

Open Mind for Desertisle

Send Help for Ky (writerdragonfly)

Stories for Eustacia Vye

The Faerie King for Jessica (idreamofdraco)

The Lonely Road for Julie (JulietteDeschemps)

8/30/2018 #8
The DG Forum

The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2018

Award Nominations

We are currently accepting nominations for this year's fic exchange. The nomination period will run through Sunday, September 9th at 7PM CST.

Please submit your nominations by email to The DG Forum's email account: the(dot)dg(dot)forum(at)gmail(dot)com, or by sending a PM to this account. (Please do not email or PM individual moderators with your nominations.)


  • You may only participate in the nomination process if you've read all of the eligible fics; for all intents and purposes, you're considered to have read a story if you've reviewed each submission, including the final chapter of each fic. Please see the Fic Exchange Review Policy posted above.
  • You may nominate up to 2 stories per category. You do not need to send in nominations for each category, and you may nominate only one story per category if you wish.
  • Don't nominate yourself. We all know how narcissistic we can be, but let's save that for the voting time.
  • Submit all of your nominations in one message; duplicates will not be accepted. The subject of your email/PM should include the words FE 2018 Nominations in it. Please cut and paste the list below and add your nominations to it.

Best Prose (optional sample)

Best Dialog (optional sample)

Best Kiss (optional sample)

Best Banter (optional sample)

Best Fluff Scene (optional sample)

Most Fangirly

Note about the samples: since FFN disabled copy/paste within fics, you can choose to indicate to us what sentences begin and end the sample you want included for each award. This is entirely optional.

Please note that the overall award categories (Best Fanfiction Overall, Best Chaptered Story, Best One Shot, etc.) do not require nominations.

9/3/2018 #9
The DG Forum

The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2018: Voting

The time has come to choose the best fics in this year's exchange. You can find the voting booths here. Please read the instructions before submitting your vote. As in previous years, you may vote for up to two fics in each category. Remember: voting is anonymous and polls are "blind" until the winners are revealed.

Voting will close on Friday, September 14th, 2018 by 11:59PM CST.

Tie Policy: if a tie should occur in any of the "Best Overall" categories, tie-breakers will be held between the tied fics until a single winner is declared. Ties between up to two fics in the non-Best Overall categories are considered acceptable. If a tie should be three-way and above, a tie-breaker will be put in place.

Tie-breaker: a short round of votes between two or more tied fics. Only one vote is allotted per participant per category.

9/10/2018 #10
The DG Forum

The votes have been tallied, but before we announce the winners of this year's fic exchange awards, we need to break some ties!

Please resubmit your votes for Best Fan Fiction Overall and Best Chaptered Fic Overall in the TIE BREAKER threads over on the voting forum HERE.

You will only have one vote this round, so make it count! The polls will close at 11:59pm CST on Saturday, September 15th!

9/14/2018 #11
The DG Forum

The DG Forum Fic Exchange - Summer 2018 Awards


Best Fanfiction Overall — Clean Slate

Best Chaptered Fic Overall — Nothing Better

Best One Shot Overall — The Lonely Road


Best Prose — The Lonely Road

Best Dialogue — Clean Slate

Best Response to the Prompt — Learning to Fall

Most Creative — Heafen


Best Characterization of Draco Malfoy — The Lonely Road

Best Characterization of Ginny Weasley — Clean Slate

Best Supporting Characters — Learning to Fall & Nothing Better

DRACO AND GINNY FOREVER!!! [Fangirly] Awards

Best Kiss — Clean Slate

Best Banter — The Lonely Road

Best Fluff Scene — The Faerie King

Most Humorous — The Faerie King

Most Fangirly — The Faerie King

Most In Need Of A Sequel — The Lonely Road



Kim and I (and the voters, too, apparently!) agreed that Heafen was a fantastically creative story like we've never read before. The use and execution of the virtual/magical role-playing game scenarios, Ginny's fascinating characterization, the emotion and realism of the trauma both she and Draco faced and shared with each other, along with the creative way the story came together to address Kim's prompt are all reasons we selected this fic as our pick of the exchange!

Writer Identities Revealed

Ori wrote Heafen for Kim

Kim (Boogum) wrote The Faerie King for Jessica

Jessica (idreamofdraco) wrote Learning to Fall for Noelle

Noelle (Keeperofthemoon0) wrote Nothing Better for Rae

Haz (Ha'niqua) wrote The Lonely Road for Julie, in place of Rae

Julie (JulietteDeschemps) wrote Dungeon Five for Steph

Kim (Boogum) wrote Send Help for Kyla, in place of Steph

Jessica (idreamofdraco) wrote Drinking Games for Elizabeth, in place of Kyla

Elizabeth (Jaden Malfoy87) wrote Clean Slate for Anise

Anise wrote A Tale of Two Dracos (But Only One Ginny) for Ori

Desertisle wrote Music of My Soul for Tasha

Tasha (TASHAx) wrote Stories for Eustacia Vye

Eustacia Vye wrote Open Mind for Desertisle

9/16/2018 #12


Another exchange has come to a close. I'd like to congratulate all winners and participants. Exchanges really aren't for the fainthearted, and there were some really great fics this year. That said, the process was not without its bumps—an unfortunate trend that has been getting worse—so I'm here on behalf of the mods to address a few issues.

1) Dropping out from the exchange.

For obvious reasons, we do prefer it if no one drops out. That's why we have a warning in advance not to sign up if you think you can't get a fic written within the deadline. (Seriously, just save yourself the stress!) Of course, we understand that real life can get busy and make it impossible to complete a fic. Most of us have had to drop out from an exchange at least once. We will not eat you if you tell us that you need to pull out, but there are some guidelines we expect you to follow, which brings me to my next point.

2) Give us time to find a pinch-hitter.

If you feel you might have to drop out, do it sooner rather than later. Finding a pinch-hitter is not a given. This is especially critical when someone drops out right on the deadline (or, as is what happened this time, after an extension has been granted and we are ready to upload fics). Too often, it is falling on the mods to whip up a pinch-hit last minute, and I can tell you from experience that this is not fun. Please be considerate. Please be realistic. We are trying to make exchanges enjoyable for everyone and ensure that all writers receive a fic in return, so you are not helping by dragging out a drop out, no matter how well-intended or optimistic your reasons for doing so.


Capslock for emphasis because this is so important. Please, please, please communicate with us. If you're struggling with your fic and/or are worried you might need to drop out, let us know. We can help you. We can start looking for a pinch-hitter just in case. Also, if we email you to find out what's going on (ie, when your fic will be submitted), email us back asap and continue to keep in touch with us. Your radio silence is frankly stressful and annoying. Again, be considerate. We are just trying to do our jobs as mods and keep the exchange running as smoothly as possible.

4) Extensions are not a given.

The number of people relying on extensions is getting a bit worrying. We don't mind giving them out to those who need them, but the last two exchanges have had more writing time than usual (people only used to get about a month). Just remember that the deadline is there for a reason.

We also want to stress that an extension is not the time to write your entire fic, nor even most of it. This is why we have last minute drop outs (which does make us mods put on our grumpy faces). In the past, we have banned people from the next exchange if they pulled out last minute, but we don't want to go that route again. We want people to participate and enjoy themselves. So, we will be getting tougher on extensions. If you ask for an extension, expect to get questions about your story, its status, and how long it will take to get it finished. We may ask to see what you have so far.

For those who do struggle, here are a few tips to help you write an exchange fic without putting unnecessary stress on yourself and (hopefully) avoid drop outs.

1: Choose your prompt wisely. Don't be too ambitious with your prompt choice. It's easy to get caught up in an exciting prompt, but execution is a different matter. Pick something that can be shortened if needed. Even better if you pick an author who has at least two prompts you'd not mind writing (in case your first choice doesn't work out).

2: Plan. Before you've even settled on an idea, I want you to ask yourself these sorts of questions: how long on average does it take me to write a chapter? How many chapters do I think this story will be? How many weeks will I need realistically? Could I still get this story written if something came up (work, family thing, whatever)? Every person is different, but if you can't answer yes to the last one, you should probably choose a simpler idea.

3: Create a new deadline. Ignore whatever deadline you've been given and create a new, much earlier one for yourself. It's basically what I do every time. Eg, if I have two months, I'll plan for a fic that can be written in one month (or round about) and actually try write it in the first month. I usually manage this, but it also gives leeway for writer's block, RL demands, and nasty surprises that crop up. It also allows a beta time to actually beta-read for you. (Can also say from experience that last minute beta-reading is not fun.)

In the end, exchange fics aren't the best time to bust out an ambitious story (whatever that may mean for you). It's just about understanding your own abilities, doing proper planning, and making use of the time given instead of being "optimistic" in procrastination.

I know this is a long post, but we really want to make the exchanges an enjoyable experience for everyone. To do that, we need you to work with us. Communicate. Be realistic with your writing and RL situation. It's really that simple.

9/16/2018 #13
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