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The Compass is an index of important forum threads. Here you'll find a list of names, definitions and links to useful threads grouped by category.



Random Announcements: the place to make your random announcements.

Specific Reply Thread: where to reply to posts in no-reply threads (such as the RA).

Owl Exchange: a convenient list of forum member emails and other contact information.

Therapy Thread: forum getting you down? This is the place to vent.


Short Writing Challenge: where to find links to challenges with a deadline of under 3 weeks.

Long Writing Challenges: find links to challenges with deadlines longer than 3 weeks as well as the list of open-ended challenges.

One Sentence Story: write a D/G centric sentence that includes the specified three word prompt.

Round Robin: an on-going group authored D/G story.

Challenge Tag: write a D/G drabble in response to a previous prompt, add a prompt of your own.

Review Tag: review the previous reviewer, get reviewed.

Post Your Progress!: post your writing progress and feel pressured into productivity by other people's.

ESSAYS: Why Do We Write D/G Fanfiction? original and cited essays revolving around the Draco/Ginevra dynamic in fanon and canon.


The DG Forum's Writing Workshops: find links to our past writing workshops and suggest topics or improvements.

Writing Help and Tips: need help with that awkward sentence? This is the place to go.

Reparo Excerpt: get opinions and help with troublesome excerpts from your stories.

Aspiring Authors: provides information on publishing, editing, genres, grammar, up coming contests, etc.

Plot Bunnies: share your plot bunnies and get the help you need to tame them, or offer your orphaned plot bunnies up for adoption.

Beta Search: where forum members on active beta-reader duty and writers in need of beta-readers find each other.

Wave Your Wands!: name, incantation, description and known uses of our favorite HP spells, hexes and curses.

The FIA Liaison Office: puzzled about the ins and outs of The Fire and Ice Archive? get advice from our very own Cabal member, Jessica (idreamofdraco) -- and other experienced gurus.


The Review Society: a select organisation that provides only the finest reviews for Harry Potter fanfiction.

HP Fic Recs: the best of the best HP fanfiction has to offer, with emphasis on D/G centric fics.

Must-read D/G One-shots: a selection of the best D/G one-shots, guaranteed to convert even the most hardened D/G haters.

HP Fic Recs – Our Fics: our picks for the best fics produced by our own forum writers.

Fic Ads: Shameless Plug: want to advertise your own works of HP fiction in the most shameless of fashions? This is the place to go.

NON HP Fic Recommendations: where to get recs for high-quality non HP works of fanfiction.

The DG Forum's Favorite Fics: Our C2: nominations and selection of the great D/G fics to include in our forum-wide C2.


Characters and Pairings: an open discussion on HP characters and pairings.

Reasons Why I Love D/G: where to discuss what makes Draco/Ginny the amazing pairing that it is.

DG Fic Dissection: The place to discuss works of D/G fanfiction.

Looking For A Fic: a tool for finding lost fics.

Got Flames?: indulge in group therapy and recover from troll attacks.


Manifesto!: describes our purpose as a community and the rules we live by.

Forum Lexicon: provides a convenient definition of forum lingo and chronicles the life and times of the Dull and the exploits of its members.

Suggestions! Make the Dull a better place!: think we can improve? Leave your suggestions in this thread.


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