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For more information on the fic exchange, see the main fic exchange thread.

Prompt submissions are officially open! They will close in two weeks, on Monday, November 15, and while you do have a whole two weeks, we suggest that you don't wait until last minute. You want us to admire your eagerness - we mods do, after all, assign prompts in a few weeks, and it can be terribly vexing to chase you down for your last prompt.

You can't be a part of the exchange until you've made an honest woman (or man) of yourself by submitting three prompts per the instructions below.

By submitting prompts, you are implicitly agreeing to participate fully through the entire exchange.


General Prompt Criteria:

Pairings: Must be D/G centric; may feature any side-pairings. It's recommended that you suggest side pairings rather than demand them--if your prompt is great but you insist on a Dumbledore/Snape side pairing, we're going to have trouble matching you with a writer.

Ratings: Please include your desired range in the prompt, particularly if you want a squeaky clean fic ... or a not-so-squeaky clean fic. And if you're really too young to be reading/writing fics of the adult variety, please don't request them. We corrupt minds enough here as it is.


Prompt Template

So, without further ado, I give you the template!

Copy and paste to preserve the formatting, then fill in with your own info. Post your prompts in this thread. You should submit three prompts; one will be written. To make things easier, put them all in one post. It's okay if you only do one at a time--just make sure when you come back, you edit the existing post instead of making another.

(insert your name)'s Prompt (#)

Basic premise: (What you want the fic to be about. Give the basic idea for the fic, and keep it under 50 words.)

Must haves: (A specific dialogue line, a tone (drama, humor, romance), an era, a situation, a character trait you want included in the fic.)

No-no's: (What you don't want to see in there because it would ruin the fic for you. Can include anything from a Ginny/Harry pairing to curtailing Draco's potty mouth)

Rating range: (K, K, T, M, M [NC 17])

Bonus points: (something not required but that would totally make your day!)

If you need to see some examples, you can go here (see scubarang's fake one involving Trelawney and Hagrid), here or here. If you need inspiration, try here, here, or here, or if you're feeling really bold, here.


Please don't comment or ask questions in this thread. PM or email The DG Forum account and a mod will do her best to answer your inquiry with charm and promptness.

Again, prompt submissions will close on Monday, November15, and that's when prompt requests will begin.

Prompt away!

11/1/2010 . Edited 8/20/2017 #1
Mystical Starlight

Mysti's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: Ginny has a fight with her family and decides to move out on her own, only to find that the only job available is one as Draco Malfoy's personal maid.

Must haves: A minimum of one sex scene is a must, with a buildup including many stolen kisses.

No-no's: I don't want Ginny's family involved in the story at all.

Rating range: NC 17

Bonus points: Ginny being forced to wear a french maid uniform, Ginny playing mean practical jokes on Draco, and Draco giving Ginny a spanking.


Mysti's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: Draco finds Ginny's secret journal and decides to use it to his advantage.

Must haves: I would like it to be fluffy with no amount of angst whatsoever. Very funny would be fantastic. I would also like to see the line "Well if I didn't know any better, I'd say the lady is a tramp" somewhere in there.

No-no's: N/A

Rating range: M+ - NC 17

Bonus points: Someone being thrown into the lake!


Mysti's Prompt (3)

Basic premise: Ginny and a rich friend are invited to a party during the summer. Draco sees her from across the room and picks a fight with her

Must haves: Ginny should still be school-aged. It must end with Draco and Ginny no longer fighting, and with them having had a "moment".

No-no's: No making this about Harry! No angst, lots of fluff (=

Rating range: All and any

Bonus points: Bonus points for having them end up in a broom closet somehow.

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #2

Jessica's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: "Love is brightest in the dark." - Avatar: the Last Airbender, Book 2, Chapter 2

What does this mean to you? Tell the story of Draco and Ginny using this quote from Avatar, without copying or parodying this episode. You don't need to have seen the show before to write this story.

Must haves: Touching and thoughtful mood. Desperation, but not in a cliched, dramatic, or over the top way. Make me feel the emotions. Make me ache or yearn or whatever Draco and Ginny feel in the story.

No-no's: Smut for smut's sake. :P If you must write smut, I'd like it to be tasteful and important and meaningful.

Rating range: K - M.

Bonus points: If you use the quote in the text of the story.


Jessica's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: What Draco Malfoy wants, Draco Malfoy gets. Ginny has become his possession, and now he doesn't think of her as a human being at all.

Must haves: I'm looking for creativity here. Think outside of the Maid!Ginny box, and the Auctioned!Ginny box, and the Prisoner of War!Ginny box. This should be a dark story, and obviously twisted. The point is to avoid the cliches.

No-no's: Smut. None at all, please!

Rating range: T - M, for the dark theme.

Bonus points: If the situation has nothing to do with Draco being a Death Eater. You'll win five million Jessica points.


Jessica's Prompt (3)

Basic premise: The war has ended, and everyone deals with the aftermath in their own way.

Must haves: Details of different characters, showing how they've been affected and how they deal with things. This does not mean you have to write in different characters' perspectives. Ginny can muse over how much Luna has changed, or Draco can notice how the Slytherins are an angrier lot now, or something. Does not have to take place at Hogwarts, but it does have to be relatively soon after the war, within five years, say.

No-no's: Must be canon-compliant (not including the epilogue), so nothing that breaks canon. Including deaths. :( No self-mutilation. This can be a dark kind of story, but not too dark. I'd like there to be hopeful or happy ending.

Rating range: Any rating.

Bonus points: If you style the mood of the story after this song: Hamburg Song - Keane (not as a song fic). Or a rainbow.

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/11/2010 #3

Lottie's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: Put Ginny in the role of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, and Draco Malfoy as Chuck Bass.

Write their love story following that.

Must haves: It must be at Hogwarts.

No-nos: R-rated smut. If you feel the need to include smut, please keep it MA (Australian rating, not sure what the American one is) so it's not completely corrupting younger readers.

Rating: T-M

Bonus points: If at some point in the story (but please don't have it ongoing and don't make it a character trait) Draco says "I'm Draco Malfoy" in the style of Chuck Bass.


Lottie's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: After looking up the "Byronic hero" I noticed some parallels to Draco. The Byronic hero is generally a must-have in gothic fiction, so you must turn DG gothic.

Must haves: A winding staircase, a gloomy house, the supernatural and insanity.

No-nos: No simpering, or sweetness. Gothic love is passionate and very dark.

Rating range: T-M (FFN ratings)

Bonus points: A quote from either Wuthering Heights, The Black Cat, or Dracula.


Lotte's prompt (3)

Basic premise: Ginny, after being told by her mother that she needs to get more involved in helping others, joins a Muggle charity group. She turns up to find Draco is the group leader.

Must haves: Must be humorous. They must be about to participate in the 40 Hour Famine. Draco is involved because "Mummy said so."

No-nos: Smut. Draco as a Death Eater.

Rating: K - K+

Bonus points: Draco actually saying "Because Mummy said so" as his excuse for being the group leader of the charity group.

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #4

Boogum's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise: Draco wants to ask Ginny to marry him, but every time he tries to do so, something goes wrong and it never happens. Ginny starts to believe they are "Not Meant To Be", and decides to break up with him. Draco determines to win her back at all costs and get that ring on her finger.

Must haves: Post-Hogwarts. Humour. A romantic Ginny (but not too wishy-washy or sappy, please). Some kind of animal or plant (you choose) eats the ring one of the times Draco goes to propose to Ginny. Draco's PoV or feature both Draco and Ginny, but I don't want this to be a Ginny-centred fic.

No-no's: No smut, no excessive angst, drama or fluff. No coarse language (or at least keep it to a bare minumum. Just think Disney :P). More importantly, please do NOT give me an over-sentimental Draco. I don't want him to be cheesily romantic, even though he is trying to do 'romantic' things for Ginny. Really, I just don't want OOC characters. So Draco should still have a snarky, arrogant streak, and Ginny should still be, well, Ginny.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points:If you include Narcissa and/or Lucius in a humorous way -- which doesn't mean they necessarily have to desire the marriage between Draco and Ginny.


Boogum's Prompt (#2)

Basic Premise: Ginny has been kept in a mental asylum for the past five years. Draco comes to visit her because he believes her mind holds a secret that he wants. Up to you whether she is actually insane or not, what the 'secret' is, and whether the story will go beyond the asylum or will remain as a series of 'visits'. You can also decide whether she is actually aware of the secrets she holds or whether her mind has been magically protected so that she has no idea of the information she carries.

Must Haves: Post-Hogwarts. Lots of mystery and a 'dark' tone. Draco as an ambiguous figure (is he good or evil?). Ginny should not be easily led by Draco. She should come across as potentially dangerous and someone who cannot always be trusted. I see this romance being more twisted and not exactly 'romantic', but it's up to you.

No-nos: No fluff, no excessive angst, no smut (which basically means I don't want any NC17 or overly explicit scenes). Keep the coarse language to a bare minimum or don't have it at all. No first person narrative (I just don't think it will work for this fic).

Bonus Points: If there is someone who works in the asylum who is intent on keeping Draco away from Ginny -- the antagonist, in short.


Boogum's Prompt (#3)

Basic Premise: Ginny discovers a secret about Draco, which prompts the blond to use any means necessary to keep her mouth shut and make sure it stays that way for the rest of her life.

Must Haves: Hogwarts Era. Humour/Romance. Should be a relatively light fic, but I don't mind if you want to bring in serious aspects -- just make it believable. Snarky Draco. Feisty Ginny.

No-nos: No smut, no coarse language, no excessive fluff, angst, drama, etc. No OOC characters. No Harry/Ginny. No Voldemort/Death Eater rubbish.

Bonus Points: If you feature an under-used HP character somehow. (In other words, someone other than Blaise, Luna, Hermione, Snape, etc. Though I don't mind if you use those characters as well.)

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #5

Megan's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise:Draco is after Astoria Greengrass, she wouldn't be hard to get if the youngest Weasley didn't keep foiling his plans.

Must haves:It should be humorous with a lot of flirting on both parts, told from Draco's POV.

No-no's: Hermione/Ron, smut.

Rating range: K - T

Bonus points: Many innuendos, a very public kiss in the Great Hall of any couple.


Megan's Prompt (#2)

Basic premise: 'Childhood- A time when a bad look can traumatize you and a kind gesture can make you fall in love.' - Urban Dictionary

What happened in Draco's childhood that made him snarky and sarcastic? What made Ginny so fiery and bold? tell us what makes them the way they are today.

Must haves: The two children meeting, sharing a secret.

No-no's: Any mention of a family rivalry, smut.

Rating range: K - T

Bonus points: Fluff, lots of it.


Megan's Prompt (#3)

Basic premise:Ginny has convinced Draco to get a TV, home sick one day he finds the Simpsons. What does he make of this muggle show?

Must haves:Quotes from different movies and books, not only the Simpsons.

No-no's: Smut or angst.

Rating range: K - T

Bonus points:Draco singing a ridiculous song, Draco high on medicine.

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #6

Spock's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: The run up to christmas in the Malfoy family home, 17 year old Draco is planning to bring his girlfriend home for the first time.

Must haves: Draco/Ginny, humour, shy Ginny

No-no's: Lucius/anyone other then Narcissa

Rating range: K-T but not M

Bonus points: Lucius choosing christmas decorations

Spock's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: School reunion twenty years after the war ended. Hosted by the Potters, who are going through a marital crisis.

Must haves: Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny becoming Ginny/Draco. Humour but with a spattering of angst.

No-no's: Harry ending up with anyone else (sorry Harry :P), any smut.

Rating range: T

Bonus points: Some really unusual pairings between other guests.

Spock's Prompt (3)

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny's honeymoon. Clashes with Hermione and Ron's. About how Hermione and Ginny are best friends, but Draco and Ron don't get on, will it ruin Draco's honeymoon. Not necessarily first person, but definately from Draco's point of view.

Must haves: "You married me, not her!" said by both Ron and Draco to respective partners.

No-no's: Smut.

Rating range: T

Bonus points: Draco and Ron forced to converse on some day trip.

11/2/2010 #7

Incognito's Prompt #1

Basic outline: Ever have a bad day that wouldn't end? No, it literally keeps repeating over and over until you want to kill yourself, but you can't because the day will just start over again! Draco Malfoy is caught in this never-ending loop until Ginny Weasley unknowingly helps him end its vicious cycle.

Must haves: 1) Resolution: the cycle must be broken; 2) Animosity: Draco and Ginny must share some animosity in the beginning, and it is Draco who, after time, falls in love with Ginny and tries to convince her to like him; 3) Comedy: there must be some (if not many) facepalming moments for Draco.

No-no's: No OOC-ness.

Rating range: Any

Bonus points: Draco runs into Ron every day. Each outcome is different (usually Draco avoids him), but on the first day, Ron punches Draco. I want one incident where Draco lets loose and knocks Ron unconscious (down for the count).


Incognito's Prompt #2

Basic outline: Draco and Ginny are locked in the Department of Mysteries for a night. How that happened is up to you. Do they explore each chamber (thought, death, space, time, love, or hall of prophecy), or are they just trapped in one particular room? Something hinky is going on, but what?

Must haves: You have a lot of freedom here, but I would prefer an older Draco and Ginny (20s) and for this to be a friends-first or friends-only story. You can hint at romance to blossom though. I would like both Draco and Ginny to be in character (i.e. not liking each other at first).

No-no's: No smut, no excessive swearing, no OOC-ness.

Rating range: T

Bonus points: They either arrived at the DoM without their wands or lost them somehow.


Incognito's Prompt #3 (recycled)

Basic outline: Ginny makes a wish in a Muggle Wishing Well that turns out to be magical. Yay for Ginny, right? Not exactly. Magical Wishing Wells are a lot like genies: you don't get exactly what you wished for. Instead, you end up getting a messed up version - the kind where something inevitably goes wrong.

Must haves: Really, I just want this fic to be cute, humorous and romantic. Of course, this is DG oriented, but you can bring Draco into the picture however you want. Fluff is acceptable - mandatory, really. A simple, clean, clever, funny, cute one-shot. Not so difficult, right?

No-no's: No smut, no real seriousness, no convoluted plot.

Rating range: K-T

Bonus points: Eerily observant Luna. I'd like to see Ginny's sidekick being the ever observant and loony Luna Lovegood.

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #8
Ella Not Lotte

Ella's Prompt #1

Basic premise:Ginny is sick of being the good girl, and Draco is sick of being bossed around.One fateful night they decide that they can help each other out.

Must haves: Humor and snark, and an original interpretation of the premise.As long as it has the humor and the snark, it's fine if it's a little bit clichéd.Draco and Ginny pretending to be a couple, but acting more and more like a real couple as time goes on.

No-no's: An unhappy ending, or intervention from the outside world.

Rating range: K-M (No NC-17)

Bonus points: Snape attempting to counsel Draco and/or Ginny into breaking up with each other (either separately or together).An angry Pansy Parkinson.Blaise and/or Luna finding out that the relationship is pretend, and promptly trying to make it real.I don't expect any of these, and certainly not all of them.If they don't fit in your interpretation, then forget them.


Ella's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Draco chooses to run away the summer before his sixth year rather than be forced into servitude to a man he does not respect.He's found by one of the Order members and taken to the Burrow, where a reluctant but willing Ginny is put in charge of keeping an eye on him.

Must haves: A slightly darker tone, appearances of other Order members, including Snape.

No-no's: An overly whiny or ungrateful Draco.He is aware that if the Weasleys decide to throw him out of their house, he's dead.Draco becoming good friends with any of the Trio.Ginny/Harry on any level.

Rating Range: K-M (No NC-17)

Bonus points: Draco meeting and actually getting along with Andromeda.Draco knowing information about the previous war which paints other characters in a different light (example- he is aware that Regulus Black died for a significant act of treachery, not just for running away).


Ella's Prompt #3

Basic premise: The last thing that Draco wanted was to be the hero rescuing the damsel in distress, and the last thing Ginny wanted was to be his sidekick.However, Fate has other plans, and Draco finds himself thrust into the role of a sort of anti-hero with only Ginny's help.

Must haves: Fate has to be an actual character similar to the gods in ancient mythology.Lots of conflict between Draco and Ginny, Draco originally wanting nothing to do with his role as a hero but eventually accepting his fate are also must haves.

No-no's: Draco becoming chivalrous and heroic.He has to be a reluctant hero.Harry Potter playing a significant role in the story.

Rating Range: K-M (No NC-17)

Bonus points: Draco having to rescue a small child or domesticated animal, the child/domesticated animal acting ungrateful (insulting/biting/scratching Draco).Draco whining about his reputation being 'ruined.'

11/2/2010 #9

Sarah's First Prompt

Basic premise: Ginny opens a book in the library (explain why she's there and looking in a random section) which sucks her into the world of fairytales. There she meets The Narrator (s/he can be what you want, old, young, wizened, comedic) where she is told the only way to escape is to enact all the stories. Draco also gets sucked into the world. (Maybe half way through, maybe he noticed the discarded book and picked it up, up to you.) I don't mind so much the 'real world' stuff, but I want the funny action-y adventures of Ginny and Draco.

Must haves: A play on Snow White and the seven dwarves for sure. Draco having to re-enact an unexpected role or two (so Ugly Sister #2 for instance). At least four stories to be worked through, choice is yours on stories.

No-no's: Angst (no duh), I don't think smut will work in this, but kisses are fine.

Rating range: Whatever

Bonus points: If some of the characters in the fairytales are like people in Ginny's real life. Example, Evil Witch in Snow White = reminds Ginny of Bellatrix.

*shrugs* I want it to be fun - and funny - and length is entirely up to you. If you're concise, this could be a one-shot.


Sarah's Second Prompt

Basic premise: Maisie Dupp is a gossip reporter for Hogwart's new student paper. After being told by a little birdie that Ginny and Draco don't quite have the same relationship as they used to, Maisie sets out to discover the truth.

Must haves: Maisie sneaking around, secret agent style. Hiding 'round corners, dangling Extendible Ears from above to hear their conversations, that sort of thing.

No-no's: Maisie talking to the couple

Rating range: Whatever

Bonus points: If there is an actual birdie, Maisie's article, a future article, written by Maisie now a Daily Prophet author, about Draco and Ginny.


Sarah's Third Prompt

Basic premise: Arguing in front of a portrait of an elderly and powerful wizard, Ginny and Draco do not hear his cries of them to move on. Enraged he draws them in to berate them and . . . can't get them out again. Draco and Ginny have to make their way through the pictures to the Headmaster's office, learning along the way more about the people they walk by everyday not noticing.

Must haves: At least three meetings with other characters.

No-no's: I don't want a romantic relationship with this one.

Rating range: Whatever

Bonus points: Draco eating a piece of fruit from a bowl, altering the picture for good. The Drunk Monk. Each of them seeing someone they know and trying to catch their attention (and failing).

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #10
Loving Your Smile

Ali's Prompt I

Basic premise: Draco isn't interested in innocent girls to corrupt. No, he likes girls with a bit more experience. And after an enticing encounter with Ginny Weasley, he'd definitely put her under the "innocent girl" category. Eventually, Ginny manages to change his mind...

Must haves: A Draco based on the song The Sadder but Wiser Girl from the Music Man. Not based off of Harold Hill, just the song. Draco wants Ginny, not the other way around (as in, Ginny isn't determined to change his mind, it's just the way things work out).

No-no's: No smut! Kisses, sure, but no smut!

Rating Range: T

Bonus points: Draco's best mate (canon character! Perhaps Blaise) who prefers the innocent types, and as a side pairing, we see his relationship with one (also canon character!).


Ali's Prompt II

Basic premise: Narcissa has brought Draco a girl she considers "impeccable wife material". Draco is more stuck on the fact that there is a Weasley in his parlor. Should end with a kiss!

Must haves: Humor! Draco and Ginny getting to know each other better, lots of witty banter, and a reason why Ginny agreed to partake in this.

No-no's: No angst. Limited family drama.

Rating Range: Any

Bonus points: Draco, trying to be nice, buying Ginny a gift that she hates.


Ali's Prompt III

Basic premise: Ginny, for whatever reason, sneezes as she says the name of [insert location here] while Flooing, and manages to find herself in the fireplace of (guess who?) Draco Malfoy. Coincidentally, said Malfoy has just come out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. Let the awkwardness ensue.

Must haves: Dirty-minded Draco making plenty of innuendos, some of which go over Ginny's head, some of which don't. A blushing Ginny, who, despite desperately wishing to leave, has seemingly forgotten how to Apparate.

No-no's: Nothing very serious. It should be playful!

Rating Range: T+

Bonus points: Silk boxers. (Mentioned, or making an appearance...)

11/2/2010 #11
hannah askance

Hannah's Prompt #1

Basic premise: We've all read the famous Flourish and Blotts scene where Draco and Ginny have their first meeting and therefore first impressions of each other. What happens when they next meet at Hogwarts? The effects of that meeting alone could span over the period of several years, and I'd like to see how that works out.

Must haves: Set in Hogwarts-era, before Ginny's Valentine incident. A student's wayward cat following Draco around the castle. Second-year!Draco parroting Lucius to Ginny, even though he doesn't necessarily understand, and Ginny catching and calling on his bluff.

No-no's: No smut, please.

Rating Range: K - T+

Bonus points: First-year!Ginny confronting (or hitting) Draco about him commenting on her valentine. Ginny bursting into tears out of sheer anger or frustration.


Hannah's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Luna catches Draco and Ginny in a compromising position, even though it was the result of a completely innocent accident, and takes it upon herself to counsel them on their presumably unrelieved sexual tension.

Must haves: A light, humorous tone. Luna forcing - or trying to, anyway - the three of them to sit down together and have "a nice bit of chat".

No-no's: Either Draco or Ginny currently in a relationship. With anyone. The fic should end D/G, of course, but at least in the beginning they should be happily single and dislike each other immensely. (And please keep it consistent with the rating.)

Rating Range: T

Bonus points: Luna sending an owl explaining the, ahem, situation to either Draco or Ginny's parents, but not both.


Hannah's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Ginevra Potter has gone missing. Since sending her husband to investigate is considered too emotionally risky, Auror Draco Malfoy gets the find-and-rescue mission instead, providing a good scapegoat should things go wrong. He does find her, and it goes from there.

Must haves: EWE. Ginny is married to Harry, their current 'no children' status creating problems in the marriage. Draco and Ginny having an affair (which may or may not last). A lot of angst, and I mean a lot. A happy ending is optional for this one.

No-no's: A married Draco. He can have a girlfriend, or even a fiancee, but not a wife. At least, not in the beginning. Also, no smut please.

Rating Range: T - M (potential gore? *shrugs*)

Bonus points: Draco saying, "Interesting way of spending a holiday." (Can be paraphrased.) Ginny kicking someone to get away from them and succeeding in running away. A reasonable explanation of why Draco decided to join the Aurors.

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #12

Ky's Prompt #1

Basic premise: Ginny catches Draco in an interesting position. Does she help him?

Must haves: Draco getting caught in the rain and/or smoking a cigarette. A jaded Draco.

No-no's: Any other Weasleys.

Rating Range: Any, but a nice M would not be amiss.

Bonus points: A line from page 394 of any fiction book, cited in the author's notes.


Ky's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Ginny is getting married and hires a wedding planner. Two months later, she finds out the engaged wedding planner and her fiancee have eloped and run off to Cancun.

Must haves:Draco is the wedding planner's fiancee, Harry as her fiancee and Astoria as the wedding planner.

No-no's: Suicidal anything. They can be depressed, but not that depressed.

Rating Range:Any, but a nice M would not be amiss.

Bonus Points: Quotes from The Wedding Planner, but not between Harry and Astoria.


Ky's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Ginny is returning home after a sabbatical in Australia. She comes back pregnant, but will not tell anyone who the father is. What happens when he comes back from Austrailia in search of the girl who left him behind?

Must haves: Ginny with a pet. The Weasley family trying to get her to explain.

No-no's: A quiet Ginny or a loud Draco.

Rating Range: Any, but a nice M would not be amiss.

Bonus points: Flashbacks of Australia.

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/14/2010 #13

Snow's Prompt (1) Basic premise: "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

Anything relating to this quote, preferably after the war.

Must haves: Something with a lollipop.

No-no's: Ron and Harry should not appear.

Rating range: T to M+

Bonus points: Trelawney makes an odd prediction, still as unreliable seeming as usual, but far from her usual doom-saying.


Snow's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: Draco has never had a regular Coca-Cola, and Ginny is determined to make him try it. They should already be together.

Must haves: A dispute over coke flavors between anyone.

No-no's: Coke Zero

Rating: K to T

Bonus points: Red Vine straw


Snow's Prompt (3)

Basic premise: Ginny discovers an online muggle game and talks about it nearly all school year. Somehow Draco decides to play it. Fluffy

Must haves: fluff

No-no's: angst

Rating: anything

Bonus points: the game could be minecraft?

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #14
starlit skyes

Starlit's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: There is a dark, dangerous group within the Death Eaters. These are the people that are the most ruthless; these people care less about the War, and more about the danger. They are a motorcycle club. And the notorious, most ruthless, and contrastingly beautiful leader of this club is Draco Malfoy. Ginny has always despised them, but had a secret fascination for their leader. Curious, she tries to follow them, and then witnesses something - it's up to you what. They find her. They decide she must either be prisoner, or silenced.

Must haves: Sexy, sexy, sexy Draco in black leather, riding this:

This story should have action, dark humor, mystery, and romance. It should be BADASS basically. Try to get relationships within the group, and how they are; nothing sweet and fluffy, but try to make it as fiercely cool as possible.

No-no's: Too much angst; these people are tough. I don't want the Trio. But apart from've a free reign.

Rating range: T to M

Bonus points: Draco with a tattoo. If Draco takes Ginny for a 'drive', and then threatens to drop her down from the bike if she doesn't show him 'respect'. Butt-smacking, the playful kind. BLAISE.


Starlit's Prompt (2)

Basic premise: Draco has decided to ask Ginny to marry him. Now he must go ring-shopping.

Must haves: Humor, and lots of it. Insecure!Draco who tries to act all confident. I'm talking slightly crazed with love!Draco. He's still smooth and suave, but he needs this to go right and is going a little insane trying.

No-no's: No talk about the War, and no Weasleys. This fic is more Malfoy centric.

Rating range: Anything, really.

Bonus points:

-Draco searching for people with 'fingers like Ginny' so he can see which ring would look best.

-Draco losing his temper in a jealous rage because he thinks someone - it's up to you who - is deciding to propose to Ginny as well. Whether this is Draco being suspicious, or someone actually IS going to propose to Ginny, is up to you.

-Ginny ending up there as well for a completely other reason, and being totally clueless as to what Draco is up to.


Starlit's Prompt (3)

Basic Premise: A Mandark-style non-entity at school has a grudge. He loved Ginny Weasley, and she just laughed at him. When school is over, in revenge, he decides he doesn't need people. He MAKES a Ginny Weasley who will cater to his every need, and Robot!Ginny is born. But it all goes wrong (you can decide how) which means that there is a completely insane, dangerous robot out there who's looking for love and will kill to find it.

Must haves: Ginny (the real one) and Draco are in the verge of dating. Ginny being completely unaware of her duplicate. A very naughty Draco who tries to have fun with this mess, and ends up with two Ginnys fighting over him.

No-no's: The usual: no angst, no Harry.

Rating range: T to M

Bonus points: Draco fantasizing about having a threesome with the two Ginnys. The robot Ginny going out dressed like a ho and flirting with Ginny's boss. Blaise trying to 'repair' the robot, ending up being straddled. The robot's creator trying to reason with the robot, when both Ginnys together throw him out of the window.

Anything crazy like that.

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/13/2010 #15

Ella II's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise: Ginny and Draco somehow end up together at the movies watching a chick flick. He doesn't find himself hating it.

Must haves: A romantic Ginny, but not cheesy/sappy.

No-no's: Smut, angst, either of them in a relationship. Harry/Ginny.

Rating range: K - M

Bonus points: Blaise and Luna somewhere in there, Draco singing Just The Way You Are and the line 'You want me to get popcorn from WHERE?' or a variation of.


Ella II's Prompt (#2)

Basic premise: Draco's taken to watching Ginny practicing Quidditch and the Gryffindor practices.

Must haves: Slightly Stalker!Draco and a Bold!Ginny. Innuendos. :D Make it funny. Free reign over ships and if they're in relationships or not.

No-no's: Smut. You can get to some heavy kissing but that's it. Death Eater Draco is a BIG no no.

Rating range: T - M

Bonus points: A really clueless and oblivious best friend, Draco getting jealous or any lines from the Betty White Snickers ad ('You're playing like Betty White out there!' – That ad).


Ella II's Prompt (#3)

Basic premise: Ginny saves a Draco in distress from a life-threatening incident. His pride makes him repay her for it.

Must haves: Dislike of each other at the beginning. They can either like or dislike each other at the end.

No-no's: Smut. You can get to heavy kissing but that's it.

Rating range: T - M

Bonus points: 'What are you wearing? Halloween was last month.' Or a variation of that.

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/13/2010 #16

Ann's Prompt #1

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny stuck in the hospital wing together after a Dragon Pox epidemic hits the school

Must haves: Humor. Someone talking in their sleep. Draco should not be OOC, meaning I don't want him to overtly sweet or anything to that effect. I want the snarky!Draco we all know and love.

No-no's: Harry/Ginny.

Rating range: T-NC-17

Bonus points: Madame Pomfrey unknowingly saying innuendos.

Ann's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Ginny going through her first pregnancy with Draco.

Must haves: Draco having to run out to get a treat in the middle of the night.

No-no's: Angst/Tragedy. No sadness. This should be lighthearted. Smut (Le gasp, I know.)

Rating range: T

Bonus points: A strong, humorous Narcissa Malfoy playing a large part.

Ann's Prompt #3

Basic premise: A tragedy hits the Weasley family, and Ginny somehow finds herself in the presence of Draco Malfoy, a man who she should hate but can't seem to muster the energy to at the moment.

Must haves: Angst. Smut.

No-no's: Fluff. Cheating.

Rating range: M-NC 17

Bonus points: Using the quote: "Death is a debt we all must pay." ~Euripides

11/7/2010 . Edited 11/7/2010 #17

Pooja's Prompt 01

Basic Premise: Draco and Ginny being best friends and realizing how they are totally perfect for each other. (Cliche, I know - buts its my favorite kind of Cliche)

Must Haves: Draco and Ginny forced to share a bed, Strawberries

No-no's: Sad, angst ending, Harry/Anyone

Rating range: K+ - M

Bonus points: Pansy playing matchmaker

Pooja's Prompt 02:

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny meet up in Las Vegas, just 20 days before Draco is about to get married to Perfect Little Astoria Greengrass. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas though.

Must Haves: Draco desperately trying to have some fun before the ultimate marriage of doom.

No-no's: Draco/Astoria wedding

Rating Range: M - NC17

Bonus Points: Ginny using Draco to make Harry jealous, Strip Poker

Pooja's Prompt 03:

Basic Premise: Radio-Jockey Draco Malfoy tries to publicly humiliate famous Quidditch Player Ginvera Weasley who never bothered to show up for his morning show.

Must Haves: Humor, pink balloons and lots of arguments on the radio.

No-no's: Draco and Ginny in a relationship with ANYONE.

Rating Range: T - M

Bonus Points: A proposal on the radio, Appearances by Romilda Vane and Blaise Zabini

11/12/2010 #18
like a falling star

Like a falling star's Prompt 1

Basic premise: Ginny and Luna win a holiday to some place. On holiday, they keep running into Draco. Unbeknownst to them, Draco had pulled strings to have them win so that he could get closer to Ginny.

Must haves: Luna realizing that Ginny likes Draco before Ginny realises it herself. A happy (or at least promising) ending. Draco introducing Ginny to a local delicacy.

No-no's: H/G, evil/mean trio (inclusion of the trio is allowed, but they cannot be portrayed as nasty).

Rating range: Preferably no smut.

Bonus points: The holiday destination is Japan. Inclusion of an onsen (public bath).

Like a falling star's Prompt 2

Basic premise: Any plot, as long as it's inspired by the song 'One More Night' by Stars OR 'Just For A Moment' by Aqualung.

Must haves: You have free reign.

No-no's: Evil/mean trio, suicide, non-consensual sex, graphic violence.

Rating range: All

Bonus points: A reference to autumn.

Like a falling star's Prompt 3

Basic premise: Draco and Ginny are lawyers (or the wizarding equivalent) fighting on opposite sides of a case. They are not together yet.

Must haves: Preferably light-hearted, perhaps slightly naughty. Some humour would be good. A happy (or at least promising) ending. A description of Draco in a suit. Late nights and long hours.

No-no's: Evil/mean trio, angst.

Rating range: Preferably no smut.

Bonus points: Draco discovers Ginny's weakness for luxury scented candles. Draco and Ginny having supper together. A reference to Blaise/Luna.

11/13/2010 . Edited 11/13/2010 #19

Riauna's Prompt # 1-

Basic Premise- Blaise decides that Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy are perfect for each other after a night of Draco drunkenly swearing off Witches forever. Told from Blaise's point of view as he spends a month trying to set the two up.

Must Have- Romance and humour is a must. Takes place sometime after Hogwarts during a time of the author's choosing.

No-no's- No Ginny/Harry, No angst.

Rating- T-M

Bonus Points- Draco ends up stealing a car.


Riauna's Prompt # 2-

Basic Premise- Draco prides himself on knowing he can figure anyone out just within the first five minutes of meeting them. It's what makes him so good at running his father's business. When Ginny Weasley becomes his new secretary he finds he can't seem to figure her out at all. Through an ongoing quest to know the real Ginny Weasley he finds himself falling in love.

Must Have- Plenty of humour and romance. Ginny must be very determined and strong willed, not easily manipulated. Takes place after Hogwarts.

No-no's- No Harry/Ginny, no evil Draco.

Rating- T-M

Bonus Points- Blaise giving Draco horrible stalking advice.


Riauna's Prompt # 3-

Basic Premise- Draco asks Ginny to marry him in a very unromantic and businesslike manner. Ginny refuses but would be willing to agree if Draco followed her one demand. Draco must find one enormous romantic gesture to show his love in just one week.

Must Have- Plenty of humour, post Hogwarts. Lot's of Draco attempting to seduce Ginny in hopes of worming his way out of her demand.

No-no's- No Harry/Ginny, no angry brothers attempting to beat Draco up all the time.

Rating- T-M

Bonus Points- Draco asking Lucius for advice who is equally confused. Somehow figuring out a way to include dancing ninjas would rock.

11/13/2010 #20

scubarang's Prompt #1

Basic premise: A mystery at Hogwarts that brings Ginny and Draco together to figure out.I'd like to have a believable mystery and they can be either friends or enemies for this.

Must haves: I'd like it to be light rather than a dark mystery, but spooky is fine. Some interesting side characters would be fun, too.

No-no's: No gore or character deaths.

Rating range: Any rating is fine.

Bonus points: If it can feel like a Scooby Doo mystery with a 'gang' of them searching out the mystery and/or monster and lots of hi-jinks.


scubarang's Prompt #2

Basic premise: Ginny is a resident of a mental ward where she has lost her memories.Her family has stopped coming to see her and it's making her condition deteriorate.Draco should enter her life somehow and help to find out what has happened to the Weasley's so that she can start to get better.Along the way he develops feelings for her.

Must haves: A curious Draco about why Ginny has lost her memories and his only memories of her was of the Hogwarts days where she was just the little sister of the Weasley he despised.He should be confused about if he is falling for a 'real' person or just a shell of what he thinks she should be.

No-no's: You can take this where you want, but minimal angst would be preferred.

Rating range: Any rating is fine.

Bonus points: If Draco teams up with Bill or Charlie to help him find the family.


scubarang's Prompt #3

Basic premise: Ginny becomes famous for inventing a love spell that ensures people don't fall in love against their wishes.You can decide if this means it merely enhances what is already there or any other way you'd like to twist the willingness to be loved aspect.

Must haves: Draco must be interested in either the spell (how it works) or in promoting it to benefit himself.

No-no's: No Harry as love interest, though Ginny and Draco don't have to be in love here, either.

Rating range: Any rating is fine, an NC-17 wouldn't be amiss here.

Bonus points: If Draco falls for Ginny thinking it's the spell, but it's actually just him.

11/13/2010 #21

Alcidae's Prompt (#1)

Basic premise: Ginny finds a homeless notebook with sketches all over. Seeing that its owner won't claim it, she publishes its content anonymously because the world needs to see those pieces of art.

What happens when the real owner finds his way to escape from reality being exposed to everyone?

Must haves: Hogwarts era. I want to see how both of their identities are discovered by each other and how they react. The nature of those sketches is up to you.

No-no's: I don't want a softy, mushy, exposing-his-every-feelings-with-his-art type of Draco.

Rating range: Any.

Bonus points: Though it's not necessary, a romantic tone between them would be good.


Alcidae's Prompt (#2)

Basic outline: Draco's been married to Astoria for two years; they seem like the perfect couple. In fact, Astoria herself believes so. That is, until a certain redhead (an old friend) comes back to Draco's life and everythithing starts to tremble in Astoria's make-believe world.

Must haves: Astoria, of course, must not be the central gem of this story (It's a DG!), but is, like it or not, part of the triangle. I want a real friendship between the guys (reason why they became apart? You think), full of banter and inside jokes. And neither of them sees each other as potential relationship material until Astoria implies that to Draco. So, basically, the blonde digs her own grave...

No-no's: No fluff. But no angst either.

Rating range: Any.

Bonus points: If you don't mention much about Ginny's family.


Alcidae's Prompt (#3)

Basic premise: Plot based on the song O. Lover by Jason Mraz ( You can interpret is as you might; you can even read the comments below to see if there's something to inspire you. Or, you can use only a piece of the song.

Must haves: Hogwarts era.

No-no's: The opium/marihuana/heroin interpretation of the song is not what I'm looking for.

Rating range: Whatever suitable...

Bonus points: Lots of UST!

11/14/2010 #22

Leigh's Prompt (1)

Basic premise: To the Death-Eater ruled world, it looks like Draco has Ginny in the palm of his hand. But behind closed doors, the reverse is rather the case -- usually.

Must haves: Authentic characters. An argument. Champagne.

No-no's: This should not have a light, fluffy tone, but it should also not include rape or character death.

Rating range: Up to you.

Bonus points: A solid backstory. A concealed pregnancy. A villain. A wonderfully satisfying kiss.


Leigh's Prompt (2)

Basic outline:Miss Weasley has six protective older brothers and she is quite tired of dealing with their combined ideas about her future (funny though some might be). Ever the Gryffindor heroine, she decides to strike out on her own, only to fall in with a rogue, a dandy, and a very decided rake.

Must haves: A decidedly Regency era feel (though it doesn't have to be entirely AU). The phrase "Dash it all!"

No-no's: Don't remove magic - the characters should still be wizards.

Rating range: Up to you.

Bonus points: Quotes from Jane Austen worked in nicely. Someone fussing over a cravat. Draco looking very nice on horseback. A wonderfully satisfying kiss.


Leigh's Prompt (3)

Basic Outline: A dark object of ancient lore has been discovered in deepest darkest Africa. The Ministry sends its best curse-breaker and best dark arts defense expert on a trip to Timbuktu to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. Problem? The two absolutely hate each other, personally and professionally.

Must Haves: Humor: SNARK (and arrogance) from both of them, each in their own style. Adventure: They're in Africa, they might be racing bad guys, and they're hunting an evil object. Go with it. Romance/Drama: They're traveling/working/living together in close quarters, and underneath all that unadulterated loathing is some undeniable chemistry - except, of course, that they probably deny it. ;)

No-no's: Tragedy, a sappy/cheesy end, past relationship junk

Rating Range: T+

Bonus Points: Super points if you do a little research into ancient Africa and craft together the real world history with a parallel Wizarding backstory. Regular points for shirtless Draco, Ginny in a safari hat, and a wonderfully satisfying kiss.

11/15/2010 #23

Last call for prompt requests!

If you have not submitted them by the end of the day (Thursday), we'll assign you a prompt at random. And that prompt will be final.

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