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The DG Forum's Favourite Fics: C2 Nominations

Once, in a land far, far away, The DG Forum had a dream to discover the best Draco/Ginny fics in the World Wide Web and collect them in one place. This place would be known as The DG Forum C2: a hallowed place, where DG fans from all over could come together and glory in the wonderfulness that was our selection.

Unfortunately, this dream was never quite fulfilled. Many of our brave soldiers who went out to hunt for those DG gems got lost in the murky bogs and fogs of Real Life, and the special stories they had collected were, alas, forgotten along with them. Others did manage to return with their treasures, but these poor souls got confounded beyond repair while trying to go through the Processes Too Complicated to Explain in order to confirm their stories as worthy of our illustrious C2. They too were eventually forgotten.

A third attempt was made to win the ongoing battle by simplifying the process, but even that couldn't prove enough to save our most precious C2. It is with this final attempt that we hang our hopes and dreams for a better future for our fandom, where our ship can weather the tumultuous storms without fear of sinking.

The Selection:

Stage 1: Nomination

Any forum member can nominate any D/G fic for inclusion in the archive by creating a post using the following template:

Title & Link:




Note: Reasons are no longer mandatory in nominating a fic; however, other members might be more likely to second your nomination if you provide a good one.

Stage 2: Seconds

Any forum member can second the nomination by posting something like this:

"I second ______'s nomination of __________."

Note: Reasons are also no longer mandatory in seconding a fic.

Seconds will be copied into the Nomination post, and the original post will be deleted to keep the thread neat.

Stage 3: Discussion

Once a fic has received a Nomination and a Second, the fic will be classified as "pending" and added to the Discussion roster.

There will be no more than three fics a month up for Discussion, during which time Forum members will be able to object to any of the three fics being posted. If any fics receive an objection, all members have the remainder of the month to support or refute the objection, after which time a decision will be made based on the majority opinion.

Please keep in mind that the Forum is an advocate of constructive criticism, and that any objections should still be expressed in a respectful manner toward both the author and fellow Forum members.

To see what fics are eligible this month, please visit The Discussion thread.

Stage 4: Decision

If a story receives an objection which is supported by a majority of members then this fic will be classified as "rejected", and will no longer be eligible to join the C2. As such, please take due consideration before making your objections.

If a story receives no objections, or if a story's objection has been discussed and deemed insufficient basis for rejection, then that story will be "approved" and added to the C2.


Any award winning stories submitted as part of a Forum competition are automatically eligible for the C2, without exception.

There are no limits to the number of open nominations and seconds, however there will not be more than three fics up for Discussion at any time. If there are more than three fics eligible for Discussion, they will be added to the queue.

Please search the thread for an existing nomination before you make a new one. If we find duplicate nominations, we will delete all but the first and subsequent nominations will not count as a "second." You have to say "I'm seconding ____," because again, the sanity issue.

The members who nominated and seconded the fic should be conscious that they may need to defend their choice should their fic receive an objection during the Discussion process, however unlikely that may be.

Lobbying for your fic is perfectly fine. If you think a fic is so awesome that you want to convince all your friends to read it and provide feedback, we commend your enthusiasm. However, remember that we've reserved the right to think twice about a story if the feedback is ridiculously biased.

Happy nominating!

7/15/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 6/16/2013 #1

C2 Nominations Master List

Up For Discussion in April:

Blanket List - VickyVicarious

Over Time: Friends First - Mynuet

Serpent's Bride - reiko



Against All Odds - jay1013

I am - Harlequin Girl

Mozart - eliana-moran

Painting Pretty Pictures - SkittlesAreAwesome

Tacky Pureblood Humour - Ha'niqua

The Colour of her Knickers - Davesmom



Gossip - chromeknickers

Three Thousand Days of Innocence - cinnamon badge



Bend It Like Weasley -Jedi Tess of Gryffindor

Hate is Such a Strong Word - rrabbit



A Faraway Place - Boogum

Acting on a Moment - Boogum

All Imperfect Things - Boogum

An Everlasting Tuesday - idreamofdraco

Anywhere Else But Here - chromeknickers

Buttered Toast - The Great and Mighty Wizard

Catch Me If You Can - Terra

Cruel Fate - scubarang

Destiny, Heroism, and a Very Tiny Kitten - Aerileigh

Eleanora, Guinevere, and the Dragon - Aerileigh

Enduring - Bombastic Bohemian Round Robin Team: Boogum, Ha'niqua, Incognito, LionessAmaya, and Mystical Starlit

Ginny Weasley and the Faulty Floo - Ella Not Lotte

Kismet - Boogum

Love Me, Love Me Not - Boogum

Meowing for Justice - starlit skyes

Memories Moste Macabre - Poinkychan

Modus Vivendi - chromeknickers

Notes on Falling Out of Love - fallingskyes

Of Birds and Blokes - raspberry-rave

Of Midnight Marriages and Impeccable Style - Aerileigh

Of Sleepy Redheads and Twirling Moustaches - Boogum

Of Timely Meetings - ABitOfBlack

One More Night - chromeknickers

Pride and Sin - Cadaverous Apples

Regelen - rowan-greenleaf

Spices and Fresh Cut Grass - Heart's Cadence

Terms and Conditions May Apply - scubarang

The Name of the Game - KittyKnighton

The Plan - Mynuet

The Scandalmongers - MyLadyElise

The Sleepwalkers - cinnamon badge

there is another sky - Terra

To Die Would be an Awfully Big Adventure - TASHAx

To Inspire a Malfoy - raspberry-rave

7/15/2011 . Edited 4/3/2013 #2

Title: Enduring

Author: Bombastic Bohemian Round Robin Team: Boogum, Ha'niqua, Incognito, LionessAmaya, and Mystical Starlit.

Rating: T

Summary: An everlasting friendship or an everlasting grudge? Both are enduring, yet not invulnerable to change. This is the story of discovery: of friendship, of hate, of hurt, and of forgiveness.

Why I think it deserves a place in the C2: Because to me this story gracefully and eloquently captures all of the elements that make for amazing D/G. When I read it, I felt a surge of pride in our community -- a decidedly rare moment of Gryff sentimentality. u_u

But honestly, it's awesome that our community of writers can produce such a perfect example of just what it is we stand for: high quality D/G, where the characterization, dialogue (read: banter) and undeniable chemistry and meant-to-be-ness between Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley are all showcased in their full potential, thanks to beautiful writing.

Note that this one-shot was written by something like five different people, but it's all so seamlessly put together that you would never be able to tell.


"Fancy meeting you here," the voice drawled in her ear.

She jumped in her seat, a dizzying feeling of déjà vu sweeping over her as she turned to see Draco Malfoy leaning over her.

Ginny knew she was drunk, but she wasn't that drunk that she had imagined the blond whispering in her ear – was she? Trying desperately to school her expression and shoot him a rather unconvincing sneer, Ginny sat up straight in her seat.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded with an appropriate amount of disdain – déjà vu again. "Don't you have better things to do with your time – officials to bribe, or whatever it is Malfoys enjoy doing?"

He just smirked at her.

She ought to have been annoyed, but she couldn't muster the emotion. Instead, she felt her lips twitch upward.


Haz seconded Rowan's nomination of Enduring: "I agree that it deserves a place in our C2 because due to the nature of how the story was written, the plot had a lot more support from a selection of DG writers. The result was something much more different than what you could find from a single writer working with their beta, or even five betas - a story that could stand entirely on it's own because of the balance and measures of five writers pooling the collective writing genius of a few Big Names, as well as some lesser known (but no less talented) authors.

A slightly AU fic, the story isn't about love, it's about friendship. It's about Draco and Ginny's history and how they come to terms with what they have in common rather than focusing on the quintessential DG electricity and I think that relationship and journey should be an essential part of our C2."

7/15/2011 . Edited 3/5/2013 #3
Anna Scathach

Title and Link: Bend It Like Weasley

Author: Jedi Tess of Gryffindor

Rating: T

Summary: FINAL CHAPTER UP! Loosely based on "Bend It Like Beckham." A girls' Quidditch team, with students from each House, forms at Hogwarts. A coach with questionable motives is the least of their worries. D-G, post OOTP, COMPLETE

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: This is one of the best DG AU fic that I've read to date: basically an all-female Dumbledore's Army with lots of Quidditch thrown in.

Bend it like Weasley makes for an amusing read (cue in the characterizations, banter and some very hot chemistry, not only DG-wise), it's a true epic (long and all-encompassing), the writing is good as well as funny, and overall you're in for a few days of light-hearted fic. What's not to like?


"It's bollocks!" she snapped. "He'd never do it."

"He'd give both arms to see you beat every House team," Blaise countered.

"Who?" Ginny finally demanded. The seventh years turned to stare at her.

"Draco Malfoy," three voices chorused. Ginny gaped, then burst out laughing.

"Malfoy?" she gasped, clutching her sides. "You must be joking! He'd never agree to coach Muggleborns. Even if he did, I wouldn't want him here. He'd give us non-Slytherins hell. He still can't resist calling Mione a – a Mudblood," she winced at the horrid name, "whenever he sees her."

"Look at it this way," Blaise said. "He's really more at your mercy than you are at his. If he steps out of line, sack him."

Ginny blinked. That was true, she realized. If he was disrespectful in any way that wasn't purely motivational, theycouldsack him.


Kim seconded Anna's nomination of Bend It Like Weasley: "I agree that it deserves a place in our C2 for pretty much the same reasons Anna stated. It's funny, creative, and while I did feel it was a little too long (though possibly that was because I was reading it as she was writing, and that was several months of waiting for updates), it's definitely a well-crafted story."

7/16/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #4

Title & Link: Tacky Pureblood Humour

Author: Ha'niqua

Rating: K

Summary: Draco tells a knock knock joke, and Ginny is not amused. For the D/G Forum 'Challenge Tag' Thread

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: Because it's short, to the point and hilarious, and includes Ginny humiliating Draco instead of the other way around. Plus, there's a lot of stories out there dealing with the stress and difficulty of Ginny and Draco forming a relationship, but this one gives us a glimpse of them when they're more committed and relaxed around each other.

A sample:

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Draco, for the last time, it's not funny. Telling the joke over and over, will not suddenly make it funny. Nor will explaining it to me in detail. In fact, I find it rude, immature and offensive. Add that to the fact that you like to 'use your wand for effect', and it pretty much evolves into disaster territory. Now, can we please keep walking? We're blocking the path for other people."

7/26/2011 #5
Anna Scathach

Title and Link: Mozart

Author: eliana-moran

Rating: T

Summary: After years apart, can Ginny and Draco ever again make the beautiful music they once made together that now brings them so much pain?

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: This oneshot, while often overlooked (judging from its ten reviews on this site), is brilliant. The plot is pretty, an original twist on our beloved DG, and packed with bittersweet emotion - not too sweet, not fluffy at all. The writing is simply gorgeous. Need I say more?

Yes. This Forum was founded on the Ginny Draws Draco Challenge - after we all showed drawing our appreciation, let's now reward a fic about a different art form. ;)

A sample:

He sat at the piano, lost in the music. Strains of Mozart filled the air and he flying along the melody. His eyes didn't see the sheet music in front of him, pages behind where he was. His fingers didn't feel the keys as they played each note flawlessly. He didn't notice the eight year old boy sitting next to him until the last dying note faded away.

"Wow, Uncle Draco, I didn't know you played the piano like that," the boy said in wonder.

"He doesn't play often," the boy's father said from the doorway. "You should consider yourself fortunate that you've heard it. Now, it's late. Off to bed."

7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #6
Anna Scathach

Title and Link: The Colour of her Knickers

Author: Davesmom

Rating: T

Summary: COMPLETE... books 1-4 Ginny is ready to start her sixth year. She's over Harry and feeling confident that this year will be her best, yet. How wrong can the first day of school go? She's about to find out. FINISHED! Rating upgraded for mention of v

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: (Please, please disregard the summary. Not the basic thematic gist, but the way it's dressed up.)

This one's a classic - the 245 reviews for five chapters speak for themselves here. Davesmom is funny and writes a good DG, complete with banter, Draco with his characteristic Slyth attitude and Ginny a normal girl with an attitude and a liking for random things (pretty underwear, in this instance). You really get a feeling for the characters and their emotions here, especially since it's all so believable and down to earth. (Trust me, if Davesmom ever wrote a novel, I'd buy it instantly. )

Even after the tenth re-read it still feels the same as the first time. It still feels beautiful and slightly clichéd, kind of like the plain old chocolate everyone pretends to think is not as exciting as the shiny new stuff but loves anyway. Plus, it makes you want to go shopping for lingerie, and that's never a bad impulse.

A sample:

"Goddamnit, Weasley!" Malfoy hissed at her, pulling his hand from his cheek and examining it for blood.

Ginny saw a large lump starting to rise, with a perfectly straight weal running vertically through it. Oh, lord, poor Malfoy, she thought. Without even thinking how ridiculous it was to feel sorry for him, she stepped closer and raised a hand to his cheek. He flinched back from her touch and grabbed her hand.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Trying to have another go at me?" he snapped, pushing her hand away from him.

Ginny stepped back, surprised at the venom in his tone. She straightened to her full height, nearly able to look him directly in the eye. She narrowed hers as she looked at him angrily.

"I'm sorry, Malfoy," she said icily. "If I'd known you were sneaking around, I might have opened the door more slowly. But, then," she paused, making sure he was paying attention, "I might just have shoved it open harder."

7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #7

Hate is Such a Strong Word

Author: rrabbit

Rating: M

Summary: -Prequel to I'm yours. Follows the beginning of Draco and Ginny's marriage to where the first story starts... I'm kind of on a roll, so it's pretty long, dark, and full of adult things.. so beware.

Why I think it deserves a place in the C2: This author is the ONLY author that can entice me to read her stories over and over and over again. I have read her series approximately 10 times. There are four stories in this series. She is absolutely amazing with her characterization and her dialogue. She has few grammatical errors, but always has an amazing plot. It's a little dark with a pretty mean Draco at times, but give it a chance. You will find yourself so entranced that you'll realize it's six in the morning and still haven't gone to bed yet.


Victoria Kathleen Wright seconded Mrs Dimoski's nomination of Hate is Such a Strong Word:

"I agree that it deserves a place in our C2 because it was one of the first fics I ever read and was one of the ones that converted me to D/G. Yes, Draco is a terrible and sadistic [email protected]!y*#&t, but still. Yes, Ginny's too innocent and stupid, but still. It's so incredibly angsty and dramatic (Like the whole series), and 'I'm yours' is only a little bit. I swear you'll cry , or nearly cry, reading it. And then, rrabbit is probably the most dedicated and wonderful D/G writer I know. Well, when it comes to angst, anyway."

7/27/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #8

Title & Link: The Name of the Game

Author: KittyKnighton

Rating: M

Summary: Ginny enters the world of professional Quidditch, forming an unlikely friendship in the process. But how will this foe-turned-friend affect her friends, family, and fledgling Quidditch career? Post-Hogwarts. Rated M as of Chapter 16.

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2:

It's a very cleverly written D/G with fantastic dialogue and wonderful banter. The plot has a few twists and her characterisation is really good - she includes the little things that really make them human and relatable (especially this one part on Neville). There are some wonderfully funny moments that had me laughing out loud.

There is the typical Harry break up but the reasoning for it is realistic and actually plays out through the whole story too. It's a good story of growing up and realising life goals and wants.

Yet even this wasn't what left her so dissatisfied. If she was being perfectly honest with herself, something had seemed off from the moment they'd first gotten together. Still, she had willingly assumed and maintained the role of dutiful girlfriend. In those first few years after the war ended, she simply didn't want more than that. The war had taken so much from her, from her family, that for a long time she didn't feel that she had any more to give, and for a long time after that she couldn't bear the thought of bringing her parents further disappointment.

Then, one day, a very excited Hermione had let slip that Harry was planning to propose. At that moment, Ginny knew.

She couldn't be the wife of Harry Potter


"Well, I can't just lie here, you're right about that. But I'm in too much pain to get up, and if the swelling isn't taken care of the damage could get worse. There had better be at least a pain potion in that trunk."

"Can't you just get one from yours?" she asked.

"Do youseeanother trunk, Weasley?" he snapped. "Mine will have been taken to my room, and I have no idea where that is, so hurry up and tell me what you have!"

Ginny bit her lip as she lifted the lid and began rummaging through her own belongings. How could she not know what she had? She'd only packed it this morning! But she had simply scooped her toiletries from her drawer en masse, without particularly paying attention to what-all was there, and she had no idea what potions, if any, she might have brought along. At last, her eyes lit upon a little pink bottle nestled next to her toothpaste, and she scooped it up and handed it to Malfoy.

"'Mrs. Monthly's Menstrual Maladies Mollifier'," he read from the bottle after taking it from her hand, his voice laced with sarcasm and disgust. "Brilliant, Weasley, because I've hadsucha problem with menstrual cramps lately…"

Edit: Also because on Tumblr it is listed as the fic to convert a reader to liking DG.


Billy seconded Kira's nomination of The Name of the Game: "It's well written, funny and I simply could not stop reading. It's one of the rare gems that I start reading and actually remember the name in cases where I accidently close the page or restart my laptop without bookmarking.Very enjoyable read."

8/7/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #9

Title & Link: Serpent's Bride

Author: reiko

Rating: M

Summary: In Ginny's sixth year, Draco saved her life... and that's a wizard's debt. Now, five years later, its payback time. Especially now that Draco is in desperate need of a wife. [COMPLETE]

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: This fic is one of the gems of D/G universe.. You have to read it to believe it. It was my first Draco/Ginny fic, and its brilliant. The summary does nothing the justify the overreaching plot, and its full of surprises, believe me.


Ami L. Mendal seconded opaque-girl's nomination of Serpent's Bride: I agree that it deserves a place in our C2 because of all D/G fics, I believe it was one the first ones I ever read. (At least in the first five). It is well written, filled with both humor and fluff, without going overboard with either. I really hope it gets added because I LOVE IT!!! -AHEM- *composes herself* Please consider it. Thank you.

8/8/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #10

Title & Link: Against All Odds

Author: jay1013

Rating: T

Summary: "Does that mean you could remember what happened last night?" Ginny hoped that sex was not on the list of the night's previous events."Do you mean before or after we had sex?" Draco said with a smirk. Ginny groaned. Sex with Draco Malfoy. So not good.

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: This is one of the most underrated DG gems out there, honestly. Its the most snarkiest, banter-filled DG fic I have ever read, yet the characterization is so perfect, you can't help but be drawn into it. This isn't some fic where Draco and Ginny shag and proclaim their love for each other. It grows, it builds and they defy the odds to be together in the end, ultimately.

8/8/2011 #11

Title & Link: I am

Author: Harlequine Girl

Rating: M

Summary: Draco has a secret, only the Slytherin House is in on it. What happens when a certain Gryffindor stumbles upon that secret? How will she keep from telling? And what happens when wills are questioned and budding romance is tested? Author of 'Blink'

Why do you think it deserves a place in the C2: I think this story deserves a place in the C2 because it was the story that made me love the Ginny/Draco pairing. I love reading this story over and over again because of the perfect D/G moments and the way that she shows them maturing due to their circumstances. Although it is a very long story, and is as yet uncompleted, I love it a lot.

8/18/2011 . Edited 8/18/2011 #12

Title and Link: Over Time: First Friends

Author: Mynuet

Rating: M

Summary: An answer to the "Over Time" challenge for , it tracks Ginny and Draco from the forming of a friendship through ten years. All sorts of changing pairings, including mild mentions of slash, but the happily ever after ones are D/G and R/H. At long last, for my loyal readers: Ginny took a deep breath and composed herself. Was she really about to do a striptease in front of her best pal, Draco Malfoy?

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: One of the D/G classics by a BNA, this is one of the first fics that was ever mentioned to me on the Forum that people were mortified I'd never read. The story has a certain kind of personality that saves it from being mundane through all of the typical D/G snark and banter,and it covers Draco and Ginny's ever-precarious friendship. Of course, they do end up together, and while that might be pushing the 'bounds' of the friendship story a little, Mynuet makes it work.


Kim seconded Haz's nomination of Over Time: First Friends.

9/10/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #13
hannah askance

Title and Link: Blanket List

Author: VickyVicarious

Rating: T

Summary: Draco brings out thirteen darn good excuses, but none of them seem to be working. D/G

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: This was quite literally the first D/G anything I ever came across. It introduced me to the pairing, gave me a taste of it, and I knew I wanted more. I'm glad that this was my first fic, because Vicky made the (then unreal-sounding) pairing sound so believable. Yes, it's all fluff, but she shows their relationship in stages and she writes Draco so awfully well that I couldn't help but eventually fall in love with the pairing.


Ha'niqua seconded hannah askance's nomination of Blanket List: "It gives a great summary of how Draco and Ginny build a relationship with each other, and Draco's inner monologue is well thought out and entertaining. His character has a great sense of reality, and while Ginny is more of a side character in this one shot, she is wicked and cunning while staying true to herself. This is the kind of story that makes D/G work perfectly as a pairing."

9/26/2011 . Edited by rowan-greenleaf, 3/5/2013 #14

Title and Link: Three Thousand Days of Innocence

Author: Cinnamon Badge

Rating: M

Summary: Draco Malfoy wasn't guilty of anything until no one could find him after the last battle... and to the Aurors, his absence spoke volumes about his culpability.

Why you think it deserves a place in the C2: I think this is the first (and really one of the only) stories I've managed to follow through the whole time it took to write (three years - give or take). This speaks volumes about what a compelling story it is, and exactly what a great plot and characters Cinnamon Badge creates through her fairly unique tale of intrigue.

With seven hundred and seventy favourites here and over three thousand reviews across FFN and FIA, I'd call it a DG classic, so I think it deserves to be in our C2.

Kim seconded Haz's nomination.

2/28/2013 . Edited by Boogum, 3/5/2013 #15
Scarlet Rosetta 3854

Title & Link: Painting Pretty Pictures

Author: SkittlesAreAwesome

Rating: M

Summary: 'She's obsessed with the razor, engulfed by the pain...' Rated for self-harm and character death suicide . Very sad. Please do not read if this could be triggering for you or if you do not like the themes.

Reason: It may be dark, but it's well written. It follows the Romeo Juliet cliche ending where both of them die for love. I don't care if it's cliche, it's one of the best ones I've read.

3/4/2013 #16

Title & Link: Gossip

Author: chromeknickers

Rating: T

Summary: There are situations in which being a Weasley is a bad thing. These situations include, but are not limited to, getting caught in the middle of an open hallway straddling one Draco Malfoy with one's lips planted firmly on his.

Reason for nominating: 'Cause it's brilliant. Lia is a fantastic writer, and this one-shot stands out for its humour, lovely sexual tension, and creative format. Characterisation is spot on, and it's just a really, really good read. Was an instant favourite for me.

Sunny seconded Kim's nomination of Gossip by Lia.

3/5/2013 . Edited 3/6/2013 #17

Title & Link: Heat

Author: SometimeSelkie

Rating: T

Summary: Draco gets a new cellmate at a Death Eaters' headquarters who has two simple rules for him to follow.

Reason for nominating: This is among my absolute favourites in all of D/G fanfic -- it's well written (stunningly so), poignant, moving, painful, and the premise is very original. It's been ages since I first read it, and it hasn't left my mind since.

3/7/2013 #18


3/10/2013 . Edited 8/3/2019 #19

Title: The Different Days of Draco Malfoy

Author: Heart's Cadence

Rating: K

Summary: Ginny knows Draco's patterns better than anyone, but she finds that some days, people just surprise you.

Non-Compulsory Reason for Nomination: It's a cute one shot, and I could totally see its happening in canon. The characters are good, and I think it's a good place for people to start when they first venture into DG.

5/7/2013 . Edited 5/7/2013 #20

I second The Different Days of Draco Malfoy.

5/10/2013 #21

I second Lizz's nomination of Heat by SometimeSelkie.

5/12/2013 . Edited 5/12/2013 #22

Title: Moonbeam

Author: Rowan Greenleaf

Rating: M

Summary: Ginny never thought Draco Malfoy would become her guardian...But then, he never thought she would become his.

Non-Compulsory Reason for Nomination:I can't remember the last time a fanfic got me all teary. The story was beautiful, and I love the concept of it. I rarely see these kinds of fics done so well, and the ending was just, ugh.

5/14/2013 #23

Title: Don't Look Down

Author: HedwigBlack

Rating: T

Summary: "Don't look down, Draco. Don't look down or you'll fall." And then he sees her.

5/19/2013 #24

Title: Sweetest Downfall

Author: Aerileigh

Rating: M

Summary: Because sometimes it is harder to betray than to be betrayed, and harder to be forgiven than to forgive. Because we don't know how Delilah felt as she lopped off Samson's hair. Written for the first soundtrack challenge, ages ago. Draco/Ginny.

5/20/2013 #25

I second Moonbeam by Rowan.

6/2/2013 #26

I second Haz's nomination of Don't Look Down by HedwigBlack.

6/3/2013 #27

Title & Link: Chaos Theory

Author: Ha'niqua

Rating: T

Summary: Ginevra Weasley has woken up in an alternate reality, but no one else seems to have noticed - not even her fiance. Now she has to travel to the past to get her future back. For the DG Forum's Butterfly Effect Challenge, T for themes

Non-obligatory reason for nominating: Seriously, I love the characterization of this story, even though Ginny is an AU characterized Ginny. The characterization makes sense in the context of this story, and Haz crafts the plot brilliantly: the story unwinds gradually, never revealing too much information, but, in fact, revealing just enough to keep readers intrigued. This is a WIP, but I've been so impressed with it--and obviously I can't wait to see how the story continues to unfold--that I wanted to nominate it for our C2.

6/3/2013 #28

Title: Ginevra's Body

Author: Stained Glass Rose

Rating: T

Summary: Draco/Ginny. This is how Ginny looks and feels and smells and tastes and sounds when she's under Draco.

Non-Obligatory Reason for Nominating : No words. I have no words. I don't even know what I'm going to say when I review it yet, but this fic is amazing.

Leigh, I am shocked that you hadn't nominated this sooner.

6/30/2013 #29

I second Ginevra's Body.

7/1/2013 #30
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