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Welcome to The DG Forum Fic Exchange, take five!

Keep an eye on this thread for announcements, updates, and handy links for the Fall 2011 Exchange.

To date, our forum fic exchanges have added 43 excellent works to the most excellent and praiseworthy ship. This next exchange will be our fifth (I can't believe it either) and, may I suggest, our best ever?

In a fic exchange, each person who wants to participate will submit prompts for a fic they'd like to see someone write, and in return, they will write for someone else's prompt. This way, everyone involved a) writes a story and b) receives a story.

All forum members, however old, new, or returned-from-the-MIA-grave, are cordially invited to participate.


General Criteria for the DG Forum Fic Exchange

Pairings: Must be D/G centric; may feature any side-pairings.

Ratings: G to NC-17; please state in your prompt if you have a preference.

Length: minimum: 1,000 words; maximum: no limit.


Noteworthy Changes

1. Stories will be posted in the order submitted, with a new one posted each day. This means we'll have to adjust the calendar for nominations and voting accordingly -- though we'd like to have it wrapped up with nice bows and ribbons by the holidays.

2. Nominations may come back. Stay tuned.



To help you make the decision to participate or not, the timeline for the exchange is below. If you don't know what all of these steps are, don't be alarmed. We'll give you more instructions when the time comes -- and you can look back over the threads from the previous exchanges if you're really curious.

Deadlines for the exchange are final, and if you drop out and leave us in the lurch, we'll put you on the Wall of Shame -- and if you do it with particularly bad form, we may have to ask you to sit out the next exchange. However, we are giving you more time than ever to write this round (over eight weeks!) so please, consider your decision carefully.

September 1: Open prompt submissions.

September 15: Prompt submissions close. Prompt requests open.

September 22: Prompts assigned - start writing!

November 22: Final deadline for all fics. Posting begins (stories that are submitted before the deadline may be posted earlier)

TBD: All stories posted.

TBD: Voting opens.

TBD: Voting closes; winners announced.


Where do I sign up?

Head over to the Prompt Submissions thread and write your prompts. By submitting a prompt, you're agreeing to participate in the exchange. You also need to be a member of the forum -- which means you've filled out a post in the Who's Who.

If you have questions, please refer to the previous exchange threads or send a PM to The DG Forum account.

9/1/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #1

Prompt submissions are closed.

Next the mods shall divvy them up and assign them so that you may write. In order for us to play this complicated game of mix 'n match and not give you that one prompt you cannot stand, we need you to do a few things:

1. Read through all the prompts carefully.

2. Choose at least three prompts that you would absolutely love to write.*

3. Choose two that you would be absolutely mortified to receive.**

4. Email your choices to The DG Forum account [the(dot)dg(dot)forum@gmail(dot)com] by Saturday night forum time(so we can get started assigning by Sunday) - but the quicker you're able to do this, the better. If there's a tie for a favorite prompt, we'll go first-come, first served. Do not PM. We'll be using email to communicate with you, so send from the address to which we should send your prompt.

5. Wait a few days. We'll match as quickly as we can, and you should have your prompt by September 22 at the latest.

*In the past, we've done these in order of preference, which makes matching extra tricky. This time, they're all equal, and we hope that will making the matching process go more smoothly -- but it isn't a guarantee. More of a ... guideline. Part of an exchange is stretching yourself as a writer, and another part is making sure that everyone who writes also receives a fic. If there are a lot of fics you'd be okay writing, feel free to give us more than three.

**While you're not guaranteed to get one of your top three, you are guaranteed NOT to get your bottom two. As of this post there are 24 writers and 72 prompts -- choose carefully.

9/15/2011 #2

For the Exchangers looking for some beta help:

These lovely people have so graciously put their hands up to beta for you. If you want someone to beta - then send them a PM/owl/smoke signals, and then you can sort out between you guys if it will all work out.

Besides Leigh, this is a list of people that are not participating in writing a Fic Exchange.

Ami L. Mendal

Anna Scathach



If I have missed anyone, please let me know (PM/owl/smoke signals/interpretative dance) and I'll update this list. If you want your name taken off, again, let me know and I'll have your name removed.

9/28/2011 #3

Hear ye, hear ye! All members of the forum are welcome to send their nominations for the Fall 2011 fic exchange, whether they wrote for it or not. Please send to The DG Forum account by emailing AT gmail DOT com, or by sending a PM to the forum account (NOT to a mod, please!)

A few rules to follow:

- Don't nominate yourself. We all know how narcissistic we can be, but let's save that for the voting time.

- Send in two nominations maximum for each category. (You do not need to send in a nomination for each category. If some categories receive no nominations, we'll just drop them from polls. If only one fic is nominated for a category, we'll just declare it the winner of that category and move on. So, you see, you have quite a lot of power here ...)

- Read ALL stories before nominating fics - and show this by reviewing them. One review per story, minimum.

- Submit all your nominations in one message. Please cut and paste the list below and add your nominations to it.

- If a selection is requested, please include an exemplary sample with your nomination(s). A sample should be a brief selection from the story -- a few lines to a paragraph is fine. If you don't include sample where asked then your nomination may not be considered.

Categories include:

Overall Awards

Best fanfiction overall

Best chaptered fic overall

Best one shot overall

Quality of the Craft Awards

Best prose (include a sample)

Best dialog (include a sample)

Best response to the prompt

Most creative

Character Awards

Best characterization of Draco

Best characterization of Ginny

Best use of side characters

DRACO AND GINNY FOREVER!!! [Fangirly] Awards

Best Kiss (include a sample)

Best Banter (include a sample)

Best Fluff Scene (include a sample)

Most Humorous

Most Fangirly

Most In Need Of A Sequel

Nominations will close on January 15- which gives you about two weeks to finish reading any stories and to make up your mind. Hop to it!

1/2/2012 . Edited 1/2/2012 #4

For your convenience, here is a list of the fics that are up for the Fall 2011 fic exchange. Please support our writers (even if you participated) and take the time to read and review. I can promise there is a good batch this round. ^_~


An Always Within a Never

Buttered Toast

Coconut Dolls on a Desert Island

Fairy Lights and a Trickster's Night

Four's a Crowd

He Said, She Said

Inner Conflict

Just A Kiss

Memories Moste Macabre

Muggle London for Wizarding Tourists

Not Ours to See

Of Sleepy Redheads and Twirling Moustaches

Of Timely Meetings


Sweet Dreams

The 453rd Hogwarts Wide Spelling Championship

The Trouble With Weddings

The Scandalmongers

To Die Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

Transient Beauty and Painted Beast

Under Her Skin

1/3/2012 #5
The DG Forum

The nominations are in and now it's time to vote for your favourite fics in the DG Forum's Fic Exchange - Fall 2011.

You can find the voting venue here. Please read the instructions before voting.

Voting will close on February 17th, so PLEASE make sure you vote before then. It'll only take you a minute and will make the voting process much more fun and fair, so get out there, support each other (or yourself if you're so inclined), and VOTE!

- Mods

1/27/2012 #6
The DG Forum

The polls have closed, which concludes the Fall 2011 Fic Exchange.

Go here to see the poll results, and here to see the winners and the writers' identities.

2/17/2012 #7
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