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She'd wonder what happened and Mary couldn't answer her.

7/19/2010 #2,971

What would happen if Melinda found herself being bimbofied?

7/19/2010 #2,972

She wouldn't want to be, she's alright with being hot and smart.

7/19/2010 #2,973

And if she was bimbofied?

7/19/2010 #2,974

"Heya daughter what do you think of him?" Melinda asked.

"Kaden, he's alright a bit dense at times." Mary answered.

7/19/2010 #2,975

What does she mean by dense?

7/19/2010 #2,976

I dunno, Bimbo talk.

7/19/2010 #2,977

'Like you two have a right to call me dense. You two are so dense headed that you could probably float in water on your heads.' Kaden though to himself with a snicker.

7/19/2010 #2,978

So this Bimbofication, what praytel does it do?

7/19/2010 #2,979

It turns people into bimbos, of course. It makes them more attractive, but it also lowers their intelligence.

7/19/2010 #2,980

And what is the expected Bimbofication of Mary and Melinda? Besides the lowered intelligence?

7/19/2010 #2,981

It also removes all forms of sexual inhibitions.

7/19/2010 #2,982

That is?

7/19/2010 #2,983

I think you mean 'that's it?'. And yes, that's what it does. Any woman who gets put under bimbofication will find themselves much more physically attractive, have any and all sexual inhibitions removed, and will have a degree in IQ.

7/19/2010 #2,984

actually I am kinda clueless in what Inhibitions means.

7/19/2010 #2,985

According to 'threfreedictionary' Inhibitation means..

1: The act of inhibiting or the state of being inhibited.

2: Something that restrains, blocks, or suppresses.

3: Psychology conscious or unconscious restraint of behavioral process, a desire, or an impulse.

In other words, it's a conscious or unconscious constraint that prevents a person from behaving in a certain matter. IE, a sexual inhibition refers to a conscious or unconscious that constraints the person from behaving in a sexual matter as this link will explain.

7/19/2010 #2,986

Basicly willing to do whatever sexually?

7/19/2010 #2,987

Yes. Remove any sexual inhibitions and you've removed anything that could hold a person back from doing anything sexual. No matter what it is or where it is.

7/19/2010 #2,988

And where would Kaden Desire to do Melinda at?

7/19/2010 #2,989

Kaden would probably want to keep bimbo Melinda and bimbo Mary at home. Public places are not the type of places you would tend to take such girls.

7/19/2010 #2,990

So basicly the most weirdest place he'd take them is on the Kitchen Table.

7/19/2010 #2,991

Yes. Unless, of course, he was feeling daring enough.

7/19/2010 #2,992

Daring for what?

7/19/2010 #2,993

Sense bimbo Melinda or Mary would lack any sexual inhibitions, they would lack any fear of having sex in public areas. Granted, Kaden wouldn't try to get them to have sex in areas where everyone and their mother could see them, but he would be able to get them to have sex in public areas such as parks or movie theaters.

7/19/2010 #2,994

hmhm, kinky. Especially taking a Milf for that.

7/19/2010 #2,995

I know. But something tells me that Melinda and Mary enjoy kinky stuff.

7/19/2010 #2,996

Well actually they do. Though some restraint in areas where they can be seen. Unconfortable moans when Kaden plays with them even in a darkened theater.

7/19/2010 #2,997

Question. Would bimbo-Mary and bimbo-Melinda really care?

7/19/2010 #2,998


7/19/2010 #2,999

That's what I thought. What would Samorei say if he encountered this machine?

Model number: ZGMF-X27S

Code name: Dynasty Gundam

Unit type: prototype close combat mobile suit

Manufacturer: Integrated Design Bureau

Operator(s): ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty); Celestial Being

First deployment: C.E. 74

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: overall height 18.08 meters

Weight: max gross weight --.-- metric tons

Armor materials: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armor; Neutron Jammer Canceler; wings of light

Fixed armaments: 2 x MMI-GAU26 17.5mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x MX2351 "Solidus Fulgor" beam shield generator, mounted on wirsts; 2 x MA-M941 "Vajra" beam saber, mounted on forearm, arm-mounted in use; 2 x MR-Q17X "Griffon 2" beam blade, mounted in knees, knee-mounted in use; 2 x MMI-715 "Excalibur" anti-ship beam sword, stored on backpack, hand-carried in use, can be combined to form twin-edge anti-ship beam sword; MMI-560 "Tempest 2" beam sword, powered by generator via cable, stored in right hip, hand-carried in use

Optional hand armaments: MA-BAR73/S high-energy beam rifle, power rating unknown, can be stored on left hip

Pilot: Harlan Westenfluss

7/19/2010 #3,000
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