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Rising Dusk

Welcome one and all to ALPoH. We hope you enjoy your stay. However, we do ask that you follow our rules to make this a pleasant experience for us all.

Mods/Regs: You will notice there are rules for you as well. This is only to prevent a conflict from happening here. (Former) T/Ders will understand.


-Be mindful that your actions will reflect this forum. Please do not spam, troll, or flame in the name of this forum. Anyone found guilty of representing this forum in the negative light will be banned.

-All T/Ders are honorary (happy, Blake? :K) ALPoHers~


-Please practice good grammar during your stay. This will improve you skills as a writer as well as prevent our eyes from bleeding. (Exceptions are ONLY between 0400-0700 EST time.)

-We do not condone the practice of trolling, or the act of jumping into our forum for the sole purpose of arguing or bullying. I assure you that my mods/regs can be bigger bullies than you will ever be.

-We encourage you to voice your opinion, but not if it is to offend someone (refer to above rule.)

-Should you feel uncomfortable by anyone, at any time, feel free to consult one of the mods, or if need be, me. We are always willing to listen.

-It is preferred you spam only in the Spam thread. Some exceptions apply as you'll see later.

-We ask that you follow the set rules of FFN (handily posted in the Help section of the website, or forum rules at the bottom of each page.)

-If you wish to RP, please fill out the designated form for the RP if available. Also, the code for alerting when you have replied is as follows: the name of the RP (for example, FvC) and then a 'd~ at the end:


-Respect the mods and regs. They've been here longer and we are a close family. I wouldn't suggest angering us.

-Consequences for disobeying the rules include a warning, messing with posts, and banning for a period of three days or more.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact the mods or me. Have fun in ALPoH~


(Note: This is not to sound harsh, but to prevent conflict. Please don't take offense; I love you! ^^)

-Please follow the above rules.

-Please treat others as well as newbies with respect. We were all newbies once.

-Consequences for disobedience include a warning and possible banning for three days or more, depending on the severity of the actions. (I love you, and I hope we never come down to this.)


(Note: Again, I'm not trying to sound harsh. Forgive me if I do. I love you. ^^)

-As mods, I have entrusted you with power equivalent to mine. With power comes responsibility. I trust you not to abuse your power, not that any of you have.

-You're in charge of the forum in the event that I or any other mod is not present. Therefore you are in charge of keeping order and ensuring that everyone follows the rules.

-You are to treat newbies with civility and respect. Try not to be too intimidating; however, newbies this does not give you the right to run over the mods. You will be severely punished if you dare attempt to take advantage of my friends.

-I don't mind you banning, but I ask that you please send me a PM explaining why unless I was there.

-Consequences for breaking the rules include a warning, de-modding, and possible banning. (Again, I hope we never have to come down to this. I love you~)

-Always remember that I love you, as well as the regs, and that all of you are my friends. ^^

((Edit for the sake of editing. Leave me alone. D:))

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