Discussing Wu
I am very interested to hear peoples opinions on the kingdom of Wu, and it's officers, battles, watnot. you may discuss pairings and debates etc.
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O yea, i have more favourite pairings, just can't be stuffed typing them all up! Be sure to check my bio for a dynasty warriors youtube link
7/25/2007 #31
Zhou Yu / Sun Shang Xiang Zhou Yu / Xiao Qiao Sun Ce / Da Qiao Zhuge Liang / Yue Ying Zhao Yun / Sun Shang Xiang Gan Ning / Sun Shang Xiang Zhao Yun / Zhen Ji Cao Zhi / Zhen Ji Lu Meng / Xiao Qiao Sun Jian / Lady Wu
10/1/2007 #32
Black Xavier
I guess I'm into Xiao Qiao x Sun Ce. Sort of. I'm not that into pairings in this game. But I wanted to know why either of the Qiao sisters are paired with Lu Xun. Or why is Lu Xun often paired with Gan Ning? Not that I mind that much. Just wanted to know. ^_^
10/7/2007 #33
I don't know either...but I like it anywayz!!! :P at least you're not screaming your head off at these sort of pairings! good on ya! well, i can think of one reason...LU XUN WITH EITHER OF THE QIAO SISTERS ARE CUTE TOGETHER!!! ahem, that is all
10/20/2007 #34
mine fav pairing would be Zhou Yu/Shang Xiang [i]chuckle[/i] both makes an interesting couple [i]looking at one of Zhou Yu DW6 scene[/i] Zhou Yu/Lu Xun well no reason really, they both just cute together Ling Tong/Zhou Yu caught my attention after surfing some japanese fanart Sun Ce/Zhou Yu hum, need any reason? Sun Ce/Da Qiao
11/27/2007 #35
OKAY MR!! or lady?!!? i argree with u wen u said GNxDQ make a good couple, but saying " [h]Sun Ce he can just go die!!![/h] " THAT JUST CROSSING THE LINE!!! don't u ever say that again! look what u made me do now...i'm getting all emotional!! now to the point: about JWxXQ...ummm...i just don't like Jiang Wei, i think he's a s***...suck-up....a** kisser...goat! but i thnk Ling Tong's way more better! and so he deserves Xiao Qiao!! ^_^ (they fit! u know they do!! DON'T DENY IT!!) i would [h]Zhou Yun x XIng Cai[/h] really...and ever since i read "beauties and beasts" (fan fic!), i kinda began to believe [h]SSXxLB[/h] were sweet together! ummm....and u all may think i've got serious brain problems on this one but... [h]Zhou Yu x Zhang He![/h] i'm sorry, it seems usual, but to me they both seem gay, and therefore are perfect together!! and as for that fav guy and fav gal thing... fav guy: [h]Gan Ning[/h] Fav gal: [h]Zhen Ji[/h] HAHAHAHAHAHA!! no way do they make a perfect fit!! but i supose it would be interestin to see if anyone could make it work in their fan fic....ummm...i think i'm gona try just that!!!
12/29/2007 #36
lol! like spazz much :P wow, Zhou Yun x Xing Cai is quite good i must agree! its just so....kawaii (cute in japanese) SSX x LB is canon, didn't like it at first but it kinda grew on me :P lol. Zhou Yu x Zhang He! i can kinda see that working. But hey, i like Guan Ping x Lu Xun! O.o yes i know, its creeping me out too.... Ling Tong with Xiao Qiao doesn't seem that bad! (goes off to find fanfics of that pairing) meh, i think ur ideas r quite unique! good on you for sticking up for Sun Ce!
12/30/2007 #37

I feel so stupid for replying to a forum that hasn't been used in months but... Okay, I like:

Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao (the only cancon Wu pairing I really like, her absolute adoration for him grew on me...)

Sun Ce/Zhou Yu (The scenes in DW5 and DW6-which I've seen on YT- make it seem so right. Those two are WAY to close to just be friends, if you ask me.)

Gan Ning/Ling Tong (It seems possible. I LOVE the scene in DW5 where Gan Ning saves Ling Tong in the battle of Hei Fei and is all 'Kill the enemy, protect your allies. It's as simple as that.' He just seems to be trying to get Ling Tong to forgive him, or at least prove he didn't really do anything wrong.)

Ling Tong/Xiao Qiao (I thought of this one day and assumed I was crazy, but other people like it too! Yay, I'm not completely nuts after all! They just fit, you know?)

Sun Ce/Xiao Qiao (Somebody else mentioned them as well... I'm shocked. Anway, I think these two would get along perfectly. They're similar in personality, but just different enough to make it work. Forgive me for saying this, but in Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao and Sun Ce/Da Qiao pairings, the couples are just too different, in my opinion. Sure, opposites attract, but I doubt POLAR opposites do! Despite that, I still like Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao, just not as much as this.)

Lu Xun/Sun Shang Xiang (The two just click, I guess. I don't really have a good explanation...)

Ling Tong/SSX (I'm the first one to mention them... I think that the two have personalities that match well together. At the very least, I suspect the two would be friends.

Well, that's all. MCO

7/17/2008 #38

Well, I like normal pairings like Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao, Sun Ce/Da Qiao....

Others that aren't paired according to history: Gan Ning/Sun Shang Xiang/Ling Tong...

you know what, the others I don't really mind as long as they're not gay or lesbian....

8/13/2009 #39
Eclipse of Thunder

I like

Gan Ning/Lu Xun

Gan Ning/Lu Meng

Lu Xun/Lu Meng

Ling Tong/Gan Ning

9/2/2009 #40

I'm more for Sun Ce/Zhou Yu because in the scenes with both of them together they have a bond that's like a bond between brothers.

11/20/2009 #41
Eclipse of Thunder

You know... I just never could get into the Sun Ce/Zhou Yu pairing... I know its like all set up in the game, but for some reason my brain repluses the idea of them being together.

I also like

Gan Ning/Zhou Tai

Zhou Tai/Sun Jian (The fic I am writing right now will eventually have this pairing.)

Da Qiao/Sun Shang Xiang

12/5/2009 #42
Rolling Tomorrow

I'd like to see more of Lu Xun and his actual wife, one of the daughters of Da Qiao and Sun Ce. XD She was never given a name though...

5/19/2010 #43

Well... I also hope one day KOEI will make Lu Xun's wife playable-character in DW...

12/24/2010 #44

If you mean one of Sun Ce and Daio Qiao's daughters. Well I did read about a rumor that she might be a new playable character for DW 7 and all it said about her was that the first chapter in her mosou mode tells how she met her future husband Lu Xun and it mentioned her name but I forgot what it was and it was a rumor but I hope it's true.

1/6/2011 . Edited 1/6/2011 #45

ReallY? O.o

Woww... that's surprising... where did you read it?

1/10/2011 #46

Yeah I was happy and surprised when I read the rumor. I'm sorry though since I can't remember where I read the rumor another thing I think I remember is that her weapons might be either the tonfas or the fans. But sorry if I can't remember where I read the rumor but I'll let you know once I find it again.

1/13/2011 #47
I hate yoai, and the LXxSSX. I'm all for the LXxXQ
5/18/2011 #48
Lu Xun's actual wife isn't in DW7. Actually, I think I prefer it that way, it'd be a shame to have his teenage youth stripped from him so early with the prospect of marriage. I think he's one of the youngest male characters in the DW series. 17, right? Just looking at the Xiao Qiao/ Zhou Yu pairing... Don't get me wrong, I think they look perfect together. But maybe they should have waited a few more years? Xiao Qiao looks too young and innocent, it's just a bit p***. And of course, Sun Ce and Da Qiao. I don't have any issues with the pairing, but Da Qiao's 17, right? If her daughter were to make an appearance in future games, whose status is Lu Xun's wife, that would make him and Da Qiao in-laws of the same age! So, nah, I think it's better if he stays single in the games (so sorry, xun!). I mean no offense, really. I like SSX/LX. I keep imagining her going to him when LB dies. Pretty cruel, isn't it? I also like him with Gan Ning. And the canon pairings ZY/XQ and SC/DQ, even with their current ages. Oohh, I've taken a liking to Sun Quan and Lian Shi (his concubine in DW7) together! They're so cute.
6/3/2011 #49

Sima Yi and Cao Pi is a great one since SIma Yi follows him like a parrot and the two have a funny and toxic relationship. Cao Pi and Zhen Ji is my favourite of course but for Wu, Zhou Yu and SUn Ce is the three kingdoms greatest bro-mance and one of the best romances.

9/4/2011 #50

I love the LX/SSX pairing. To me, that's the pairing that makes sense. They always seem like they go perfectly together. And around the same age, too. I hope they don't make a character for his wife in any of their games. I agree with the whole "takes away teenage youth" reason. He's perfectly fine the way he is.

7/14/2012 #51

My fav pairings are the usual, really

Xiao Qiao/ Zhou Yu

Xiao Qiao/ Gan Ning ((I find the contrast to be rather attractive, of course I also got Xiao Qiao to marry Lu Bu in DW6 Empires))

Sun Shang Xiang/ Lu Meng ((Once again, the contrast is nice.))

Ummm.... Sun Ce/ Da Qiao

Da Qiao/ Xiao Qiao/ Zhou Yun/ Lu Bu/ Zhou Tai ((i'm a sick frick.))

10/3/2012 #52

In RoTK, Lu Xun's wife was named Sun Shi, and she was one beautiful girl, IMO. So there won't be any problem about name.

I'm not sure why, but I hate LX/SSX now. Because that pairing doesn't make sense, historically. The reason why I wish Xun's wife appears in DW is, so that fans will NOT pair him with XQ, DQ, or SSX. I mean, come on people. Pair him with his MOTHER-IN-LAW??? LX/SSX is just doesn't go well, and LX/XQ could be considered CRACK, I think... Anyway, no offense.

About Da Qiao's age, I don't think it's a problem. Look at Sima Yi, who has 2 sons and both appears in DW7. That looks absolutely fine. Why don't the same thing happen to Sun Shi (Lu Xun's actual wife)? Besides, Sun Shi's appearing in the next DW instalment won't do any bad to Da Qiao, considering she is, in fact, was NOT Sun Ce's daughter from his marriage with Da Qiao.

11/10/2012 #53

PyroMystic, I'm surprised with your change of heart. Not that there's anything wrong with it. :) It just caught me way off guard because you wrote so much for LX/SSX.

But it happens. _

11/10/2012 #54


That's it. Everything changes. People change. Especially after they have read the Three Kingdoms history. And it happens to me.

And now, I realized that everything I thought is good about LX/SSX, was actually very wrong

11/14/2012 #55
Scarlet 'n Blossom
i love Zhou Yu/ Xiao Qiao pairings soooo much! They're sooooooo perfect together! And I like LuXun/SSX/GanNing .... Uh, but Ling Tong/SSX is also good. And I like ZhenJi/CaoPi too. But I don't know more about them. But! Zhou Yu/Xiao Qiao IS THE BEST TO ME!!
3/1/2013 #56
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