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Since there is no category for the Suite Life on Deck, and probably never will be; lets integrate it to here. Use this forum to discuss everything about the spin-off the the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
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Anything else? Discuss The Suite Life pairings, or come up with humorous ones that make very little sense! :D

11/30/2008 #1

Mine are:

Cody/Bailey Zack/Maddie Woody/London Mr.Moseby/Miss Tutweiller

12/2/2008 #2

Haha, yes, that's very mainstream at the moment. Woody and London is hilarious... :D, and only begun appearing in the last few episodes.

12/6/2008 #3

Arwin & Carey (c'mon, its cute, & after the newest ep it could SO happen!)

Moseby & Tutwhiler (YES! It looks like their dating! Eep!)

Cody & Barbara (I'm still hook, line, & sinker here. "The Orchestra" still has my full support)

Cody & Bailey (alright, I'll admit.. CUTE. But I need more convincing)

Zack & Max, or Zack & Bailey (it was cute that first ep, kinda killed me in the second one though)

Maddie & Esteban (let's face it, Zack hasn't shown any interest in her lately & it reminds me too much of this other non-TSL pairing that I hate, plus E+M's an adorable idea!)

I flipped seeing the Stooges fight, THAT was hilarious! XD

12/12/2008 #4

I love Emma Tutweiler and Marion Moseby!

Maybe I'm weird but I think they're adorable!!

I was surprised her first name was Emma, though. Oh well!^_^

I'm going to post a fic about them! Chances are no one wil read it but I don't care! Will anyone out there support me on this?

1/1/2009 #5

Yes, I'd support that idea 100%! I'd absolutely adore being able to read a fic about them, also a nice refresher too, since there are so many Carey X Moseby supporters around. ^^

Like I said, I also enjoy Arwin X Carey (does anyone know of fics for them? It'd be so cool to read 'em! ^^), the twins I like CodyXBarbara, ZackXBailey (not really anymore but if one did a pairing fic for Zack I'd like it to be with Bailey), London I still see her with either Lance or Todd (St. Mark). I loved those intial episodes of them. ^^

& I'm also a Madde X Esteban supporter too, but I've noticed quite a few fics of theirs also hang around the Carey X Moseby idea.. oy vey. XD

1/4/2009 #6

OMG the username of the person above me is so close to my friend's username on a different site! Dude, that's creeeeepy stuff! I love CodyxBailey! I've loved them ever since I saw the International Dateline episode! It was so adorable I couldn't look away! They're a much better couple than CodyxBarbara!

1/10/2009 . Edited 1/12/2009 #7

Now I have grown to like Cody/Bailey some, I will admit to this. But my first Cody pairing was Barbara, & I thought the first scenes between Bailey & Zack were just too cute to ignore. ^^

Ya'know what my reaction to pretty much the entirety of "Flowers & Chocolate"? I nearly cried about halfway through, & there were obvious tears in my eyes by the ending. =.=

BUT, I am open to C/Bailey, simply because it holds quite a few pairing aspects I really love. Plus there is zero love/hate, which for me is always a bonus. Not to mention, Bailey is very much a country girl, & while we have zero in common regarding her previous life on her family's farm, we're both into country things, & I can just easily see her liking country style music, (NOT the hillbilly or drunkie songs though, I like the cute love songs variety as well as plenty of patriotic too) something we easily have in common if this be the case. ^_^

1/11/2009 #8

Like Accidentally In Love and What Hurts the Most those are my favorite two country songs! And Accidentally In Love so fits CodyxBailey! Don't ya think? (If you haven't heard it, look it up because it's so adorable!) And when I watched International Dateline What Hurts the Most immediately popped in my head. I was walking around the house screaming random lyrics to the song it was hilarious! Yeah I'm crazy.

1/12/2009 #9

Huh? I didn't even know Accidentally in Love WAS country, I just knew a LOT of Jimmy & Cindy (jimmy Neutron) fans thought it fit their couple a little too well. Ever since finding a load of music videos centered on that song about them, I've been actually a little afraid to listen to it. xD

But What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts? LOVE. & your right, it DOES fit that scene! (I just saw International Dateline Sunday during the marathon the first time)

But ya'know the one pair I think this second song fits better than any other in the Suite Life series? Arwin & Carey! Not so much "she'll never know", as it is, "it seems he'll never get lucky". Ya'know what I mean? I should try a music vid for them using this song (A+C), but first I have to know all romantic scenes (I REFUSE TO COUNT "The Arwin that Came to Dinner"! I see it as a "what if?" episode) between them. ^_^

1/13/2009 #10

Well it sounds like country. And the group that sings it, The Counting Crows, sounds like a country group. One country singer I absolutely adore is Taylor Swift. She's awesome! I didn't even like country until I heard Our Song!

1/14/2009 . Edited 1/14/2009 #11





Teacher/student relationships always get to me. :3

4/27/2009 #12

I love cody and Baily but I do ship tutweiller and mosby as well.

10/14/2009 #13

I ship Moseby/Tutweiller. They're the most hilarious part of the show! Tutweiller really ought to be in more episodes.

12/9/2009 #14
Riana Salvatore

So London has 2 new pairings. There's Marcus and there's Zack.

Marcus provides more of a loving relationship

Zack is more out of convenience.

3/22/2010 #15

I know it's kinda weird but my favorite pairing is ZackxBailey. I loved them since I saw the first episode of The Suite Life on Deck and I hate the fact that they put Cody and Bailey together. I so hope they break up near the end of the show(though I don't want it to end lol). I also like CodyxLondon.

4/6/2010 #16

I'm pro CodyxBailey, I never liked Barbara

I am also a huge fan MosebyxTutweiller, they are 2 of the best characters on the show, and I personally think they would make a cute couple.

5/9/2010 #17

yeh me 2

cody shuda got sumelse

i wrote a fic of zackXbailey

6/23/2010 #18
Mine would have to be: •Cody and bailey •Zack and London •Woody and addison • moseby and tutweiler • maddie and (some other guy) I really only care about on if these pairings: zack x London She might be a bit older than him, but they go well together. I was originly a maddie x zack fan, but after looking back at the show unrealized London and zack make a much better couple. I saw this first during the ''marriage 101' episode but after reading a few more fanfics I am a zackxLondon fan forever! If any of you are interested in seeing this pair or was thinking about rooting for them plz check out this fic I found onling by an author named 'Man of faith' which I truely believe to be the best zack x London fic out there! Link: Zackxlondon 4ever! :)
7/11/2010 #19

I know, right? They are the most awesome couple ever. I'm working on a fanfic about them, but my microsoft word broke so I can't post for a while. I hope they will get together soon for good. I was positive something would happen during Lost At Sea! Did anybody else see it? With the whole "I'll never get married" conversation, and being trapped in that lifeboat alone with eachother...? She should be in more episodes, though. I agree. Since Breakup In Paris, they could be the next big couple!!!!! I hope... I mean, any couples but Marcus/London, Cody/Bailey, Zack/OC, Woody/Addison, and Tutweiller/Moseby would be really, really awkward. Right?

7/11/2010 #20
Would love to read ur zackxlondon fanfic, upload when u can. They could become the nxt big couple as u said but something tells me that it won't happen in the show, not sure why but hav this feeling that it won't happen. That's what fanfiction is for! When the real world dissapoints u or doesn't deliver what u want, rely on fanfiction to cover up the missing parts, that's why fanfiction is so awesome. If zack and London doesn't get together in the show fanfiction will do it for u. But still it would be great to see it in the show. Two of the most well written zack x London: /5828005/. &. 5862116
7/11/2010 #21

i wrote a zack + alex russo crossover check it out and r&R

and i also wrote zack + bailey story please check it out and read & review

7/11/2010 #22


i saw the preveiw fro my oh maya, and i heard london say to some girl flirting with zacl " dont you call my man cute!"

7/18/2010 #23
Sadly they are not a couple in the scene u mentioned :( But the way london reacted is still hilarious :) Btw. U can watch the full episode on YouTube!
7/18/2010 #24

I liked Cody/Bailey for a while, but after the Paris incident....I mean she's portrayed to be this smart girls, but she's a real idiot. She can get good grades, but she has no rational thought. She's just a good student not a smart person, there's a difference.

7/21/2010 #25

I liked Cody/Bailey for a while, but after the Paris incident....I mean she's portrayed to be this smart girls, but she's a real idiot. She can get good grades, but she has no rational thought. She's just a good student not a smart person, there's a difference.

7/21/2010 #26

Cody/Bailey-best couple ever.

I also like Maddie/Trevor, London/Zack, London/Marcus, and Woody/Addison.

2/23/2011 #27

I agree with Deathlyhallows. Cailey is the best in my opinion. :P

Moseby/Tutweiler,Maya/Zack(but there needs to be more screen time for Maya!) London/Zack,London/Marcus,and Arwin/Carey. That's pretty much it for Suite life for me.

2/24/2011 #28

I enjoy

Cody and Bailey

Ms.Tutweiller and Mr. Moseby

Guys, I need a school related episode on suite life on deck 4 my next chapter

Just E-mail me back

YOu may be guest star back

to my dares after school life chapters r done

3/10/2011 #29

I am Cody/Bailey, Tutweiller/Moseby and ZACK/MAYA, which no one else on this site seems to support...

6/24/2011 #30
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